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File 133653679596.jpg - (76.60KB , 605x431 , Saint-Seiya.jpg )
9613 No. 9613 [Edit]
Let that cosmos burn!!
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>> No. 9615 [Edit]
File 133655216229.jpg - (66.58KB , 640x480 , snapshot20120503155827.jpg )
>> No. 9619 [Edit]
File 133657696698.jpg - (450.05KB , 710x1204 , I'm so beautiful.jpg )
>> No. 9621 [Edit]

>> No. 9747 [Edit]
File 133784447559.jpg - (678.85KB , 696x2759 , Saori & Seiya.jpg )
I utterly loved it, back in my childhood days. Then I lost track of it until my early 20's, when I heard about the Tenkai-Hen Overture wich, as an old dude, once again I utterly loved: art, script, direction and all, it was pretty damned good (Legend of Crimson Youth, in its own way, was also very beautifuly done). The last thing I was checking, a few years ago, was the Elysion saga; but other things happened and I quickly lost interest on it...

I guess it's pretty bland, compared with the progressive anime series that started in the 90's second half; but, slow pace and all, I still think it was a great old school series, by all means.
>> No. 9748 [Edit]
Saw Overture the other day, ........the fuck?
the ending was retarded as hell, was like something I'd expect from gainax. Rather than having a decent resolution to the movie, Apollo shows up out of nowhere, for some dumb ass reason, while the antagonist completely disappears, then people get naked and start flying around in space? with saiya punching him in the after credits? what the crap was that all about?
and the background art was all so strange and abstract, the whole thing was kind of wtf.

Crimson Youth was easily the only one of the five movies that didn't suck, the other four really felt like a waste of time to watch, especially 'Heated War of the Gods' which was just an alternate version of a ark already shown in the main anime.

also, what's up with Saori and slow elaborate deathtraps?
can they really not think of a better plot device, other than Saori being kidnapped and place in slow acting life treating danger over and over?
You could start a bloodbank with all the blood she gets slowly drained from herself.
>> No. 9750 [Edit]
>retarded as hell, was like something I'd expect from gainax
No way I'll even answer to that...

>what's up with Saori and slow elaborate deathtraps? can they really not think of a better plot device?
You know? In order to judge these things properly, there exist semiotical models for the analysis of narrative, under the heritance of Peirce's work on triadic signs, and wich serve from tools like Set Theory and Boolean Algebra... but you better just check this:

Post edited on 24th May 2012, 1:15am
>> No. 9761 [Edit]
Okay, so maybe it was a very poor choice of words, but I still think it was a odd movie with a strange and unfulfilling ending.
>> No. 9797 [Edit]
what do you guys think of Omega so far?
>> No. 9818 [Edit]
I for one don't really like the reworking of the whole cloth thing.
the art style seems to take a whole heck of a lot of getting used to, but the cloth went from looking like armor, to looking like actual cloth, shinny cloths. and with this change, it took away that sense of defence and security the armor gave off before, with each rank being more protective and covering more skin, but now that's been tossed out the window for the new style.
the delivery system makes sense, from a creator's perspective, makes it a lot easier to have the characters henshin! where ever and as many times as need be, rather than lugging a huge heavy box on their backs everywhere, but again, that just made their armor seem more... substantial, compared to something that forms out of thin air.

anyone else think Mar's voice seems kind of unfitting of the character? one would think a character like that would have a much deeper and more daunting voice, rather than sounding like a old man.
>> No. 9921 [Edit]
in reguards to omega...
Does anyone else think it odd that a large organisation built around protecting a single person, would ignore one of their solders when he claims that person has been kidnapped?
Keep in mind that these people can't see or meet her outside of special occasions (apparently) and although he might be new to the organisation, he knows her secret name, and wears legendary armor that belonged to the saint who was closest to her.

Also, there are plenty of older saints in this season, did the bad guys think one of them wouldn't be able to tell athena was replaced by another person were they to see her?
>> No. 9985 [Edit]
File 133980261451.jpg - (71.62KB , 1280x720 , [BURNING COSMO] Saint Seiya Omega - 09 [10bit]_mkv.jpg )
"Schoooooool's out for summer!
schoooooool's out forever!
my schooool's been blown to pieces!

fuck yeah!
>> No. 10718 [Edit]
File 134404350473.jpg - (453.13KB , 1772x921 , f3d43cf0bcbad01dc0b95ce95e2a9f76.jpg )
Pegasus no Fantasy opening is the best OP!

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