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File 131820491125.jpg - (112.67KB , 670x795 , wow asread i am not disappoint.jpg )
6488 No. 6488 [Edit]
Well colour me impressed. After the horrendous pile of crap that was the pilot OAV, I was almost certain that the first episode would be equally shitty. I mean, it is Asread and all, the studio that fucked up Minami-ke and only does in-between animation most of the time. Maybe it's because my expectations were too low, but this first episode was actually alright, if not pretty good. Appropriate voices, fast but not rushed pacing, decent enough BGM, and they even adapted the comedic Murumuru extra stuff. Sure, certain shots might make look Yuno a little less feminine but it’s no Tsukihime and hey, Esuno draws his fair share of derpiness. Plus, scenes like the above really do bring out her trademark Yandere. The only thing that bugged me was the horrendous CG, but Wakamoto's voice made up for ugly Deus.

In short, good start and I hope Aread can keep it up.
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>> No. 6505 [Edit]
There's some decent staff working on it.
>> No. 6516 [Edit]
Wow man, that was actually pretty good. Pacing felt just right and the art is gorgeous.

Just hope it keeps up though. Gotta go finish the manga now, even though the ending is supposedly shitty.
>> No. 6551 [Edit]
>Sure, certain shots might make look Yuno a little less feminine

I must agree.
The manga made Yuno seem cute... yet crazy.
Now she just seems crazy.

At least her personality didn't change, so I don't mind it too much.
>> No. 6580 [Edit]

Was totally unaware that this is happening. Beyond stoked, though! Mirai Nikki anime at long last~~

Downloading tomorrow, will watch with rapture and glee.
>> No. 6712 [Edit]
File 131882209560.jpg - (88.59KB , 1280x720 , [Zero-Raws] Mirai Nikki - 02 (TVS 1280x720 x264 AA.jpg )
Way to make an OP, I'm impressed again, Asread.

She's still cute (pic related)...though at the same time, the anime does a great job at emphasizing her craziness, especially in the OP.
>> No. 6713 [Edit]
FYI, Static-Subs is now doing this show too.
>> No. 6740 [Edit]
File 131896929212.jpg - (84.58KB , 1280x720 , LIFE IS GREAT.jpg )
I hope there's at least one of these in every single episode.
>> No. 6822 [Edit]
asread should've really sprung for the money and had someone like Yuko Gotou or Mai Nakahara do Yuno. Her VA really doesn't fit.
>> No. 6824 [Edit]

That part was hilarious.
>> No. 6884 [Edit]
Why is everybody obsess with that scene?
>> No. 6885 [Edit]
It's the show's trademark.
It's what it's best known for.

One could ask why everybody obsess with that one scene in countless other anime.
Like Rena yelling liar in hiragashi.
>> No. 6886 [Edit]
File 131958957432.jpg - (86.24KB , 1280x720 , Mirai Nikki - 02 Pretty in Pink.jpg )
I always thought of the scene where she peers through the mailslot and wishes Yuki goodnight to be the most iconic.
>> No. 6891 [Edit]
If you can't just tell by the screenshot itself, you'll likely never understand.
>> No. 6897 [Edit]
I watch this show it's just I don't get why this is the iconic shot
>> No. 6898 [Edit]
File 131967800968.jpg - (147.80KB , 1280x720 , [SS] Mirai Nikki - 01 (1280x720 h264) [59E9C445]_m.jpg )
Normaly bright colerfull hair is not something I pay any mind to in anime, but it kind of stands out when the only characters in a show with colorful hair are the female characters who are highly relevant to the plot..
>> No. 6945 [Edit]
File 132000578482.jpg - (193.93KB , 1280x1442 , jesus christ how horrifying.jpg )
Jesus christ how horrifying.
>> No. 6947 [Edit]
Sure was a lot of CG is that last ep...
>> No. 6958 [Edit]

Oh shit!
>> No. 7049 [Edit]
File 132061099725.jpg - (105.23KB , 1280x720 , [Zero-Raws] Mirai Nikki - 05 (TVS 1280x720 x264 AA.jpg )
I wouldn't mind if they messed around a little more with these end segments.
>> No. 7087 [Edit]
File 132070465453.jpg - (620.11KB , 1280x1024 , protection.jpg )
It made me like the guy. ;_;
>> No. 7143 [Edit]
It kind of makes me wonder how things might have worked out for the guy if he made himself a better looking costume.
>> No. 7212 [Edit]
Wow, this thing really took off.
>> No. 7217 [Edit]
File 132137615095.jpg - (390.99KB , 900x1100 , 1320097169631.jpg )
My favourite.
>> No. 7261 [Edit]
File 132142342418.jpg - (28.50KB , 600x450 , 23031562_m.jpg )

True VIPPER quality right here.
>> No. 7454 [Edit]
File 132246350471.jpg - (69.79KB , 1280x720 , [GotWoot]_Mirai_Nikki_07_[10-bit][03DE875C]_mkv_sn.jpg )
....where the hell, does a kid, get this shit?

also, how did no students set off any of the explosives in that minefield left in the crowded school's courtyard?

