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File 130811030928.jpg - (142.88KB , 650x850 , 6781fe8ee6f5463521e75bb2afb578b7.jpg )
8351 No. 8351 [Edit]
Do you guys do any exercise?

For me, I used to go for medium-distance runs around the park behind my house. Initially I did it just to become healthier. I disliked it. Then I quit for a while, and one day suddenly found renewed enthusiasm. I was eager to jog, I even wanted to jog every day and my heart beat with excitement just before I pressed the start button on my watch timer. I don't even get excited about more stimulating things, let alone plain old jogging! I guess I just enjoyed training myself every day. And maybe running around in the pitch darkness, alone in that gigantic park with nobody to give me shit, was a cathartic relief.

The sad thing however is that I don't eat enough, so my body can't repair itself, and I end up tearing every muscle in my body and it takes a week to heal. I am already very thin, and I was told jogging will only make me even further underweight, so I stopped. I'm still eager to go running one day again, maybe even lift weights, so I've been trying to eat more and cook for myself.

Health and exercise thread
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>> No. 8352 [Edit]
sometimes i walk from my room to the kitchen
>> No. 8355 [Edit]
I swim all the time. I learned how to by myself at the ocean. Its a good activity to build endurance & improve cardiovascular system. I think anyone can learn how to swim and its a good skill to have.
Also I don't really like to take public transportation so I rely on my bike and feet to get me everywhere. Walking everywhere will build strong legs. A bike is a good investment. As long as you have a safe place to store it and can afford one, it'll pay for itself over time.
>> No. 8356 [Edit]
No, not really.
>> No. 8357 [Edit]
I used to be pretty fat. One day, I told myself I wasn't going to be fat anymore. Started doing some light exercise (push-ups, sit-ups, jogging, squats,) all that sort of shit, and I lost 70 pounds. I'm slowly, ever so Haruhidamn slowly, starting to put it back on. It's been almost three years now, and I've gained 25 pounds.

I'm thinking about starting back up, but it's way too much of a hassle.
>> No. 8362 [Edit]
Not regularly. Sometimes I might if I'm really bored or want to let off a little steam.
>> No. 8363 [Edit]
I'll stretch sometimes but that's about it.
>> No. 8365 [Edit]
File 130812860017.jpg - (791.60KB , 1050x1225 , 1725dccb36d55c12852985c6fdf238e2.jpg )
I used to go for long days of bike riding in the mountains nearby but that is already over since a few years now as I gradually became depressive and bitter.

I was a soccer player when I was younger so I still have strong and muscular legs compared to the rest of my skinny body and my toothpick arms. I eat regularly but I can't put on any weight, so I stay the same skinny guy.

>Do you guys do any exercise?
Basically, no, although I wish I had the strength to do it, there is nothing that can motivate you when your life is just shitty and you're poor as fuck.
>> No. 8367 [Edit]
Yup! I run everyday! I used to be 300lbs but now I'm down to 130!
>> No. 8370 [Edit]
How tall are you?
>> No. 8374 [Edit]
Way to go! That's a fantastic amount of weight loss.

Personally, I have been walking on an inclined treadmill a few times a week for awhile, but now I'm trying to transition to actual jogging. Hopefully I'll build up the endurance to do a full 30-minute jogging session eventually.

I get this weird sensation of "overheating" in my neck/upper body before I even run out of breath, let alone get leg fatigue. Oh well, that's just years of being a sedentary slob showing itself. I'm sure it'll wear off as I get used to basic levels of exertion.
>> No. 8376 [Edit]
I used to ride my bike all the time. I'd usually ride in the woods where I was alone, and could put on headphones or something. It was a refreshing feeling. My bike broke though and I haven't gone since last year as I'd have to go buy a new part..and that isn't gonna happen.
>> No. 8377 [Edit]
I keep telling myself one of these days when I get a job or the spare money I'll buy a treadmill so I can work some weight off as I am very fat, I tend to hover between 270-300 pounds. I want to lose weight for the increased motivation/reaction time in video games/less stress. Can't be assed to go outside and jog or anything and I have to keep shoveling down convenience food since my parents are too lazy to cook, of which should I ever move out I will need to learn how to cook.

At current the most I get is fapping and walking between rooms in my house.

Post edited on 15th Jun 2011, 5:02pm
>> No. 8379 [Edit]
>>8357 here

I used to weigh the same as you, so I feel pretty comfortable telling you that you don't need a treadmill or any exercise equipment. All it really takes to lose that weight is proper motivation. I recommend trying to impress a loli. It did a ton of good for me, so maybe it will for you too!

