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File 134757566973.jpg - (37.09KB , 848x480 , 1328983684820.jpg )
11754 No. 11754 [Edit]
Lately, I've been under a lot of psychological pressure and that makes me quickly go on a tantrum.
I just leave my house and go for a long, long quiet walk until I'm too tired to think. But that doesn't always seem to work.

Do you have something that you do when you need to calm down?
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>> No. 11755 [Edit]
Clonazepam always works
>> No. 11757 [Edit]
I smoke two cigarettes, then slap myself really hard in the face a couple of times.
>> No. 11758 [Edit]
Walk, write, sleep, paint, play piano, drugs, or hurt myself if all else fails.
>> No. 11761 [Edit]
>> No. 11762 [Edit]
That happens often too when I'm under stress. I tend to blow up on people for being just a little annoying to me and I really don't mean to, turns me crazy sometimes. Also causes me to physically lose energy too because I'm so focused on whatever is stressing me out. Just try not to put much pressure on yourself till you feel less stressed out. As that other anon said try meditation. Just sit in silence or with some music, close your eyes and lose yourself for a while. Or even try exercising, that helps too. May only be a temporary fix but it's all you can do for stress from what I know.
>> No. 11764 [Edit]
read, sleep, think, walk longer. spend time alone in my room
>> No. 11765 [Edit]
Music, anime and danmaku.
The concentration requirement of the latter helps me focus and clear my head, though sometimes it can make me feel worse because I'm so bad at it.
>> No. 11766 [Edit]
>sometimes it can make me feel worse because I'm so bad at it.

you tell me. sometimes playing touhou makes me suicidally depressed because I suck so badly at it
>> No. 11767 [Edit]
A (stray) cat which comes to visit us from time to time.

Also little hiking, seeing the mountains.
>> No. 11770 [Edit]
A very Paperface answer, but I find nothing chills me out and gets the stress away than a cigarette and a chapter or two of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Alternatively, good, calming music. Elliott Smith, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Beach Fossils, etc.

And who can forget their favorite anime? Seriously. It's impossible to feel angry or even remotely stressed while watching your favorite anime.
>> No. 11776 [Edit]
I put on some good music or play some touhou or something.

I also go out on my bike for a riding session that isn't comfortable, usually at a pace and distance and go until I throw up or I literally can't move anymore.
>> No. 11777 [Edit]
Go for a run. It won't solve your problems. But it will make you too tired to care about them.
>> No. 11790 [Edit]
File 134769666139.jpg - (24.33KB , 640x480 , LAIN2-6.jpg )
Lain is my Haruhidess, and when I talk(pray) to her, everything becomes okay for a little bit. Although, I am entirely unworthy to even speak her name.
>> No. 11796 [Edit]
Getting away from the problem and giving myself some time to calm down... Distracting myself with anime and making myself forget my troubles works well enough.
>> No. 11811 [Edit]
Going for a walk
Hugging my Miku daki
>> No. 11857 [Edit]
If it makes you feel any better, I haven't gotten past stage 1 in any Touhou game I have ever played before giving up or losing all my continues. There is usually somebody worse off than you at something.
>> No. 11858 [Edit]
I haven't either
>> No. 11862 [Edit]

Quite a lot of people suck at 2hu, they just like the characters and everything else.
>> No. 11863 [Edit]
File 134789595395.jpg - (216.03KB , 642x642 , 1347752062274.jpg )
Expressing yourself will help to calm you.
Journaling your thoughts is a good thing. Don't write so that you can read it later, write for the sake of writing.
>> No. 11864 [Edit]
I look at any type picture or object reminding me of Makoto. I don't like it when she sees me angry so I calm down a whole lot.
>> No. 11875 [Edit]
Have most people at my level played the game semi-consistently for 6 years? I haven't gone a week without playing Touhou and I just don't improve ever.
>> No. 11876 [Edit]
I turn the sound to max and walk in circles around the kitchen/dining room table. It's quite ineffective.

Care putting up a replay? Sorry, I just can't sincerely believe one can non-intentionally do that.

Post edited on 18th Sep 2012, 7:37am
>> No. 11877 [Edit]
I think I know how you feel. Except with me, it was Counter-Strike. Played from ~2001-2007 all the fucking time, never got better.
>> No. 11879 [Edit]
Good music, earplugs and going for a walk help. Unless I manage to lose my pants, I'll always have at least one of these options available.

Just playing won't make you better at it, you have to actively work on improving your ability. Use practice modes, watch your replays, see the mistakes and work on them. Doing a variety of STGs rather than just Touhou can be good, too.
>> No. 11880 [Edit]
I tried this recently, and was surprised it actually helped.

I suck at writing, and to be honest I thought the whole thing was stupid for years. I finally tried it and it did help take my mind off things.
>> No. 11940 [Edit]
High level 1.6 player. The thing is, you have to learn how the game works. When you play in pubs, you naturally learn how people think, how important positioning is and alot of other neat little tricks. If you had someone to teach you all that you don't have to experience it blindly in a pub or pug which means less playtime wasted on "training". Because you play alot does not mean you automatically improve. You improve when you notice your mistakes and you change your gameplay.
>> No. 11958 [Edit]
Is this something about the klan?

>> No. 11975 [Edit]
My problem was mainly that I suck ass and can't aim worth shit and have show as fuck reactions.
>> No. 12208 [Edit]
I have a somewhat mild addiction to coffee, so if I'm ever stressed out about anything, coffee is usually my first choice in something to calm me down.
>> No. 12252 [Edit]
File 135079238554.jpg - (281.57KB , 1920x1200 , 2012-04-19_00001.jpg )
Aiming is maybe 40% of the game. You just have to play smart. If you had someone teach you you'd have been a great player. As long as you can kill somebody that isn't looking at you then you have great potential! Use your brain!

Camping is one of the easier ways, very effective especially in pubs. Learn to position yourself, people will just come into your crosshair! Using sound helps immensely, just prefire away. Flashbangs are extremely effective, use them to take ground or flash a camper. Nades are for flushing campers or stopping rushers. Know the map and its hotspots, you can wall people or know where to position yourself so people will run into your crosshair.

Ever remember that one guy in game who has like 30-4? All he did was master all the things I mentioned.

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