Post edited on 27th Nov 2011, 10:59pm
>> No. 7456 [Edit]
It's best not to think too hard about Mirai Nikki.

And by "think too hard," I mean "think at all."
>> No. 7457 [Edit]
>where the hell

Online, of course; that and more.
>> No. 7458 [Edit]
Oh? I don't suppose you care to link to me to this site of yours where I can get free (or cheap) gas-masks, poisons, antidote for said poisons, syringes, and instructions how how to kill people with house hold items?
Which is also easy enough for a 10 year old to browse and order from.
>> No. 7459 [Edit]
Deep web man.
>> No. 7461 [Edit]
gasmasks are easy, antidotes and poisons you just need to know what to do, none of this stuff is hard to find on the net.
>> No. 7463 [Edit]
I'm not seeing any links from you guys.
>> No. 7467 [Edit]
>> No. 7470 [Edit]
File 132254572431.jpg - (48.61KB , 665x362 , mirai 4.jpg )
Geez: Yukki really is unbereably stupid and the plot isn't nearly enough to be called decent. So, just to make it perfectly clear:

The only thing that makes this show worthy is Yuno, right? She is the only one to really look at and care about, right? Personally, I was never specially interested in yandere but, well, I guess it was because I didn't know shit, yet.
>> No. 7471 [Edit]
Most people, including myself, read the manga purely for Yuno, Minene, or Akise.
>> No. 7472 [Edit]
I thought the plot idea was rather interesting at first, but after a few ep it became clear how really poorly it's carried out.
It's supposed to be a last man standing free for all battle royale, with each participant having to ability to see events in the future, this is a awesome premise, but everyone just keeps throwing themselves at the main character like retards and barely interacting with each other at all.

but yeah, yuno is single handily carrying this show.
I don't think anyone would have ever a crap about this series if she wasn't in it.
>> No. 7474 [Edit]
Just goes to show you what an impact even a single character can have. On a tangentially related note, I personally prefer to watch a show that is poor to mediocre in many ways but with one outstanding/memorable aspect over a show that was just decent in everyway.
>> No. 7477 [Edit]

>The only thing that makes this show worthy is Yuno, right?

Didn't think of Yuno as much as others seemed to do. Read it mostly because it was typical example of 'so bad it's good'.
>> No. 7479 [Edit]
And the hilarious way the plot develops at times.
>> No. 7484 [Edit]
I'm really digging Yuno but I've noticed that she sometimes suffers from severe cases of manface. It doesn't happen to often but it happens often enough that I'm noticing it. It's almost more disturbing than the way she was.
>> No. 7548 [Edit]
File 13230651754.jpg - (158.74KB , 664x360 , truth.jpg )
[pic] Yuno, you're so good... You sure deserve better.

>severe cases of manface
Only when she rages against others for that dipshit Yukki; even her voice changes noticeably.

Post edited on 4th Dec 2011, 10:10pm
>> No. 7549 [Edit]
You may not know it, but posting hidden services links can get you into troubles (and /tc/ has a list of proxys blocked so... yeah).
>> No. 7550 [Edit]
So then it really isin't that easy for a kid to get this stuff after all.
aside from gasmasks it would seem, but I'm sure it wouldn't exactly be easy for a kid to order online, I mean, you'd need a bank account and stuff, less of course he used his parents info.
>> No. 7551 [Edit]
>bank account
No, you're still thinking on the surfface web... Anyway: Mirai Nikki's plot is fucking absurd and forced, indeed, most of the time.
>> No. 7552 [Edit]
>surfface web...
again, 5-10 year old kid here.
>> No. 7575 [Edit]
I'm still finding it kind of strange that this kid can see into the future, but can't tell when someone is gonna stab him in the back.
>> No. 7584 [Edit]
I can't believe people nitpick at details when the Mirai Nikki is absolutely ridiculous as a whole.
>> No. 7670 [Edit]
Not like there's a whole lot else to talk about here.
>> No. 7682 [Edit]
File 132369694426.jpg - (72.50KB , 680x360 , mirai 5.jpg )
His bold displaying of homosexual tendencies makes Shinji look GAR.
>> No. 7683 [Edit]
File 132369769028.jpg - (148.04KB , 638x735 , Brahmaea.jpg )
I'm positive that it's suposed to be a Brahmaea sp.
>> No. 7714 [Edit]
File 132392285457.png - (453.27KB , 320x975 , what a faggot.png )
>> No. 7718 [Edit]
File 132394231624.jpg - (54.28KB , 1280x720 , [GotWoot]_Mirai_Nikki_10_[10-bit][19655BEA]_mkv_sn.jpg )
Oh god, my nutbladder.
>> No. 7719 [Edit]
File 132395871535.jpg - (372.23KB , 800x450 , 1323864371712.jpg )
Yuno face is the new black.
>> No. 7770 [Edit]
File 132416844190.jpg - (148.45KB , 1280x720 , Mirai Nikki - 08 (1280x720 h264) [A2D821D8]_mkv_sn.jpg )
Wow, they really upgraded Hinata's chest for the anime, didn't they? And Mao is a lot cuter!
>> No. 7773 [Edit]
Why is it always the nice/cute girls that get it the worst in shows like this?
I knew Hinata was going to make it out okay because of how ugly she is.
bit surprised and relived Mao survived(I think) but she still certainly got it the worst of anyone in that ark.

