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File 131179076811.jpg - (822.18KB , 1600x900 , 11591836.jpg )
9449 No. 9449 [Edit]
What have you done today? Anything you'd like to share?

I'll take appropriate meassures if it turns out that we already have a similar thread.

Today I cleaned the house...
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>> No. 9450 [Edit]
I woke up too early and played some transformice and SS13, and now I'm hungry
>> No. 9455 [Edit]
File 131179382260.gif - (7.92KB , 307x303 , Pinky.gif )
Gee, Brohno, what do you want to do tonight?
>> No. 9457 [Edit]
Just trying to find a job like usual.
>> No. 9458 [Edit]
Eh, I actually went outside today, physician did some routine checks, seems like I'm still alive.
>> No. 9465 [Edit]
Mowed the part of the lawn that isn't a swamp due to all the rain we had here during the weekend, watched episode 17 of Steins;Gate, installed a few mods for Minecraft (the Better Than Wolves mod doesn't seem to get along well with several mods) and took a nap until it was time for dinner.
>> No. 9467 [Edit]
File 131181013471.jpg - (79.42KB , 625x437 , zetzubou 13ff.jpg )
I fell asleep around 7;00 AM (didn't really "went to bed" cause I hardly leave it); woke up a while ago, at 5:30 PM; ate (a bit) with my family and now I'm back into my room, lying on my bed, laptop on my belly... and believe or not, I do am tired so I might -try to- sleep a bit.
>> No. 9468 [Edit]
I've never modded minecraft myself, but I've heard the guys who make that mod are total assholes and it wouldn't surprise me if it was made to conflict with other mods on purpose. Try yogbox instead
>> No. 9469 [Edit]
Went to sleep at 5. Woke up at 8:40. Got on the bus at 9:05. Slept through class from 10:00 to 11:26. Missed the bus at 11:29. Read K-On! 1 in Japanese for an hour waiting for the next bus. Got on the bus, head down to avoid somebody, at 12:29. Walked home, arrived about 13:00. Tried to sleep while watching assorted old episodes of anime without subs for 5 hours. I felt like I was probably too tired to enjoy new episodes. Picked a couple people up at 17:30. Here I am at 18:30. Pretty uneventful day so far. Maybe I'll try to sleep again.

I'm not trying to brag about the Japanese stuff. That's just what consumes my life right now. Learning and/or absorbing Japanese.
>> No. 9470 [Edit]
Today it was my birthday. I slept in, went to the store, made a nice chocolate ripple cake and shared it with my maifu.

Pretty good day, too bad none of my family or friends cared, but that is par for course.
>> No. 9471 [Edit]
He's a dick alright, but his mod has some pretty neat stuff, and with a little trial and error it can be made easily compatible with other mods.
>> No. 9474 [Edit]
woke up early, posted and reblogged my tumblr, cleaned the house.... tried to play the piano part from twinkle real star... not difficult to play but I've got some trouble finding the arpeggio patterns...
>> No. 9476 [Edit]
started researching rpg campaign guidebooks and sensitive music
>> No. 9491 [Edit]
got up at noon, had a muffin with some shojo anime on the tv, shower after mom got home, watched a anime ova with while eating a subway sandwich she brought.
played a older videogame for a few hours untill my room warmed up, stood in the hallway pressed against the wall of with my room on the other side for 15 min or so as I listened to the sound of my clock. posted a bunch of stupid stuff here, did some modding of another older game (woot, the town now has a kfc) took some photos of stuff I was planing on selling online. played more of that game for a few more hours till my room warmed up again, let a fan in front of my open door and tryed to deal with it as I posted more stupid stuff here, more modding, more posting..

tldr, I wasted yet another day of my life.
>> No. 9493 [Edit]
I hope that's just because you're making money off it.
>> No. 9513 [Edit]
Today my dad's email was compromised (no surprise since he is an idiot) and I spent 30 minutes trying to convince him to change his password
>> No. 9514 [Edit]
It's nice to hear that you had a good birthday. Happy birthday late in.

Today I made sure to have a relaxed day, so to make up for the rather eventful day that was yesterday. That is listening to music, watching lighthearted things, eating fruit, sorting stuff; thinking, acting, playing and talking casually, taking it easy - enjoying various things.
>> No. 9515 [Edit]
I'm preparing for tomorrow. "Family and Friends" are going to go eat together and I'm preparing myself for the answers I'm going to come up with for the inevitable:

"Why don't you have a 3DPD?"
"Why don't you have a job?"
"Why aren't you in school?"
"Why haven't you moved out yet?"
"Why don't you have any hobbies [we're interested in]?"

Such is life.
>> No. 9517 [Edit]
I made some spreadsheets today. One for video games I want to play and their cost/download size, one of fall's anime, one for blurays of anime that I need to download to replace TV versions. It's all really in vain though, I don't have money for games, hardware to play the games, or hard drives to store the anime.

Then I watched the new episodes of Steins;Gate, Kaiji, Morita-san and Nyanpire.
>> No. 9518 [Edit]
I have a wedding to go to on saturday, so I know how you feel. It's with a side of the family that none of us are particularly close to, though, so maybe they won't care enough to even talk to me
>> No. 9519 [Edit]
File 131189421566.jpg - (137.77KB , 561x748 , 130965596927.jpg )
My Dad's 3DPD came back from her overseas trip a few days ago, and she has been staying here ever since...has she moved in? It really irritates me because I pay half the rent here, and she is what you would describe as a complete "normal" so I've just been avoiding her.
Anyway, thats why I was relieved that I had to work yesterday. I had honey chicken for lunch. I really look forward to lunch times at work. When I got home the kitchen was a mess so I just ate snack food for dinner. Then I listened to an audiobook for a few hours before bed. Honestly I feel like I am living the dream.
>> No. 9521 [Edit]
you should tell your day if she's going to be living their that you should only have to pay 1/3rd of the rent.
>> No. 9523 [Edit]
Bought a rice cooker, and contemplated suicide. It's been a slow day, but at least the heat wave should be letting up soon.
>> No. 9539 [Edit]
Good luck in your studies (Japanese), anon.

Glad to still have you with us.


Nothing noteworthy going on today. Thinking about various things, reading about various things, trying a new game, buying a not so new game.. Good night.
>> No. 9551 [Edit]
We go to a wedding today, and my mom said I don't need to go if I don't really want. This made my dad angry, and he said maybe we should just keep a chart and count how many days I don't step foot outside. For some reason this almost made me cry
>> No. 9553 [Edit]
Tried to do something to stem the tide of insects getting into my room. It seems they're getting in through cracks between the wall and the floor, and near the sink. I have no idea what they could be after - the place gets cleaned pretty thoroughly and there's no food laying around. Maybe it's just the heat.

I'm going to start watching that Penguin series. I like penguins, so it should be pretty good.
>> No. 9562 [Edit]
Went to the wedding, and had to deal with my brother constantly asking me how hot I think the girls there are. When I respond with indifference he asks "Don't you notice these things?", so I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm gay. Oh well!
>> No. 9568 [Edit]
Being gay is great! You don't have to deal with anything related to getting a girl and establishing a family. That's all in the public eye, what you feel personally you can keep to yourself. I'm pretty sure your brother or whoever wouldn't ask whether x guy is smoking hot or not.
>> No. 9570 [Edit]
Some do
>> No. 9571 [Edit]
Yeah, plus there's less pressure to act like a macho asshole, and you get to access the secret gay menu at Taco Bell.
>> No. 9572 [Edit]
There's no secret gay menu at taco bell
>> No. 9574 [Edit]
No, no, of course not! Not at all!
>> No. 9575 [Edit]
>I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm gay. Oh well!

Don't let the their thoughts get to you.
>> No. 9606 [Edit]
Today I came across a picture of my waifu. Then I had to throw it away because of that.
>> No. 9608 [Edit]
Today I woke up earlier than usual because of the heat in my room. I got to practice trumpet and play League of Legends by the morning. I'll be going off shopping for food later today and come back home for more practicing and maybe read Cradle Song before I go to sleep.

Well, shit.
>> No. 9633 [Edit]
Played Touhou for the first time. I can see myself becoming addicted to it very easily.

I also went for a walk with my parents around the lake, which basically means I spent the whole time listening to music and ignoring them.
>> No. 9634 [Edit]
Wha...oh! Oh!
>> No. 9635 [Edit]

got up around 10 because of my alarm, but stayed on the coach for another hour just because there's nothing better to do.
had a muffin as I watched some shojo anime on the tv.. damn I do that a lot..
watched a old movie a game I had been playing was based off of.
not much else aside from sitting in a dark room in front of my pc (becuase my mom keeps bitching at me for leaving my light on)
although I did get in some yuru yuri, that was like the best part of the day...

more or less the same for the days between posts.
only highlights would be my mom forcing me to call my dad for his b-day, which was a month ago and hearing him give me crap about not having a job, and the animu crap on my car which he told me to take off.
mom been bitching at me extra about not leaving my room, since the mother of one of my old friends from before I became a shutin died, and she thinks the same might happen to me since she was also inactive, but she was also 3 times my age and 400lb, I wonder if it makes me a bad person that I not only didn't care that much (but do wonder how her kid took it) and I wondered how they would stuff her into a coffin, if they make double wide graves ect.
Mom took some money of mine to buy herself a birthday gift, which kind of bugged me, not becuase she never gets me anything on mine, but becuase I had already ordered something for her which she told me to get her a few days before, that and the gift was a new phone, and a few months ago I bought her a new cellphone which was like 150+, I forget exactly.

Had a cable guy show up, seemed my mom upgraded our contract with my isp, I frantically tryed to hide as many figs and animu stuff as I could, but there's just so much crap here I gave up and tried to keep him out, guy probably thought I had a drug lab in my room from how much I tried to talk him out of coming in here, I thought I made it, untill the end of his visit when he said he needed to check the modem.
looking at me you'd think my dog just died after being hit with defeat as he went in, I couldn't bare to see someone else in my room.. he couldn't have robbed me blind, to top it off, he wanted to use my computer to check the Internet connection, but I got him to leave it by saying I already did just before he went in.
As he left he told me I have a cool room, and that hes also a pretty big gamer, I'd rather he not have said anything..
My pride felt as if it had been gang raped in a back alley.

and now I feel like crap for blogging here..

Post edited on 2nd Aug 2011, 2:24am
>> No. 9641 [Edit]
Woke up at 9, parents went to a funeral and I rented Source Code (it was OK). Later they will be going out which means i'll be all alone and it's hentai time!
>> No. 9644 [Edit]
I was awoken by my bro and his GF and some annoying child, they were all loud, not sure what time it is, maybe 3-5pm (no clock), kind of tired, and hungry, but don't want to leave room, because strangers are here. I'll just F5 the slow tohnochan...

dude whats your car look like.
>> No. 9645 [Edit]
>but don't want to leave room, because strangers are here

This happens to me all the time. My dad will have some buddies over and I will make sure i eat and use the restroom before they get here so I won't have to go out there
>> No. 9646 [Edit]
crap if you ask him.
but pretty normal, just a few animu decals and stickers, it's not much.
>> No. 9647 [Edit]
Woke up at 6pm, went out in a storm to get some beer plush fish and chips. Don't have to work till Thursday so I might clean up then play some go along with some LoL.

Only highlight is that I got accepted to college and my tenga arrived in the mail today
>> No. 9648 [Edit]
>my tenga arrived

What model?
>> No. 9649 [Edit]


I'd figure I'd try one of the cheap models before I invest in the flip hole
>> No. 9651 [Edit]
Went to the gym to lift weights.
>> No. 9653 [Edit]
Same here.
>> No. 9654 [Edit]
Played some Killing Floor with some friends. Me and a friend were supposed to simultaneously watch Shiki but he hasn't logged on. My aunt from another country gave me a lecture on my life and why I shouldn't be doing nothing all day.
>> No. 9656 [Edit]
I cooked an awesome chicken curry that will feed me for the next 3 days
>> No. 9657 [Edit]
I studied a bit and now I'm making lunch.

Also waiting for my memory stick pro duo to arrive for my PSP.
>> No. 9661 [Edit]
I think I'm losing it physically. Been having the occasional headache in addition to a consistent, but not all that debilitating, pain in my left wrist and left... foot wrist if that's what it's called. Also my eyes feel really weird and when I've been reading I noticed things are getting blurrier and I sometimes see sets of the same by each other. It's odd describing this all, but I am getting pretty worried.
>> No. 9678 [Edit]
Just found some 2hu tracks I like, gonna dump them here to pick them up later.




Also dumping some other sites so I can pick them up later also. I'm not on my own computer right now...


Post edited on 4th Aug 2011, 2:56pm
>> No. 9679 [Edit]
>left... foot wrist

Have you been taking anything? Painkillers or Panadol or something? Try taking a walk around, or just do some wrist and ankle stretches/exercises.

Most important is probably to get off your computer for a day, it is probably causing you eye strain and headaches. Just go have a rest, eat a bit and have some peace and quiet, it is possible you are just overstimulated.

Hope this helps out bro.
>> No. 9680 [Edit]
Today I spent all day helping my parents pick out and move new couches into the house. I like doing things for them because it makes me feel like less of a useless tumor on my family, but Haruhidamn now my body is sore and I missed an entire day of internet time.
>> No. 9711 [Edit]
Played Killing Floor, watched a few episodes of Gundam X, took a nap, applied for jobs online, listened to my Dad bitch about how I don't have a job, applied for a few more jobs online and then slept some more.
>> No. 9761 [Edit]
My mother told me earlier I need to start seriously thinking about what I'm going to do with my life (I'm 21). I would tell her it's hard for me to think about getting a job and such things when I don't really want to live anymore anyway, but that would just upset her.
>> No. 9762 [Edit]
File 131302304487.jpg - (531.90KB , 1400x1050 , 1215364411258.jpg )
Woke up stupidly early, had a pop tart, sat down at my laptop and found some torrents finished, sang bad karaoke of anime OPs in the shower, had a sandwich, posted on tohno-chan a bit, fapped in girls' clothes, suffered some bipolar-related angst, family drama, read some comics, watched some more of Zeta Gundam, and went back to the internet.

tl;dr - Nothing productive.
>> No. 9763 [Edit]
Stayed home sick though I really didn't need to (no illness, just felt bad / exhausted). I enjoyed the day off (video games hooray) but am kicking myself because I feel like I took my slacker attitude too far and I'm gonna pay for it.
>> No. 9765 [Edit]
I've been sick for 5 days now, probably a flu. I'm having these really vivid dreams (one included Tohno-Chan but it wasnt a website; it was like an image board in real life). For some reason I started re-reading House of Leaves. Now I keep waking up with bedsheets soaked with sweat. Also I read The Lychee Light Club which was okay but I didn't find it scary or disturbing in the slightest.

I got a smartphone which is cool because when I wake up I can check my email without stumbling over to my desk and sitting my bleary eyes in front of my PC monitor. I've hardly used my computer at all lately.
>> No. 9766 [Edit]
I played vidya for very long time and my game extended for a bit too long. Now I've slept 4-5 hours and I am really tired in work. I get some coffee now.
>> No. 9814 [Edit]
Today was perhaps my most bored day yet. I got up at 2am-ish I heard people, turns out they were drunk and I watched them in the dark and turned on a light to get them to leave as they appeared to have started fondle a car out front, they disappeared silently, then I rested, then I went to watch star trek, turns out it is the week end... I think I tried writting (if that was today, I don't even know), then I went to check if star trek was on again, oh ya it's the weekend. Then I ate, and in between I repeated checked sites for new posts, I don't think there were any. Somewhere in between I went on IRC, and looked for IRC games, there were none. I also downloaded a few classical song from /mp3/, my speakers aren't loud enough, I couldn't hear. Then I had a shower. Then I ate, then there were some more posts, then I replied, then I decided to go to sankakucomplex, that lasted about 5 minutes + 40 minutes of loading (slow PC), then I checked sites again. And somewhere between that I checked if my laptop was running a web server, it was. Then I searched how to do dynamic DNS, then I didn't do it. Now I am going to bed, or something...

Also I reread this post like 10 times, it is horrble.
>> No. 9815 [Edit]
Woke up at 11:30, watched some anime, played some games, thought about changing my Steam avatar but my OCD wouldn't let me decide what I liked best so I didn't, and later I'm going to watch Breaking Bad and probably play more games after that.
>> No. 9816 [Edit]
Today I made a new NND account because I forgot the login details on my old one. Getting sick of youtube deleting everything I want to see, so time to jump ship
>> No. 9819 [Edit]
I saw Stop Making Sense at Red Rocks Amphitheater. I despise that venue, but it's a great movie.
>> No. 9821 [Edit]
Today my mom, in her growing quest to persuade me to get a job, told me I should be a "home school computer teacher", which can apparently be done over the internet. I hate kids, I can't explain things worth a shit, and I have trouble interaction with people, yet she thinks that job would just be perfect for me. What the fuck

I'm also shit at computer-related things, but I don't know if she meant literally a "computer teacher" or she meant I would teach using the computer. I'm going to guess the former since she assumes me being on the internet all day means I'm an expert at all things technology, and because of that getting a job at Google is another dumb thing she was pressuring me to do.

Post edited on 17th Aug 2011, 1:52pm
>> No. 9823 [Edit]
I spent most of yesterday and today locked up in my room because my sister and her friends were having yet another get together. Like usual, they spent the entire time in the main part of the basement, just outside my room, watching TV and making too much noise for my liking. I spent most of my time during the past 36 hours either sleeping, playing Fallout: New Vegas or watching Redline (which was amazing, by the way).

Thankfully, they're all leaving for college soon, so there will be plenty of near peace and quiet here for a long time, I hope.
>> No. 9824 [Edit]
>there will be plenty of near peace and quiet here for a long time, I hope

Depends on how far away that college is. I thought things would quiet down here after my sister moved out but now she comes over ever day to eat.
>> No. 9827 [Edit]
From what I've been able to gather, most of her friends are going out of state for college. My sister on the other hand, is going to take a semester's worth of classes before transferring somewhere else, so she'll still be living at home. However, her friends won't be here two to three times a week like they were this summer.

Speaking of school, my parents pushed me into taking a few classes at the same community college my sister is attending. Classes start next week, I'm not looking forward to it.
>> No. 9829 [Edit]
That's a bummer. What classes are you taking?
>> No. 9834 [Edit]
Sociology, Drawing, and some basic computer class I need to take in order to take other computer classes. Just three classes, easy ones from the sound of it, I'm just not fond of the idea of going back to school.
>> No. 9847 [Edit]
Been typing out ideas I had for a comic series all morning and all last night. I don't know if it'll come off as fuckawesome or dumb as shit in the end, but I'm getting really into just coming up with characters, scenarios, backstories, potential plot, etc. I think I might be getting a little too crazy into it though. I've been up for hours now, and I haven't eaten or showered or done anything else since I woke up. I want to take a break so bad, but every time I start to step away from the computer, some new idea or detail comes to mind. It's kind of awesome though. Whether my idea ends up being shit or not, I have not had this much enthusiasm about anything for a long time.

A shame I can't draw for dick and don't know any really good artists, otherwise I'd be all over actually making it.
>> No. 9853 [Edit]
I preloaded the new Deus Ex game and spent the rest of the day watching an LP of Super Marisa World.
>> No. 9857 [Edit]
Tried broccoli and cauliflower soup today. No idea how long it's been in the cupboard for but it tasted surprisingly better than I thought it would. Other than that, I went for a drive with my dad who needed to buy milk.
>> No. 9879 [Edit]
Still at this. Got about 11 single-spaced pages and counting of ideas, notes, character bios and plot summary. Don't know why, I doubt it'll ever get made.

