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File 135596240054.gif - (222.57KB , 500x375 , yakisoba.gif )
12857 No. 12857 [Edit]
What did you watch?
What did you drop?

Kamisama Hajimemashita: Excellent, OP keeps getting stuck in my head
Chuunibyou: I tried to drop this, but Kyoani gets a grip on your brain and won't let go.
                      I suspect they use subliminal messages or something.
Onii-chan: I meant to drop this as well, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
Seitokai no Ichizon: Only subbed through ep 8 so far, I might still drop it
Pet no Ganja: I said I dropped it in the thread, but actually didn't

I have terrible taste and less willpower.
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>> No. 12859 [Edit]
Pretty nice and cute. takes the idol thing a lot more seriously than I would have guessed.
3D performance segments are a bit weird looking at first, but you get used to it.

Busou Shinki
I thought it was really bland and dull at first, but it very quickly grew on me and makes me wish we really did have small intelligent robot girl toys. certainly makes me want to buy the figs, that's for sure.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Bleh... can't believe I let myself get pulled into this one. It has it's moments sure, but so does everything. I don't think it's bad or anything, just not very uninteresting.

Girls und Panzer
really liked this one, action packed moe. and while many don't like the use of 3D, I still think the fps parts are pretty cool.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
I let myself get taken in by the hype and was rather looking forward to this. I thought it was 'alright' at first, but while everyone else seems to be crazy for it, I just can't enjoy it as much as others seem to.

Little Busters!
A key VN, adapted by JC staff...
I can't even call this a let down becuase I never expected anything in the first place.
JC staff does some decent stuff sure, this material just isn't something this particular studio should be doing. Tempted to drop this one.

was gonna check out Initial D Fifth Stage, but seems there's some problems with raws/subs becuase of it being on some payperview channle only, and that's besides the 2 ep a month schedule.
Might check out Robotic;Notes latter, but I'm in no rush.
>> No. 12862 [Edit]
I lost interest and stopped following everything a month in, as usual.
>> No. 12864 [Edit]
I ran out of harddrive space, so I havne't been able to keep up with anything. Also, I forgot most of what was showing, besides Jojo, of course.

I love Jojo.

It get's better after Phantom Blood. It's in Battle Tendency now, but I'm not sure how you'd like that, although it gets a lot better at Stardust Crusaders, which is right after Battle Tendency.
>> No. 12870 [Edit]
Psycho Pass: I'm still waiting for a plot twist.
Robotics;Notes: I like it.
Shin Sekai Yori: I haven't started watching it yet.
Girls Und Panzer: Very silly and cute, good.
>> No. 12874 [Edit]
File 135601167591.jpg - (168.14KB , 600x405 , 1355163578348.jpg )
Hidamari - it's Hidamari, what could go wrong
Tonari no Kaibutsu - not bad but I liked KnT way more; wouldn't watch another season
Sakurasou - somewhat bad, I should've dropped it long ago, I have no idea why I'm still watching this
Hayate S3 - so bad it almost gave me ancer, dropped two eps in. Thanks for S1 Hayate but we won't meet again.
Psycho-Pass - suprisingly decent, I excepted it to be really bad. Glad I picked it up (well, with this cast there's no way in hell I could just pretend it doesn't exist).
Aikatsu! - great, unless they'll fuck up pretty hard somewhere along the way I'll end up watching all of it.
>> No. 12875 [Edit]
Kamisama Hajimemashita: Nice, and the OP/Ed are more addictive than meth

Chuunibyou: I came for chuunis and was disappointed when the drama kicked in but I watched it anyway

Psycho Pass: Started good, sucked for some episodes, but now things are getting interesting, curious to see what twist Urobuchi will pull

Robotic;Notes: Enjoying it a lot so far

Magi: It's fun

JoJo: Part 1 was good, Part 2 looks like it will be amazing

Shinsekai: I was going to drop this but decided otherwise

Onii-chan: Same as above

Sakurasou: Same as above...I have no idea why I keep watching this

Sukitte: It's okay I guess

Girls und Panzer: Seems cute and fun but I'm stuck on ep4 and can't bring myself to keep watching because I'm too lazy

I might check Busou Shinki

I'm trying to catch up with the previous seasons of Hidamari but I doubt I'll be able to do so in this year

Tonari: It got on my nerves

K: Saw the first few episodes and it seemed retarded as hell

Ixion Saga DT: Thought the humour was bad, and the MC was getting on my nerves

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