It's like the complete opposite of Hollywood in anime I swear.

Post edited on 17th Dec 2011, 5:11pm
>> No. 7774 [Edit]
File 132417063648.png - (0.97MB , 1280x720 , dancing.png )
I just started watching this show.

It's pretty silly, I'm laughing more watching this than any of the comedy shows I've seen this season.
>> No. 7783 [Edit]

See, this guy got it right. If you're taking this show seriously then oh well, too bad, your loss. It's supposed to be stupid.
>> No. 7800 [Edit]
After episode 11, I finally totally agree with your point.
>> No. 7807 [Edit]
I'm late to the party, I know. On episode three. I just want to say I love Yuno so much after she set off the bombs on her classmates. I would not mind having someone like her as my psychotic stalker. She's not always in crazy mode, cute, and seems pretty intelligent
>> No. 7827 [Edit]
File 132442509462.jpg - (56.52KB , 350x350 , yuno-gasai-resized.jpg )
I told you: she deserves better... I mean, a better man AND a better show.
>> No. 7828 [Edit]
>> No. 7830 [Edit]
Her man is more like a cowardly child. While she's swinging an axe through enemies, he's cowering in a corner. And then he has to think about whether he should go save her!
>> No. 7831 [Edit]
At least he saved her before she got raped.
>> No. 7833 [Edit]
File 132445347198.jpg - (466.79KB , 1000x707 , e31ce4462097ef6f56b86dcf65b9fd3b.jpg )
Yuno is hella cute
>> No. 7834 [Edit]

I actually like the cowardly MC.

Seeing his reactions to Yuno's yandere acts is funny.
>> No. 7837 [Edit]
File 132448748070.jpg - (75.04KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_11_[FB25AE3A]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )

Agreed, I don't mind that as much.

What really bubs me is how trusting he is. Whenever she warns him about a particular person/situation he never listens. Then something bad always happens.

Rinse and repeat.
It's how he has been every single episode.

On another note, Minene's pretty cool.
>> No. 7841 [Edit]
File 132450361362.jpg - (209.71KB , 850x600 , Crazy Yuno.jpg )
And wonderfully crazy.

And sexy, can't forget sexy.
>> No. 7860 [Edit]

Yeah, he's about as dense as it gets.
>> No. 7861 [Edit]
File 132456224443.jpg - (110.61KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
keikaku doori
>> No. 7872 [Edit]
Amusing that he made a big deal about trusting yuno with his life as he ran past that mine field guided only by her commands, but as you said, ever since then he ignores everything she says even though she's always right.
It's almost as if the arks were released out of order.
Like, at the end of one ep he kisses her and acts like he's accepting their relationship, but the start of the next ep acts like he barely knows her.
It's because of stuff like this that it's impossible to take this show seriously.
>> No. 7937 [Edit]
File 132506013645.jpg - (45.18KB , 545x293 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I couldn't believe my eyes...

Now, let's see how much this lasts (not much, I presume).
>> No. 7939 [Edit]
File 132506255014.jpg - (73.27KB , 850x478 , M-me Ninth.jpg )
I give him two episodes before he changes his mind and would rather suck Aru's dick. Two because I want to believe...

Anyone else immediately search for Minene fan art after seeing her girly side? My little terrorist can't be this cute.
>> No. 7961 [Edit]
What's Kaworu doing in this show?
>> No. 7962 [Edit]
File 132532107663.png - (74.41KB , 225x186 , 1277759064168.png )
His own well known affair, probably: to help the main character making the leap out of the closet, before he turns into God, and fuck the entire world in his process of self-acceptance...