I don't think I've done much else for the past 4 days except eat, sleep, shit and browse tohno-chan here and there.
>> No. 9888 [Edit]
The only people who can't draw, are the people who won't draw. That said, there are definitely levels of quality when it comes to drawings, but even the worst art is better than no art. You will learn a lot just by trying anything and hearing what people have to say about it. Just try it.
>> No. 9898 [Edit]
File 131400672015.jpg - (123.51KB , 519x613 , Haruhi Flames.jpg )
Coming down off of 4-day dextromethorphan trip or binge or whatever.
>> No. 9900 [Edit]
I've heard it before, and I agree.

I just have this thing with getting nervous tremors in my hands from medication side effects. Nothing too bad, except for anything that requires precise manual dexterity. I'm still waiting to hear back from a doctor about something to take for that. There are some times it's not as bad as others though, so I'm still trying to work around it and learn to draw in my spare time, but I'm still at the beginner level.

On another note, I keep wanting to get some criticism on my writing, but I keep avoiding asking my family, and I'm not really sure who else to ask. It's one of those things that (I'm hoping) could be good in execution, but if you try to summarize the plot out loud in detail, it probably just sounds a bit complicated and stupid to anyone unfamiliar with the story or genre. Like Evangelion or Metal Gear Solid 2. Or a lot of things.

The protagonist being a trap doesn't make things any easier for that either.
>> No. 9901 [Edit]
Today is my first day of classes and I'm getting nervous, as the classes are rather small sizes ;_;
>> No. 9902 [Edit]
I wasn't on the internet for the past two weeks, and having spent a few hours online again I am pretty underwhelmed by it all now. Pretty strange, usually I wake up around 7 and get bored around 6 PM, but now it's 10 AM and I'm already bored. Perhaps a few of you should give this sort of thing a try, might change how you see the internet.
>> No. 9903 [Edit]
Might have to try this. I've been glued to the computer way too much the last few days. I keep forgetting to eat or shower or do anything til the early evening.

I have this nagging feeling I should try and be a little bit productive. Or at least pay my other hobbies some well overdue attention.
>> No. 9904 [Edit]
I can't go too long without internet because I will fall behind on reading posts for all the sites I visit.
>> No. 9905 [Edit]
Yes, yes. I know that feeling.
>> No. 9906 [Edit]
Yeah I know how you feel. When I was without internet for two weeks I was wondering about all the stuff I was missing. I was actually able to catch up on everything worthwhile in about a couple hours, which was really eye opening for me. Made me realize that most of my time on the computer is spent waiting for interesting things to come up.
>> No. 9909 [Edit]
There's this useful add-on for Firefox called Leechblock that can block certain websites that you pick if you feel that you are spending too much time on them. You can set it with options that allow you to visit those sites only during a certain hour/day/etc. or just block them completely if you want.
>> No. 9912 [Edit]
I set up my internet.
>> No. 9925 [Edit]
Just shaved my beard. It feels pretty empty now, I miss it already. Oh well, I can always grow it again.
>> No. 9926 [Edit]
It always frustrated me that my beard is damn thin and would never grow much past 1cm.
I've been for almost 6 months now without shaving, but it's like it's been 3 weeks.
>> No. 9963 [Edit]
I read The Shadow Over Innsmouth short story. Kinda creepy.
>> No. 9975 [Edit]
today my neighbor's loud car stereo woke me up early, then I torrented the new [email protected] and some hentai. now one of my father's friends is coming over so I'll be trapped in my room for a while ;_;
>> No. 9977 [Edit]
Starting next week I'm going cold turkey on the use of computers for a month. I want to see how I do, so we'll see how that goes.
>> No. 9978 [Edit]

That's probably my favorite of his. Maybe because I live in a fishing village.
>> No. 9995 [Edit]
Went to a hobby store and tabletop game store. That was interesting.
>> No. 10000 [Edit]
Woke up and my arms were numb, room was blazing hot and I was sore all over.
first thing I see is the lights I spent a hour or two the night before fell out of place and landed on my figs.
watched a bit of anime before trying my hand at fixing the lights, lucky no damage seems to have been done to the figures.
couldin't stand the heat anymore so I tryed closing the windows and front door to turn on the AC for a bit, but the front door, which is a sliding glass door, fell out of place as I was closing it.
fought with it a fair bit before getting pissed and tossing a small fit about how much I hate this house.
played some video games until my mom came home and gave me crap about the door.
after a lot more fighting with the door, and each other, we got it back into place (although I did most of the work.)
had lunch with some more anime, more videogames..
oh and cleaned up a little...
>> No. 10031 [Edit]
Today in my everlasting attempt to find a suitable job for me I decided working in the most remote place ever (because few people) would probably be a good idea, this place being Alert, Canada, a military base. So I wondered is the armed forces just retarded sign up to learn to shoot a gun crap, or can I forgo violence training and just kinda get a job. Turns out it doesn't matter because you need 5 references you've been in contact with for the last 5 years that aren't family... You know you're fucked when even the military doesn't want you.

Also I picked apples for my grandma.
And I started a dream diary
>> No. 10045 [Edit]
Today I played some video games, read up on some funny internet stuff, and downloaded half a gig of hentai gifs (all of the same girl). Pretty productive day so far, I'd say.
>> No. 10064 [Edit]
I forgot to set my alarm and I missed my computer class today because of it. Thankfully, all of the assignments are sent out online so I don't think I missed too much in that regard.

I also got word from my mother that my father plans to lecture me on how he thinks it's "ridiculous that I don't have a job yet" soon. Knowing him, it'll be the same as the last three I had to sit through.

Other than that, I spent the day playing Fallout:NV again.
>> No. 10065 [Edit]
>I spent the day playing Fallout:NV again

You better be using loli mods!
>> No. 10130 [Edit]
Today, I spent a few hours playing SS13 and thinking about what lewd things I will get up to while my parents are out tonight
>> No. 10147 [Edit]
I was careless and practice a brass instrument for too long, didn't kept my eye on the clock as I usually do. The result was that I took out my mouthpiece to find blood dripping out of it, now my lip is completely cracked and has a cut back to front on the entire under lip, I can barely drink or eat anything without feeling it sting.
>> No. 10148 [Edit]
File 131524684170.png - (209.80KB , 477x354 , Disney 1943 - The Winged Scourge.png )
Woke up about 3:30 AM and been surffing the web on a off since then; it's about noon right now, but it's so clouded and rainy that it doesn't really shows. My mom went to the dentist (aunt and sister are working) so I'm home alone...

I decided to finally wash my Chamber for Butterfly Re-hydration (a.k.a. tupperware), and discovered it had fungi already. After giving it a good scrub, I went picking up my dog's feces outside and noticed that some of them were covered with a highly viscous and especially revolting mucus, wich origin on her diet I'm still trying to figure out (to never-ever let her eat that again). Then the garbage truck arrived and there I am carrying all the bags to it, when the driver told me: "Sorry bro, we don't pick that one [inorganic] today." ...wich I'm sure isn't correct, but whatever. As I got back to pick the correct one, I listened at the truck starting and going away so I left that alone; I opened our second trash container (to put the gathered trash in there) and SURPRISE! a very respectable swarm of mosquitoes flew direct to my face and spread all around; I yelled and cursed while I quickly closed it again; I went getting the insecticide from inside the house, closed the nearby windows, cover my mouth and nose with a scarf and my eyes with my protective plastic glasses, and then opened it again to fumigate the fuck out of it; after it was done, I proceeded to clean all around...

Suddenly, the postman called at the door. All eight packages that arrived this time were for my mom: insanely cheap jewellery from asian sellers at eBay, for sure.

Post edited on 5th Sep 2011, 11:25am
>> No. 10150 [Edit]
My neighbors decided that they wanted to thoroughly enjoy their subwoofer at about 5 AM this morning, so after that died down I slept later than I normally would/should (10 AM).

I think nothing in the world makes me angrier than loud, unnecessary, human-caused noises interrupting my sleep or keeping me awake. I wonder what the best approach is to confronting that sort of thing.

I read a lot of Akiha's route in Tsukihime (not finished yet), played a little New Vegas and Minecraft, caught up with steins;gate, and re-watched my favourite episode of K-On!! (14).
>> No. 10159 [Edit]
My neighbors are out in their car right now with their stereo up as loud as possible and have every door open. The other house next door is up for sale, and I think they were showing the house to some buyers today. If they keep this shit up the only people who would be willing to move into it will be other people who like to be as obnoxious as possible, and I will be surrounded by shit.
>> No. 10160 [Edit]
File 06-odroerir-der_riesenbaumeister.ogg - (6.28MB )

I was reading a few chapters of Vinland Saga, drinking a bottle of mead and listening to some songs about Germanic mythology (see file).
I also spent some time playing video games (New Vegas, Trusty Bell, Rachet&Clank). I also finally got around to watching the first two eps of Bakemonogatari, good show so far.
>> No. 10177 [Edit]
>I think nothing in the world makes me angrier than loud, unnecessary, human-caused noises interrupting my sleep or keeping me awake.

This is every day for me, for more than two years now. I've become so neurotic about sleep, when I can and how much I get, and it's entirely due to hellish neighbors and military aircraft.

I'm a zombie almost all the time. I can't live without quiet. I feel like I'm a fool for remaining alive--it's not going to get better.
>> No. 10179 [Edit]
>I wonder what the best approach is to confronting that sort of thing.
Shoot them
>> No. 10199 [Edit]
I've been bummed out because 2 out of the 4 or so websites I visit regularly every day have been down for the last 2 days
>> No. 10200 [Edit]
File 131553071953.png - (27.53KB , 160x160 , n4d956dc57164e_large.png )
The general board on Bunbunmaru got swiped!

>> No. 10201 [Edit]
File 131553095345.jpg - (190.36KB , 1274x717 , nano blanket.jpg )
Yeah, I saw that too. Oh well, now I can follow it from the (new) beginning!
>> No. 10202 [Edit]
Wow, that sucks, what was their post count at?
>> No. 10204 [Edit]
>> No. 10205 [Edit]
How common is gift-trading nowadays? Is it common/expected for people to give friends things on their birthday? Or are young people just generally too broke for that?
>> No. 10206 [Edit]
>Is it common/expected for people to give friends things on their birthday?
>> No. 10216 [Edit]
If someone asks you why you didn't give them a birthday present or don't celebrate your own birthdays, just say that you're trying to be a good Christian and link them to http://www.thercg.org/articles/abcc.html
>> No. 10219 [Edit]
I found a pic (screencap really) that I thought would make the perfect avatar for steam, but then I saw someone somehow had the exact same picture as their avatar on a forum I lurk, and now I would feel weird for having it too.
>> No. 10287 [Edit]
today a cute kitten was on our doorstep most of the day, but my mom wouldnt let me and my dad have it because she hates animals ;_;
>> No. 10308 [Edit]
Went to the university after a full week recess. I hate that place.
>> No. 10309 [Edit]
Hadn't go there for more than a few minutes per week (if any) for the last 2+ years. Feels good, man. But will end up bad, at this rate.
>> No. 10314 [Edit]
Had my first day of animation class today. Another four hours spent on bouncing balls. ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 10318 [Edit]
Gotta crawl before you can walk, as they say..

stuff like that is why I dropped my animation class
>> No. 10322 [Edit]
I'm not against doing it, as I learn new things every time. It just gets annoying.
>> No. 10325 [Edit]
Finnished Super Aleste (no, seriously, I hadn't done this yet) and translated most of the ending by myself.
I had to check another translation for 2 sentences because I'm not familiar with the passive form yet.
>> No. 10362 [Edit]
Finished giving a look at all first grade kanjis, anki and some reading work will do the rest of the job.
Got a Calculus test tomorrow too, I'm not yet sure whether I'll try to study or just give it up already. Probably the latter.
>> No. 10363 [Edit]
Yesterday I watched Troll 2. The hype was true: it really is the greatest movie of all time
>> No. 10364 [Edit]
I fucking love that movie. I cannot think of a single bad thing to say about it.
>> No. 10421 [Edit]
Well It's been about 20 or so days since I made this post, and since then I have accomplished vast amounts of absolutely nothing roughly equal to what I would have accomplished had I been on the internet the whole time. Maybe if I had found a job this break would have been more productive, but for the most part the internet and you guys in general are worthwhile places and people to spend my time with.
>> No. 10433 [Edit]
was late and missed my first class; got some pop-tarts, when going home will probably get some harold's (local chicago chicken chain restaurant).

FReels bad man as I have 2 classes and feel like i will fail BOTH
>> No. 10441 [Edit]
I've had similar results recently, I spent 11 days offline, I thought about stuff, came to some good conclusions about my thoughts, then today I started looking for a job online thinking I'd be able to now, but I just can't do it. But I feel better about it for some reason.

Though during those 11 days I watched 172 episodes of shows I had seen before, this is the first real marathon of any sort in a 7~ months. And I've realized that Welcome to the NHK isn't that good, I imagine my oppinion has changed greatly because when I first saw it I had been neet for like a year 1/2, but now it's been like 4-5 or something.

Also I didn't miss being online, so I suppose this could be a potential future reoccurance, not being online that is.
>> No. 10457 [Edit]
Today I tried to challenge my belief that a hot drink can't possibly taste good. After multiple failed attempts (hot chocolate milk, various flavours of tea) I decided I should try coffee. Black coffee wasn't particularly bad, but it didn't really taste good either, so I threw some sugar in. After that it became downright disgusting.

No hot drink can possibly taste good.
>> No. 10458 [Edit]
>a hot drink can't possibly taste good

wow, seriously?

black coffee is kind of an aquired taste, I think people mostly drink it because its apparently the cool and badass way to drink coffee.
>> No. 10459 [Edit]
Yes, I've never drunk anything hot that I liked. I'm always open for suggestions though.

And I don't know about the badassness-factor of black coffee, but I thought it was better than with milk or sugar.
>> No. 10466 [Edit]
Sugar and milk just ruin coffee, don't fall for it.
As for acquired taste, I could say the same for tea. I find it downright disgusting. Then again, I grew in a household where everyone drank coffee in the afternoon and mornings.

>Cool or badass way to drink coffee
Well, sugar only adds a bad taste to coffee. It's like dropping caramel on ground beef. Not compatible at all.
>> No. 10471 [Edit]
Not even hot apple cider?
>> No. 10472 [Edit]
In my experience "hot" is supposed to mean warm.
Warm drinks are always great, I suggest warm milk and honey, it will put you to bed nicely. Also warm chocolate milk.
>> No. 10677 [Edit]
I got so bored that I started playing TF2 again after several months hiatus. I topped the leaderboard 3 games in a row so I guess I still got it!
>> No. 10681 [Edit]
If it's good coffee, I drink it black. If it's bad coffee that I just need in a fix, I put in milk and sugar to cover the taste.

I also like cappuccinos, the real kind, not that Starbucks shit people drink.
>> No. 10710 [Edit]
I played Fallout 2, took a shower, shaved my legs, played more Fallout 2.

Now I'm listening to crazy fuckers on shortwave and posting on tohno.
>> No. 10741 [Edit]
I started doing some programming(I'm not good), then I hit a snag, but I wasn't discouraged yet, so I went to stackoverflow to ask a question, but then it said I needed to login(you never used to need too), then I was discouraged, so I was going to send some feedback, but you need to login to do that too, so then I sent feedback through a fake email site pretending to be RMS, and I said it ruined my day.

creating accounts is such a nusiance(sp?).
>> No. 10742 [Edit]
I ate some pizza, played some more ss13, and discovered that Tommy Wiseau is doing Let's Play videos on youtube now.
>> No. 10743 [Edit]
Made eggs with some fancy-ish aged cheddar and bbq sauce for breakfast. Delicious.
>> No. 10747 [Edit]
I just took some piracetam and am going to study for exams.
>> No. 10838 [Edit]
Played some TF2 and downloaded an h-anime that required 10bit, so I finally updated my stuff. (easy as hell, no idea why people bitch about it)
>> No. 10839 [Edit]
I was going to sign up for a forum, but when I went to make a gmail for it (I have everything I do on separate email accounts) I found out you are now required to give them a phone number so they can call you and verify. I really should get a cell phone, since I don't want to give my parents number to people
>> No. 10840 [Edit]
run your own mailserver
>> No. 10858 [Edit]
We are having my dad's birthday party today, and my brother wanted to show me pictures of some naked woman he knows. I really didn't want to look but he was starting to insult me so I did anyway. I hope my "oh yeah nice" acting was convincing
>> No. 10859 [Edit]
>pictures of some naked woman he knows

So there is a woman who is categorically naked, and he happens to have pictures of her?
A joke!
>> No. 10860 [Edit]
Gonna start Minna no Nihongo tonight.
>> No. 10861 [Edit]
Haha, thats funny.
>> No. 10905 [Edit]
Today I woke up too early, got frustrated with TF2, and found out the haruhi imageboard I frequent is dead
>> No. 10906 [Edit]
Woke up around 8 (too early), got a little stoned, watched Nip/Tuck for several hours, asked myself why I was watching Nip/Tuck, got a little more stoned, channel-surfed while listening to music, watched videos of Bukowski on Youtube (for some reason. Whatever, Bukowski's the man), came to /tc/, and here I am.

I've gotta find more entertaining things in my life. I'm bored as shit literally all the time. It's highly constricting.
>> No. 10924 [Edit]
Played go. That's it. I always seem to play better at night though, for some reason.

Also, I feel like murdering Deepak Chopra. That guy is so fucking annoying.
>> No. 10925 [Edit]

You listen to Coast to Coast AM too?
>> No. 10942 [Edit]
File 131885353355.jpg - (457.22KB , 850x1303 , sample_dadceae4cfaddcf3aa0d56d842e263ce894fd683.jpg )
11:00 -Woke up annoyed at myself for sleeping in
-Drank coffee
-looked at strange things online
-looked at the B*RS petit nendoroid boxset ive had unopened in my room for the past 6 months contemplating wether to sell it or open it.
-about to read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
>> No. 10944 [Edit]
I played Dance Dance Revolution 2 days ago at an arcade. DDR X2 and X for a few hours. I also ate some VERY GOOD chinese food at a restaurant with my mother and grandmother. It makes my mother's fucking meddling easier to deal with (blah blah blah its too hot or cold to wear x garment or it is "weird" or "stupid". I do not give much of a shit about that. If I can take public transport in a large city without these problems, fuck it.).

