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File 131554400290.png - (90.00KB , 318x235 , mah_nigga-(n1310692687557).png )
6982 No. 6982 [Edit]
So, I've been considering the hikki/NEET lifestyle for a while, but the biggest, obvious, demotivator is how the fuck do you get money to live it? That one guy who just got 800k from his dead grandpa is obviously quite the exception to the rule (And lucky as fucking sin, too.) so I was wondering how the fuck do I manage to make money as a hikki/NEET, at least enough to support the lifestyle and maybe get some figures and the like on the side?

Picture unrelated.
>> No. 6984 [Edit]
leech off your parents
>> No. 6985 [Edit]
hikki and NEET are two different things.

Which is it that you're aiming for here, big guy?

And yeah, hope you get on with your folks. You'll be living with them for a good while yet either way.
>> No. 6987 [Edit]
Leaching off one's parents will only get a guy so far..

There's saying you're autistic and can't work to get government support, or some other disability for one.

Another idea is learning a trade that you can practice in from home, such as web design/programing, or you might try your hand at making some sort of software of retail.

There's blogging or making websites for ad revenue, just know that ad farming doesn't net a lot of money and that's if you're even good at it.

you could start up some pyramid scam online.
Someone once told me of a way in which they made a decent about of cash, by sending out emails which said they'd give you info on how to make money online for $5, they'd then send a email once paid saying to send out emails with the same message of getting money online.
But I don't think this would work well anymore with the spam filters out there now.

There's also at home work that isn't computer related, such as being a telemarketer, or other such phone related jobs, like tech support.

There's home manufacturing, assembling things at home, but this requires a bit of a investment I believe.

Then there's playing the stock market.
Even if you have no idea how it all works, there are automated programs out there that can do all the work for you, if you can find them.

PS:Working a real job is for suckers.
>> No. 6988 [Edit]

So... What do you do, then?
>> No. 6998 [Edit]
>> No. 6999 [Edit]
For the time being, not much.
I'm just offering ideas here.
I'll be trying my hand at SSI, but if that don't work I'll try something else.
>> No. 7005 [Edit]
>> No. 7015 [Edit]
I suggest you get a job that pays so much that you can afford to work as little as possible. Aim for, like, $500 per hour. You'll still have to work, but only two hours per week (maybe less). That's not a bad deal!
>> No. 7019 [Edit]
Become a CEO. Never have to work other than show up a read off a teleprompter every now and then.

Get paid obscene amounts of money for it, and no consequence if the company tanks.
>> No. 7021 [Edit]
wow, super cool suggestions guys!
I wonder why more people don't do this?

oh yeah, because it's a bitch to do that takes half your life to achieve as you fight and step over anyone in your way.
>> No. 7022 [Edit]
ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer
>> No. 7023 [Edit]
Not OP, but I don't see what's stupid about his question.
Living as a NEET is damn near imposable without parents, and parents die sooner or latter anyway.
>> No. 7024 [Edit]
Make those kinds of websites and add's that steal credit card information. You'll make money in no time.
>> No. 7030 [Edit]
>> No. 7033 [Edit]
You do gotta leech off your family, that's just basic...
And yeah: somehow, if ever possible, to get a few extra bucks, attempt for some freelance stuff that you can do mostly/entirely at your home, with relative easinnes I do sc. illustrations by comision, by the moment.
>> No. 7034 [Edit]
I was wondering the other day: how much the guy who made some of the OSTs for Key games has made from each one? how much, in general, doing MIDI music for soundtracks (or drawing conceptart for character designs) would pay? I ask because, on the other hand, the pay as an animator apparently sucks (I once read that, in Japan, an animator makes like 1/3 of what a MacDonald's dude, and we're talking about drawing at least 100 frames per day)... but yeah: that would be working, alright, and we're avoiding it.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2011, 9:47pm
>> No. 7036 [Edit]
how much you get paid depends completely on who you work for, and weather you're a contractor or full-time employee
>> No. 7043 [Edit]
Start a cult!
>> No. 7050 [Edit]
If you're fucked up enough in the head, you can get SSI.
>> No. 7052 [Edit]
I don't really have a life style to support.