Just my guess.
>> No. 7969 [Edit]
Sounds about right.
>> No. 8004 [Edit]
I have been making this joke since she was first in the manga. Minene was always adorable.
>> No. 8022 [Edit]
File 132591660954.png - (414.88KB , 461x969 , huh___.png )
He has his cameos.
>> No. 8043 [Edit]
File 13260429399.jpg - (122.42KB , 1440x810 , You gonna get TAKEN CARE OF.jpg )
Best scene is here at last
>> No. 8045 [Edit]
File 132604992313.jpg - (94.09KB , 1280x720 , [Zero-Raws] Mirai Nikki - 13 (TVS 1280x720 x264 AA.jpg )
That's not Kaworu without a shirt.
>> No. 8046 [Edit]
File 132605114965.jpg - (153.76KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Oh goddamit, Asread.
>> No. 8048 [Edit]
>> No. 8050 [Edit]
Dear god, you're right.
>> No. 8069 [Edit]
Well, it is nice to see someone, somewhere, talking about this show, even if it's only a tiny bit.

I wish I hadn't marathoned all the episodes last week, because waiting for the latest one was agonizing, and now I must wait again. I should have waited for the show to end, and then watched it all at once. Normally I don't mind it, but I can't stand waiting for the next episode of Mirai Nikki.

I don't enjoy manga too much, so I don't want to read that.
>> No. 8121 [Edit]
a warning shot? seriously?
Do police in japan actually do this when faced with fleeing armed suspects who just shot an officer and have a hostage?
>> No. 8168 [Edit]
File 132677028948.jpg - (166.84KB , 592x640 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
<---- NOOOOO...

Goddamit, Yuno. Why? If only you hadn't used that chair...
I believed you; listening you cry breaks my heart;
just when I thought the series had stopped being too stupid...
>> No. 8169 [Edit]
whats happening here
>> No. 8170 [Edit]
1. Bitch-slap her
2. Abandon her

>> No. 8175 [Edit]
File 132681523235.jpg - (52.22KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_14_[CC02DEC1]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )

She sure won't abandon him though.
Honestly, had he been even the least competent throughout the series, something like this would have never happened.

By competent I mean having a little common sense, not 90's action hero or something silly.
>> No. 8417 [Edit]
File 132852823570.jpg - (134.78KB , 682x383 , mirai 6.jpg )
Geez!... I can't believe these passing-by antagonists' little story has been the most moving and narrative-sensical part of the series up to now...

Anyway: lol Yukki's Shinji-scream at the end.
>> No. 8427 [Edit]
File 132854349687.jpg - (75.75KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_17_[99612573]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )

Still quite irritated with Yukki but his dad his FAR worse. Now I don't blame him for turning out the way he has.
>> No. 8431 [Edit]
That rape scene came out of nowhere, though it's actually not bad original anime material considering it explains why Marco get so pissed at Yuki.
>> No. 8439 [Edit]
"A bloody clone of ye olde man, shall thou not become."

Post edited on 6th Feb 2012, 11:16pm
>> No. 8459 [Edit]
It's like this show is enjoyable just because you want to see everyone die in it. With Marco, Ai, and Yuki's mom dead there are next to no likable characters. Seventh were the most enjoyable part of the show so far. I almost teared up at their last moment.
>> No. 8558 [Edit]
>not bad
I hope you get sent to prison for the cp on your computer so you can find out what rape is like for yourself.
>> No. 8599 [Edit]
File 132972707362.jpg - (91.57KB , 576x313 , mirai 8.jpg )
>> No. 8600 [Edit]
I am baffled.
>> No. 8603 [Edit]
File 132977024993.png - (1.20MB , 1280x800 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Holy shit, now that's a twist!
>> No. 8606 [Edit]
According to Sanspo.com, we should expect to see a live action TV drama of Mirai Nikki to be aired from April
It's to be called "Mirai Nikki -Another:World-"
The name of the protagonist (played by Okada Masaki ) will be changed from Amano Yukiteru to Hoshino Shinta.

one question, why?

Post edited on 20th Feb 2012, 1:04pm
>> No. 8608 [Edit]
Hoshino Shinta is way more bad-ass sounding than Yukiteru.
>> No. 8613 [Edit]
Well, that dude looks gay enough alright, but too old...
Now: how about Yuno? who's gonna ruin her?
>> No. 8630 [Edit]
I can't understand why they would want to make this into a live action tv show.
Everyone knows the plot is ridiculous and most people only like it for yuno.
Moe doesn't exist in the 3D form, what apple would this series have in a live version unless the story was completely rewritten?
>> No. 8632 [Edit]
I heard that it won't follow the same story as the manga or anime, and instead only follow the same basic premise (phones which tell the characters something about the future).

So, were I to guess, that'd exclude all of the characters we've known so far (except maybe Deus, or something).

Also, it's titled "Another World". But then again, "Another World" could mean so many different things.

Still, here's hoping that it's entirely independent from the anime and manga!
>> No. 8634 [Edit]
File 133001354957.jpg - (67.83KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_18_[CA5C692B]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
How many people has Yuno killed since the series started?