...and I turn 21 in a month. November. Well I am thinking of just drinking some slcoholic beverage at a Japanese pub in my city (Izayaka). Apparently they have animu-themed shit there. Probably there by myself or with other people. I'll get a chance to dress up and try out those new 'formal' clothes and formal hat like a Fedora or some shit.
>> No. 10945 [Edit]
Yes, im decent at DDR. At most i can pass level 11/12 (out of 20) songs. And they had the opening to My railgun on X2, a new song. Fuck yeah (X and X2 can be hooked up to the web so you get updates like that)
>> No. 10947 [Edit]
Today I noticed a little puppy in a witch hat on the pixiv logo, which hopefully means some new halloween-themed waifu pictures soon. I also found out that Scare Tactics is still on the air, which is awesome because I thought it was cancelled for some reason
>> No. 10948 [Edit]
Fun. There was a street preacher on my bus today. But I managed to get a commuter rail train to honk its horn for me by using the same signal used by people when they try to get truckers in the US TO honk their horns. And it was night too so he noticed it then. Nice.
>> No. 10949 [Edit]
Fun. There was a street preacher on my bus today. But I managed to get a commuter rail train to honk its horn for me by using the same signal used by people when they try to get truckers in the US TO honk their horns. And it was night too so he noticed it then. Nice.
>> No. 10950 [Edit]
Whats the signal?
>> No. 10951 [Edit]
pumping your fist, as if you are pulling down on a cord
>> No. 10959 [Edit]
Today, my neighbors crashed their car into another neighbor's house. They crashed the car because the cops were chasing them, because they had just robbed someone's house. I need to get out of here
>> No. 10961 [Edit]
Today I made my first CV/resume/whatever you call it in your country, also my first real experience with LaTeX.
Work sounds like a pain in the ass, but hopefully not more than the university is.
>> No. 10964 [Edit]
My resume would be really easy to make: a blank paper with my name on it. Perhaps in comic sans so they will know i mean business
>> No. 10966 [Edit]
Some guy has been ITGing me on another forum threaatening to 'kill me and my nigger pack' and generally being a little bitch. I pointed out I had access to an assault rifle and ammunition and we ITGed each other and I did the classic 'give him the address to wrigley field' trick from the blues brothers. Another poster just told me to delete his posts or ignore them. What a shitty forum that place is.
>> No. 10967 [Edit]
>> No. 10968 [Edit]
Woke up and was greeted by a nice big CHKDSK screen for my 2TB anime drive. I changed the SATA cable, but still HD Tune says it's fucked. A shame really, I only bought it in September. I spent the day making sure I had everything backed up correctly with valid CRCs to my two 1TB drives. Then I made a list of what drive each show is on. I'll need to find out how to get the 2TB replaced. Until then, I'll be nervous as shit with my whole anime collection sitting without a backup. I'm only going to plug them when I really need to, via a USB SATA dock, just to minimize any chance of them failing. If either of these drives fail, I don't know what i'll do.

Spent the rest of the day playing Left 4 Dead 2. I got an urge to play it for some reason. It's a decent way to burn a few hours. Now i'm going to catch up on a few eps of this seasons anime, then i'll be off to bed.
>> No. 10969 [Edit]
File 131900293585.jpg - (166.60KB , 797x598 , SORA haruka no sora 5.jpg )
>USB SATA dock

This is pretty much how my previous hard drive got his retirement last week and became an external disk, after a heavy box fell over my laptop, apparently ruining all access to the OS so I had to replace both (hard disk and OS source).

All my stuff is "safe" in there, thought; but even after reinstalling and importing files, I don't think most of my progress on a few VNs I had been neglecting can be restored... Meh, at this point.
>> No. 10981 [Edit]
Today I grabbed a pair of scissors and hacked off most of my previously shoulder-length hair. I feel a lot better because of it.

Now I'm just drinking some coffee and trying to catch up on Penguindrum.
>> No. 10987 [Edit]
ITG = Internat Tough Guy
>> No. 10989 [Edit]
aka "Keyboard Warrior"

meant INTERNET Tough Guy
>> No. 11006 [Edit]
Picked up my two youngest sisters from school, dropped my oldest sister off at class. Nearly got sideswiped by a F-150 on the way home. Tripped over a rock while walking my dog and ripped a hole in the right leg of my favorite pair of pants.

A fairly boring day with some disappointments.
>> No. 11007 [Edit]
I was going to play the new Batman game, but the rental place didn't have any copies. The ONE time I actually want to play something on my xbox and I can't ;_;
>> No. 11008 [Edit]
why not play it on another system, like pc?
>> No. 11009 [Edit]
It's not out on PC yet
>> No. 11050 [Edit]
I went to a local "dead mall" that was almost completely bereft of stores and shoppers. A lovely place to buy a coat.
>> No. 11055 [Edit]
I watched paranormal activity 2 last night and it was boring as shit. Why do people love these movies so much?
>> No. 11056 [Edit]
The Paranormal Activity movies are meant to be seen in a theater with a big audience. That's why every trailer is just showing people's reactions to them.
>> No. 11057 [Edit]
I don't see what that would add, unless you all go mst3k and mock how stupid it is
>> No. 11058 [Edit]
The rental place had one today! ( ´∀`)
>> No. 11061 [Edit]
When I saw Black Swan, there was this annoying black guy that would yell out stupid things like AW MAN THIS IS SOME EXISTENTIAL SHIT at inopportune moments. He totally ruined some parts of the movie, but he would have been the perfect person to have for Paranormal Activity.
>> No. 11183 [Edit]
My parents are going out tonight and I'm going to be home alone (as often happens on saturdays), and I remembered that tonight might be the night my neighborhood does halloween because real halloween is a school night. I hope the house doesn't get vandalized or something while I'm here alone ;_;
>> No. 11238 [Edit]
Today I found out someone had stolen my xbox live account within the last year or so I haven't played it. I have no idea how. Even though microsoft is fixing it and I don't even give a shit about my xbox anymore anyway, I still feel shaken up by it since I've never had my privacy invaded like that before
>> No. 11239 [Edit]
Oh, this is probably it


I feel better about it now, knowing that it wasn't something I did. I guess microsoft is getting a taste of what sony got earlier in the year
>> No. 11297 [Edit]
Last night I felt an earthquake for the first time. It's such a strange feeling
>> No. 11298 [Edit]
I went grocery shopping in the morning. Then, I got a call from a friend telling me there was an opening where he works, so I put in an application. After that I went for a bike ride, and while I was stopped at a light, some high school girls tried to get me to go to some concert or event or something. After I make lunch, I'll read the news for a while. I'll finish up the day by meeting with a classmate and doing some make-up labs for a class.
>> No. 11302 [Edit]
I just had another one! This one was much more powerful and cracked our driveway. What's pathetic is I was on my computer at the time (of course) and I was thinking "oh Haruhi I hope this shaking doesn't mess it up somehow"
>> No. 11346 [Edit]
File 132063647749.jpg - (83.66KB , 349x231 , 1293348788865.jpg )
I woke up and played Aion until I had to go to work. I had a pretty shitty night because I badly screwed up on the job. Basically I messed up three deliveries practically at once.

I hate having to work, but I can't rely on government handouts because I simply can't get in on them at the moment. My parents would most likely interfere with the process.
>> No. 11376 [Edit]
and another one. I'm pretty sure something wants me dead
>> No. 11377 [Edit]
what do you mean by, 'it'?
>> No. 11378 [Edit]
computer. shaking messing up the fans and such
>> No. 11394 [Edit]
I got bored and looked up my high school music teacher (the best teacher I ever had) and found out he had a child last year. That's really nice, because I remember his wife being pregnant when I was in school but they lost it.
>> No. 11395 [Edit]
Woke up, watched the trailer for Kyosogiga three times in a row, played Nocturne for a little while. Had a bagel (I fucking -love- bagels, however, I'm out of them now. Fuck.). Listened to 'This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About' again. About to go make lunch and maybe settle in to one of the few series I've got saved on my PS3. Of course, I should download something new...Thinking of picking up Bento, maybe. It seems very cute and weird. And Fate/Zero, because Type-Moon. And guns + magic, that idea always fascinated me.
I'd have to catch up like a motherfucker, though.

Currently debating hooking up my old, old PC, just for the hell of it. Plus, all my emulators/music/anime/writing is on there, and I can't do without my music...I dunno, though, lots of work for little reward. Have to clear a space for it and all...
>> No. 11401 [Edit]
File 132078563242.png - (275.71KB , 594x327 , setzubou00.png )
Just went to the (drugstore's free) doctor. Apparently I catched an UTI: for the past couple hours it's been like dripping razorblades every 2 minutes. I was told not to drink any soda or coffee for a while... it wouldn't be a problem at all, if I wasn't fueled by Redbull.
>> No. 11403 [Edit]

Fate/Zero is awesome so far, easily my anime of the year if it keeps up its current quality.
>> No. 11423 [Edit]
I turned on my dead wii for the first time in a while to see if it would magically start up, and it did. Only, all it did was display a screen that said something like "system files are corrupted" and parts of the letters were missing. Kind of spooky

Post edited on 9th Nov 2011, 8:25pm
>> No. 11426 [Edit]
It was all a methaphor for your life
>> No. 11428 [Edit]
That...that actually makes sense
>> No. 11438 [Edit]
Played Aion in between the times I had to go out to pick up my sisters from school/drop them off at class. I then spent an hour and a half navigating Maryland's traffic clogged highways during rush hour to go see a showing of a Miku concert in a theater in one of Baltimore's suburbs. The concert itself was glorious, the other people at the showing not so much, for obvious reasons.

I think I would've been better off watching a rip of it on my computer.
>> No. 11441 [Edit]
I made a formspring account. Feel free to ask questions: http://www.formspring.me/tohnochan
>> No. 11442 [Edit]
having it named tohnochan is pretty misleading if you aren't involved with the site
>> No. 11444 [Edit]
After many tries in enjoying concerts I came to the same conclusion.
Sure it has disavantages, but not being in a crowded place and being able to control the volume are divine.
>> No. 11445 [Edit]
>tohnochan hasn't smiled at anything yet. Write a response that makes them smile!

I thought this was cute.
>> No. 11467 [Edit]
Reworked my whole Anki deck for kanji/words.
Cut the number of cards by half and now I'll only be required to remember how to read and type the kanji.
>> No. 11487 [Edit]
I fixed our back screen door today. Two screws had fallen out of it a while ago, so I just screwed em back in and tightened the other ones. It was a ridiculously small and easy thing, but it always makes me feel better to do something for my parents
>> No. 11492 [Edit]
Got into Warband again. And thus all the day was spent.
>> No. 11575 [Edit]
I lied to my grandmother that I was doing well in school. I dropped out a month ago ;_;
>> No. 11576 [Edit]
Thanksgiving is coming up, so I imagine a lot of us will be lying to family or giving the patented "oh not much..." line when someone asks what we have been doing.
>> No. 11578 [Edit]
Tried to find NEET friendly housing.
moderate success,
>> No. 11580 [Edit]
I managed to get out of my Thanksgiving obligation this year. Told everyone I'm going to dinner with a friend's (!) family. The truth is I'll just leave the house and go to a bookstore for 4 or 5 hours and read and drink coffee.
>> No. 11581 [Edit]
It'll probably just be my mother, my uncle, and me at Thanksgiving, so I could manage to accompany them at the table.

It'd be a little more difficult if another were to join, however. Especially a stranger (to me)... I wouldn't be able to handle that.
>> No. 11584 [Edit]

Ah, thank haruhi I'm from the UK and don't have to worry about Thanksgiving. Seems like a hellish event.
>> No. 11588 [Edit]
I told my dad jokingly (mostly, anyway) that I didn't want to have thanksgiving and he got really mad at me. It's like his contempt for me is always bubbling right under the surface
>> No. 11637 [Edit]
I looked at the blog for that super deep throat game (like I do every once in a while) and the realization that I have spent a year of my life following a blog about a throat rape flash game hit me
>> No. 11638 [Edit]

Either way that's probably better than spending half a year (actually much more) developing a throat rape flash game.
>> No. 11659 [Edit]
Reinstalled Morrowind because of all the talk about TES lately.
Then, most of the day was spent messing with mods, load orders, leisurely collecting mushrooms, walking around Vivec and reading about lore.

Downside is I haven't done shit and the waifu must be mad for I had disappeared the whole day.
>> No. 11690 [Edit]
File 132249747758.png - (19.06KB , 496x430 , one point oh.png )
I broke even on my utorrent ratio for the first time since I got it on this computer.
Now to work on pushing that bakabt ratio up from .4 (Which, with the few torrents I already have and the amount of leechers on this Sailor Moon torrent, shouldn't be too far off)
>> No. 11694 [Edit]
I got my account back, but they didn't say how it got compromised (because they want to pretend they weren't hacked). Gonna cancel that account whenever the refunded money shows up in a statement, and they gave me a code for a free month so I will use that if there's ever an online console game I just NEED to play
>> No. 11701 [Edit]
Today I was psuedo-productive. I was going to fix the good PC that broke 1/2 a year ago. First I needed a harddrive to install the OS on, so I began to delete stuff off of one on my own shitty PC to make room for the OS for the new PC, then I made a partition. The previous harddrive still has save-able data on it, which others in my family may want that would need to be dumped to large HDD which I don't have, so I can't use it. But the HDD I deleted stuff off of is IDE an the good PC only has SATA... my mission was aborted.

It seems like every endeaver I make is hampered by the fact that I have no money, and everything I can do to aquire money doesn't need to be done and counter-productive to a society worth being a part of. So be a slave(job), fix PC, be miserable and shamed or do the best I can with broken equipment, and continue to be miserable and frustrated.
>> No. 11702 [Edit]
Things aren't going so well for me. Been trying to find work but with no luck, a certain someone in my family is getting pissed at me and doesn't believe that I've been turned down so much. Has basically flat out called me a liar behind my back and says he doesn't like me. Meanwhile he's given free reign to bitch about his life and always be right. Haruhi dammit life...
>> No. 11706 [Edit]
Went through my MAL finding what OVAs and specials I had missed. It turned out to be a really mediocre waste of time. Good specials are very rare.
>> No. 11746 [Edit]
My parents read some article about relieving anxiety, and they said I should take some herbal stuff. They also took the opportunity to say how frustrated my depression makes them, as if I'm just acting this way to mess with them or something. Like the whole last decade of my life has been some sort of Kaufmanesque joke at their expense

Post edited on 1st Dec 2011, 1:57pm
>> No. 11747 [Edit]
I've managed to download 70 something songs from this obscure spanish singer for my uncle's wife.

I don't want to check everything over and see if it's tagged correctly since iTunes is dildos, but everything might more or less be tagged correctly.
>> No. 11749 [Edit]
I slept for most of December.

having just woken up on the 1st it should be clever, but it will probably hold true on the 31st as well!
>> No. 11750 [Edit]

A funny story to go with this: My sister is sick with strep throat (which happens every few months for some reason) and yet she still comes over every day. I told her I didn't want her to make me sick again, and she said it wouldn't even matter if she made me sick because I do nothing anyway. My parents acted like I was stupid for being offended by that statement.

The very people who tell me they care so much about me openly acknowledge that I am so worthless my health is entirely unimportant.
>> No. 11784 [Edit]
File 132307482850.gif - (1.32MB , 255x250 , Superior swimsuit smaller.gif )
I finally stopped being lazy and got a way to make gifs again.
First time use? Removing that homosexual from this scene.
>> No. 11785 [Edit]
I thought that was just my family, but I'm seeing increasing snark reports from people with families.

If we wanted to be shit on we'd be outside.
>> No. 11829 [Edit]
I updated my external with all the new pictures and anime I've downloaded the last few months, then got accused of taking my mom's doctor appointment card. Why on earth would I even take such a thing
>> No. 11892 [Edit]
got a flu shot (my arm hurts ;_;), got a christmas tree, and against my better judgement tried to eat a half pound reeses cup. I got halfway through it before I felt like I needed to puke
>> No. 11915 [Edit]
>my external
Just found out mine is dead. I knew it was just a matter of time, but still: dammit.
>> No. 11919 [Edit]
I have began my quest to master the keyboard layout Dvorak. It's a bitch.
>> No. 11933 [Edit]
File 13241457301.jpg - (91.26KB , 580x500 , 09-brewers-keurig-b70-alt.jpg )
I decided to try making some tea using this thing today. As expected, it sucks. Back to boiling my water before having tea.
>> No. 11934 [Edit]
I've been watching this


Some guys are trying to beat the SM64 120 stars world record. It's not streaming right now but iirc last night they said they were only off by like 40 seconds on their closest attempt.
>> No. 11935 [Edit]
speed runners are insane. The record for banjo-kazooie is like 2:45, that game took me like 30+ hours to beat the first time.
>> No. 11937 [Edit]
Cool! I just bought one of those last week and the K-cups seem to make good flavored coffee, so if you like that sort of stuff maybe give those a try, get your money's worth and whatnot.
>> No. 11944 [Edit]
Aw man, he was just 40 stars in and making good time when an eyeball guy wouldn't track him and ruined everything, making him start ALL OVER. just watching this is gonna give me an ulcer
>> No. 11946 [Edit]
Thank you for posting this. I'll now be watching this.

This guy is pretty amazing.
>> No. 11970 [Edit]
Here's a video of the current world record


It's fun to synch them up and see just how close it can be
>> No. 11982 [Edit]
Downloading episodes 5-10 of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. This series is so damn fun. It's a very in-depth show. It's as though it is it's own little world in itself. You can really get lost in it. I love that.

Other than that, nothing's gonna be going down today. Might try and read a bit of Hamlet. Been getting an itch to do that. Or maybe Cross Channel. Downloaded that days ago, and I told myself that I'd do it up this weekend, but do it up, I did not, as most of the weekend was spent asleep/watching Horizon. Hmm...

It's odd to think we're this deep into the year already. Already at the end, pretty much. Just 12 (?) days until the new year.
>> No. 11991 [Edit]
I found frozen cherries in an unlikely (small) store, so now I can make cherry jam as a Christmas present for mai waifu.
>> No. 12000 [Edit]
Finally went to the gym after a hiatus. Real strong guy asked me to spot him. I was specifically told to "spot at the elbows". I've only ever helped with the weights with my dad. As I knew I would, I panicked from worrying about doing it wrong, lifting one side of both dumb bells. Thankfully they weren't unbalanced too much so he didn't get hurt. I felt like an idiot and left early. Should've kept my headphones on.
>> No. 12005 [Edit]
Technically yesterday.

I don't remember at all. It's really strange, how it just flew by. Oh, I watched a few episodes of Portlandia (too hipster-y for me, but still fun, in a sense) and Samurai Champloo. And then I topped off Horizon (all caught up now~), and tried to play Cross Channel, but couldn't focus...Then I made the definitive list of my top 10 albums (for this week anyway). Listened to a lot of music I haven't listened to in forever. Now I'm going to rewatch my waifu's series and try and sleep, but will undoubtedly fail until later this morning.

You're in a weird place when recalling the day becomes akin to recalling dreams.

I'm thirsty.
>> No. 12015 [Edit]
Woke up, had a tea, made a ham sandwich, had another tea and a mandarin orange, then napped. Hopefully gonna finish [email protected] soon. I seem to put off finishing shows I like, as if I can't stand for them to end at all.
>> No. 12018 [Edit]
I've found a new hobby, old time radio. As in radio shows, the internet archive has a bunch, I listened to a few episodes of a series called "2000 plus" it was sci-fi and BBCs production of "The Fountain" (6 hours yesterday, 2 today), and now I am on to a detective series named "Phyl Coe," the thing is that it doesn't tell you who did it, as you are supposed to phone in and it is a radio contest, but I guess I am 70 years too late. So I'll never know the truth...
>> No. 12019 [Edit]
Old time radio is good
>> No. 12036 [Edit]
On the topic of radio, I had my shortwave radio on tonight and was listening to some real cool 1950s jazz music from Africa. Shortwave is real cool, you can pick up so much interesting and often mysterious stuff (not just cryptic number stations, but weird pirate radios, propaganda stations, and other oddities).
>> No. 12077 [Edit]
Sounds cool. How does one acquire a shortwave radio? Can you modify a regular radio set or something?
>> No. 12078 [Edit]
These are, from my tiny understanding, shortwave radios you can use online.

>> No. 12086 [Edit]
Realized how retarded I am at cooking when my green tea ice cream didn't even turn out green. It's probably going to taste like a shitty popsicle.
>> No. 12089 [Edit]

You'd have to buy one, and make a nice big antenna out of some cheap copper wire.

