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File 136701842658.jpg - (1.38MB , 1920x5131 , 1366997323605.jpg )
15151 No. 15151 [Edit]
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>> No. 15155 [Edit]
a recently passed legendary internet contributor, chartfag AKA shii
>> No. 15165 [Edit]
No Sailor Moon on summer.
>> No. 15189 [Edit]
Wow that looks good. This year is turning out to be so much better than 2012.

I know I can expect to like rozen maiden and milky holmes 3, but there's a lot of stuff in there that looks awesome. That madhouse anime about where people stop dying looks extremely promising.


He died or something? Where does it say that?
>> No. 15190 [Edit]
You forgot more loli basketball.
>> No. 15191 [Edit]
shii didn't die, he just became too career oriented for chartfaggotry, keeping overchan updated and being accused of pedophillia on SA.
he has passed on from our world.
>> No. 15276 [Edit]
File 136755463242.jpg - (1.17MB , 1920x5131 , 2013s3.jpg )
>> No. 15280 [Edit]
File 13675676997.png - (624.28KB , 1280x720 , tomoka.png )
>Ro-Kyu-Bu [I'd like some figures this time]

These ones for sure; the rest we'll see. Honestly, I don't have any expectations about the Rozen Maiden re-make, but who knows? it might give us a surprise.
>> No. 15284 [Edit]
Tamaya futatose
Servant X Service
Monogatari second season
Uchouten Kouzoku
Love Lab
>> No. 15308 [Edit]

Nope to milky holmes?

How do you not like milky holmes?
>> No. 15328 [Edit]
Not the guy you replied to, but this season of Milky Holmes is apparently going to be 12 minute episodes, with two new random characters joining MH, and a more serious plot. Sounds like shit to me.
>> No. 15343 [Edit]
File 136781106367.jpg - (124.96KB , 1280x720 , [Milky-Subs]Tantei Opera Milky Holmes - Alternativ.jpg )

the alternative OVAs were plenty fun, even with MC-kun introduced and the milkies wanting to get into his pants the whole way.

I'm expecting more of those type of stories, a couple new peeps for each arc that are then forgotten afterwards, and the total length would be something like 3 stories worth, if they are as long as the alternative story.
>> No. 15400 [Edit]
Well, I thought the Milky OVAs were the worst shit ever.
>> No. 15526 [Edit]
I am watching everything once again.
>> No. 15527 [Edit]
Watching 100%:

• cute girls doing cute things S2 (Tamayura)
• cute British girls doing cute things (Kin-Iro Mosaic); also hurray for Gokumi
• Rozen Maiden remake

• That (not really) Kumeta show, as long as it will use Kumeta's chara designs instead of the standard bland PA Works ones
• Mahou shoujo Illya edition

Looks like another bland season unfortunately.
>> No. 15528 [Edit]
Will follow:
Servant X Service
Silver Spoon

Maybe going to follow:
Uchouten Kazoku

I feel overwhelmed by all those sequels, but it's not like many of the series they stem from interest me anyway.
>> No. 15531 [Edit]
100% watching

-New Ro Kyu Bu season
-Rozen Maiden remake
-TOMH season3
-Shinryaku! Ika Musume OVA

May watch (if they get subs):

-Fantasia Doll
-Uchouten Kazokou
-The one with the black and white bear
-The one with the BB guns

Looks like shit:

-Brother Conflict (shoujo garbage)
-Love Lab (seriously, that girl with the glasses is pissing me off)
-Free! or however is called. FujoshiTs must die. Bara will rise.
>> No. 15539 [Edit]

>Bara will rise.

You have no idea what bara means, right?
>> No. 15545 [Edit]
Yes I do. It's like yaoi but instead of by woman to woman, it's by homosexuals to homosexuals.
>> No. 15547 [Edit]
I'll have to check out Monogatari S2. Nisemonogatari and Nekomonogatari Black kinda sucked, but maybe this one will be a proper Bakemonogatari sequel.

Free! Willy could be a good sports anime and KyoAni has a good track record, so I'll have to give it a chance. Hell, it's probably worth giving a shot just for the massive amounts of tears and pain it's caused on the Internet.
>> No. 15563 [Edit]

While what you said is not exactly wrong you still don't seem to have much of an idea what you're talking about.
Call me back when KyoAni will decide to switch the bishounen designs to hairy, slightly overweight ossans and then we'll talk.
>> No. 15569 [Edit]
That's what I said. Free is shit because it's bishonen shit for fujoshiTs.

I said that FujoshiTs must die, and that bara will rise.

I didn't say "Free's characters are very bara-like"
>> No. 15570 [Edit]
File 136855410841.jpg - (23.43KB , 226x426 , 13683141231897.jpg )

Oh wait, yaoi and shounen-ai are shit because you don't like 'em but bara is good because you like it?
>> No. 15571 [Edit]
No, because yaoi is ugly garbage for fujoshiTs, the biggest problem in the anime industry right now.
>> No. 15572 [Edit]
The anime industry is slowly becoming more like the game industry in terms of fanbase it's scary. Soon otaku/loser pandering in seinen/moe anime will completely go away and it will start pandering to normals and fujos to make more money. God I hope this doesn't happen.
>> No. 15574 [Edit]

There is not a single yaoi anime out there friend, there is just some shounen-ai from time to time.
>> No. 15576 [Edit]
I guess Junjou Romantica doesn't exist then.
>> No. 15578 [Edit]

Woah, a single yaoi anime exists!

C'mon, the Junjou Romantica anime is not even a complete adaptation of the manga and you break the balls?

Do you want every anime studio to make productions aimed towards you?
>> No. 15581 [Edit]
But it's still an anime. It's a clear proof that what you said wasn't right.