We already are one...
>> No. 9652 [Edit]
Why make money? Just get a loan or a credit card and refuse to pay back the debt. What are they going to do, repossess the PC that actually belongs to your parents?
>> No. 9653 [Edit]
>> No. 9654 [Edit]

I've considered doing this in the past but I'm too nice of a person to do that and then leave my parents with it when I kill myself. That and I wouldn't know the first place to go looking for a loan to let me live for a decent amount of time.
>> No. 9655 [Edit]

I'm not so sure banks can shift your debt onto family members, it defies common sense. As for getting a loan, just get a shitty job sweeping floors, show up at the bank and ask for money, withdraw as much of it as you can in to physical paper, then get fired.
>> No. 9661 [Edit]
Since when do banks or credit card companies follow common sense? Yes, they can, and will, shift debts to family members.
>> No. 9664 [Edit]

Chances are civilisation is going to collapse in about 10 years anyway, thanks to the corrupt corporate tyranny screwing everybody over. Why not screw them back? What's the worst that could happen? Either you get hauled off to a military prison camp and tortured to death (like everybody else) or you spend your 30's living as a wage slave, unable to pay back your crippling debt (like everybody else).
>> No. 9667 [Edit]
If things get that bad, I can always kill myself. Though, honestly, I kind of want to watch the world go into chaos.
>> No. 9669 [Edit]

>> No. 9670 [Edit]
Ok we KNOW it will eventually. When it really does get that bad I also will just kill myself. I don't plan on living beyond 30 in the first place, I was going to when I hit that point anyways. Going to be hard because I'm such a pussy but I'll try to find the most painless way out.
>> No. 9685 [Edit]
I lived most of my time as a NEET by living off savings from work I had done before hand.
Making money -while- being a NEET, that's the freaking holy grail right there, something everyone is looking for.
Best advice I can give, is to try something different, something not many people.
acting like a sheep by jumping on bandwagons probably isn't gonna get you very far.
>> No. 9723 [Edit]
I'm a bit surprised it hasn't been mentioned in this thread already, but Limit Texas Hold'em Poker is a good way for a hikki to get money if he learns how to play it. It's LIMIT poker. That's important information, so I said it twice.
>> No. 9724 [Edit]
Haruhi damn, there has to be some way we can beat the system. I mean, we were all smart enough to realise we were being conned when we were getting indoctrinated into society. That has to count for something, right? Ah, fuck everything.
>> No. 9725 [Edit]

>Ah, fuck everything.

That's the idea. We can't win.
>> No. 9726 [Edit]
Hey, I've tried.
but all it takes is one bad apple in a group to kill the motivation of the rest of the group, and I swear to fucking Haruhi there's always at least one in every group of people, that person who doesn't realise their own pessimism is preventing not only them but everyone around them for achieving anything.
People working together for the common good is hard, but ruining something for everyone else is easy.
I still think it's possible, but the first thing you need to do is overcome the instigators of despair, those that would stand in the way of progress and oppress their fellow neets with bitterness for and fear of all who may overcome them and possibly become successful.
>> No. 9728 [Edit]

Well, what do we have to work with? We're a bunch of chronically masturbating neckbeards that never leave the house and are incapable of talking to human beings face to face. We've got no education, never had a job and our only skills are reading Japanese comics and playing video games. Can anything be salvaged from this mess?
>> No. 9729 [Edit]
I'm actually very poor at videogames. Checkmate
>> No. 9730 [Edit]
I've brought up a few in the irc channel in the past, and while he ideas I've come up with might not have been perfect, I at least tried to come up with ideas, which is much more than can be said for those pessimists who shoot them down and kill everyone's motivation.
well, I hope they're happy knowing they're dragging everyone down with them, I don't have it in me to fight them anymore while trying to convince people to work together, It's like trying to dig a hole under a prison wall with the help from other inmates that want out, while some jackass that likes things the way they are keeps filling the hole back up.
so I'm looking for my own ways to support myself as a NEET by myself.
I can't go into details though, becuase the last thing I need is competition.
>> No. 9731 [Edit]

What were your IRC plans? If they stand up to logic and reason, how can we criticise? Also, don't you think it's naive to criticise NEETs for being cynical bastards when you want to work with us? You have to take into account our less-than-enthusiastic attitudes. It's who we are.