There are some online though too, but I don't know if you can actually tune them. Maybe you can though.
>> No. 12100 [Edit]
I remembered my love for photography taking part in a thread about the /a/ christmas collage on /jp/ at that...
I can't wait to have a stable job and home so I can get a new camera.
>> No. 12129 [Edit]
Yeah, using the K-cups to make the tea works well. However, using the thing to boil your water for regular tea doesn't really work well.
>> No. 12161 [Edit]
1.Whacked off
2.Finished the credits to an anime movie I watched last night.
3.Played skyrim
3a.Killed a fucking dragon with frostbreath at level 5
3b.Made roughly 1200 gold bringing me up to 2000ish
3c.Happened upon a lucky glitch where a mammoth kept being dropped from the sky and picked up until it was dead.I grabbed his tusk and gave it to Ysolda
4.Browsed the internet and found a LN translation site.Enjoy bros:

>> No. 12162 [Edit]
Watched the season finale of Haganai, played some video games, and watched this.
>> No. 12163 [Edit]
I love Baka-Tsuki. They did the Kara no Kyoukai LN's and are working on the Horizon series (Haruhi save their souls).
>> No. 12225 [Edit]
File 132556989698.jpg - (137.02KB , 800x600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

Today I woke up around 4:30 PM. I ate and have some talking with my family, after wich I went back to my room; I had plans about doing some stuff today (I should be doing some stuff), but all I did was just fap and lurk random stuff online in-between. Normally I wouldn't mind; but considering I've been awake for 7 hours, that I took around 2-5 min's to come and that I've faped at an average ratio of 40 minutes between each session... I think I've been faping a lot.
>> No. 12226 [Edit]
I spent the last seven to eight hours playing corruption of champions. The final orgasm wasn't as great as it should have been given the investment. It's been a long time since I've done something like this though. Back in eight grade or so, I remember finding about about the monzetsu series, and going through all 200 pages of each book to cum just at the end of it. That took around an hour or for each I believe.
>> No. 12290 [Edit]
I found this. What the

>> No. 12301 [Edit]
Im judging for a debate tournament at a high school in the "inner city" (mainly black & hispanic students). It reminds me of when I was in high school, only my HS had more white people there (people from the locsl irish ghetto). People are okay and all that. Im judging because A. I liked the debate team when I was in it (discussed anime, chan shit and whatnot when in there) and B. because I get paid a little for it (i.e. half-assed job)

I decided to check the history of the computer im posting on at the school's library, and there's manga in the computer's hsitory (mangafox.com). Ahhhhh.....I remember when I was in high school and a bunch of people there were reading manga off manga sites (of all races but mainly black people).

BTW I am black.

I dunno, it remind me of the past. Not in a 'good' or 'bad' manner, just as a long-lost past (been 4 years since I was in HS - and people think I am a student here haha)
>> No. 12333 [Edit]
I want to visit my old high school, just to raid the utility room one last time. Maybe get some projector bulbs and craft paper.
>> No. 12372 [Edit]
I noticed that my right arm (my masturbation arm) is significantly stronger than my left. It feels much bigger, and on closer inspection, it is actually a few centimetres wider and a good 2cm taller.

I think I'll need to get used to using my left hand for a while.
>> No. 12382 [Edit]
i found out this guy is cooler than i'll ever be


note that i am being sarcastic, and have no idea who half of these people even are. but still, how the hell does somebody meet so many "important" people like that
>> No. 12388 [Edit]
File 132676106169.jpg - (48.33KB , 1701x1411 , IMG_6523.jpg )
I finally decided to start cleaning my room. I took some photos afterwards.
>> No. 12389 [Edit]
File 13267613645.jpg - (49.47KB , 1933x1647 , IMG_6524.jpg )
And this is the stuff I had to throw away. I'm not ready yet to let go the rest of my things, so the bags in the previous photo will have to stay.
>> No. 12390 [Edit]
What was all those things in the bag? Just trash bags accumulated?
>> No. 12393 [Edit]
That's a lot of trash anon..
>> No. 12394 [Edit]
Thats only a little odd if you're right handed. My right forearm is half a centremetre longer than the other.
>> No. 12400 [Edit]
I set up a wiki on my server last night. Probably nothing interesting will ever go on it, but oh well... I also got an interesting book on Japanese mythology. Looking forward to a good read.
>> No. 12407 [Edit]
Hey, Archduke.
>> No. 12410 [Edit]
I realized how I basically rendered myself incapable of typing on anything besides my humble laptop by switching to the Dvorak keyboard layout, which NO ONE has even heard of. No regrets, just some minor grumbles. Dvorak is very comfortable.
>> No. 12442 [Edit]
helped my dad install lighting fixtures in a store, carrying heavy lights and climbing ladders to attach them to the ceiling is grueling work. Even though you end up covered in dust and paint it feels more rewarding when you see the results of your work.

I have a lot of respect for people who work manual labor, it is much different then sitting in a warm office somewhere.
>> No. 12458 [Edit]
How difficult was the transition? I've thought about switching myself but I don't know if I can stand the frustration of having to look for the keys.
>> No. 12464 [Edit]
My father was asking me what channel was the "western" channel, and I told him I had no idea because I don't get any channels over 63. He was shocked, and asked why I don't get a DVR box and more channels like they do and I tell him it would be a waste of money because I don't even watch TV for the most part, because I'm always on my computer. He asks how can I spend so much time on it and what I am doing (not in an accusing way, in a shocked way), and I simply tell him I do "all kinds of things" because I can't really tell him I watch japanese little girl cartoons and read video game forums (despite barely even caring about games anymore) all day.
>> No. 12465 [Edit]
It wasn't as difficult as you'd think. After around a little more than a month of casual practice I'm at 39 words per minute, though I still feel more comfortable looking down at the keyboard than I do at the screen; not to say I can't type that way. So long as you get a program to help you practice and avoid QWERTY like the plague, it'll be relatively easy. Though in the beginning you'll either have to use an onscreen keyboard to see where everything is or lift your hands up, and this will be a minor annoyance. Just keep in mind that the prize is worth it!

Here's the program I use: http://macinmind.com/?area=app&app=masterkey&pg=download. Despite the site name, there's a Windows download as well. It's very nice: shows you how to position your hands and reach the keys and has various exercises ranging from single letters to a computer generated story.
>> No. 12527 [Edit]
My "friend" has stolen my first song I was working on. I gave him a copy to work with and bring back to me. So he would have possession of the updated version, the version I would go over and use to move forward with him. I need him because I know what I want the song to not sound like, but I don't have the skill to make it happen That was a month ago; he agreed to have it back to me after a week. I have repeatedly told him to bring me the song and he refuses. I don't know anyone else that can play drums and bass. And I can't go on by myself because I don't know a single thing about music.

I don't even know why he would want to keep it for himself, let alone refuse to give me a copy. It wasn't that good. I wouldn't even care - I gave up on trying to get into music a while ago - if not for the fact that I promised my waifu I would make her a song and dammit that was my first step towards that goal.
>> No. 12528 [Edit]
>[asked someone to play drums and bass sections for his song].
Been there...

Maybe he simply hasn't worked (enough) on it, wich is why he's avoiding the subject (if I understood corretly). By all means: unless they are serious producers who dedicate themselves to do that, or some fellow men you're together within a project (like a band), I wouldn't entrust other people for completing a song that I expect to rest as the author of; not that much because they might steal it, but because most people just don't compromise enough when doing things as a favor... and I'm sure you have the greatest expectations for that particular song.
>> No. 12534 [Edit]
Having one of those things where I can't/won't sleep. Just been happening lately, and I have no clue why. It's sort of pathetic that I'm as bothered as I am by it, though - Mainly because I really have nowhere to go in the daytime, and I can sit around swat around imaginary flies whenever the hell I want for as long as I want. It just sucks pretty hard when your body doen't listen to your mind.

Time for some Kara no Kyoukai and maybe Taxi Driver. That usually does the trick.

It snowed, though. I am very happy it finally snowed. Winter has a tranquility to it I can't do without.

Just make a better song~! Ten times better. That'll shove a dick in his mouth.
>> No. 12536 [Edit]
I ate a super chocolatey muffin and I've almost felt sick from it. I've also felt really sad and tired today for reasons I'm not even sure of
>> No. 12546 [Edit]
woke up at 1 in the afternoon and downloaded some lewd game CGs that I've been looking forward to
>> No. 12552 [Edit]
I'm at a restaurant aone today (Big Bowl in dowtown chicago) eating food here. Got the teriyaki. Shrimp fried rice. I say brohnos should eat here if they can overcome social anxiety. I ate here before, some elientele can be faggots but that's it....food is good (also kindve expensive)
>> No. 12553 [Edit]
My grandparents live in Chicago

I quite like that city, but I don't get to visit very often
>> No. 12555 [Edit]
i made this video today
and i am proud of it
>> No. 12557 [Edit]
I just realised that instead of wasting countless hours clicking around various websites and blogs I can just use a RSS feed catcher and save myself a lot of time.
>> No. 12562 [Edit]
thought about opening up my computer and airdusting it out for the first time in a year and a half, but my fear of fucking something up somehow made me not do it. now i'm afraid if i don't do it, something bad will happen
>> No. 12564 [Edit]
Fucking things up is harder than it seems at first. The only time I managed to do it was when I was desperate for the poor thing was overheating and tried messing with the CPU fan without properly disconnecting all cables from the case.
I don't even know how my GPU hasn't crashed yet seeming how clumsily I handle it whenever I clean it up.
>> No. 12565 [Edit]
Just do it, it's really hard to knock anything around. If you knock a plug out, it's very easy to find where it goes again, anyway.

Also, as well as air dusting, make sure the fan areas on your PC are open to the entire room. I used to have mine almost against the wall, but once I sucked the dust out and rotated it like so I shaved off about 10 degrees from all temperatures, half that for the GPU. Using Dolphin still puts my cores above their max temperatures though, which is disappointing because there are quite a few Wii and Gamecube games I'd like to try. Oh well, at least modern games and PCSX2 work fine.
>> No. 12566 [Edit]
>The only time I managed to do it was when I was desperate for the poor thing was overheating and tried messing with the CPU fan without properly disconnecting all cables from the case.

How did that mess it up?
>> No. 12567 [Edit]
I don't know, I just think it had something to do with that(notice that what I mean is that the computer itself was still plugged to the outlet, I had only turned off the PSU).
Maybe I discharged something into it, as I don't have those fancy wristbands and ended up touching the cooler's metallic heat sink, the motherboard itself and all that.
>> No. 12568 [Edit]
Oh. That's why if I clean my computer I'm going to do so in the kitchen, on a wooden table (and touch the faucet to ground myself). No static!
>> No. 12569 [Edit]
I masturbated in an attempt to distract myself from the fact that the world is lacking in anything that matters. It didn't work like it did yesterday when I kinda went numb to it.
>> No. 12570 [Edit]
File 132753380992.jpg - (77.45KB , 350x373 , 132230571426.jpg )
Yup. It's what I usually do, but as I said, I was particularly panicked and tired from unplugging the whole computer just to adjust the fan all the time and ended up doing everything wrong.

Well, tl;dr lack of patience is what usually fuck things up
>> No. 12571 [Edit]
File 132753793373.jpg - (122.41KB , 704x1000 , 04bd858ccb32f2bcd876df8b6fea69f8.jpg )
I turned 21 today, the most eventful thing that happened today was my grandmother calling me to wish me a happy birthday before bragging about how nice the weather in Florida is. I also had a nice dinner with my family but that was pretty mellow and boring.
>> No. 12572 [Edit]
Today I finally decided to play Neptune after picking it up and dropping it multiple times in the past.


Happy birthday Rostnyan~
>> No. 12573 [Edit]
I can't see myself ever being that old! I'll be a little girl forever.
>> No. 12575 [Edit]
First person I've ever seen that shared my birthday. Happy Birthday

Post edited on 25th Jan 2012, 7:33pm
>> No. 12576 [Edit]
I always thought you were older than me
>> No. 12577 [Edit]
File 132755471695.jpg - (48.62KB , 446x239 , tc074.jpg )
Happy birthday, man. Keep holding on.
>> No. 12578 [Edit]
I've been looking through the Animal Crossing wiki and remembering how happy I was back then. Getting home from school and firing up the gamecube version, looking forward to events and such (never cheating with the clock, that's for losers!). My life was so much better back then
>> No. 12584 [Edit]
Thanks folks.
>> No. 12585 [Edit]
Joined the Tribes: Ascend beta. I haven't played anything online in years. It's very refreshing to have something I can keep coming back to rather than constantly having to find something new.
>> No. 12589 [Edit]
link doesn't work

thanks. Maybe we can meet some day....
>> No. 12599 [Edit]
I finally sorted my hentai by type and series. I have a lot less trap material than I thought I did
>> No. 12605 [Edit]
In hindsight, I admit to having committed some serious crimes on my hardware. In fact I do it all the time. It's true that it's harder than you'd think to mess shit up. I've done some crazy things that by logic should've been lethal, but none of my hardware failures have been related to my rough treatment of it - as far as I know.


Last day was spent practicing c++. This one will too.
>> No. 12610 [Edit]
File 132770935122.jpg - (300.15KB , 875x910 , 1327333948935.jpg )
Been trying to connect my old gameport joystick to my win7 PC all day to no avail.
Guess I'll just have to give up on my childhood controllers and buy a couple of cheap usb ones.
>> No. 12625 [Edit]
Attented my grandmother's funeral yesterday, the coffin was quite heavy so my hands hurt from carrying it. I have been also working on finishing few assignments (around 6000 words) and finally submitted them today, no idea if they even qualify as passing. I barely slept during the week in order to finish them.

I planned to revard myself by watching some anime or playing some games or doing something I like. When I started to search for something to do, I realised there was nothing I'd like to read, watch or play even when my log is full of material I've planned to take a look at. Hopefully its just some phase.
>> No. 12651 [Edit]
Went with my mom to get this older gentlemen's will officially signed over to us in the morning.
found out there, that they require the person to have at least two friends to act as witnesses, but who aren't in the will.
I found this rather offenice and asked them if that meant a person with no friends wouldn't be able to register an official will, she didn't say it but seems such people are shit out luck.
it also bothered me, becuase it means, if you only have two friends, and you want to put one in the will, not only would that second one not be enough people to act as a witness, but you have to leave that or any other friends completely out of your will in order for you to sign off on the other friend getting your stuff, nice huh?

latter I repaired a pair of broken headphones of mine, by cutting off the end and soldering on a new jack.
was kind of proud of myself for actually managing to pull it off.
I had expected to just make them worse.
>> No. 12652 [Edit]
>When I started to search for something to do, I realised there was nothing I'd like to read, watch or play even when my log is full of material I've planned to take a look at.
I've felt like this for about a year now. Sometimes you've got to just take a shot in the dark and download a random show. That's what I've been doing.
>> No. 12653 [Edit]
theres a similar thing with getting a passport, at least where I live. you need people to vouch for you and they cant be relatives.
>> No. 12665 [Edit]
I think you can use a jp (justice of the peace) for that kind of thing. 'Friend' just really means someone whos not related to you by blood or marriage.
>> No. 12668 [Edit]
I attempted to sort out my pic folder
after sorting 3000 images i sort of just gave up.
>> No. 12676 [Edit]
I woke up today with a priapism. I sucked it up and waited a few hours to see if it would go away, but it didn't, it only started hurting more and more and more.

Let's fast forward to the hospital.

I finally caved in and went, hiding it under my XXL jacket as I did. Telling them was hard enough, but it seemed that the receptionist didn't even know what it was! So they send me back to a triage nurse and after talking with her about it, and getting things ready for a room in the back, she says "Hey, you don't need to be embarrassed, you aren't the first guy to come here with this problem." YOU AREN'T FUCKING HELPING!

Fast forward to my room.

The doctor comes in, talking about random shit that I don't remember. He then moves the blanket to see how its doing, then says some medical stuff to the nurse and walks off. The nurse puts in an IV and then also walks off.

About 20 minutes later he walks in and says "Hey, what we are going to do is stick a needle right in the middle of your penis and inject something that should help relieve it." On the way out "OH, and there are a few doctors around here that want to watch this get done. They've never seen it, and this is a rare chance for them. Ok, we'll be back in a minute." I could only laugh bitterly after he left and wait for the group to come back.

Well, come back they did. An Asian male, a short Asian female, a white female doctor, and a while male doctor, in addition to my doctor that's doing the procedure.

Well, things go fine. Painful(They had to stick three needles in three different times to get it), but fine. Afterwards, they give me a sedative(Adavan?), which barely touched me, so they gave me another one in pill form this time, which still barely touched me, but now I could walk out(Slowly) with my head held high and my other head dead in my pants.

In conclusion; FUCK TRAZADONE. And fuck the doctors that repeatedly prescribed it to me.

Well, shit happens.
>> No. 12677 [Edit]
so was the trazodone at fault for your priapism?
>> No. 12678 [Edit]

I overheard the doctors talking about how all the priapism cases lately have been trazadone based, which means there might be a recall if something serious happens and someone sues.

I'm done with it though. As soon as I got back, before taking anything off even, I grabbed the pill bottle, opened the window, and threw it as far as I could. We live on the 11th floor, I should add, and it's snowing out there. It's someone else's problem now.
>> No. 12679 [Edit]
I weaned myself off antidepressants a long while ago, sometimes I'm grateful I did sometimes I regret it im not really sure anymore.
>> No. 12680 [Edit]
>OH, and there are a few doctors around here that want to watch this get done. They've never seen it, and this is a rare chance for them

I've had this shit happen at the dentist before because of my tongue.
>> No. 12682 [Edit]
I've been watching some of the Mr. Plinkett reviews. The one for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull really opened my eyes and made me realize things I hadn't even noticed when I watched it myself.

Indy only directly murders one guy in it! Barely even an Indiana Jones movie

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>> No. 12713 [Edit]
First article from googling Trazodone and priapism is an article about a guy who had to have his penis amputated.
>> No. 12755 [Edit]
Today I presented the three movements of the seventh piano sonata of Haydn to a considerable audience.
>> No. 12774 [Edit]
File 13280575754.png - (68.07KB , 300x300 , 1326404921451.png )
Today I found a worm inside a piece of bread, just after I finished eating the second piece.
After that I bit my lip and a huge amount of blood came out even though it almost didn't hurt.
>> No. 12775 [Edit]
Were you nervous?

Al I did today was build a cocoon around my computer; I'm never leaving this place again!
( ´∀`)

>> No. 12776 [Edit]
I finally fixed my Haruhidamn internet video crashing problem that's been plaguing me for months. At least, I think I did. Oh Haruhi please be fixed

Nope, I was wrong. Not fixed. Kill me

Post edited on 31st Jan 2012, 10:15pm
>> No. 12778 [Edit]
what exactly is the problem?
>> No. 12779 [Edit]
After watching a video for a while (usually 5-10 minutes), the video freezes and my browser (firefox) stops responding and I have to kill it through the task manager. I've tried reinstalling my flash player, disabling all plugins, and every other suggestion I could find, but nothing has fixed it. I'm thinking of just switching to chrome
>> No. 12780 [Edit]
Did you try clearing the cache? not with tools like CCleaner, but directly on Firefox:

Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Network, Clear Now button.

Also delete those streaming sites cookies (or even all your recent history):
Tools --> Options --> Privacy [select an option]
>> No. 12782 [Edit]
Hadn't tried the first one, I'll do that tomorrow when I'm feeling more up to messing with things
>> No. 12783 [Edit]
OMG: it's febraury, already; I only have 13+ days to finish mai waifu's present... I should get mai ass to work on it.
>> No. 12793 [Edit]
I forced myself out of bed at 7 AM today. For some reason the day seems longer this way. My goal is to eventually get used to waking up before the sun comes up.
>> No. 12820 [Edit]
I wake up at 3AM nowadayyd
Noteven sure how my sleeping pattern ended up like that
>> No. 12824 [Edit]
Nope, that didn't work either. I guess I'll just have to accept it.
>> No. 12825 [Edit]
File 132813364834.jpg - (423.53KB , 800x800 , 22123811.jpg )
I realized I'm never gonna understand the jokes in those animes full of references. So from today on, I'm gonna force myself to watch super sentai shows and increase my power level.
Maybe I'll start liking them in the process, you never know.
>> No. 12827 [Edit]
I was walking my dog just now and two stray cats decided to follow me all the way home, but unfortunately, I can't afford any more pets. A dog and a cockatiel are already expensive enough when you're poor and jobless.
>> No. 12828 [Edit]

If you haven't, watch the first 3 Gundam movies. They usually make at least one reference to that per show.
>> No. 12829 [Edit]

You mean the 0079 compilation?
I watched the original series but I don't really remember that, or just never noticed.

