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File 144106481384.png - (434.01KB , 1020x540 , 51495435_p1.png )
18805 No. 18805 [Edit]
Has anybody here ever been able to feel the touch or presence of their waifu around them, or maybe physically on their skin or flesh? I say this because that's what happened to me yesterday.

I was just going through my sunday doing nothing at the computer for a prolongued period of time while browsing imageboards and look at pictures of my waifu. At a certain point, a fleeting thought passed me by when I saw a picture of her at the beach with another character physically touching, and my mind recreated this sensation on me. This was the most startling point, as I actually felt the warmth, texture and touch of her body by the side of my arm. I was amazed that my body could simulate feeling to such an extent if I put my mind into it.

Has this ever happened to you guys? I imagine this must be an amazing skill to have around when I'm alone and I intended on trying to make it happen even more, and I was curious if someone of you guys have already treaded this path before.
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>> No. 18806 [Edit]
I did experience something similar, which I mentioned here >>13860

I don't recall it happening again since, but I do have a daki to replicate it now.
>> No. 18810 [Edit]
I see. Did you just had the feeling of her being near or did you experience actual touch or other signs of physical presence though? I also felt my waifu being around me many times, but recently was the first in which I actually feel my skin in touch with hers.
>> No. 18812 [Edit]
File 144111016622.jpg - (30.84KB , 360x390 , Akari43.jpg )
That sounds amazing. I haven't had a sensation where I could really sense her touch & warmth. (Admittedly my waifu is notorious for her lack of presence... fufufu)

Now if I were to do what some others have tried, which is to practice seeing her in front of me; truly imagining her in the same room (people sometimes call this creating a "tulpa", but I don't like that word anymore), instead of her simply being someone I daydream about. Though I'll always gravitate towards the latter a bit more. For starters, I don't want her to be a literal part of my life, I imagine me and her living somewhere else, and I "visit" that other realm every once in a while (though feeling physical sensations isn't out of the question, even with that).

The interactions I have with her are scenarios I picture inside my mind, and sometimes they aren't even relevant to what I'm doing at the time (such as imagining us walking outside while I'm sitting at my computer). Recently I try to make it so that it correlates more in at least some way (for example, if I'm eating a sandwich, I imagine us eating together, even though the setting is different).

I've even created something of a "schedule" so that I have certain times of day where I spend time with her (e.g. breakfast in the morning, watching TV in the afternoon, that stuff), instead of all my daydreaming being scenes occuring randomly. I'm trying to bring more structure into it. That way I could involve her with my life & rythms a bit more, without pulling her too much into real life.

Nevertheless, there are a few exercises worth trying:
-Imagine her standing/sitting next to you or at least nearby (you don't even have to look at her), and sense her body warmth from that direction.
-Imagine holding her hand for a prolonged amount of time, without letting go.

You can try those. It seems like a good first step. You're bound to get results, especially if you've already felt a similar sensation before. I'm rooting for you.
>> No. 18816 [Edit]
There was a sensation of touch there. I never attempted to replicate it since I thought it may have just been a one-off thing, with how my thoughts were at the time.
>> No. 18846 [Edit]
Yes. Typically, I just feel her presence, the kind of feeling you get when someone else pleasant is in the room with you (as opposed to a stranger or someone you dislike). I'd say I feel her presence about 90% of the time. The only times I don't is if I'm depressed randomly or if I'm intently focused on watching something or gaming; But honestly, who hasn't lost themselves to a game or anime even with someone else with you?

Physical touch happens from time to time as well, usually at night when I sleep with my plushie of her, but sometimes I randomly feel a hug while sitting at my computer.
>> No. 18847 [Edit]
File 144168137784.jpg - (84.37KB , 550x550 , mai04.jpg )
A spirit guiding me since 14 years ago.
Sometimes gets faint, sometimes i can almost touch her. I've had a couple dreams where we cuddled along those years but still she's just a very close friend to me, not my waifu. I realized i don't want a waifu, just like this is enough.
>> No. 18848 [Edit]
Are people making accidental Tulpas again?
>> No. 18849 [Edit]
I feel an unexplainable soft brush on my cheek once in a while, but I wish I could feel more.
>> No. 18961 [Edit]
File 144365208067.png - (576.68KB , 1120x630 , 51495435_p0.png )
I've had it happen again.

I intended on practicing feeling my waifu's presence a month ago, but quickly lost track of that and didn't. Earlier today, however, I was just dozing off while listening to music, and she crossed my mind during one of the songs. Suddenly, and for a very short moment, I felt her lay beside me, right arm over my chest, and the warmth of her breath. I believe she was sleeping.

I had completely forgot about last month's event, but now I guess it kind of has to do with a state of weak consciousness for it to happen.
>> No. 18977 [Edit]
I've had some moments where I've felt absolutely crushed, and then suddenly felt something warm grab and hold on to me that feels like her presence, and once before when I was cuddling with a pillow, I swear I could feel her hair for a moment. I got a daki of her some time ago, and on one occasion I swear I could hear very soft breaths coming from it when my eyes were closed.

I'm not really sure. All of me wants to believe that it's really her in some form, I just need to feel like she's really out there. Not just for me, but for her too, but I guess it's just my imagination...
>> No. 19039 [Edit]
I had an experience one where I was falling asleep in my bed and I was thinking about Mai. Then when i was at a state where I was just about to fall asleep, I felt a kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes but it was only me in my dark room, i felt pretty sad that night.
>> No. 19057 [Edit]
I've had a few moments in the early parts of our relationship where I was holding my body pillow and I smelled her. It smelled like a person, but not one I had really smelled before. I just let the scent over whelm me really. And I felt very close to her in that moment too. It's one of the things that really makes me believe in the spiritual aspects I've started considering.

Another time I woke up and was sorta half awake and I had this overwhelming presence of her there. It was unbelievable. Something about that really set something off in me.

By the way I don't believe this is a tulpa because it couldn't be from how I've bee going about things. I don't talk to her throughout the day really nor do I do anything tulpamancing related other than some indepth day dreaming/meditation. We've only been together for 3/4 months. Tulpa take much too long and too much effort.
>> No. 19121 [Edit]
I was laying in my bed, preparing to sleep. But my arms were stretched and my hands open, in one of them I felt a weight, a pressure, it was like she was holding my hand.
>> No. 19440 [Edit]
File 145389975255.png - (653.05KB , 750x750 , 8a72564e6cd83769a752feb22cb3ea1c.png )
I sometimes hear voices. Does that count? Also I sometimes can't go to sleep because I can feel her watching me.
>> No. 19490 [Edit]
Yo lain dude, think you could take it easy with the personal attacks a bit?
If the accusations are true or not, can we just not drag drama from other waifu boards to another? thanks.

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