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File 132257211082.jpg - (517.46KB , 1000x1000 , desperation.jpg )
5490 No. 5490 [Edit]
I don't usually do this but I'm extremely desperate. I really want to play Dota 2. I don't want to ask another board/site and you guys feel like family which is why I'm asking here.

Could someone give me/help me obtain a Dota 2 beta key?

My steam profile is here:
Sorry that I'm not in the Tohno-chan steam group but I don't want to join any groups even though I've been here for awhile now.
>> No. 5491 [Edit]
You're kidding, right?

How did you even find this place?
>> No. 5492 [Edit]

Why do you ask that? OP doesn't seem that bad.
>> No. 5494 [Edit]
Don't you have to sign up for some website thing to eligible?
>> No. 5495 [Edit]

Look at his Steam profile. Zero activity. I imagine it's someone who found the board is and scouring around for a DOTA key.
>> No. 5496 [Edit]
I can understand why he didn't want to join the group. I didn't join the TC group (or any group) for a while, because I'm afraid of putting myself out there
>> No. 5497 [Edit]
Same here, I don't want to change my relationship that I have with everyone on TC currently by joining the steam group. Otherwise I might get rejected.
>> No. 5501 [Edit]
OP here

The only games I play are other moba games like LoL and HoN which is why I have no activity. The only time I'm playing on steam is when my brother invites me to play with him and sometimes his friends too. I've been here for awhile and that kind of bothers me for you to say something like that but I guess it's to be expected as this is basically a beg thread.

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