If you're worried about going to exercise outside, you can easily accomplish a light workout indoors, or even in the comfort of your room. Don't give up.
>> No. 8380 [Edit]
>I recommend trying to impress a loli.
>> No. 8381 [Edit]
I will never be impressed!
>> No. 8382 [Edit]
File 130818419377.jpg - (28.75KB , 531x538 , 1307933961350.jpg )
>I recommend trying to impress a loli.
>> No. 8386 [Edit]
>I recommend trying to impress a loli.

I would highly suggest you replace "a loli" with "your waifu".

Which reminds me I need to start jogging again and actually keep doing it this time.

Post edited on 15th Jun 2011, 5:47pm
>> No. 8387 [Edit]
What? What? Am I alone in thinking that impressing a young girl that you are well acquainted with is a terribly strong motivation? Well, whatever. Replace loli with waifu, or whatever makes you feel better.
>> No. 8388 [Edit]
File 130818808949.jpg - (216.40KB , 886x1014 , gameshow.jpg )
And now... It's time for Tohno-Chan's FAAAVOURITE GAME:
>> No. 8389 [Edit]
you know fruits and veggies don't need to be cooked, and oats can be made in the microwave, throw in some beans or peanut butter, and a glass of milk and you have just eaten all the food groups and will lose weight and become healthy.
>> No. 8392 [Edit]
You don't need a treadmill to lose weight, just start walking everywhere. Of course if you live in one of those towns where everyone drives a car to get around and there are no sidewalks.. yea..
>> No. 8397 [Edit]
Hell yeah, walking outside! Why would you want to stay inside with a lousy expensive machine breathing your own breath? Its so much nicer to just go walking outside (unless you live in a city or something). You can enjoy the fresh air and have interesting sights to look at. 1And if you're scared of other people, just walk during night time, like I do.
>> No. 8401 [Edit]
Is _this_ poster TROLLING or just IGNORANT?? I go for extra bonus and claim it to be a MISINTERPRETION!! oh snap!

Walking fast (read: within your comfort) is good exercise, and easy to both start and continue to do. I don't exercise in the traditional sense, it's boring.
>> No. 8406 [Edit]
It's sad because it's true.
>> No. 8407 [Edit]

I don't really have anyone or anything I'm well acquainted with.


Going outside makes me very uncomfortable which is why I only do it when I need to. Especially if someone talks to me I don't know. Like a few days ago some bitch did and just wouldn't let up (she did leave me alone after I ignored her enough) when I finally went to go and get a haircut when it was going over my eyes and being a huge pain. Don't like getting them, but I've always thought it does help to get them so when I do go out I don't look like a caveman and attract more stares.
>> No. 8408 [Edit]
I've lost 20 pounds just by replacing my lunch with a slimfast and doing some light exercises (leg lifts and such) every other day.
>> No. 8413 [Edit]
I used to jump rope in my room a few times a week and I kept that up for a couple months. Now I've stopped because of laziness, but I'm going to start again soon. I also want to buy some adjustable dumbbells so I looked on amazon and ebay, but the only ones that are actually cheap are the ones too light for me.

Probably gonna have to go to Walmart or something.
>> No. 8418 [Edit]
Maybe you could use buckets of sand. Its a bit inconvenient cause it swings everywhere, but its just as heavy!
>> No. 8421 [Edit]
I recommend cycling because it can also be a legit form of transport, depending on where you live and assuming you actually have somewhere to go.

I wouldnt recommend milk or peanut butter to someone trying to lose weight. Fruit isnt that good either.
>> No. 8422 [Edit]
I agree with the peanut butter bit cause its sort of like a luxury item, but I don't think people should avoid milk or fruit.
>> No. 8423 [Edit]

Why would you want to avoid fruit? It's a great source of vitamins and nutrients, without much or any fats. All the sugars are natural too.

Milk is okay too, as long as you don't get the high fat stuff or drink more than a cup a day.

You want to more so avoid meats and fats. This means everything from steak or peanut butter. If you want meat, go for chicken or fish.
>> No. 8426 [Edit]
I advise everyone to drink skim milk. It's healthier, and you can barely taste the difference.
>> No. 8427 [Edit]
I advise everyone to drink half-skimmed milk. You get the best of both worlds.
>> No. 8428 [Edit]
File 130834338652.png - (387.56KB , 2000x1258 , 2000px-Milkproducts.png )
Low-fat milk isn't as healthy as you'd think. Skim milk is the only kind that makes a huge difference.
>> No. 8429 [Edit]
What's the point of drinking milk then if you don't drink any of the fats that provide energy? Better get an orange juice then.