Still, if your plans are sound, and legal... or semi-legal, then I'm interested in at least hearing.
>> No. 9732 [Edit]
>we were all smart enough to realise we were being conned when we were getting indoctrinated into society
Yeah...t-that's why I don't have a's not just because I'm incompetent.
>> No. 9733 [Edit]
I'm not criticise 'NEETs' just those individuals.
one idea of course was /TH/, simple really, pooling what little we had to pay the bills, mostly from government ssi moneys, or running a small business, while having the people living at TH work it, like live in pay sort of.
Another was stocks (no, not forex) with the idea that if eveyone involved is only interested in watching their computer all day, they could gather a bit of info from news sites here and there, and we could pool that info to decide among us what to invest our money into, I had even offered to front some money since many here obviously have none.
There's also working together to buy and sell goods online, becuase sometimes people can find good deals on things that can be resold for profit.

But you know, it's easy to rip apart a 'idea' before the details of it have even begone to get worked out, and like I said, it's better than what those individuals come up with, which is usually around the lines of 'give up, it's hopeless, don't even try.' if other people have better(or any) ideas, I'd love to hear them, but no one ever does, someone might be able to come up with a idea that might work, it doesn't have to be one of mine, but these individuals will shoot down anything that involves any effort or teamwork.
>> No. 9734 [Edit]
Not only must what we do be legal but we must also ensure that there is no way for a single jew asshole to stab us in the back and ruin everything. If someone wants out, they must do so without cost to anyone.

Post edited on 22nd Apr 2012, 8:13pm
>> No. 9735 [Edit]
I'm reminded of one of our more successful semi-regulars here (who doesn't seem to come by anymore) Guy was part owner of a comic/animu goods shop. but the other half owner purposely ran the business into the ground so he could restart it with his 3DPD or something.
>> No. 9736 [Edit]
That sounds like grounds for a lawsuit.
>> No. 9737 [Edit]
Using welfare money to make an income. There'd probably be tax involved and a whole bunch of legalese shit to wade though, assuming it even is legal. We should always remember these important facts when it comes to making money. 1) Someone smarter than you has already thought of it, 2) Someone smarter than you has though of ways to stop you from doing it, possibly to his own benefit and 3) the system is designed to keep you working, not get you rich.
>> No. 9738 [Edit]
There was a guy who posted on /jp/ (and I think here a few times) who was really wealthy. Despite being pretty similar to us, he was really close to the top of a company apparently, and he would post pictures of his expensive sex doll (with outfits). I wish he still posted here since he was a pretty interesting character
>> No. 9739 [Edit]
If only we could get sponsorship from some powerful organisation like a corporation or a government. There are people out there who are essentially incapable of working in close proximity to other people for varying reasons, and what does the government say? Get a job. Get a job! Ha! If I got a job (somehow), I'd be fired on day 1 for gross negligence, possibly deliberately. What a great solution. Can't work? Get a job anyway. Fucking asses.

They need to provide us with opportunities that we can make use of from our own homes. We make income, make some profit for whoever hires us and stop draining welfare. But of course, this could potentially attract work-capable peope too, looking for an easy ride, but who knows?
>> No. 9740 [Edit]
>We should always remember these important facts when it comes to making money
yeah... that and the fact that you'll never get anywhere, if you flat out refuse to take the first step.
>> No. 9741 [Edit]

I'm only saying one must be cautious. The system doesn't want you making money just so you can get high and fuck your hand, it wants you keeping the system alive. I'm not saying it's not possible but it may attract the wrong kind of attention, for whatever reason.
>> No. 9743 [Edit]
Here we are worrying about money, but what about the things money buys? Being NEETs there's really not much material things in the world that we care about. Just internet & vidya really, plus the obvious survival stuff. We're never gonna buy a car or a house or spend $50 for dinner with a date. Why don't we just trade the things we buy with each other when we tire of them?
>> No. 9744 [Edit]
That's a great idea for a trading site. NEETtrade you could call it.
>> No. 9745 [Edit]
Housing, food and bills aren't free, nor can they really be 'traded'.
Unless of course we lived in a paid off home, that was self sufficient, but even then, there are things like internet access or running water you can't realistically just make yourself.
which is why money is needed.
>> No. 9747 [Edit]

Doesn't your welfare cover your living expenses? I mean, none of us are actually struggling to survive, are we? Regardless, would you really want to live with a bunch of NEETs?
>> No. 9748 [Edit]
>would you really want to live with a bunch of NEETs?
I'm sure you wouldn't even know they're there most of the time.
>> No. 9749 [Edit]

Still... lock your bedroom door.
>> No. 9750 [Edit]
I always do.

