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12143 No. 12143 [Edit]
What are your favorite delusions? These are mine, they help me cope with being worthless.

1- Blaming my parents for not using a condom and not aborting me when they had the chance
2- Blaming my genetics. Maybe my brain is wired to make me lazy and dumb, could be a chemical imbalance or something similar.
3- Blaming the government and politicians for being corrupt not fixing the economy
5- Blaming successful people for hoarding all the talent
4- Blaming modern post industrial society in general for the fetichization of white collar jobs which are excessively hard to find
5- Blaming the MJ12/P2/Bilderberg group for putting mercury into vaccines to make us dumber and easier to manipulate
6- Blaming Hitler for not winning WW2
7- Blaming the Japanese entertainment industry, which is also part of the Conspiracy, for turning a lot of young people like me into shut ins by producing addictive TV shows, videogames, anime and visual novels (Tsukihime, a popular VN is chock full of MJ12 imagery for example) to keep us from joining the resistance
8- Blaming the karmic cycle of Maya and Samsara ("there is nothing new under the sun") for making me atone for all the sins I've committed in my previous lives by turning me into a NEET and making me suffer
9- Blaming Haruhi for being a dick
9001- Blaming myself
>> No. 12144 [Edit]
I blame Voltaire.
>> No. 12145 [Edit]
I like to blame my mom for spoiling me, letting me drink nothing but soda growing up, eating mostly junk food, never making making me brush my teeth or encouraging me to be more active, or trying to get me to do better in school. also for being a greedy idiot who couldn't manage money worth a damn and stuck us in the crap situation we're in now, barely getting by.
I also blame my dad for being too forceful in his teachings which just made me resent him and his way of life, but then not being there to act as a parent after the divorce.
most of all, I like to blame this fucking shit hole of a city they decided to raise me in full of disgusting walking trash that turned me away from 3DPD and made me the shut in I am.
my other problems like being unable to hold a job, or communicate well with people might be more my own fault though.
>> No. 12146 [Edit]
determinism in general
>> No. 12147 [Edit]
1! 1! Definitely 1!

Had they done that I wouldn't have had to exist. Stupid humans giving into temptations and thinking very little of the future are a problem.

I know that I can't truly blame my mother as her mother did the same thing and I can only imagine that her mother did the same, so I suppose it's just a bunch of retarded women not thinking and doing whatever felt momentarily good because they couldn't use rationality to realize that taking care of children is more work than they thought while they continued their stupid shit. I'm glad that I'm a male. I truly am glad that I have a significantly less chance of reproducing so I can end this here, or at least I'd like to end it, but can't since I'm not the only child.

Also, I blame myself and a few other things.
>> No. 12148 [Edit]
Fatalism is so deliciously liberating, it's almost magical.
>> No. 12149 [Edit]
-that I will one day master lucid dreaming and find the will to live for that
>> No. 12151 [Edit]
Autism and social anxiety
>> No. 12152 [Edit]
I blame Edward Bernays.
>> No. 12153 [Edit]
You are all fucking autists.
>> No. 12155 [Edit]
We're all afraid of this, my friend.
>> No. 12156 [Edit]
Standard imouto crap usually. Other 2D stuff at times, too. Cute girl doing cute girls. Or not so cute girl doing cute girls, too (harem end at some catholic all-girls school).

IRL delusions are milder usually, just about anything that doesn't include being a use piece of shit.
>> No. 12158 [Edit]
Feeling that my intense hatred for certain individuals will, in some indirect way, end up harming them.
>> No. 12159 [Edit]
I only blame myself, OP. I mean, I could be in a much worse situation but, whatever case I found myself in, it would still be my fault in general because, in the end, we are all individuals that think and act for ourselves and cannot blame others for their interference or lack thereof in our lives.
>> No. 12160 [Edit]
I like to think that I'll be able to kill myself whenever I need to, however I know that I'm too much of a coward to do so.

I need to die.
>> No. 12178 [Edit]
Believing that I'm a defective human being from the start, that i'm unable to function properly because of my own nature, like an really outdated tool has no place in society today.

Blaming people for having expectations about me when they should expect nothing

Blaming school for brainwashing me

And blaming myself for everything
>> No. 12179 [Edit]

Yeah. I always tell myself that a way out is just a few internet purchases and an empty motel room away, but I know I can't do it. Not yet anyway, maybe if things got worse
>> No. 12200 [Edit]
>> No. 12639 [Edit]
I like to blame the small town I live in currently. It's full of very poisonous, backwards people who have a very maligned and narrow view of the world.