Oh, I just noticed what you meant.
It feels really good when you get the reference to an old show, even if it's something everyone's already seen.

Post edited on 1st Feb 2012, 2:22pm
>> No. 12830 [Edit]
Yes. Entrance applauses are horribly frightening.
>> No. 12833 [Edit]
I haven't watched anime the last two seasons because of stuff like that. It's such a hassle. Not only do I have to download and work with shitty encoding, search for torrents and organize folders, but now they want me to research to get a fucking joke? Might as well get a job and be compensated with money rather than a slight chuckle.
>> No. 12834 [Edit]
What a hard life indeed. Watching anime. A wonder we don't crack from all the labor.
>> No. 12835 [Edit]
I cracked a long time ago
>> No. 12836 [Edit]
It comes off as something humorous, but through a simple time benefit analysis, sleep gives me more joy than watching anime at the time. Maybe that will change in the coming months, I'm not sure.
>> No. 12837 [Edit]
You know what gives me great joy? Nothing, nothing at all. Not anymore at least. I remember a time where I enjoyed video-games and anime but those days are over now.
>> No. 12838 [Edit]
I still get a jolt of joy when I see a really cute anime picture, but it doesn't last.
>> No. 12882 [Edit]
I had chest pains earlier, but they're gone now. It also happened to happen right after watching the new kill me baby. COINCIDENCE?!
>> No. 12917 [Edit]
Chicagofag who judged chicago urban debate leagues here.. I'm judging for a 'regional' group or urban dbate leagues from Chicago and some suburban stuff, though its mainly suburban public schools and far from all I think.
>> No. 12918 [Edit]
File 132839254968.png - (18.32KB , 724x588 , 1316390324391.png )
I oversaw a transfer of property this morning

These two people are getting divorced and splitting up their stuff, I had to make sure neither of them tried to keep anything, as well as stop them from taking eachother's heads off. The woman called the cops twice over disagreements pointlessly, I might add.

It was really, really ugly and unpleasent. The spite, the hate, the insults. Terrible. Stressful as fuck.
>> No. 12919 [Edit]

>> No. 12920 [Edit]
This isn't 4chan, son. You can stop appending fag to everything.
>> No. 12921 [Edit]
especially since he says it's chicago later in the post (twice). the guy really loves telling us hes from chicago for some reason
>> No. 12927 [Edit]
Today, for the first time ever, I got a virus alert. My MSE said it successfully stopped and got rid of it (it was in a sandbox anyway) but Haruhidamn I was scared for a moment.
>> No. 12947 [Edit]
MSE is one of the best anti-virus programs I've ever used.
>> No. 12967 [Edit]
I actually have nightmares were i catch a virus
>> No. 12968 [Edit]
I do too. In fact my computer getting a virus or otherwise fucking up is a pretty common thing in my nightmares
>> No. 12969 [Edit]

I haven't used an anti virus in almost 4 years.
My PC is still working fine, and I don't have to deal with annoying messages every 5 seconds.
>> No. 12970 [Edit]
I don't get messages at all. Then again I keep everything up to date so there's nothing for it to yell at me about
>> No. 12971 [Edit]

I laugh when my family uses internet explorer with dozens of toolbars installed and then complains about having viruses. When I tell them that I never have any viruses they think I'm some sort of computer wizard.
>> No. 12986 [Edit]
it's common-esque but not forced in my experience. ive mailed things to ppl over the web though because I liked them/for christmas.

Force of habit. Does the -fag suffix really annoy brohnos that much?

Oh, also it seems like the other judges in the judge lobby were ignoring me or being assholish. There were some nice judges. Guess it can't be helped as most of them are students from a local uni and prolly knew each other earlier (Northwestern Uni). Also, insert jokes about the people who go there being assholes.

So people can tell or i can explain context? Or just civic pride, I dunno.
>> No. 12987 [Edit]
>Does the -fag suffix really annoy brohnos that much?

It's really Haruhidamn stupid and makes you look like an idiot
>> No. 12988 [Edit]
>Does the -fag suffix really annoy brohnos that much?
You'd be surprised.
>> No. 13054 [Edit]
File 132865373461.jpg - (123.52KB , 505x490 , 1327024514849.jpg )
>> No. 13063 [Edit]
Moved ~10 GB of the 40 GB worth of Vocaloid songs that I got from a torrent onto my MP3 player. Had to get rid of all the songs that were once on there.

Celebrated Miko's birthday today. She loved the small lemon cakes I bought her. I gave her a ride on my bicycle but the tires were in need of air so it was rather hard going up all those inclines; very enjoyable nonetheless! We finished the day with a movie. Ah, how great it was to spend the day with her!
>> No. 13071 [Edit]
File 13286933198.jpg - (338.79KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-02-07_00007.jpg )
Spent the last two days being sick and playing Skyrim. Today will probably be the same.
>> No. 13072 [Edit]
What will be the same, the being sick, the playing Skyrim, or both?
>> No. 13095 [Edit]
Today I've decided that I'll attempt my hand at La Campanella, even if it means to hurt musculature and fingers. I'll also learn it in race speed.
>> No. 13097 [Edit]
Both, but it turns out I was wrong. I spent most of today sleeping. At least my throat doesn't hurt anymore.
>> No. 13127 [Edit]
Uh, so I played videogames and slept today!

>> No. 13128 [Edit]
I messed up and managed to get bleach on myself.

I was told to take a bath, but I don't feel motivated enough to do that.
>> No. 13129 [Edit]
I've played a bit of videogames and haven't slept yet!
>> No. 13147 [Edit]
I am currently in the middle of organizing and sorting through the images I last downloaded. All ~24.000 of them.

This feels like a huge accomplishment to me.
>> No. 13167 [Edit]
I finished watching Serial Experiments Lain. Well, let's say Ichigo Mashimaro was slighty easier to follow. I don't like anime where I have to think.
>> No. 13169 [Edit]
Cooking some cupcakes for my waifu right now! The first batch of twelve (recipe serves 24) is sitting in the oven now!
>> No. 13170 [Edit]
if your post gets deleted dont repost it please
>> No. 13212 [Edit]
There was a thread in a shitty local imageboard saying "someone posts your waifu, you do 15 push-ups". My waifu was posted and I thought some exercise would be interesting.
On the 10th push-up I crumbled to the floor. Then I waited some minutes and hastily made the remaining five.

Now I'm thinking on doing some pushups(and maybe some other exercises) daily. Ten is shameful even to a lazy shut-in.
>> No. 13220 [Edit]
>10th push-up

What? I can't even do 5 in a row without getting an intense pain in my arms that makes it impossible for me to continue. But then again, when I was 18 a nurse made me do a sort of strength test where I had to squeeze a metal thing-y, and she concluded that I had the physical strength of an eleven year-old. So yeah.
>> No. 13221 [Edit]
I just tried to have a conversation in Japanese with someone(on the Internet, of course). I failed miserably.
>> No. 13224 [Edit]
Let's see... I vacuumed the floor, bought fountain pens, and fixed the kitchen cupboard. I tried to crack the chatbot Kari 3. I couldn't succeed with the latter today, but I figured out it uses ASProtect, and TrialReset is effective against it.
>> No. 13254 [Edit]
I went to the library. There, I read the magazines for February, skimmed a few books on Natural Language processing, and learned that the parsing of my first language is still an unsolved problem. I also borrowed a book on LISP, because I'm planning to learn it. At home, I discovered a tumblr with pictures of black cosplayers.
>> No. 13260 [Edit]
My dad got my mom flowers and a card for valentines day, and as I was handing her the card I said it said "to my best friend" thinking it was just the header, but it turns out that was the whole card and now my dad hates me for "ruining" it. why do i bother with anything
>> No. 13261 [Edit]
Unreal. This day could not get any worse.
Tomorrow I am fucked. I ended up destroying two SLC boards in my classes, the only single measly friendship I had, I have ruined by being too open. Although it is satisfying to not be inhibited by meekness and a self imposed need to be humble. Liberating in fact.

I recommend Redbeard's Might Is Right, if anyone is interested.
>> No. 13270 [Edit]
I found this link on Gelbooru: http://wishingcrane.org/

I will remain pessimistic about this; You're free to feel however you want about this, though.
>> No. 13271 [Edit]
I want to believe.
>> No. 13272 [Edit]
From their FAQ:
>What is the purpose of this site?
>We have two. [...] The other purpose is to extend our knowledge about user behavior on certain types of websites by compiling usage data.
Oh boy.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2012, 3:04am
>> No. 13273 [Edit]
seems It's mostly centered around material junk.
which is all well and good and all, but if I had a wish, it wouldn't be for something I could just buy.

and the way they farm ads makes it all look really shady.
and they require a Product Url when making a wish.
and you can't just use something like www.whatever.com/jerks/justgiveme/mywishalready
>> No. 13274 [Edit]
>Although it is satisfying to not be inhibited by meekness and a self imposed need to be humble. Liberating in fact.

This, it is better to be alone and feel free than to feel constantly oppressed by other peoples' expectations.
>> No. 13275 [Edit]
I started writing a review for every show this season in /an/, but I got lazy in the middle of it and ended up erasing it all.
Maybe I'm watching too many at once.
>> No. 13276 [Edit]
fucking tooth is annoying me again, the tooth which somehow had a chunk taken out of itself somehow. twas a nice 8 months fo year of it not hurting. This shit needs to be fixed soon. Two aleves and a Tylenol has no effect on it, hopefully it kicks in later...
>> No. 13277 [Edit]
I had one of mine pulled a few days ago which was missing a large chunk also.
taking care not to get food or anything into the wound as it heals is a bitch.
>> No. 13284 [Edit]
Made a waifu related wish, and the mods deleted it the next day.
...it didn't even violate any of their rules.
>> No. 13288 [Edit]
Why? Because fuck you and your wish for a happiness that does not come from material possessions!
>> No. 13289 [Edit]
That really was the reason probably. I guess it kind of makes sense, since material possessions are about the only "wish" they can really make happen.
>> No. 13290 [Edit]
well, yeah one of the main reasons for that site is to track what kind of consumer products different groups are interested in.
the 'wish' angle is very misleading.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2012, 6:46pm
>> No. 13294 [Edit]
File 132938349943.jpg - (140.04KB , 500x375 , 1327746101288.jpg )
Today I made a complete ass of myself.

Sometimes I get into this weird state where everything looks like something else. Like I'm interpreting my surroundings differently. Once, I woke up and looked at my desk and chair. Rather than a desk and chair, I saw some kind of abstract landscape.

Today, this happened as I was leaving an appointment. The building had glass walls next to the glass door exit. Then I entered that weird state again. I couldn't see the door at all, only a very small section of the entire glass area. I couldn't find the way out.

Eventually I snapped back and turned my head a little. I was able to see the door and left quickly while saying something like "the glass is too damn clean, I can't tell the difference!" in case somebody had seen me looking odd and confused.

I have no idea what causes this, but I sure hope it never kicks in while I'm out in public again. That was... really embarrassing.
>> No. 13295 [Edit]
>"the glass is too damn clean, I can't tell the difference!"

I laughed too hard at this.
>> No. 13296 [Edit]

I symphatize with that. I once actually walked into a glass door because, well, I didn't see the door. Too damn clean indeed.

Sadly, that happened before I got into anime so I couldn't have finished that with saying 'tehe~~' after hitting my head.

But I still think confusing salt and sugar is impossible outside of 2D realm.
>> No. 13300 [Edit]
Well this is interesting, last night when coming from college on the bus and i was up against some 3DPDs on the bus, as it was crowded. Apparently some people thought we were in a relationship. After the two 3DPDs got off, they started talking to me about how we're together and they're fuckable and whatnot.

The ethnic group I am a part of it is more social than average in the US and there is a stronger pressure to be in a relationship I would say, for both genders. They were going on about that I should've hit on the girls and done some questionable harassment shit like hitting their ass with the excuse of being on the bus and not noticing that/accidentally. They asked me why i didnt talk to them or hit on them, and I said something like "I didnt feel like it" and "I was listening to music (I was listening to Linkin Park).

Interesting how one of the guys on the bus was saying 'be smart and all, but put yourself out there. The worst that can happen was you get turned down' and he said some shit about 'our best men turning gay or nerds'. I facepalmed and he recognized that and explained something about one of his friends in HS who was a 'player' who 'turned gay and married a football player'

If I wasnt sleepy/distracted I could've just said in response to the 'they can only turn you down' statement, 'they can do worse than that' or something along that line.

Have you all had similar experiences with random people on buses and shit telling you to 'put yourself out there'? My ethnic group has that a lot and I remember some arab posters on here mentioning how their family does the same thing with trying to get them married and whatnot to the point of hooking them up with 3DPDs.
>> No. 13301 [Edit]
that happened years ago when I was at an uncles house of mine. He has clear doors and it was summer and I kept hitting the windows and knocking them out once as I assumed they werent there due to things being clear.
>> No. 13302 [Edit]

You know, it's the same people who are gonna read it, so what's the point of posting this twice?
>> No. 13310 [Edit]
I've walked about 12 kilometers today so far. I think I've got at least 3-4 before I reach my destination.
My mother threw me out. I could have gone to my father's, but I thought that I might as well go and buy some red wine or sake, since I probably won't leave my house for a while anyway.I'm at a McD. Apparently free electricity and internet comes with loud bad music
>> No. 13311 [Edit]
File 132945610734.jpg - (108.84KB , 1280x720 , akarin oh.jpg )
I started using the google calendar thing to plan my time. So far the only thing on it is Kill Me Baby airing dates
>> No. 13312 [Edit]
Today someone broke into my house.
He entered in the neighbour's, jumped the wall separating our properties and entered through a window with a broken lock on the second floor.
I was locked in the computer room playing loud music and didn't hear shit until he was messing around in the room next to this. As soon as I opened the door he ran and got away the same way he got inside.
Luckily he dropped what he was carrying while fleeing and then my wallet back on the neighbour's house. She returned my wallet and the whole sum of money I dumbly left inside it.

Now I'm fucking paranoid. Talking with the neighbours and the cops later I found out there's been a wave of robberies on the street last weeks, and now it seems they are aiming to the houses.
>> No. 13317 [Edit]
That sucks. My house will probably be broken into too eventually, seeing how bad my neighborhood is getting.
>> No. 13319 [Edit]
This is just one of the reasons why I try to never leave any of my stuff outside of my room.
>> No. 13363 [Edit]
I finally bit the bullet and cleaned out my computer, and now I feel so silly for making a big deal about messing it up. It's a good thing I cleaned it too, since my CPU fan grooves were so dusty it looked like it had a carpet on it. Probably extended my computer's life by another year! Haven't played any games yet but maybe I will get some better framerates
>> No. 13364 [Edit]
Also, my father decided to clean his computer too and it literally had cobwebs in it
>> No. 13375 [Edit]
You think his computer caught any bugs?
>> No. 13420 [Edit]
My eyes are getting really shitty. At my normal font size, I have to strain hard for the text to look normal. I was watching Another, and straining my eyes caused loads of background detail to appear. I want glasses, but I don't want to have to go out to get them.
>> No. 13429 [Edit]
File 132993922927.jpg - (74.05KB , 600x600 , 1306288785923.jpg )
I got rejected from my school's study abroad program

after I worked my ass off getting everything in on time and paid the $200 application fee

all it got me was half a paragraph that said "No."

Here's to another year spent all alone in my cold, dark room. At least I'll always have the internet...
>> No. 13430 [Edit]
Where were you hoping to study?
>> No. 13432 [Edit]
Environmental Science.
>> No. 13433 [Edit]
Yeah but where?
>> No. 13439 [Edit]
Oh that said where

my mistake

Sheffield, UK
>> No. 13506 [Edit]
I just made some coffee, without bothering to change the...whatever you call it, the mix, and it was fresh. Most exciting thing to happen today.
>> No. 13513 [Edit]
I was at a staples today to see if I could get some animu images printed after destroying my own printer, but it seems to be a policy violation to print professional stuff, and their self service stations clearly state that they can only make copys.
anyway, when I was in the check out line, there was some dumb bitch about to pay $60 for a copy of Norton because a window popped up on her computer asking if she wanted a pc tune up.
She also asked if it could remove viruses already on the computer, The cashier had to go talk to some of the other employees and ask them the same question, they announced from their (pc repair)station that it would not.
Of course, I didn't say a word.
>> No. 13526 [Edit]
You're the guy who said your dad isn't moving out and will stick it out?
>> No. 13527 [Edit]
Well I will probably get kicked out from judging for an urban debate league, due to me judging/criticing like a 4chan poster probably. Oh well, there is a week tournament in april I might judge, only problem is I ave class then :/
>> No. 13528 [Edit]
Finally went to the doctor for my (chemical) depression. People kept saying stuff like I'd be forced to change my lifestyle, see a psychologist or something. "They won't just throw pills at you, doctors are very reluctant to hand out anti-depressants!" they said.

What a load of shit, within 30 seconds of explaining how I was, boom, prescription. Apparently that's how they do it these days, if any other TCers were trying to decide whether it was worth seeing a doc or not.
>> No. 13529 [Edit]
wait, a regular doctor did that? if i could get meds without seeing a shrink that would be awesome
>> No. 13530 [Edit]
File 133041770827.jpg - (101.63KB , 500x500 , 14236087.jpg )
Yeah, regular doc. Same one I'd go to for a sore throat or a bad cough. I was surprised, myself.

They said that's what they do for anybody who comes in with depression, chemical or otherwise. Of course, this might be different for any country. Worth a shot, though.
>> No. 13536 [Edit]
You should report him and get him fired. Drag him down with you for treating you like nothing.
>> No. 13539 [Edit]
When I said

>that's what they do for anybody

I was referring to the medical system in my country, not that specific doctor. My doctor DOES care about me and is a very nice person. I'm not sure I understand what you're so upset about.
>> No. 13662 [Edit]
I went to the local YMCA and did some working out.

I don't even know why I do it, other than to keep somewhat healthy. I walk a lot, but otherwise little exercise. I don't know if that's "alright" for a NEET to do, but I think it makes me feel better and helps me with some problems. That's what I did today in a nutshell.
>> No. 13663 [Edit]
My mom wants me to enroll in a gym. An old friend of mine said he would come with me if I enroll, so at least I wont be alone.

I think I'm fine other than being very thin though. My blood pressure isn't all that great at 139/65 though.
>> No. 13667 [Edit]
Picked up the last Viz print issue of Shonen Jump today.

They've abandoned printing in favour of online, paid subscription e-magazines.

...why would I pay for online manga when I can get it months ahead of their publication, and for free no less?

Bitches dun committed suicide.

PS: I like how so many manga publishers, about a year before they go out of business in North America, talk about a "really cool" transition over to "digital publication" like they're trailblazing by surfing the hip new wave of the future, just to cover for them laying off people and going overbudget, dropping titles and counting down to inevitable doom.

I give Shonen Jump Alpha eighteen months max, before Viz drops the monthly publication and most of the tankoubons, and maybe 36 months max before Viz has to sell out or drop everything like Tokyopop.
>> No. 13669 [Edit]
I have started my first Dragon Quest game (DQ5) and so far I really like it.
>> No. 13674 [Edit]
File 133078327911.jpg - (257.43KB , 1024x768 , srw.jpg )
Still on my first playthrough of Super Robot Wars OG1. This shit is great!

