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File 128934154610.jpg - (106.52KB , 787x1200 , Love_Hina_vol01_003BYAAAH.jpg )
5 No. 5 [Edit]
Help me pick a new read. I'm thinking one of those "the manga was better" series would be good.

The "arguably better" stuff where anon doesn't always agree is fine. Might even be better.
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>> No. 9 [Edit]
Hmm... I can't seem to come up with very many now that I think about it.

Black & White
Ping Pong (technically didn't have an anime but it did have a live action movie)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

If you're not prejudiced about shonen, you could always try Detective Conan and One Piece too.

You sure you don't want to try a manga original instead?
>> No. 10 [Edit]
Maison Ikkoku
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Starting to draw a blank. Darn I can usually spitball these off the top of my head faster than an AC130.
>> No. 11 [Edit]
Not OP, but I picked up berserk on your recommendation and its fackin' good. Thanks man!
>> No. 12 [Edit]
Welcome to the 90's.
>> No. 13 [Edit]
Berserk (has been said)
Solanin (I'm assuming the live-action was a 1-7/10)
...Sekirei (Yeah. I know.)
>> No. 14 [Edit]
But in the anime, the breasts bounce.
>> No. 15 [Edit]
A compelling argument, but nonetheless, in the manga, there is a sliver of a legitimate storyline, and the QUALITY is tuned to a minimum.
>> No. 16 [Edit]
File 128934199323.jpg - (26.21KB , 639x464 , 1271194135732.jpg )
>Love Hina
I don't even know you and I already like you.

Mahou Sensei Negima (no duh, of course) is one of these series, so you might want to get into it. That is, if you haven't already or dropped it at some point. Have fun and don't forget that is what it's all about - having fun.
>> No. 17 [Edit]
Delicious brown girl was always my favorite.
>> No. 18 [Edit]
Maybe I should've mentioned that I'm likely to watch their anime anyway, I just prefer ordering it M->A. I get poor results when I try to milk a series A->M, it feels forced. M->A feels smoother. I imagine my thinking so far is not uncommon.

Conclusion: I want to avoid watching "scroll was better" series so as to avoid ruining the manga for me. Manga will be more complete and came first anyway.

All suggestions notepad'd.

Anime wasn't the letdown I expected. I started a detailed log of Naru's assaults halfway through; ep17 and up (+specs/Again) always remembered to have one, I assume the same for 1-16.

Dibs on imouto.
>> No. 19 [Edit]
Fuck you brown girl, you're annoying.
>> No. 20 [Edit]
Are you still having fun reading Negima Negi? Lately it's been kind of a chore for me, but then again I'm not caught up to the latest chapter.
>> No. 111 [Edit]
You should read Angel Densetsu. The artstyle is a bit hard to get used to for some people, but it is really heartwarming.

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