Also, skimmed milk tastes like water.
>> No. 8430 [Edit]
>fats that provide energy
All calories (fats, carbs, protein, alcohol) provide energy. If someone is trying to lose weight, they should be having less energy, and healthier sources of energy than saturated fats (or the sugar of orange juice).
>> No. 8431 [Edit]
but orange juice is high in sugar
>> No. 8432 [Edit]
You still need to get nutrients though.
>> No. 8435 [Edit]
I've read that whole milk actually has more nutrients than skim milk because of the vitamins in the fat that get taken out/watered down in low fat and skim milk.

I drink whole milk and eat whole milk yogurt. Doesn't hurt me, especially since it's good fuel for exercising and I get hungry less fast.

>Also, skimmed milk tastes like water.
I agree.
>> No. 8514 [Edit]
I used to be very active many years ago, and I still have some semblance of strength, but I get out of breath very quickly. I heard that there is a "proper" way to breathe but what is it?

Looking at getting a bike when I have the funds/storage.

I would recommend OP start eating more meat and eggs, if he can afford them. They are great for building up muscle, and you work out enough so that you don't have to worry about gaining fat from it.

I hope that people here don't worry too hard about fat. As long as you exercise, have energy, and feel good your body will calibrate itself to look as good as you feel. Getting fit takes time.
>> No. 8548 [Edit]
My main source of exercise is my awful retail job. They work you as hard as they can.

I do commute there via bicycle, and on my off days I do enjoy riding it. There is just something very zen like riding around clicking through the gears. It isn't a fancy bicycle, a fairly inexpensive hybrid.

Where I live is full of hills and stop signs, so at the end of the 8 mile loop I discovered, I am often exhausted. My hardcore days are when I do it four times.

For any overweight folks here, just go out and walk. Don't worry about other people, they don't want to talk to you as much as you do. A couple miles a day every day will do wonders for you. I lost a lot with just this.

The only shitty thing is dogs. I fucking hate dogs.

I didn't know that all my hard work may end up impressing a loli. Good news!
>> No. 8549 [Edit]
Your words have almost inspired me to resume some manner of exercise. Maybe I'll actually check into learning how to ride a bike just so I can cruise around and get in shape with it.

>all my hard work may end up impressing a loli. Good news!

That's the spirit, guy! Once you obtain beach-body perfection, you will have all the loli crowding around. Truly, I can think of no greater motivation. Well, outside of actually being the little girl; but that's impossible.
>> No. 8552 [Edit]
I should start working out. I have pretty long hair and it makes me look very feminine which makes me not want to look in the mirror. If I had plenty muscle, it would look great. All the exercise I do now is just walking to lectures and labs.
>> No. 8556 [Edit]
File 130859714968.png - (50.81KB , 400x400 , Neon Genesis Daioh.png )
I just ran eight miles. Sadly, my body was not ready and I am currently paying the prize with sore limbs and a headache.
>> No. 8581 [Edit]

You have a gift
>> No. 8584 [Edit]
File 130866806925.jpg - (19.68KB , 438x619 , 103898__438x_rorona-vs-lolina-007.jpg )
I'm really, really jealous with you, I was a sweet, girlish boy but now at my twenties, I'm too manly to do any crossdress....
>> No. 8673 [Edit]
I think we should try to make a shut-in health guide. It's important to be healthy.
>> No. 8674 [Edit]
Cheer up old chap, you can always do it in the privacy of your home.
>> No. 8682 [Edit]
I can't run because I get really nervous about being seen outside. Just walking to the store is bad enough, but it would be worse thinking of people seeing me, pale and uncoordinated, trying to jog or run.

I'm not particularly thin but I'm not fat. I'm not tall so it's hard to be really thin without exercising, even though I don't eat much. My arms and legs are very thin but I have fat around my stomach.