It makes me very sad we will probably never see more of the series localized and very few people give a shit to fan-translate it.
>> No. 13675 [Edit]
>...why would I pay for online manga when I can get it months ahead of their publication, and for free no less?

it isnt months. its 2 weeks. seriously, fuck you. your post made me rage with the fire of 1000 suns.
>> No. 13676 [Edit]
It doesn't really make a difference. Unless they can beat the free alternatives for convenience, why would anyone use them?

And I don't see what there is to be mad about. He makes some valid points.
>> No. 13680 [Edit]
A shame most of these games will never be translated, especially Frontier EXCEED.
>> No. 13681 [Edit]
I'm clearing my games-backlog bit by bit, unfortunately I've realized that's it's a lot. I'm starting with SMT: Devil Summoner.

I guess Exceed will not be translated because of the rise of the 3DS, the first Frontier game ,which was localized in NA, was awesome though. Other games have been fan-translated like SRW:J
>> No. 13684 [Edit]
Rather than my points I see the pattern- All of the companies that have recently gone out of business start by touting a new electronic publication program, then they drop titles, then staff, and then announce they are going out of business in full, and a month or two after they announce it, they close all offices for good.

The main reason people still buy manga is because there isn't any satisfaction in an external hard drive filled with manga. A shelf full of it is different.
>> No. 13685 [Edit]
theyre not going digital just because the company is in bad shape. in a few years paper books wont even exist, they dont have a choice.
>> No. 13686 [Edit]
No, that's not going to happen at all. Literally never. The vast majority of people like physical copies of things and even if they had a tablet would rather buy a book than read it on there. There's lots of people who like to collect things along with others who don't really feel like they've got their money's worth if they don't have something tangible.
Not everything is going to go 100% digital.
>> No. 13687 [Edit]
I picked up the first Endless Frontier and OG2 but have yet to play through them.

Once I have seen the entire Alpha series translated though, Haruhidamn, I can die a happy man.
>> No. 13692 [Edit]
Ah, I had to choose between Bianca, Nera, and Debora.

I'm glad that there are three save files. (´・ω・`)

Debora is so tsundere
>> No. 13694 [Edit]
I can tell you that even as a fellow skinny dude (unless you actually are a kawaii girl) that it's not that bad. Even if you're really stick thin, you have some muscle that can be strengthened, if not increased in size. Also, sitting in front of a computer causes gut fat to accumulate. Doing walking or any kind of physical cardio is good for working down that gut fat. I found this out through experience, so it might be different for you.
>> No. 13696 [Edit]
File 133091180327.jpg - (192.03KB , 960x1280 , BLzxv.jpg )
Today, I started a project I have been planning for five years. Or seven. Lost count. It's more than five though.

Relatives moved so I got the materials at last. All I need to do now is make the arms, and cover the entire thing in a layer of cardboard-coloured packing paper, to make it smooth and free of markings.

Also the lights for the eyes and a one-way black screen for the mouth, but that's for another day.

Completely agree with this. The only people who prefer all their books to be in electronic format are minimalists and people with organisation OCD, and the iOS crowd. I have seen far more complaints from consumers about electronic publishing than people who were for it. Most of the props I see for it are the companies- who don't want production, materials and shipping to cut into their profits.
>> No. 13700 [Edit]
>The only people who prefer all their books to be in electronic format are minimalists and people with organisation OCD, and the iOS crowd

I think youre out of touch. Kindle is Amazon's biggest selling product.

and if you want my daily report, I'm rewatching the Haruhifather movies with director commentary.
>> No. 13701 [Edit]

>the Haruhifather

Did I ever mention I love this wordfilter?
>> No. 13702 [Edit]
pfffffffff I love this filter.

It's because it's trendy. And advertised on all pixel space on the website.

Still, people can leap across platforms. I mean, depending on the book, I personally would find a $30 hardcover book versus a $15 (is that how they price it?) would be a no-brainer. The thing is, I like collecting some books, and I am certain that a vast many do share my sentiments. If it's some vampire hunger tribes book or some paperback smut novel old women on planes read, or the flavour-of-the-month political memoirs of Presidential candidate Benjamin McWillardshits. But when it comes to some things, like (a matter of opinion) Sherlock Holmes or Yotsuba, I think those things have staying power, and I'd rather keep a physical copy rather than have it in zeroes and ones.

Also, those things aren't indestructable. That's why I hated music players. Lose it, and you lose not only a $150 electronic, but however many books you bought for it. And if you read a lot, well, then, tough shit I guess.

Plus if I wanted to suggest a book to someone, or let them borrow it, I can't just snap off a piece of my kindle like a hershey's chocolate bar and let them borrow it for a couple weeks.

I like ereaders for things like textbooks or if you're one of those older people who have so many paperback novels they can make an addition on their house, and literally give them away like firewood.

I was born ten years too late. I still think soda is $.75 and I like the idea of people buying three copies of everything.
>> No. 13704 [Edit]
Would you display this inside your home or use it outside?
>> No. 13705 [Edit]
>That's why I hated music players. Lose it, and you lose not only a $150 electronic, but however many books you bought for it.

that isnt how it works at all.

>Plus if I wanted to suggest a book to someone, or let them borrow it, I can't just snap off a piece of my kindle like a hershey's chocolate bar and let them borrow it for a couple weeks.

actually Amazon does have a feature that allows you to lend e-books, but only for 2 weeks.
>> No. 13725 [Edit]
Today I finally started the task of sorting my touhou pics into separate folders for each character. I have a really short attention span so it's probably going to take a week of 10 minute bursts of work to complete
>> No. 13731 [Edit]
File 133101227182.png - (8.07KB , 148x236 , 1313757406505.png )
Not something I've done, but I thought I'd share anyway. My dad used epoxy glue(fast hardening glue that seals pipes etc) on his teeth in an attempt to fix it with a mold. The instructions lists that it is highly toxic and you should not get it in contact with your skin or breathe in the strong fumes it emits. The room smells so fucking horrid now(we share a room) and I can't sleep.

It blows my mind how fucking bydlo some people can be.
>> No. 13732 [Edit]
File 133102141956.jpg - (796.55KB , 800x1311 , sofuckingmanypeople.jpg )
Today I think I finally learned what it means to have a panic attack.

I was getting some dental work (I didn't ask for) done south of the (US) boarder, felt like a eternity with that drill in my tooth for about 45minutes, but wasn't nearly as bad as what came after.
My mother had decide to forgo driving across the border for walking across becuase she thought it would be faster, this meant having to wait in an enormous line with a smoker in front of us for two and a half+ hours, a line in size that would put any of disneyland's lines to shame.
The pics I took here barely even show 60% of the line.
There were people offering to drive people in taxis or something across the boarder, and I offered to pay, but my mom didn't want to because we'd lose our spot in line after waiting for 15 minutes.......
After about an hour, I was at my limit, breathing heavily, trembling, disoriented, the works.
That's around the point when my mom told me to hold a bag full of liquor bottles she just bought so she could go on ahead and sit down, I dropped it there and left, at that point I didn't care about the line place or getting stuck across the boarder or anything, I just had to get away from all the people!
FUCK! eveyone stands so close!
has no one ever head of personal space!!?!
Anyway, there was nowhere I could really go to get away from all the people, so I just stood in some plaza area staring at my cellphone trying to take my mind off what was around me.
after about 15-20 minutes she dragged me back into line , even though she didn't lose her spot, it was still another half hour from there or so.
She knows I have these problems, we fucking saw a doctor about it a week ago, I swear this bitch is just fucking with me and is loving this.
I spent most of the two hour drive back in the fetal position with earphones blasting and trying to forget what happened.
Shit like this really makes me hate all the people who claim there's nothing wrong with me, that I'm just faking it becuase I'm to lazy to work or some shit.

In other news, I got a printer I ordered today in the mail, the image quality is complete shit, but it should work fine for my project, and maybe printing out a few pics of my waifu.
>> No. 13735 [Edit]

Question about this post.

Does anybody remember writing this? I smiled at the reference and then I recalled I might be the one who posted it. My memory is really this bad.

Fuck you SSRIs, fuck you.

Was it me or am I just imagining things? Because if it was me that's the best gift I've given myself yet.
>> No. 13739 [Edit]
i just noticed i chewed off all my finger nails
>> No. 13741 [Edit]
As long as it's only the nails it is ok. I'm chewing the skin on my fingers each day. It's bloody and hurts a bit.

Post edited on 6th Mar 2012, 1:04pm
>> No. 13747 [Edit]
It's nice outside where im at, nice AND warm. second day of it.

Also finally my damn checks from the debate tournaments are being mailed - -

I was getting pissed, and in before the league fucks up the mailing AGAIN.
>> No. 13748 [Edit]
you're Russian? Havent heard that term in a while
>> No. 13750 [Edit]
My car broke down today while I was out picking my sisters up from school. Turns out the power steering fluid had been leaking from my car and I never bothered to notice until it suddenly became incredibly difficult to turn the wheel. I have a feeling getting my car fixed will cost more money than I have on me right now.

My dad used it as an opportunity to lecture me about not having a job, lost mine a month ago after missing too many days when I got sick. He told me that he would kick me out if I don't find a decent job within the next few months.

Now, I just feel depressed and I don't feel like doing anything, aside from thinking of ways to finally leave home and live somewhere else with what little money I have.
>> No. 13754 [Edit]
Too bad /TH/ is still a pipe dream right?
>> No. 13756 [Edit]
As much as the idea of getting a bunch of NEETs and hikki to run a potato farm.
>> No. 13762 [Edit]
Yeah, I was going to say that. Sad, but true.

My car's fixed now, so that's one problem out of the way. Wasn't as expensive as I feared it would be.
>> No. 13763 [Edit]
Yesterday I went to an animerch store.

I assisted someone in finding a place where they were doing a job interview. It was closeby, and he was interested in going to it as well. It was the direct competitor with my old favourite store in the city, the one that went out of business.

This place had a really nice aesthetic.

EDIT: Also the prices at this place were fucking affordable, as opposed to the old store. That was refreshing.

Post edited on 7th Mar 2012, 6:46pm
>> No. 13772 [Edit]
I went to the library today to get the fuck out of my depressing house and use their free wireless. They were selling old National Geographics from the 60s, 70s and 80s for twenty cents each, and I bought a lot of them. I love these old editions, because they're full of old-fashioned advertisements and stories talking about the Soviet Union and the Space Race.

I still need a job. I'm getting into some freelance work but I only have a few clients still and it's not much money. I want to make enough money to move the fuck out and live by myself.
>> No. 13780 [Edit]
I made a small shinto shrine on my property, but I'm not sure what it will house just yet.

The shrine is on a certain boulder that seems oddly placed. It's impossible for it to have been placed by a person, so its perfect placement seems like something to be celebrated. The torii is four feet tall, and I made a small structure with a roof behind the boulder.

I have about three small auxillary shrines around my property, one at the base of the tallest tree in the neighbourhood, another is on a natural rock formation I found near my driveway, and the third is on top of the highest hill on my block, where two cedar trees are growing. Cedar trees are really rare in my area.

The new one may end up tying all the functions of these smaller shrines together, and I think I'll make an offering box for this one.

All of this is shaman-style shinto, I don't have a priest to come and bless any items or anything. I'm sure I can address it to an appropriate kami, and have it enshrine a sacred object of some sort.
>> No. 13874 [Edit]
File 133170215429.jpg - (199.91KB , 800x683 , 63aa4eb4dc237d3f83680b3ed68d5f70.jpg )
As it turns out, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil originally had three playable characters. Rin Satsuki is the Unused Character of Touhou who's currently suffering in the Limbo of obscurity. I wonder why ZUN decided not to include poor Rin at the last minute?
>> No. 13881 [Edit]
It's the morning now. I finally have a regular job (kind of) which I start on Saturday. It's not going to be an easy one either; it's going to take a lot of preparation. I don't know how I'll do. Hopefully okay.
>> No. 13891 [Edit]
Good luck. You'll do fine.

And even if you don't, we'll still be here.
>> No. 13958 [Edit]
Unintentionally started a blowout internet argument with someone I was in contact with for a while. She is making a big deal over her new kpop obsession, and has posted a ton of kpop videos on her profiles all over, and is making a big deal about how she is now selling all of her anime and weeaboo stuff because "that phase is behind her".

I told her that she's just an insecure weeaboo hipster, which I find steps down from even narutards, and that she can have fun listening to Liancourt rocks arguments and singing along to music sounding like she has severe sinus congestion. Hit the nail on the head with that one.

I really forgot how fun trolling is.
>> No. 13967 [Edit]
You know, I remember you wrote something up on Kpop hipsters a while back, and I completely wrote it off until I saw an article on Pitchfork about Kpop some time later.
And are there really that many people that see Kpop as being cooler that anime, manga, and Jpop? I suppose I'm even more out of touch with the fandom than I'd previously thought.
>> No. 13971 [Edit]

>And are there really that many people that see Kpop as being cooler that anime, manga, and Jpop?

Yes and...

>I suppose I'm even more out of touch with the fandom than I'd previously thought.

... yes, apparently very much so. It's something that's been going on at least since 2008. Probably way, way longer. It's kinda interesing to see how it has grown from just a few people posting SNSD videos to the point where 4chan is probably in serious need of /co/ - corea (bye bye /co/).

Also K-dramas are becoming more and more popular despite being absolutely terrible. I've only seen a single ep of two but damn, they were arguably even worse than your average anime. And the acting, Jesus. It's funny because old Japanese housewives supposedly love this shit.

I think it's related more related to how certain people feel the need to 'move on' every once in a while. They abandon their old interests and take a 'this is so yesterday' attitude towards it.

As for why such need exists I can only guess. There are lots of possibilites - they want to feel they're moving forward in life, , everybody suffers from ADD (i.e. they et bored of the medium; it's actually a wee bit fair to say that about anime but still) or maybe even simple elitism. Who knows.
>> No. 13972 [Edit]
good riddance, less popular anime gets with normals the better.
>> No. 13975 [Edit]
Please don't start this shit again.
>> No. 13976 [Edit]
I agree in part, but as >>13975 said: "Please don't start this shit again."
>> No. 13978 [Edit]
We don't watch Chinese anything, unless you count stores revolving around romance of the three kingdoms.
I can't speak for everyone, but I believe Most people here dislike cartoons.
and people here who enjoy stuff aimed at little girls (like Doremi or prettycure) are in the minority.

I demand proof of this, because I'm pretty sure it's more to do with the furfag stuff and them being annoying attention whoring retards.

Post edited on 19th Mar 2012, 5:58pm
>> No. 13980 [Edit]
Didn't I say stop it? Stop trying to defend whatever it is you're trying to defend and shut up.

For the sake of this thread, stop trying to start an ugly discussion once again. Please.

I'll use force if necessary.
>> No. 13981 [Edit]
Kpop is gaining attention from kids in college a lot, and apparently SNSD made an appearance on Letterman or some shit, so now people are liking Korean things a lot and hating Japanese things because weeaboos like Japanese things.

I bet if we can get a million autists to talk about their love for kpop nonstop for hours we would find that the beikoku kanryu would die pretty quick. As for K-drama on, say, crunchyroll, it's proof that its the Pabst Blue Ribbon of asian entertainment.

As for "getting over that phase", I'm not sure what to think. I don't think liking anime is a phase, and I am willing to bet a million dollars that most of the "otaku" who go to k-pop are either the epitome of hipster or were bitched at by a Korean about comfort women or some shit.

See, I have yet to see anything I like diminish in quality just because other stupid people like it. Azumanga is pretty great and its;kinda mainstreamish.
>> No. 13983 [Edit]
>Kpop is gaining attention from kids in college a lot

so does literally every other stupid thing
>> No. 13985 [Edit]
The popularity of anime, like any other form of entertainment, has a very large effect on it.
although it certainly doesn't do much for what is already created, it can easily determine what gets made next.
If a certain type of anime gets more popular than the rest, like say, cyberpunk anime for example, in the coming seasons or even generation, you would see tons of cyberpunk anime, and what happens if cyberpunk loses it's popularity and suddenly ecchi harem anime becomes popular? of course you'd see a lot less cyberpunk and a lot more ecchi harem stuff get made, same for slice of life moe anime after that or grim dark shit after that.
what difference does it make though?
although no one genra is going to take over completly, and there's always going to be some variety there, you do have to ask yourself, what if something I would have really enjoyed got sidelined and replaced for something that would be more popular?
what if anime X that you'd have loved to death, was pushed aside for a mediocre flavor of the month?
That's something we will never know now will we?
but it's not imposable.

The popularity of anime in the west on the other hand results in more and more anime getting licensed and dubbed, which results in fansubbers dropping projects, and in many cases effects distribution of the licensed work in both subbed and raw form.
and this actually can effect already made anime, becuase of a little thing called localisation, which is not always limited to just audio and can indeed include editing of the video as well, as seen many times in anime aired on american tv.
In a way, funimasion and the like are doing to anime, what gorge Lucas is to doing star wars, releasing crappy edited versions of the original work while making the original harder to acquire, in a sense making the new version the standard.

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2012, 4:36am
>> No. 14013 [Edit]
Found this: >>>/mai/2663
>> No. 14019 [Edit]
I'm finally done! It was surprising how many duplicate pictures I had, and how many were mislabeled.
>> No. 14026 [Edit]
I wanted to take an afternoon nap. My head on my dakimakura, I wanted to take a look at my waifu's face and opened my eyes. What did I see? A spider, it was sitting on my eyes. I screamed and so on. I don't know how I'm supposed to sleep today (and the following days, if I can't find it...). I'm scared of spiders.
>> No. 14027 [Edit]
File 133260959138.png - (11.94KB , 701x205 , crop.png )
Today I discovered this in my peer list in uTorrent.
>> No. 14028 [Edit]
>A spider, it was sitting on my eyes

oh jesus what
>> No. 14030 [Edit]
I killed a large spider. And then went for a bike ride.
>> No. 14032 [Edit]
Two posts about spiders and nobody else is in my house for tonight. This better not be foreshadowing.
>> No. 14034 [Edit]
I just got Kid Icarus: Uprising, and so far I'm having fun.

This game will really help me in getting the distraction I need.
>> No. 14035 [Edit]
I cleaned my room and ate marzipan-covered chocolate (300g).
>> No. 14037 [Edit]
>marzipan-covered chocolate (300g)
You know!


I've looked into the game Tribes: Ascend. Might just start grinding it out, because you gotta go fast.
>> No. 14048 [Edit]
I broke off the tip of my fingernail trying to crack one of these pistachio nuts but it was worth it
>> No. 14068 [Edit]
>Tribes: Ascend

Planning to test it today. It will probably suck but it is still better than doing nothing. Right?
>> No. 14084 [Edit]
File 133285393362.jpg - (78.68KB , 515x343 , The%20Soundtrack%20of%20Our%20Lives10.jpg )
Today I got on my bicycle out to purchase some pencils.
On my way home I saw Torbjörn "Ebbot" Lundberg from The Soundtrack of Our Lives he was talking on his cellphone so I waved at him ,he looked a little puzzled when he saw me with my dorky helmet on I think or maybe I was doing some
weird grimace. He waved back.

Post edited on 27th Mar 2012, 8:40am
>> No. 14092 [Edit]
I have managed to cook myself some grilled cheese sandwiches. It is my first attempt and I can say that they taste great, even if they don't look all that great.
>> No. 14095 [Edit]
I gave it a shot as well, because everyone seemed to be playing it. I don't know, maybe I just can't enjoy games anymore, but I found it to be really terrible.