I've lost count.
>> No. 8635 [Edit]
Hard to say exactly.
I'd try checking the episodes up till now to run up the numbers, but there's no way of knowing for sure how many people Yuno killed indirectly when she set off all those bombs in the school early into the series.
>> No. 8637 [Edit]
File 13300374513.jpg - (471.99KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_19_[5F8E399C]_mkv_0009501.jpg )
She's like a cute... female, anime version of Brock Samson.

I definitely won't be forgetting her character any time soon.
>> No. 8639 [Edit]
File 133004426793.jpg - (722.32KB , 1280x1446 , copsaysfine2buryparentsinbackyard.jpg )
I wonder if anyone is still taking the story seriously by this point.
>> No. 8643 [Edit]

I never really took it seriously, but especially after the super hero dude's appearance.
>> No. 8666 [Edit]
File 133021565551.jpg - (141.91KB , 797x505 , 1329270644329.jpg )
Who, this guy?
>> No. 8668 [Edit]

>> No. 8676 [Edit]
File 133024689825.jpg - (690.36KB , 720x1620 , this show man.jpg )
I just had to do this...

Did they like, forget they're trying to kill these people?
They don't seem to have a problem killing everyone else.

Post edited on 26th Feb 2012, 1:08am
>> No. 8678 [Edit]

I agree but... that guy has some kind of strange ability where he can predict all movement/events. At least that's how it seems.

He can predict bullet fire.
The fact that he was calm in that scene must have meant he wasn't in any trouble... or he has nerves of steel.
>> No. 8679 [Edit]
While I don't particularly care about how ridiculous the plot is, or how she doesn't "take a shot", I couldn't stop laughing at that image.
>> No. 8680 [Edit]
I don't get it. There were 2 Yunos?
>> No. 8683 [Edit]
File 133029204928.jpg - (43.79KB , 1022x416 , Dodge This.jpg )
Yuno had a gun pointed at him for a good minute.
I don't see what difference knowing that people are coming makes, Jesus fucking christ himself could have been coming, but that wouldn't make his face bullet proof, and having precognitive abilities doesn't necessarily mean he would have superhuman reflexes, all yuno would have to do is shoot at him multiple times in different angles, or aim low at a part of his body he can't move quickly, he was sitting down after all.
>> No. 8693 [Edit]
File 133031578536.png - (1.64MB , 1920x1080 , mpc-hc 2012-02-27 04-02-11-97.png )
Is this better?
>> No. 8694 [Edit]
>> No. 8696 [Edit]
But if it predicts what she will do, and it predicted that she wouldn't shoot him, then that explains why he was sitting around so calmly.

Surely if she was going to shoot him, his diary would predict that, and then he wouldn't be sitting there, smiling like a douchebag, and would instead hit the deck or something.

Then again, does his diary also consider when other diary-holders change their future?
>> No. 8697 [Edit]
but she should have.
and I didn't say anything about him being a smug prick.
You know, by your logic, it would be impossible to kill anyone in this dumb anime, he's not the only one with a diary that tells him the future, and other participants can change that future remember?
in the context of this show, the future is not written in stone, they go against it all the time.
This isn't exactly a complex and well though out anime, damn near every frame is crammed full of plot holes and stupid shit.
>> No. 8699 [Edit]
Yuno already tried to "change" the future several times, and it didn't work.

Anyway, who cares whether it makes sense or not? This is an anime about magical cell phones that accurately predict the future. If you want 100% logic and reason, you're not watching the right anime.

If you want something to complain about that makes no sense, complain about how the police don't seem to care what Yuno does, not why she didn't try another seemingly-futile attempt at killing what's-his-face.
>> No. 8700 [Edit]
>Anyway, who cares whether it makes sense or not? This is an anime about magical cell phones that accurately predict the future. If you want 100% logic and reason, you're not watching the right anime.
You think I don't know this anime is retarded?
Don't give me that shit and try to pretend you weren't trying to rationalize the plot holes I brought to light in your previous posts, because you were, clearly.
It's you who failed to realize this sooner, not me, or else you wouldn't have been so readily defending it.
You can't just cop-out by saying it's a dumb anime and I'm dumb for talking about it, right after you tried to defend it yourself.
>> No. 8701 [Edit]
All right, buddy, no need to get so angry.

I was pointing out that you can rationalize the "plot holes", but it just requires a suspension of disbelief - sure, she could have shot him, but who's to say he wouldn't already know that? I also accepted that some things are silly. If you go into it not expecting realism, you'll have a blast with it.

I knew from the first episode that it was a "dumb" anime, but I don't really care for entirely reasonable or logical plots, because if I wanted those, I wouldn't be watching anime.

>You can't just cop-out by saying it's a dumb anime and I'm dumb for talking about it
When did I imply you were dumb for talking about it? When did I give the notion that I think the anime is bad? I never said, nor implied, that the anime was bad, only a little bit outrageous with the plot, and I never said you were "dumb" for talking about it.