Post edited on 22nd Apr 2012, 9:56pm
>> No. 9751 [Edit]
Pretty much everything in the world that NEETs want can be distributed digitally, and supposedly is. Porn (admit it, you'd like to see some of that, you just don't wanna pay for it), videogames, movies, music, uhh... yeah, that's it really. I hear about people who pirate shit all the time who act like it's the easiest thing in the world. I have no idea how it's done, which seems kind stupid considering I sit in front of a computer all day. Still, not having to pay for all that? Quite a saving.
>> No. 9752 [Edit]
>I hear about people who pirate shit all the time who act like it's the easiest thing in the world.
I dunno if you're joking or not, but..
1) install utorrent. (or any other torrent program)
2) search for name of game or whatever here (or other torrent trackers if you like)
3) download the torrent file
4) double click the torrent file and open it with utorrent, or drag the file into utorrent while it's running.
4) wait till it's done downloading.
5) install game or whatever.
6) navigate to where you installed it.
7) from the crack folder you downloaded, take the .exe file and use it to replace the one in the game's folder.
8) play game or whatever.

If downloading anime, you only need to do steps 1)-4)
use this site: to find anime.
>> No. 9753 [Edit]
Porn is free.
>> No. 9754 [Edit]
where do you think porn comes from?
>> No. 9756 [Edit]
The internet.
>> No. 9757 [Edit]
it grows on porn trees
>> No. 9759 [Edit]
I need to get me some of that.
>> No. 9760 [Edit]
Speaking of pirating games, what about console games? How do you go about pirating and playing them when they have security measures in the console against it. I have a ps3 but no money to buy anything right now.
>> No. 9761 [Edit]
I hacked my ps3 using "Idiot-Proof PS3 Hack Kit.rar"
but it was hosted on megaupload....
I can re-upload the package somewhere if you like.
>> No. 9762 [Edit]
There are ways to circunvent that, all specific on the console, ranging from things like firmware modifications to soldering a third-party chip into the console board.
Then you just download the game and either burn it to some media or transfer it to an external HD.
>> No. 9763 [Edit]
Oh thanks I would like that.
>> No. 9764 [Edit]
I'm tempted to say 'try credit card fraud' or something as that can largely be done by yourself or ppl online. But that's extreme. There's a bunch fo fraud and cardign sites on tor and whatnot.
>> No. 9771 [Edit]

Don't forget that the fascist government illegally spies on everybody and everything, so obviously we are only talking hypothetically for the purposes of entertainment. Not that it really matters anyway.
>> No. 9772 [Edit]
Don't bother with PS3 hacking if you want to play newer games or want to play online. Also make sure you aren't on a recent firmware, after a certain update it's unbreakable.
>> No. 9773 [Edit]
Yeah it is a newer game and my ps3 is all updated so forget it. Gonna need to find a way to leech $50 from somewhere to get what I want. I hate the prices for games, 50-60 dollars a game is just stupid.
>> No. 9774 [Edit]
Just think my fellow NEETs. Somewhere, out there, is a NEET just like us. He gets paid to sit around and do nothing in his cozy little apartment, and takes advantage of his landlord's senility to avoid paying rent. He has a computer and all the gaming consoles. He uses that computer, with his neighbours hijacked wi-fi, to download everything he wants for free with zero consequences. He is never bored, for his entertainment is only a click away. He buys his food online and has it delivered to his door, so he never has to go outside into the cruel, stupid world. He grows his own weed in his closet with UV lights. He has a fleshlight, or perhaps a sex doll, negating the irrational urge for female contact. Perhaps he has a little personal gymnasium in one of his spare rooms. He has a leather jacket that will last him all his life. He wants for nothing, and needs to do nothing.

That's the dream, NEETs. That could be you. Is it so unreasonable? Could it not be achieved? No more financial worries, no more caring about anything, just the blessed peace of oblivion until deaths indifferent embrace. Well, until the government goes full retard and starts cracking down on "undesireables", but what the fuck can be done about that?

I had a dream /so/. I dreamt I caught a glimpse of you through your window, jacking off to hentai. You looked happy, /so/. We all did.
>> No. 9776 [Edit]
Yeah I wish that could be achieved, that sure would be living the dream. I just don't know how to go about even getting out of my parents house. I always wonder everyday what life will be like for me 4 years from now. What are they going to do with me? I think by this point they at least know how incapable I am of living.
>> No. 9777 [Edit]
I'm jealous.

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