It's a pay to win kind of game, where you start out with terrible weapons and have to either spend real money on them or grind for XP, which takes ages. Also the community is full of retards, too, so that didn't help.
>> No. 14097 [Edit]
Today I fed my chickens some kinda spoiled celery and grapes.They love the stuff.Apples are their favorite, though.
>> No. 14104 [Edit]
Wait your what now? Do you live on a farm? That would be awesome anyway.

Today I've been musing what I should do in easter. Probably nothing, but who knows - maybe I'll suddenly get an impulse to go on a cross-country ski trip.
>> No. 14106 [Edit]
This morning, I carried my dog to the veterinary to get an anti-rabies shot. I repeat, I literally carried my dog with my own arms, because she knew it was that time again and she was scared.
>> No. 14108 [Edit]
I had a pet chicken without living on a farm a few years ago.
It ran away or got kidnapped or something.
>> No. 14109 [Edit]
My dad volunteered my mom to watch one of his friend's grandkids and she's in the next room blowing on a whistle fucking constantly. How does she have this much air
>> No. 14114 [Edit]
Downloaded a couple of Kill Me Baby Episodes and japanese subtitles. The subs timing was all messed up and I had to resync it by hand. Not that bad, a few timing shifts and most of the lines were satisfactory. Only did episode one so far, though.
Now I only hope I'll be able to finish episode one before next week.

Also found jap subs for, at least for a couple of episodes, most of this(last?!) season's shows I plan to watch. Hopefully it won't be necessary to resync every single one of them.

Post edited on 30th Mar 2012, 3:21pm
>> No. 14115 [Edit]
ElitistFags' closed captions backup is still working through the internet archive. Most of the links still work. Could be useful if you're looking for Japanese subs.


You will need to do some shifting though, as these obviously extracted from transport streams with commercials and stuff.

Post edited on 30th Mar 2012, 3:53pm
>> No. 14116 [Edit]
Thank you! Finding jap subs has been quite hard(or I am remarkably ignorant on good sources), I can live with doing a little shifting before/while watching.
>> No. 14123 [Edit]
I've decided to give up one of my few vices - Stimulant drugs. It sucks, but it's got to happen.

The crash is just too heavy for someone like me to deal with, and they're also really damn unnecessary for a NEET. If I was talking to people on a regular basis, then I might be able to find some precedent for their use. But I only end up rambling to strangers online whenever I use them, and that's not really fun in the long run, y'know? Oh, I also write random, nonsensical files full of unnecessary information - Sort of a minute-by-minute guide to my high. It's just getting really weird. There's also addiction to take into account - I don't want to end up addicted (if I'm not already).

You'd think you'd be able to watch anime, maybe complete a few series even, on the "focus pills" and such, but naw. Just rambling to yourself and blasting music you haven't listened to in years at 4 in the morning.

It was a fun time, though. I'll give it that.

Sorry, guys, I just felt the need to tell someone, y'know?
>> No. 14139 [Edit]
Friday I went to WalMart with the renter to pick up groceries.

Walked up to the self-service checkout because we are terrible with cashiers (or anyone with a face really), and I looked down, and in the pocket you get your bills, someone left sixty dollars in twenties. So I nonchalantly snatched them up and put them in my pocket, and counted them when I got to the car alone.

The thrill was short lived, however, as we needed to fix the kitchen sink for six hours that night.

Saturday nothing happened.
>> No. 14140 [Edit]
I just got back from going with my mother and her co-workers to a "haunted" house. It was just a trip to a deserted house that looked like some sort of mushroom house (If it was painted a littler different it would've looked like something from a Mario game) that looked pretty cool, if it wasn't spray painted straight to hell. The house was just a pathway for a couple of other houses which were the same, so it made for a bit of a walk. It would've been pitch dark if it weren't for the moon which made things a tiny bit luminated (just enough to see the shape of things, but not enough to see any detail on them). Anyway, nothing happened except for some bats that were hiding in a hole and a bunch of mosquitoes.

I only went just to make sure that nothing happened to my mother, so it was nothing more than a walk in the dark with some strangers for me.

Oh, and apparently some people were killed there or something. I didn't get the full details since I was watching out for any signs of wild animals.

There was also a shed, but it was in the middle of the woods and we weren't prepared to go through the woods since there was a ton of tall grass.
>> No. 14155 [Edit]
I held a real gun today. I'm almost too weak to even pull the slide back.
>> No. 14156 [Edit]
File 133332330089.jpg - (250.53KB , 876x1000 , 40f7d08bd13d8c2a3330afb38c32bd39.jpg )

Did you fire it? How did it feel?

No way I would be legally able to even go near one
>> No. 14157 [Edit]
No, nothing like that. My father just bought it today and let me hold it/fiddle with it before he put ammo in it.
>> No. 14175 [Edit]
File 133335370875.jpg - (70.48KB , 1148x1516 , Logo_WAAD.jpg )
installed Xbuntu on my laptop today.

Also it is "World Autism Awareness Day"
>> No. 14177 [Edit]
I've tried to get wireless working on two of my GNU/Linux laptops (and so far, failed), gotten banned from 4chan again, and talked to my cat.
>> No. 14212 [Edit]
I took a train today. It was an Amtrak train. It ran on diesel. The locomotive in the front is actually where they pilot the train. The train is powered by two diesel locomotives in the back. The locomotive was a EMD F59PH. The locomotive powering the train was a GE Genesis P32AC-DM. The GE Genesis P32AC-DM was on the north side. I was going south. I enjoyed going on the train. The tickets were strange. I had to reserve them online. They printed in my printer using regular paper. You may find this post offensive. The conductor did not rip the ticket stub because it wasn't a proper ticket. The conductor did not yell "ALL ABOARD!" He was a bad conductor. Dad told me not to tell people how to do their jobs. I want to be an electrician on a train one day. I have an HO scale model train layout based in 2003. It is Amtrak. I like the paint on amtrack trains.
>> No. 14218 [Edit]
>You may find this post offensive

I sure do.

Today I was verbally abused by an old guy on the train.
>> No. 14220 [Edit]
Me and some friends started to plan out our trip to Japan. It's the first time I've left this country and I can't wait!
>> No. 14221 [Edit]
Been playing some video games. About to go read The Trial for a couple of hours then watch some anime. Then sleep.
The daily life.
>> No. 14223 [Edit]
File 133348598561.jpg - (88.58KB , 480x480 , 1332958511305.jpg )
Today I decided I'm gonna do something productive for the holy week.
I'm gonna lay on my bed and finish that huge backlog of games and anime, sleeping and eating the less possible so I don't have to get up.
Better than procrastinating and browsing imageboards all day, at least.
Wish me luck.
>> No. 14226 [Edit]
I'll see you tomorrow when you've given up.
>> No. 14227 [Edit]
its funny we've come to the point where watching anime and playing video games is considered something productive that we procrastinate on
>> No. 14235 [Edit]
I remember Underwater Ray Romano
>> No. 14236 [Edit]

In all honesty I always held that view and always had that problem. I mean, isn't that normal? School/work isn't something I'd deem 'productive' in the same way I deem pursuing my interests as productive. The former is just a way to acquire the means to do the latter.

So yeah, again, not doing anything in my free time instead of playing games/watching anime/reading manga/reading books has always been a huge problem for me.
>> No. 14254 [Edit]
Started playing Da Capo II. I hope I'm not going to lose a sister in an explosion of cherry blossoms again.
>> No. 14276 [Edit]
today was easter, but my family didnt do anything. I played some video games, did some pixiv searches, and checked out some doujins. Much better than meeting with family or whatever we would have done
>> No. 14277 [Edit]
oh, this thread is on auto-sage. should another be made?
>> No. 14278 [Edit]
Not no more it's not.
>> No. 14299 [Edit]
I'm happy this thread has been so healthy. Thank you everyone for posting in it and providing interesting tales of your everyday lives.


Today I watched IPL4, and read up on some software.
>> No. 14306 [Edit]
I finished a paper today. Twas fun. Also it's getting warm where I live, thankfully. I want thst 80* F heatwave to come back damnit! Fuck my city's cold-ass climate.
>> No. 14311 [Edit]
Today I...

Huh. What did I today? Who stole 'today'?

The days just melt into each other after a while of monotony.
>> No. 14312 [Edit]
I have some work i should really, really do but i haven't done it yet.

I played some video games today, and i've almost finished a book i'm reading, this is more than i ever do but i still feel like i've accomplished nothing
>> No. 14352 [Edit]
Looking at touhou pics on pixiv, but for some reason it isn't updating with new pics today. Anyone know why that is?
>> No. 14353 [Edit]
Found a euphemism for NEET: Driver for Gensokyo Bus Lines.

Saw a guy with a custom embroidered wind breaker, with GENSOKYO BUS LINES- THE STRONGEST written on it, and a little Cirno and a ⑨ on the sleeve. I enjoyed that.
>> No. 14361 [Edit]
Had my eyes examined. Apparently I have a "low risk" of glaucoma or some shit and ill have my eyes examined again in a month. Also, my eyes are fucked up from that exam for at least four hours while my eye dilates and undulates - aka I'm wearing those sunglass tim things in public and outside to reduce the blinding sunlight which has occurred from those drops fucking up my eyes. On the bright hand I can wear these to my classes today!
>> No. 14362 [Edit]
>Apparently I have a "low risk" of glaucoma or some shit and ill have my eyes examined again in a month.

This same thing happened to me several times. A puff of air test says I need a better test in a few months, then the better test (where they poke your eye with some sort of contraption) says "oh it's fine". Eventually I stopped going because it's just a waste of time and it freaks me out
>> No. 14364 [Edit]
speaking of that,.....from wiki:

>>It is also the leading cause of blindness among African Americans.

I am african-american. This isn't good-looking. And yes I know low risk and all that shit, but having my sight slowly go away sucks. Good thing im not old...
>> No. 14366 [Edit]
>It is also the leading cause of blindness among African Americans.
>I am african-american.

Move to the UK. Problem solved!
>> No. 14369 [Edit]
Just got back from a five day trip to Disney World with my family. Good Haruhi was that place packed. So many people, so many lines, so much standing. Feels weird being in my room sitting at my computer after all that.
>> No. 14373 [Edit]
I found this guy's youtube channel. He shows off old computer viruses and such, pretty interesting

>> No. 14407 [Edit]
File 133446152734.jpg - (1.47MB , 1000x1333 , precious memories.jpg )
I burned decades worth of a elderly man's photo albums.
>> No. 14408 [Edit]
That's fucking funny.
>> No. 14419 [Edit]
I think I might have had a heart attack in the middle of the night last night. It's all fuzzy due to the sleepyness at the time, but I distinctly remember my chest hurting really bad and my arm feeling weak. It would be weird because I'm young and relatively healthy aside from asthma.
>> No. 14437 [Edit]
I finally bought a gun today.
I was nervous as fuck, but I think I managed to avoid showing it for the most part.
To celebrate, I ate a tasty lunch at a sandwich place and also bought some snack food.
>> No. 14438 [Edit]
What kind is it?
>> No. 14440 [Edit]
Well, it was a turkey panini thing. Also, I bought some juice and some fruit and some chocolate milk.
As for the gun, it's a Ruger LCR because that was the cheapest handgun I saw. I did see some cheap tiny semi automatics after I decided on it, but I didn't need to derp any more than I already was.
>> No. 14466 [Edit]
How was your experience at the gun store? I want to buy a gun too, but I'm anxious about the type of people I'll have to deal with there.
>> No. 14471 [Edit]
I probably shouldn't have drunk that whole can of soft drink in one sitting in an attempt to 'waste as little calories as possible'. Now my stomach feels a bit shit. But the other option would've been to either carry that can all the way home or throw it away.
>> No. 14475 [Edit]
So today I was rummaging through some old videotapes, and saw this movie that really stood out to me, I guess possibly becuase it had a very short and cryptic description to it. I had never even heard of it before. when I tried watching it, it was so... strange, so bizarre... and not just becuase most of it was static, it really felt like it was talking directly to me, not even braking the forth wall, just ignoring it, and giving my life at that moment directions, it was down right scary, but I couldn't stop watching, in fact, I was memorized, I watched the video several times in trying to understand it's hidden message, but I guess it was really just too DEEP for me to understand....
I think it was called 'RCA VCR head cleaner tape' or something around those lines, a strange name for a strange movie if I do say so myself, and definitely a instant favorite of mine.

Post edited on 19th Apr 2012, 7:38pm
>> No. 14476 [Edit]
My father had that same movie. He kept it in with his porn collection, I think you're supposed to masturbate to it to truly understand the message
>> No. 14477 [Edit]
I'll try. I was derping pretty hard, so this is going to be a derpy post.

I went to a store attached to a range in the outskirts of the city. I was afraid of going to an urban one for obvious reasons. I actually went to a different one two days before, but I told them it was my first time buying a gun and they asked if I wanted to do a safety class and I thought it would be suspicious if I refused. Then I left, defeated. The store employees were nice enough though.

They didn't interrogate me about why I was buying a gun. I don't think the second place even asked. The first place did because I said I had never bought a gun, but they didn't ask anything further after my response of "defense."

I pointed to the cheapest revolver I saw and said I was thinking about getting that one. And they took it out and two other similar ones and talked about the differences in weight and trigger pressure and stuff and then asked me to dry-fire them to find which one I wanted. Took me a while to figure out how to open the cylinder or whatever, because you know, you're always supposed to make sure a gun is unloaded for yourself. (For revolvers, you have to push the lever forward. Also, after you close it, rotate the cylinder to have a chamber line up with the barrel.) I pointed it at the floor when dry firing. Probably anywhere but at somebody is fine, the clerk aimed at a wall when he was.

He noticed that I was unfamiliar with handguns, and recommended that I do a familiarization class thing. I was like oh fuck not again, I'm fucking getting a gun this time. I said I'd take the flyer with me, but I would like to buy the gun now. He asked ask if I wanted to rent it first. I'm guessing that's a range-only thing. I declined.

I live in Georgia, so he just had to enter my driver's license and I had to fill out some papers and then he did a background check. Then he asked if I wanted ammo, and I said yeah. He said they had three types, and I don't remember what he said the difference was, maybe "stoutness" or something? Anyway, he recommended the middle one, so that's what I took (+P ammunition). Then there was like 6 brands to choose from. I chose the cheapest box.
>> No. 14484 [Edit]
I have to go to the dentist today. I'm a little nervous...
>> No. 14486 [Edit]
Today I tried vanilla ice cream with salt. Better than I expected.
>> No. 14493 [Edit]
Thanks - I wanted to get a revolver and didn't know about that part of having to check it in-store.
>> No. 14495 [Edit]
Well, I mean, on gun safety rule lists, it always says you're always supposed to check for yourself to make sure a gun is unloaded. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't get mad at you or anything since they aren't going to hand you a loaded gun, but it might highlight the fact that you're unfamiliar with guns.
>> No. 14540 [Edit]
Is that a common thing? Or just something you wanted to try?
>> No. 14542 [Edit]
Yesterday I tried Dota 2 and did poorly, went to the beach and walked around, and worried about my friend who's gone missing. Then I had very awful leg cramps in the evening and took a long nap. It wasn't the most exciting day, but I was still contented.
>> No. 14544 [Edit]
File 133520503753.jpg - (19.38KB , 300x343 , SHIRT-NEET300x.jpg )
funny and odd. I was blatantly hit on by thie 3DPD while wearing this shirt last week. I talked to her, and now that I have talked to her more I have the sinking suspicions that she is either A. Underage or B. A prostitute
>> No. 14548 [Edit]
If you're a hikki, how would anyone ever see you in that shirt?
>> No. 14549 [Edit]
im not a 'true' hikki or a NEET technically, but I am not a Ford Driver
>> No. 14550 [Edit]
If a Hikikomori wears a graphic t-shirt and nobody is around to see it, is he really wearing a graphic t-shirt?
>> No. 14553 [Edit]
The irony here is so multi-faceted that I don't even know how to feel about it.
>> No. 14557 [Edit]
Today, or rather yesterday, I slept for 30 hours - nearly straight - with only 2 minro (de)hydration pauses. It's a terrible thing for the body to sleep this much in one go.
>> No. 14564 [Edit]
File 133531041055.jpg - (13.30KB , 450x269 , mk06.jpg )
I went to the shops today to buy some food. I really like these cherry bakewells, so I bought a box. I left the shopping bag on the kitchen worktop and went to the toilet. When I came back, the bag was on the floor, ripped down one side. My dog sat in her bed, eating the last of the six cakes, surrounded by pieces of the box.

The really annoying part is that everything else was fine. She singled out the one thing I was really looking forward to...
>> No. 14566 [Edit]

That really sucks to hear.
>> No. 14576 [Edit]
Today, I had an interview for a sandwich place. Before I even finished answering the first question, I could tell I didn't have a chance because of my non-existent social skills. Then I went home and cried. Then I applied to another grocery store and applied to a movie theater. I think I'll apply for more fast food chains tonight, and some bookstores or something tomorrow. Not that it matters anyway.
>> No. 14593 [Edit]
My router went out for a short bit, and I asked my Dad if he could get on the internet with his phone (seeing if it was just me). Without checking he said yes, and I asked him again to check. He again assured me that he could, and when my mom explained that I wanted him to check his phone NOW he said "for what". After getting the message and finally checking I asked if it was working and he told me it was, so I go to unplug the router and he tells me to wait because he didn't know if it was working or not yet. I need to die.

Post edited on 27th Apr 2012, 3:36pm
>> No. 14604 [Edit]
Got guilt tripped into going to my niece's tball game. The kids were loud and stupid and everything smelled like piss. The End
>> No. 14607 [Edit]
Yesterday, I had sleeping problems, listened to music, and talked with friends online. Some of them had problems, so I gave them advice. I thought about the future when I had nothing better to do, but they were nice daydreams. I also began reading Hesse's``Narcissus and Goldmund", one of his few books I haven't read, and I've been enjoying it. His books seem to have a lot of awful endings and I'm worried this will be no different.
>> No. 14609 [Edit]
I slept in and can't go to class, so my parents chucked a shit. Also I got a call for a job offer, but they mistook the times I was avaliable for the times I WASN'T avaliable.
>> No. 14611 [Edit]
Went to a "haru matsuri" in the city today. They had Japanese food stands, gift stands, all sorts of things, and performances. I bought a sake cup, some decorative dishes and a happi.

The crowd was about 40% Japanese people, 30% average people, 20% weeaboos, and 10% kids.

One painful part of the performances was a white ass blonde girl in a kimono, with her friend on a harp, and she was reciting a terrible version of a "Japanese folk tale" with horrible, dramatic tonation. "IN THE ANCIENT JAPANESE SHINTO RELIGION OF JAPAN, THE KAMI OF THE SAKURA CHERRY TREE SHEEN-BOHKEW, IS A KAMI THAT IS DELICATE..." It was certainly cringe-worthy for me. Also the inaccuracy of basically every noise that came out of this girl's mouth was awful. She also had that stereotypical weeaboo girl groany, butchy voice, which made it almost comical if it weren't so tragic.

I like my happi though.

EDIT: there were some booths that were giving away free Japanese books, including Genki. I didn't get the Genki textbooks, but I got a TouDai textbook on Japanese history. Will be an interesting read once I can read it.

I hate it when this happens.


Post edited on 29th Apr 2012, 6:39pm
>> No. 14629 [Edit]
Today I found out I have to get a job. Or what? I don't know, but I don't really want to deal with all of the arguing anymore.
It's so weird. I feel this mixture of emotions. On one hand, it could be nice - Having money for more games, and, in 5 months (probably much earlier, though - I have no willpower), Unlimited Stimulant Works. On the other, I feel more scared than I've ever been in my life. Like, terrified. Worse than "first day at school" terrified. It's very, very strange to see that this life can't continue forever.
Although I welcome the feeling of satisfaction that will come from the fact that even applications for the most meager, lowly jobs will be rejected because I'm not affable, not really a people person, have no education, and no "special skills".