I think you either have the wrong post, or I'm dyslexic, as I don't think your claims correspond to any of my posts.
>> No. 8702 [Edit]
>When did I imply you were dumb for talking about it? When did I give the notion that I think the anime is bad? I never said, nor implied, that the anime was bad, only a little bit outrageous with the plot, and I never said you were "dumb" for talking about it.

>If you want 100% logic and reason, you're not watching the right anime.
You were clearly talking down to me by insinuating my discussing this anime is dumb and or silly by saying
>This is an anime about magical cell phones that accurately predict the future.
When you say things like
>If you want 100% logic and reason, you're not watching the right anime.
how am I not supposed to take that as attempting to disregard everything I've said and essentially saying it's dumb to talk about this show as I have?

You're going back and forth between saying the show is lacking of any logic (in other words dumb) and trying to logically defend it.
or as you put it just now "rationalize the "plot holes""

>I knew from the first episode that it was a "dumb" anime
If this was true, you wouldn't be defending it's dumb points as you keep doing.

>When did I give the notion that I think the anime is bad?
When did I?
I called it dumb, and so did you
>I knew from the first episode that it was a "dumb" anime,

>I don't really care for entirely reasonable or logical plots, because if I wanted those, I wouldn't be watching anime.
wait, Are you saying all anime is stupid?
Fuck off.

Post edited on 27th Feb 2012, 12:33am
>> No. 8703 [Edit]
I'm glad I never bothered with this.
>> No. 8704 [Edit]
Either you're trying to troll, or you're waaaay too passionate about finding things to be angry about.

Regardless, you seem to be misunderstanding everything I say.
>> No. 8705 [Edit]
>or you're waaaay too passionate about finding things to be angry about.
That might just be it.
>> No. 8706 [Edit]
Get a load o' this guy!
I don't think he belongs here.
>> No. 8707 [Edit]
Maybe you're right, maybe you're right...
>> No. 8708 [Edit]
Mind your own business.

They're already done with it, so there's no reason for you to stick your head into it.
>> No. 8712 [Edit]
  I think this OP is the best one.
>> No. 8715 [Edit]
File 133053005052.jpg - (97.71KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_20_[9C23FCA8]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )

If he has an ability that can predict other's futures, then he was safe from the get-go.

He wouldn't have been there if she was going to shoot.

It's like he has a plan for everything.
Quite ridiculous actually.
>> No. 8770 [Edit]
If you were given one, What kind of diary do you guys think you would have?
>> No. 8772 [Edit]
'The misery'
It would be able to tell me whenever I or people around me are suffering from any number of problems and why.

A result from years of watching over such storys and events of the people visiting my website.
>> No. 8773 [Edit]
Milk only. I can live without cheese or yogurt easy.
>> No. 8774 [Edit]
You're thinking of 'Dairy'

>> No. 8776 [Edit]
I believe he was joking based on that same mistake.
>> No. 8992 [Edit]
File 133232033512.jpg - (108.87KB , 588x317 , akise love.jpg )
lol: so he really was Kaworu in body an soul...

However: melodramtic and all, nice episode for a change. Now I have encountered feelings about (fake?) Yuno. Have to see how this ends.
>> No. 9000 [Edit]
File 133236798320.jpg - (20.67KB , 225x350 , can not unsee.jpg )
Every Time I see this cap, I can't help but see it in the Nichijou art style
>> No. 9007 [Edit]
In this episode: Calvinism vs. Arminianism.
>> No. 9038 [Edit]
File 133275543323.png - (1.43MB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.png )
So are they going to fight to the death, now?
>> No. 9039 [Edit]
File 133276427433.jpg - (112.19KB , 596x319 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Christ: this episode...
Letting Yukki's idiocy aside for once, the current problem is like the Hari's dilemma in Solaris: wich one do we love? the original, or the copy/copies we interacted with? maybe both/all of them? but how, then, to couple with anyone, without making the others (and everyone) miserable?...

However: he's fucked. Guess that's the price to pay for having the cosmic privilege of making out with the yandere.

Post edited on 26th Mar 2012, 5:20am
>> No. 9040 [Edit]
The manga seemed to end fairly happily, and hasn't the anime done a pretty good job of representing the manga so far? Aside from cement-gas.

Here's hoping for the same ending! Minus the hammer!
>> No. 9062 [Edit]
I don't see why it would change anything.
in a past episode, he already pointed out how silly it was for yuno to be how she is for him just because of that silly little class project report thing, and he really didn't give much of a shit about her back then.
It was the time traveling Yuno that he grew to love, the one he has known all this time, the one he protected, killed people for/with, and slept with, not the other yuno.
Yet all of a sudden the yuno that he traded something like two sentences with in total years back is his yuno? in terms of time lines this might be true, but he doesn't seem concerned about that, he says she's his yuno because that's the one that promised to be his wife, that's all.
what happened to the yuki for a few ep back who said "yuno is yuno" and didn't care when he was told she was a impostor? did the writer just forget all about that?
And it's not like they're different people, it's time travel, meaning the same person, she just went back in time..... although, now that I think about it, shouldn't yuno have disappeared when she killed her past self?

