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File 143259697451.jpg - (27.97KB , 480x360 , hqdefault (6).jpg )
18189 No. 18189 [Edit]
Does anyone have a waifu or husbando Where their source material depicts them as being sad or hurt often?
As for my waifu, She's been tricked by demons and plagued with a sickness that made people run away from her in fear, to the point her own parents didn't love her.
if you have a waifu who is constantly hurt in their source material, how do you deal with it?
>> No. 18197 [Edit]
I find that Hanako, while she has a very sad background and a mediocre at best life in highschool, gains strength through it in the end. It makes her a kind an unassuming person. That is kind of the solace I find in it.
>> No. 18277 [Edit]
We were both hurt in similar ways and are learning together how to heal from our hurt. I don't think I would love her so much if we didn't have that in common, and we wouldn't be so close, either.

It's the past. It's okay for the past to be painful as long as we're moving forward (which we are).

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