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File 144506867860.jpg - (91.12KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ - 01 [67AD5F69]_.jpg )
20803 No. 20803 [Edit]
Do you think you'll ever loose your virginity?
If you already have Get out
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>> No. 20805 [Edit]
I doubt it. If an attractive person came into my room and wanted to have sex with me I suppose I would have sex with them, but I do not leave my room and situations like that are very rare so there would never be anyone for me to have sex with. I don't really mind being a virgin.
>> No. 20807 [Edit]
No. Sex is gross.
>> No. 20808 [Edit]
This. "3DPD" isn't a meme or sour grapes to me like it is some other anons, 3D is literally disgusting. Some people like me are genuinely happier just masturbating, it's a lot less stressful for one.
>> No. 20810 [Edit]
File 144514921569.png - (848.82KB , 1064x720 , tumblr_n1lnik3nBi1r9b5wlo1_1280.png )
That's why you become gay. Dicks aren't gross! If you need to transition, you can start with traps or shotas. I recommend shotas since they're also cute anime. Or you can just go straight to beefy hunks. Big plus about those is how well they can protect you with their muscles.
Plus, don't forget, despite what the media constantly says, guys are way more caring and understanding than any self-interested slut.
>> No. 20811 [Edit]
File 144515409655.png - (3.72MB , 2560x1440 , aff78b0bb8f28671897ca45f4dec1190.png )
Sometimes when I'm browsing boorus and I come across lewd things it can be a bit depressing at times. I start to think about how I'll never be able to do those things and worse yet is the abusive ones that treat the girls like shit. I can't help but think about how I or many guys I know would kill to have a girl like that in our lives yet here some fat ugly old bastard is doing all these horrible things to her just for a few minutes of his own sick pleasure.
That's untill I remember that cute and nice girls like these don't exist in the real world. I remember that real women are loud mouthed self centered obnoxious slutty cunts who treat men like pets. I remember that real women dress in ugly cloths, have tattoos/body piercings, and shitty looking hair. Most of them are fat and ugly with bad skin and have hair in weird unsightly places. Their vaginas look like something from cheap old monster movies and are teaming with disease. many 3D women start having sex before they're even 15, by the time they're of legal age their vaginas are already starting to get worn out. A coworker of mine once told me the story of a friend of his who was being fucked but didn't even realize it at first because the woman's vagina was stretched so wide that he could barely feel anything and thought she was just bouncing on him. Even if women's vagina's didn't get horribly worn out with use I still could never be comfortable knowing other men have already had their way with her. You wouldn't use a unihole would you if you knew some random guy you don't know already used it right? For all you know that thing could have been used by a disease ridden homeless man, and you'd still stick your dick in it? I'm sorry but I find the idea revolting.

As disgusting as 3d vaginas might be, I find penises even worse.
>> No. 20812 [Edit]
I lost my virginity. I was raped you see. By someone very close to me. My hand.
>> No. 20814 [Edit]
Same here.
>> No. 20815 [Edit]
File 144519164692.jpg - (18.18KB , 300x301 , CRjCyHkUwAAkR_3.jpg )
>Comforting, familiar delicious rod of meat
>Worse than something literally Lovecraftian
>> No. 20818 [Edit]
Like a bihole or trihole but with only one hole.
>> No. 20819 [Edit]
Whatever you call those stupid sex toys that are popular these days.
>> No. 20820 [Edit]
Just FYI, I find hentai and masturbation to be repulsive as well.
>> No. 20822 [Edit]
I personally don't find it repulsive, though I do find it uninteresting. I only see masturbation is something to get out of the way.
>> No. 20823 [Edit]
Fantasy is fun, reality is another story. I love lewd anime, manga, doujinshi and games. The idea of actually participating in actual sex on the other hand, makes me feel disgusted. If I play a h-game that makes me feel like I'm self-inserting too much and start imagining myself in that situation, I actually can't continue playing. Anything that makes me imagine being with someone else that intimately makes me nauseous. Masturbation is fun and I enjoy finding new and interesting ways to get off, but I don't have any desire to ever make it anything more than solo play. The fact I get nauseous over thinking about having sex probably means I'm fucked beyond repair or something.
>> No. 20824 [Edit]
The 3DPD meme makes me want to kill myself because I will always be inferior to 2D. Go figure.
>> No. 20828 [Edit]
I hate all 3D including myself and everyone on this planet, probably including other tohno-chan users.
>> No. 20829 [Edit]
We hate you too!
>> No. 20830 [Edit]
I love you but hate everything else.
>> No. 20847 [Edit]
I know I'll probably get screamed at but actual 3d sex is horribly overrated. Maybe if you're with someone you truly love it's different, but I wouldn't know.