>> No. 9064 [Edit]
>[detected incoherences]

Yeah, well, you're forgetting something this isn't Steins;Gate...Plot here sux0rz.
>> No. 9069 [Edit]
Yeah, well, I don't give a fuck.
I'll point out as many plot holes in this swiss cheese anime as I damn well please.
>> No. 9070 [Edit]
Power to you, man.
>> No. 9074 [Edit]
File 13328471601.jpg - (280.45KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
okay then.

Where the god damn hell could she have possibly been hiding that fucking axe while they were doing like they do on the discovery channel?
They were fucking on a sheet on the floor for christ's sake, how do you not notice something like that?
It's a god damn axe!! THEY KIND OF STAND OUT!

>> No. 9075 [Edit]
While being between Yuno's warm breasts and wet *****, maybe I myself wouldn't notice a fucking dinosaur with a scholar's cap around.
>> No. 9113 [Edit]
Why does this show have so much censorship if it's being aired online?
>> No. 9128 [Edit]

So you buy the Blu Ray discs when they come out.
>> No. 9158 [Edit]
File 133335522113.jpg - (54.27KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_24_[DC824EAA]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
>> No. 9170 [Edit]
WHAT THE- oh! I remember. That Deus guy...
>> No. 9173 [Edit]
File 133341995781.jpg - (131.56KB , 1280x720 , [GotSpeed]_Mirai_Nikki_-_24_[DC824EAA]_mkv_0007615.jpg )
Their version of time travel in this show is makes no sense to me.
Where is the causality, why do they ignore the idea of physical paradox?
There just so happens to be a therory on time travel that suggests the possibility of Alternate time lines, with the idea that that all the outcomes already exist and all time travel does is change which already existing branch you will experience, it's more parallel universes, but the way they explain it in this shown is as only time travel with one single path that branched out as a result of their time traveling into the past and fucking with things.

but they have also already established many times now that these are different worlds, with in events happen slightly differently, and killing your other self has no effect on you.
I may be mistaken, but it really sounds like they're mixing up the different theories and rules on time travel, almost like the creators couldn't decide which version of time travel to settle on, so they just took convenient parts from all of them and mixed it up.

and here's a silly question, but wouldin't yuno run into her god self who also went back in time to kill her first self? Am I to assume that, if the oldest yuno killed the second yuno who just became a god, that it would also not affect her?

They say in one theory, the grandfather paradox can be avoided since even if the time traveler's grandfather is killed at a young age in the new timeline, he still survived to have children in the original timeline, so there is still a causal explanation for the traveler's existence, but I don't think that applies when it's your past self that you're killing.
Maybe I'm just to stupid, but I can't understand how killing your past self would have no effect on you unless there are parallel universes created for every instance of medaling in the past, but if that was the case, why aren't there more parallel relativity depicted here? why do they call them the first second and third world? wouldn't there be infinite worlds? or is the death of yuno the only event capable of creating an alternate universe?
I'm so confused...


Post edited on 2nd Apr 2012, 7:40pm
>> No. 9178 [Edit]
No, it's not you who's stupid, it is this show that is stupid.
>> No. 9179 [Edit]
yeah really, but now it's gone full retarded in these last few episodes.
>> No. 9183 [Edit]
I really have just been watching it and ignoring all the obvious defects..though your pointing them out afterwards is all fun.
2 more weeks until it's over, thankfully.
>> No. 9184 [Edit]
It never bothered me. Maybe I never thought too much into it, but I always assumed that when they time-travel, they enter a replica of the time they targeted for, which is self-contained. That would pretty much cover every hole in the time-travel. "They go to a different universe entirely, but one that is in the same time." seems like a reasonable explanation. It would keep the grandfather thingy-mo-bob from becoming relevant, and would allow for some crazy things to happen.
>> No. 9185 [Edit]
They've already explained it in a way that contradicts the ideas of multiple universes, stating that there was one true world, and what we've seen in this show is the second world, created from that time traveling.
The gods of this world have said this themselves.
and doesn't that go against what they said before, that life can not be created/resorted?
which is the whole reason they're time time traveling in the first place?
I don't see how they can claim to not be able to create life, but can create and alternate universe and time line full of life.
see the image here >>9173 they're not jumping onto a different time track, they're making one.
>> No. 9191 [Edit]
File 133349692130.jpg - (87.44KB , 1280x720 , 20120402_975_a08.jpg )
Then can't you just say, "There're multiple universes created from the one "true" world, but they can't make life." and then just say to yourself that the way the time-traveling works, is that they go back in time a year or two, and have the way things turned out branch out differently? That would keep the "they can't bring people back" argument valid, and explain why the universes are slightly different.