But I suppose everyone in this town does, including myself. There's just too much to think about. I have a few friends who are in their mid 30's. They keep me around because I'm funny. They say if I were born in the city I would be doing a lot more with myself right now, that I wouldn't be such a miserable, vicious asshole.

I'm thankful for 2D. The feeling of watching a superior, addictive anime series can't be beaten. I like to imagine I'm watching any particular series alone in a small house of my own with a great garden in the city.
>> No. 12653 [Edit]
Tell me about it, almost everyone I ever known in this shit hole I live (a small town in one of the smallest states in the US called Connecticut.) is poisonous to be around or so uninteresting in every way that I feel like I'm the only real person in an ocean of NPC's like you would see in an RPG. Everything and everyone is bad or so average it hurts. But it doesn't matter all that much where you are here because even if you are in a big city area it's still like a ghost town, everywhere you go just gives off that dead vibe. That's what this place is, dull and lifeless. Everything is empty and quiet here and mostly not in a good way. The only way you are even going to make any friends outside of school is if you already know someone related to them in some way. Whenever I see someone that even has friends that aren't somehow chained to their parents or someone else related to them, my jaw drops in jealousy and disbelief as you must be one amazing person for that to happen in the state of the dead.
>> No. 12654 [Edit]
>(a small town in one of the smallest states in the US called Connecticut)
Ah! I'm in Connecticut, too. Norwich.

It's seriously bad here. It makes me so sad whenever I go outside. The trees are all dead almost year round, and everything looks faded. There was a point, I think it was two years ago, there were no leaves until late April. I have a really shitty CRT that's burning out, and outside looks exactly like the way the TV looks. There's no vividness to speak of. There's no hope here. The streets of my city are empty, or full of crazy drug-addicts and drunks. It reminds me of a dystopia. The surrounding suburbs and the poisoned, disgusting city flow into each other almost perfectly. Even the nice part of town is just...awful.

The only people who I've made friends with here are nihilistic and self-pitying. They have no hope either. It feels kind of nice to have people like them around me, but it just serves as a ribbon on my finger - "Don't forget you're here forever".
The only people I've met who are hopeful, and believe in a meaning beyond the day-to-day monotony are out-of-towners. My high-school took in students from the surrounding towns, so I got to meet a lot of them. It was so strange how they contrasted with the people from my town.

I honestly think it might be cursed. I'd like to leave, and move to the West Coast, but it would give me a fucking intense crisis if I still felt that same hopelessness.
>> No. 12656 [Edit]
I'm in Ansonia. I can't live anywhere else though, it's just that I'm too used to this place. Not like I'll ever get far beyond my home I was born into here if I get lucky but even getting a job doesn't seem like something that would happen to me so I'm stuck. Same situation here, except I'm not using a CRT monitor for my pc. My pc is a zombie. It has random case, custom parts built by someone in family, a random small flat screen from a pawn shop, an old keyboard, a mouse from I don't know where, and connected to an old Sony mhc gx470 I found sitting around the house (hopefully upgrading shitty half broken sound system soon. have at least that too look forward to). House is dark and cold a lot anytime that isn't spring or summer. I never get used to it and it makes my insomnia 10 times worse. I look forward to going out to a buffet every weekend night and coming home and sitting outside around a fire because that's about as good as it gets for me most of the time. Just living on simple pleasures and drugs here. As a result I finding meaning in life in a huge amount of personal things that I cling to to keep living.

My only friends were more like friends by force because mother knew their mother and such, I never really liked any of them. A lot of them just took advantage and stole from me. When it comes to real friends I haven't had one. The high school I went to is completely isolated from anywhere else. If we ever saw a new student we would be in shock. The school was built into a section of forest not too long ago. When I was a kid I remember a bit what it was like before they removed the entire section of forest. I live very close, so I walked to school and back every day. Often I liked doing that because it was a peaceful short walk by the forest and early in the morning the moon and stars are usually out and no one else is there. I always got to school before everyone else because I enjoyed the silence.

During Summer time I don't mind seeing the homeless/druggies/drunks/other various losers like me in the early morning when I'm going for a walk to the down town for something. Maybe I am one of them. I don't always understand them but somewhat comforting to speak to them. When I am at said buffet out to eat on weekends, sometimes people will exchange small talk with me. I find that a little comforting.
>> No. 12658 [Edit]
>Tsukihime, a popular VN is chock full of MJ12 imagery for example
Could you elaborate please?
>> No. 12769 [Edit]

This VN made me realize how similar my situation is to Nishijou Takumi.
>> No. 12983 [Edit]
I have a bad habit. Usually when something goes wrong the first thing I do is blame someone else, even though after some reflection I realise I should take responsibility. I'm very similar to my father in terms of personality and I hate it.

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