I've only experienced it once and I regret it, I'd give almost anything to have my virginity back. I honestly couldn't believe at the time that that was all there was.

I guess the conclusion is that 3d life in almost all its forms is total hell.
>> No. 20850 [Edit]
Yeah, probably. To be honest, even though I prefer 2D, I still believe I can find a nice girl, settle down and have many kids. Call me a normalfag but I believe waifus arent as fulfilling as the real thing.
>> No. 20851 [Edit]
how old are you?
>> No. 20852 [Edit]
I'm 20 so i think i am not completely fucked
>> No. 20856 [Edit]
You are fucked so long as your lifestyle and socialization habits remain unchanged. Nothing will change unless you initiate it; this is coming from someone who has spent 4 friendless years in university.
>> No. 20861 [Edit]
I know. This year I joined several clubs and made some friends. I have been thinking about dropping anime altogether but I dont think I can.
>> No. 20862 [Edit]
How much anime have you seen? The trend I have noticed over the years is that after around 300 to 350 anime, most people tend to stop unless they have severely shit taste.
>> No. 20863 [Edit]
Not him but my mal has me at 750 seen & 160 days.
Your assessment seems fair as one will burn up all the great anime in no time, good anime pretty quick, and decent anime after a while. After that you start to see anime in a different light. All the cliche bull crap becomes crystal clear, everything becomes predictable and z feels like a copy of x which was a clone of y which was a complete ripoff of w. Same thing happens with any form of media which is what gives birth to critics. At that point nothing is new or creative and the only way to enjoy anything is to accept it for the repetitive crap that it is, turn off your brain as it will and just go with the flow. Like when watching slice of life anime, you're not expecting any mind blowing plot twits in something like Gochuumon or yuru right? nah you're just there to take it easy and watch something cute that takes your mind off suicide for 24 minutes at a time.
Also because I'm a bitter and spiteful person there's some joy to be had in shitting on shitty anime, so there's that too I guess.

Although there is one thing that a (faggot) critic once said that I think rings very true regarding cliche ridden highly formulaic works. Yes the base story is something we've seen a million times before, but what matters is how it's told.
>> No. 20864 [Edit]
I have seen over 200 shows. I dont feel anime is boring or anything but it has lost its luster. I don't think I have to abandon anime in order to get what I want but I will probably have to stop browsing any of the chans.
>> No. 20865 [Edit]
>stop browsing any of the chans
this can be one of the best things you can do atm. good luck.
>> No. 21007 [Edit]
I hope not, but I'm sure I won't.
>> No. 21075 [Edit]
fucking sage
>> No. 21273 [Edit]
sex is stupid. it takes more effort to move your hips than your hands. not to mention, it's just as dirty as fapping, or moreso. and you accidentally may put more fuckups into the world or get an awful disease.

applying your hand to your penis means that you can stimulate yourself exactly as you need it. it's a perfect feedback loop. fapping costs nothing and can be done pretty much anytime or anywhere. and almost anyone can do it.

I'm not asexual and I've had ``experience'' in my past, but I honestly can't tell why someone would obsess over having / not having sex unless their hormones are controlling their mind. In which case, there is an easy solution: fap it off.

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