This anime does have more holes than bullet-ridden swiss cheese, but there'll always be some way to cover them up. "There is some magical time god that can do pretty much everything" can stretch over and fill in all of the holes, for the most part.

A bigger hole, to me, is that why is Yuno so crazy all of a sudden? She was fairly consistent and predictable up until that episode where she kills Akise, and from then on, her ratio of yan-to-dere has been thrown off significantly in a short amount of time. Why is she now so aggressive to Yukki? Why did she table-flip everything? I can't see why.
>> No. 9197 [Edit]
File 133350323613.jpg - (25.37KB , 512x288 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

>"There is some magical time god that can do pretty much everything" can stretch over and fill in all of the holes, for the most part.
Yeah, well, sometimes even that is not enough [pic related]... it is suffering.

>Why is she now so aggressive to Yukki? Why did she table-flip everything?
If I may try to find sense on this mess: maybe she realizes alright that she doesn't really depend on Yukki (and who would?) as much as on her own love for him; so everything she does isn't really for the sake of him, but always for her enamored self.
>> No. 9198 [Edit]
Stop trying to derail the thread.

Post edited on 3rd Apr 2012, 6:46pm
>> No. 9215 [Edit]
You may be right, I just find it hard to believe the writers put that much thought into it.
>> No. 9316 [Edit]
File 133405608292.jpg - (228.32KB , 598x677 , naked truth.jpg )
<----- Oh, God...
Who would have said it? This series actually has some wisdom to collect...
This is so cruel that is gotta be true.
Now I like Yuno more than ever...

In other matters: Murmur's berserk was painful to watch. Just ridiculous.

Fortunately, this still goes on... I need some continuity right now. I feel like falling to pieces every time a season ends.
>> No. 9342 [Edit]
File 133420491957.png - (1.47MB , 1312x737 , causality.png )

You mean to tell me killing some random paramedics will fuck up the causality continuum, but killing your past self wont?
>> No. 9397 [Edit]
File 133456958919.png - (118.08KB , 317x238 , 1334562806550.png )
>> No. 9399 [Edit]
File 133457779078.jpg - (297.26KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
That finale was...up and down. The whole business of the future of the third world changing was pretty obvious cause they kinda blew a lot of shit up.
I liked the way the whole third world was wrapped up and happy and stuff, but the whole part of Yukki and the empty world seemed too open ended.
Okay so I never read the manga and just found out on /a/ about how the manga ends, well that makes more sense. Though it still is retarded that he sits for 10,000 years in that space doing nothing but sulking.
>> No. 9402 [Edit]
File 133463184931.jpg - (120.56KB , 580x318 , Being God Sux0rz.jpg )

Canonically, I should have liked this ending since, well, I love "It's the end of the world as we know it and I'm forever alone. Until..." finales; but man, they worked so hard into making us not to take this seriously, that I simply can't anymore...

I mean: because this is it, right?
Is this it?...

Well, I guess it was entertaining ok. I'm off, now.
>> No. 9413 [Edit]
File 133469059966.png - (601.34KB , 1667x1200 , Spoiler Picture.png )
>well that makes more sense

I think it was a lot more retarded.
>> No. 9418 [Edit]
>[sees pic]
Indeed... but hey! that way, it is a consistent ending with the series general development.
>> No. 9421 [Edit]
I heard the ending was shit, but I thought that was just the personal complains of someone that didn't have things go their way. but holy shit that ending was god awful. I'm glad though, glade it ended, towards the end there it stopped being laughably bad and went just bad, and I wanted it to just end already... sure it raised a ton of questions, but I don't really give a damn anymore, I'm just happy it's finally over, and I don't give a damn if they make another season or whatever.

Post edited on 17th Apr 2012, 9:27pm
>> No. 9422 [Edit]
I never disliked Yuki in the series up until he became a god and didn't do anything for thousands of years. If I became God I'd do all kinds of interesting shit. And you can't mope that long anyway. Surely he'd at least consider having sex with Murmur.
>> No. 9425 [Edit]
File 133484633527.jpg - (133.21KB , 800x600 , 1293079070945.jpg )
>I never disliked Yuki in the series up until[...]
I, on the contrary, didn't like him throught the entire series until this very end: I'm OK with the idea of wiping the world or let it burn out, if it isn't considered a worthy thing to save. I think I'd do the same, myself.
>> No. 13734 [Edit]
The 7 billion people on this planet shouldn't have to suffer just becuase of one insignificant self-centered little prick who isn't happy with the way things are.

Post edited on 28th Jan 2013, 4:47pm
>> No. 13737 [Edit]
c'mon, this is why the thread was bumped?
no one cares.
>> No. 13738 [Edit]
I didn't bump the thread dickwad, you however did with your post. If I want to reply to an old post (with a sage) I'll do so.

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