And no, I don't want everything to me, but at least an OVA every year or so. I mean, c'mon, there is literally only one bara anime, and it's some shitty old OVA.
>> No. 15591 [Edit]

Pardon me then, I misunderstood your comment.

Well, enjoy being wrong, heh. I bet Free will sell like 10k units.
I really want it to succeed, that way maybe KyoAni will focus on fujoshi anime and I'll never have to hear about their masterpieces again.


>Soon otaku/loser pandering in seinen/moe anime will completely go away and it will start pandering to normals and fujos to make more money.

... Please tell me you don't actually believe this. Who the hell do you think buys those BDs?
I mean, more fujoshi anime is not only plausible but highly probable, I'm really surprised at how few of those are out there but anime will keep being geared towards otaku because nobody likes going bakrupt.
>> No. 15599 [Edit]
Only thing that even looks moderately interesting in that chart is Gatchaman Crowds
>> No. 15603 [Edit]
>Free will sell 10k units
Popularity != quality

>I really want it to succeed, that way maybe KyoAni will focus on fujoshi anime and I'll never have to hear about their masterpieces again.
But KyoAni does actually have lots of masterpieces.
>> No. 15605 [Edit]
How can you assess the quality or lack thereof of a show before a single episode of it has aired? Just curious.
>> No. 15606 [Edit]

>Popularity != quality

Never said things are good just because they are popular. KyoAni is the best proof that just because your franchises are popular it doesn't mean they are good. Just wanted to make sure that you realize that Free will most likely sell like hotcakes.
>> No. 15607 [Edit]
The post you quoted said ``popularity != quality''.
It didn't say ``Free will be shit''.
>> No. 15608 [Edit]
>KyoAni is the best proof that just because your franchises are popular it doesn't mean they are good
and just becuase you don't like them doesn't mean they aren't good.
>> No. 15626 [Edit]

The post you qouted said ``Free will most likely sell well''.

It didn't say ``Free will be shit''.
>> No. 16101 [Edit]
File 137146847952.jpg - (42.89KB , 375x400 , madokajunebride.jpg )
I *needs* more magical girls anime!
>> No. 16127 [Edit]
- Fantasista doll
- Danganronpa
- inu to hasami wa tsukaiyou
- It's not my fault I'm not popular
>> No. 16147 [Edit]
>11 brothers from 32 to 11
Fujoshi sure are greedy
>> No. 16149 [Edit]

A shoujo manga probably not even smut is not aimed at fujoshi, friend.
>> No. 16160 [Edit]
File 137193611512.jpg - (199.91KB , 470x664 , f8f2fe54377912d104e0b63934e56ca2.jpg )
Looking forward to more relaxing adventures of camera girl and friends
>> No. 16161 [Edit]
i'm going to watch the dang rope
>> No. 16166 [Edit]
I'm gonna start taking photos again to celebrate.
>> No. 16206 [Edit]
File 137207272899.jpg - (556.38KB , 850x1204 , hb.jpg )
Yeah, summer-time!
>> No. 16257 [Edit]
File 137229460312.jpg - (4.79MB , 1920x6433 , deliver.jpg )
Here's an updated version (without any retarded MSpaint edits like OP's version)
>> No. 16312 [Edit]
Perhaps it's just because I didn't end up following anything this spring season, but it seems like there's more to be excited about than usual here.

-I'm interested in Kamisama Inai no Nichiyoubi, doubly so because I can't remember the last time Madhouse did anything that I gave a shit about.
-Gainax is way hit-or-miss with comedy, but I like the premise of girls playing with airsoft.
-I have this feeling that Free will finally be that series that makes me hate Kyoani.
-I'm also excited for the Watamote adaptation, and the new Tamayura and Monogatari, but I don't feel like there'll be any surprises with those.

Post edited on 30th Jun 2013, 7:33am
>> No. 16322 [Edit]
File 137267418652.jpg - (5.39MB , 1920x7000 , ibmLELbCivOxPY.jpg )
Up-to-date chart.

Confirmed shorts:

- Yuuto-kun ga Iku
- Recorder to Ransell Mi
- Senyuu S2
- Teekyuu S2
- Ribbon-chan S2
- Kakusen-san
- Futari wa Milky Holmes
- The Midnight Animals
>> No. 16323 [Edit]
Seems to be a pretty decent amount of nice looking shows this coming season, but looks can be deceptive. Especially these days...

Stuff I'll probably be watching (pending subs of course):

tamayura (cute girls doing cute things, that's all the reason I need.)
Kiniro mosaic (see above)
kitakubu katsudou kiroku (seems like the two above)
chou jigen game neptune (god that game sucked, here's hoping it works in anime form)
tokurei sochi dantai (looks like this season's girls und panzar/strike witches type show.)
watashi ga motenai no wa dou (might as well see what all the fuss is about)
ro-kyu-bu! ss (little too much lolicon humor for my tastes but hina is too cute to pass this up.)
recorder to randoseru mi (saw the first season, so might as well)

love lab (the tittle seems like that of a romcom, but I haven't seen any indication of this so maybe I'll give it a go)
rozen maiden (not crazy about the whole reboot thing)
servant x service (daily lives of people in the work force could be interesting compared to the typical school setting)
maji de otaku (the premiums sounds almost exactly like moetan)
fantasista doll (not sure what to make of this one, might hold back and see how it pans out.)
futari wa milky holmes (lost interest in this during season 2 but who knows...)

Now to see which ones end up being 3 minute long shorts and which ones I drop after they take a grimdark twist.
>> No. 16342 [Edit]
I'll watch whatever as long as there are threads with pictures that interest me of it.
>> No. 16379 [Edit]
File 137292785935.jpg - (69.42KB , 640x259 , rei.jpg )
Free just cos I'm a KyoAni fag.

Also Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen(Rewind).

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