I try to do exercises in my room, but it's hard to summon up the enthusiasm. The only exercises I can do with no equipment are things like push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. These are really boring though and if I do a lot I'm usually sore for a week afterward. So I can't really bring myself to do them enough to make a difference.
>> No. 8684 [Edit]
if you havent exercised in a while, the soreness is your muscles developing and getting used to it. if you exercise regularly it wont feel sore
>> No. 8685 [Edit]
I try to exercise whenever I can, but it's hard for me to keep muscle for some reason, maybe because I'm vegetarian. And I have scoliosis too, which makes lifting weights for over a half hour start to hurt my back.
>> No. 8711 [Edit]
File 130965320276.png - (19.81KB , 328x459 , charrttt.png )
yeah I think my weight is staring to cause me back problems not mention that my family on my mother side has a history of heart disease and diabetes so I've ressolve to stop being so fat. so I've started to diet and exercise with a focus on weight training and keeping up my protein intake to keep my muscles from degrading, I want to keep my fat person strength. since I'm trying to eat less than 1800 calories a day while keeping up the protein intake i need for my size I made a little chart of the protein to calorie ratio for foods with a scoring system based on how many grams of protein I would get if I ate 1800 calories of it, probably need to do more research on it to see which of these foods have "complete" protein int them and which combination of food complete themselves.
>> No. 8726 [Edit]
also I think youre supposed to stretch before exercising
>> No. 8728 [Edit]
I used to be about 260 pounds, got down to 185, now about 210.

I run 3 miles a day. It isn't about trying to impress others, I just feel more healthy after running every day.

I can't kick my soda drinking habit, though. I need caffeine.
>> No. 8845 [Edit]
File 130998590750.jpg - (118.18KB , 700x1000 , 1298763979884.jpg )

These are all exercises you can do with your body weight in the comfort of your own home.

This is from the /fit/ sticky, no one should have to tread such a horrible board to find useful information.

I've always seen it as a healthy diet being more important than set exercise curriculum, since everyone gets a bit of exercise here and there every day.

If you decide to purchase weight sets, you can always order by mail. But be careful to needlessly overexert yourself with too much weight.
>> No. 9598 [Edit]
This thread has inspired me to get into shape.
>> No. 9652 [Edit]
Just some general weight lifting and running. I love to run. I used to play soccer, but I ended up falling out of that. Now I do karate instead. I don't practice like I should...
>> No. 9718 [Edit]
File 131281158952.gif - (52.42KB , 150x150 , groooooooovin magic.gif )
This thread reminds me I need to start exercising again. For some reason, burning all that energy at once seems like it helps level my mood a little.

I used to exercise a lot, but I fell off some time ago. A shame I eat like shit, or I probably could've been in excellent shape.

Fuck it, I'm going for a going for a run as soon as I finish this post. Well, maybe a long walk.
>> No. 9723 [Edit]
I want to start working out too, in order to improve my mood.
>> No. 11716 [Edit]
So did this thread inspire any of you to get into shape?
>> No. 11718 [Edit]
I've been thinking that maybe I should train my "core" muscles to deal with the back/side pain I get from poor posture and sitting around so much. Hei (in Darker Than Black) said that dancing is the best way to build the core muscles. Anyone have any experience in that area? Dancing seems more fun than normal repetitive exercise motions.
>> No. 11759 [Edit]
Last time I went out at night there was some guy in a hoodie following me for ages, it was terrifying.
>> No. 11760 [Edit]
File 132294141014.png - (93.91KB , 332x443 , Hunter_1.png )
>> No. 11767 [Edit]
I bought an exercise bike from a guy for 40$, but the gears broke after 10 minutes.

That bastard!
>> No. 11775 [Edit]
Why not just buy a real bike and have fun exploring forests and streets with a cooling wind? Same thing with people buying treadmills.I just don't get it.
>> No. 11776 [Edit]
Anyway, I've been skipping rope to improve my agility and lightness on my feet for kickboxing, and I've reached a point in jump efficiency where I'm not limited by stamina, but rather the strength in my foot and shoulder muscles. So yeah I'll need to improve on that. Maybe fix my technique too?
>> No. 11777 [Edit]
Because I don't live near anywhere I could walk around alone peacefully.
>> No. 11778 [Edit]

I think people buy them because while they want to lose weight, they still want to watch TV all day every day like usual.
>> No. 11780 [Edit]
Well, I used to run really often, but there are lots of minuses when you do it outside. Weather can ruin your routine, it takes time and effort to dress up, proper shoes and clothes are more expensive than the exercise bike, I need to convert and export music, I can't drink water, I am terrified of other people outside and I don't want them looking, etc.

I got sick of dressing up in insulating clothes and running around a unnavigable, snow covered -30 winterland. And during warm seasons there's unpredictable teenagers everywhere.

It's just simpler this way.

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