I'm thinking about trying to get a job at a convenience store, preferably late shift. That's always been a weird fantasy of mine. There are like, 4 gas stations in a row down the street.
>> No. 14630 [Edit]
>preferably late shift

From what I understand convenience store jobs (or most jobs) could have you work different shifts if nobody else is available. getting stuck on a morning shift with tons of people would be awful
>> No. 14656 [Edit]
Today I wasn't watching where I was going, and then stepped between two piles of dog shit. I am the Neo of dog shit.
>> No. 14664 [Edit]
I gave myself a haircut for the first time and found out that a buzzcut looks extremely shitty on me.

Guess I'll just wear a beanie every time I go out.
>> No. 14665 [Edit]
Woke up with a stomach ache that got gradually worse throughout the day due to my usual worrying. I hope I don't live long enough to be an old person with bad ulcers
>> No. 14666 [Edit]
I was supposed to go out of town with my family this weekend to attend my cousin's graduation, but I got sick and had to stay home. Not that I have a problem with that though, this is the first time in years I've had the house to myself. It's nice and quiet, really lucked out on this one.
>> No. 14667 [Edit]
Were they gone for the day or was it an overnight thing? I'm home alone usually once a week but I've never spent a night alone
>> No. 14668 [Edit]
>> No. 14704 [Edit]
I woke up to find my grandma strangely not awake. She was lying on the sofa, her hands andlegs ice cold and blue, and she couldn't talk. The paramedics said she suffered a stroke and her whole left brain is damaged.

I say without resevations I wish the stroke killed her, then she wouldn't have to suffer even more. The last few years have been nothing but alzheimers hell for her, and now she gets this.
>> No. 14705 [Edit]
Wow, that sucks. Sorry
>> No. 14706 [Edit]
I worried about a friend of mine. Slept a bit, cried a bit. I hope things get better.
>> No. 14708 [Edit]
I'm sick and I accidentally drank too much Robitussin a little earlier because I felt too lazy to use the cap. I felt disoriented and a loss in my motor skills.

I've already slept a bit, so I think I know what happened earlier to feel that bit of vertigo.
>> No. 14709 [Edit]
Finished a portfolio today. Edited 5 long-ass papers and a letter, up to like 5am, slept, did a runover/edits and printed them at my college literally 5 minutes before they were due at the college, stapled all the shit together, submitted. I fucking hope I do not fail this class, as I am on the fucking borderline. That is basically my final. There is a short paper like 500 words which is my technical final but all my shit reservea around that. I hope I don't fuck up that.

Tomorrow my remaining math work is due, i did that over the weekend. But now there's again a damn final. I am not happy, but in a way I am happy.

I hope I pass these two classes so I can graduate.....
>> No. 14710 [Edit]
Today was spent searching for some new music to listen to. Just some psychill, Adham Shaikh if anyone's interested. And then my usual exercise for an hour and that was it. Rest of day to be spent on the internet doing not much else other than music hunting. Feel pretty bad right now for some reason though.
>> No. 14712 [Edit]
My laptop had a hard disk crash, lost everything and was unable to connect to the internet for a few days.

Had to scrape together some money for a new one, and a cheap USB to actually back up shit this time.
>> No. 14713 [Edit]
Cut and filed my fingernails. Haruhi why do these things grow so fast.
>> No. 14714 [Edit]
nails are sort of there to protect fingers so it's a matter of how much you use your fingers.
In this case, it would be how much you tap away at your keyboard.
likewise pianists also tend to have nails that grow quickly.
>> No. 14718 [Edit]
Downloaded "Façade" because I heard it was funny to mess around with, but it turns out it's really boring and takes forever to restart
>> No. 14720 [Edit]
I chatted on IRC a bit, read a bit of Robbe-Grillet's Jealousy, passed out, woke up, did more of the same, and then got ready for class. Class is the main event of the student's day. Whether he enjoys school or not, his life revolves around it.
>> No. 14728 [Edit]
File 133655477934.jpg - (28.26KB , 275x400 , feel.jpg )
Today I played several games of pool against myself, as usual.

I ate a bag of chips. I played video games for a while, but got bored.

Spent alot of time playing CoC on my browser.

I have a final tomorrow that is going to be really hard, but I know I'll scrape through no matter what and I have no motivation to do well, so I haven't studied yet.

I don't know. I feel listless and unmotivated all the time.
>> No. 14740 [Edit]
I haven't really done much of anything today except browse the internet.

However, I have a final exam for my anthropology class in a few minutes and I haven't studied for it at all. I wonder how I'll do but most importantly, what will be on the exam.
>> No. 14741 [Edit]
Today I saw a Google maps car driving around.
>> No. 14742 [Edit]
I like looking at my house on streetview and trying to imagine what I was doing in my room at the time
>> No. 14743 [Edit]
File 133661311020.png - (256.13KB , 494x387 , google-maps-shootout-main.png )
This somehow led me to find this image.

Its a bit freaky to think this picture was possibly captured moments before that kid died.
>> No. 14744 [Edit]
I doubt it. if he had shot the kid the google streetview van probably would have pulled over/sped away and they would have had to redo that street at another time. unless the driver had nerves of steel
>> No. 14745 [Edit]
File 133662524495.jpg - (960.49KB , 1800x1200 , gifts.jpg )
Went to my dad's place, whom I had not seen in like a year, for a belated birthday dinner.
Played horseshoes and darts in his backyard with him and his brother. I failed miserably.
was able to help them out with their pc problems easy enough though.

My uncle made me a large candle himself for my birthday, seems more charming to me when a gift is made rather than bought.
Dad got me this portable dvd player thing, I don't use dvds much, but might be able to use the avi connectors for playing ps2 games on the go or something.

also, my pc crapped out on me.

Post edited on 9th May 2012, 10:38pm
>> No. 14749 [Edit]

Neet candle. Does it have a scent?
>> No. 14752 [Edit]
File 133678041162.gif - (97.04KB , 325x851 , sl079.gif )
Reminds me of this comic.
>> No. 14753 [Edit]
jasmine, strong smell.
>> No. 14755 [Edit]
Brother came over with the kids, left rather quickly, then I watched anime and downloaded a game which is still downloading because it's dreadfully slow for some reason.
>> No. 14766 [Edit]
Today like every day I went to the grocery shop in the morning to buy cheap whisky and beer and proceeded to use the rest of the day to browse the internet, cry and drink.
>> No. 14768 [Edit]
Found out I have to go to an out of town wedding next month. My mom said I didn't have to go but my dad made it pretty clear that I did
>> No. 14769 [Edit]
finals today, finals tomorrow, oh my!~

It's just one final today, and the 'final' is reading out a short eassay (like 500 words) you typed aloud. the one final tomorrow is a math final and that's more annoying, esp given im on the verge of failing tht course
>> No. 14770 [Edit]
oh, yeah. There's a NATO summit in my city and I'm going to see what is happening and to talk to the protesters. Hopefully I see some black bloc direct action or something else interesting. Rage against the neo-liberal New World Order and w/e
>> No. 14775 [Edit]
File 133704327695.jpg - (575.05KB , 1200x1600 , wall.jpg )
My mother was driving my especially nuts today, so I beat my head on a wall until I damaged it, then cried in my closet for some time while wondering why I have to suffer like this and live with these people.

Now I get to take a trip to the hardware store...

Post edited on 14th May 2012, 5:59pm
>> No. 14785 [Edit]
It's storming. I put my pillow on my nightstand in front of the window so I could lay down and watch the lightning.
>> No. 14787 [Edit]
I bought a bunch of books today. Most of them are by Søren Kierkegaard, but 2 are from Albert Camus.
>> No. 14789 [Edit]
I shut down my blog and MAL today, and blocked most of my contacts on MSN and Skype, but I don't know why.

What books did you get? I just read some Camus the other day. I read The Stranger and then The Fall. I didn't enjoy reading The Fall very much. I like most of Kierkegaard's stuff... while I'm not a Christian, I still find it interesting. I think that Fear and Trembling is my favorite work of his.
>> No. 14790 [Edit]
Looked through some of my old email addresses and my old main yahoo account that I used as a teenager had apparently been used by people from Japan and Turkey. Why the hell didn't they just change my password

Post edited on 15th May 2012, 11:21pm
>> No. 14791 [Edit]
I just spent like two hours arguing with the mods and a user of another site

I was attempting to get a pedophile, who spammed pictures of children, banned from the site

Good taste and decency is apparently less important than some sick fuck's desire to inundate the site with filth.

People are so damn frustrating.

I'm too angry to sleep now.
>> No. 14792 [Edit]
Today I woke up, read a newspaper and fell asleep on my couch. I have no motivation to do anything these days.


From Camus I got The Plague, The Rebel, and his short stories. I was not enjoy The Fall either. Camus is okay, but I hate his persistent renunciation of nihilism.

From Kierkegaard I got Either/Or, Fear and Trembling, the Conception of Anxiety, and On the Concept of Irony.
>> No. 14793 [Edit]
I hope you enjoy the Kierkegaard! Tell me what you think of the other Camus stuff when you finish.
>> No. 14794 [Edit]
File 133719904169.jpg - (564.29KB , 1680x1050 , Konachan_com - 33227 - ryo_ohki tagme tenchi_muyo .jpg )
I attempted to watch Tenchi Muyo, but I didn't like it.
>> No. 14803 [Edit]
I cried a lot today. Why do people have to be so hard to understand? My entire body hurts and I'm tired of living. I can't do anything right in my life and if I try I only end up making people unhappy. The world has no place for someone like me. I cut myself for the first time today, too. I feel dizzy but it made me less sad. I wish I could shut off my brain forever.
>> No. 14804 [Edit]
Why didn't you like it?

That was one of the first anime series I saw. I saw the first series even before it was on Toonami.

I still have a mild crush on Ayeka and Ryoko.
>> No. 14805 [Edit]
Spent the last 4 hours lying on the floor in pain, popped some pills a while ago and I feel better now.

Might clean the house, and if I have the time, do my workout.
>> No. 14806 [Edit]
i sat inside having tea and played a lot of touhou. it was windy and cold out, so it was perfect.


i think people are hard to understand when those particular people don't understand themselves. it's true on an individual level or with groups.
>> No. 14808 [Edit]
File 133726313832.png - (869.37KB , 1600x1200 , 1256237449938 ryoko.png )
Yes, the characters are beautiful, but somehow I found it boring. Maybe I'll give it another try someday.
>> No. 14809 [Edit]
deleted a bunch of games I don't play anymore to make more room for delicious anime, and other games I probably won't play
>> No. 14810 [Edit]
I have a headache, a stomachache, I'm feeling really sweaty and sticky, and generally uncomfortable. But today was pretty fucking awesome either way.
>> No. 14814 [Edit]
I went to my sister's graduation ceremony today. It was my first time in public in months, and first time in a crowded area in years. I tried playing my psp to keep my mind off the crowd around me, it was pretty awful feeling though. I also learned how cynical I've become while listening to the speeches.
>> No. 14816 [Edit]
There was a lot of thought and worry encompassing me today. I drank to forget it, at the very least.
>> No. 14817 [Edit]
I don't feel as bad as I did yesterday.

I went to the hospital today and learned the importance of regular food and fluid consumption. They wanted me to stay overnight, but I had to write someone and go to class so I refused. My doctor said that health was more important than education; my father, a teacher, disagreed. I've drank several tubs of Pedialyte now and my body is feeling much better than it has been, so I'm not worried about that any more (though I was never worried in the first place). Please remember to eat and drink regularly NEETs.

My copy of Voltaire's Bastards arrived today and I have been reading that. The writing style is pleasant and the content is interesting. It's a rather lengthy book, so it should entertain me for a while. Or is distract the better term? All entertainment is a form of distraction, I suppose.
>> No. 14822 [Edit]
Funny. I'm graduating today, actually in a few minutes. I am typing this in my "cap and gown" now. History degree from a community college. Haruhi, I feel shitty and desiring to stab a few motherfucker right now. Let's see, weak ass 2-year degree from a community college, my family is bitching at me claiming I don't 'help them' when when I do help them they bitch about how I help them, I couldnt go to the occupy shit today for the NATO protests(geez, how nice, I pissed away two FUCKING DAYS on this graduation prep bullshit), and I didnt even want the fucking ceremony. Mail my the diploma and end it all fucking ready. My phone is shit so im not uploading anything now at least. Well I was forced into this shitcock of a damn ceremony so it's not my fault if I go postal

I really want to stab some bitch ass niggaz today.

Oh, and I wont get to eat out for my fuck graduation probably or even go to an arcade. How niiiiice. I feel like killing people right now. It's just like my fucking time around my birthday last year and how SHITTASTIC that was. I wanted to massacre all the fucking shitheads in my house due to to some shitty party on my fucking birthday. Not for me, nothing related to me and they have the GALLt oc omplain when I say I'm shit when they ask me how I'm doing? Fuck you, if you werent in this house due to being invited for some party on MY BIRTHDAY I wouldn't feel so shitty now. And yes, I blame you for going ot a party even if it's not your fault because you are the raison d'etre that I feel like shit. So Die. OR leave.

And yes, lol hypothetical posts and not a threat. Fuck you, FBI, CIA, NSA, INTERPOL, or whatever LE is reading this post.
>> No. 14824 [Edit]
Leave a note mentioning Tohno-Chan so we can make a banner out of it
>> No. 14826 [Edit]
I played DOTA 2, read some more of Voltaire's Bastards, and went for a nice walk. It was a bit windy out, but it was warm.
>> No. 14847 [Edit]
I guess at some time while I was sleeping I rolled at a perfect angle onto my arm. When I woke up it was stone dead asleep. Couldn't move it, felt like rubber. I was on the verge of panicking when it started becoming normal again.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention that in the seconds after I woke up I thought for a second that it wasn't my hand.

Post edited on 20th May 2012, 3:37pm
>> No. 14848 [Edit]
Speaking of arms, today the veins in my hand popped out a lot for no apparent reason. Think what an old persons hand looks like and it looked like that. Back to normal now
>> No. 14849 [Edit]
I love when that happens! It's so surreal.
Pretty bad that after some time you always know that's your arm right there.
>> No. 14850 [Edit]
>I couldnt go to the occupy shit today
>> No. 14851 [Edit]
but how are people going to know how much he hates the man if he isnt standing around being ineffectual with other people
>> No. 14852 [Edit]
File 133756824157.jpg - (333.21KB , 850x1214 , sample_07fe9198b096eab0cb97b1207a292a66.jpg )
I raked some leaves. I find a calmness in raking leaves.
>> No. 14853 [Edit]
Is this supposed to be one of those "ironic" posts?

That happens to me all the time when its hot.
>> No. 14854 [Edit]
I know what you mean
>> No. 14857 [Edit]
My sleep schedule is now fucked up beyond repair. I've been going to sleep around 10 AM and waking up at midnight for almost a week straight. It's really frustrating.

And since it's almost summer there are ants all over the place. Where the hell are they coming from? My house is spotless (not that I feel the need to defend the cleanliness of my house or anything).

I'm also going to attempt to clean out my computer. Shit is noisy. It's horrid.
>> No. 14859 [Edit]
I woke up, had some tea and now I'm taking it easy until I have to go to the doctors.
>> No. 14863 [Edit]
Rearranged my room so my bed could be closer to the computer. I have a little more space now for some more furniture if I had the money or any real need for it.
>> No. 14864 [Edit]
I've always thought having a couch in my room would be cool, but then I realized I would never use it because I sit at my computer chair all day anyway. If I still played console games it would be useful maybe
>> No. 14865 [Edit]
I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up with an awful headache. That's bullshit, sleep is supposed to be rejuvenating.
>> No. 14866 [Edit]
Watched the series finale of House (a show I used to love but quit watching a few seasons ago). Really underwhelming
>> No. 14867 [Edit]

Made it back from the doctor. They confirmed I'll be deaf for the rest of my life. I don't even want to live anymore.

Trying to distract myself with cute lolis in the mean time.
>> No. 14868 [Edit]
Wow, that's terrible. What happened?
>> No. 14869 [Edit]
What caused it?
>> No. 14870 [Edit]

Bad car accident.
>> No. 14873 [Edit]
I'm so sorry! ; ;
>> No. 14874 [Edit]
Partial or complete deafness?
>> No. 14875 [Edit]
Today I practiced some ASL and finally made it to a class I've missed for two weeks. Turned out the absences didn't matter; I haven't missed any assignments or anything "important" and actually got an A- on the midterm that I thought I'd failed.

I've been worrying about a very close friend of mine who has been suffering a lot lately. I wish that there were some way I could show them how beautiful this world and other people are, and how wonderful the future will be, for better or worse. Even if there's awful things in this world, as long as you can find love for something, anything, every day will just be a little nicer...

My mental condition has been degrading, unrelated to that. I've been spacing out for longer periods of time, feeling more strange connections between things, and having more strange daydreams. In them, I feel like I'm watching an alien planet, and false memories bring me strong feelings. It feels like everything inside me's mixing me together. I keep thinking nonsense and it brings confliction more than anything. I can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago or what I plan to do, but at the same time I can remember everything I've said, read, and done today with perfect clarity. I just wish there were some convenient way to clear my mind... anime and alcohol and all that can distract me from myself, but that's not what I want. It's not bad, but it's weird. I'm just slightly worried that I might lose my grasp on reality completely someday...

Edit: Oh, and there have started to be things which I remember doing but didn't, if that makes any sense. I think that daydream really is the right word, because it feels like I'm dreaming at times!

Post edited on 21st May 2012, 11:29pm
>> No. 14876 [Edit]
It is, when you sleep at the proper time. Naps don't sync in well with the body clock. Its weird considering you feel sleepy..
>> No. 14877 [Edit]
I woke up to what I thought were memories of a dream, only it actually happened. Is this what guilt feels like?


That's pretty crazy. I wonder if it was perhaps toy guns...the one by the fence looks like he's just a child anyway. Then again America is extremely violent.
>> No. 14883 [Edit]
It's been 100 days since I stopped being a NEET (had to get a job)

no time to do anything. I want to blow my fucking brains out.
>> No. 14884 [Edit]
File 133775165370.jpg - (99.34KB , 800x800 , 1228477916659.jpg )


>> No. 14885 [Edit]

This is my fear of working. Money for things, no time to buy or enjoy said things...
>> No. 14886 [Edit]
Good thing for subtitles.
>> No. 14887 [Edit]
If I was in your position I probably would kill myself. Then again I think by this point anything that would make my shit life even the slightest bit more difficult would drive me to suicide
>> No. 14888 [Edit]
Today it's my birthday.
Even though nobody else gives a shit, I still get really excited for some reason.
>> No. 14889 [Edit]
Happy birthday!
>> No. 14890 [Edit]

Hey instead of killing yourself can we be friends please?
>> No. 14891 [Edit]
Yesterday I had a bad day. My dog kept shitting and barfing in my house while I was asleep before the realtors came. My dad's trying to sell my house, which involves a lot of strangers coming in and looking in my room, among other things... that's stressful just in itself. After I finally cleaned up all my dog's messes, the people came in and tried to talk with me, standing in my doorway and looking at my anime posters on my wall with a judgmental eye. I let my dog in a few hours after they left and she did it again. Just remembering it makes me feel like I'm going to barf again. Hopefully my doggy hell ends today.

Happy birthday! You should go out and do something fun! Maybe go get some nice booze from the store or buy yourself a game. After all, you're another year closer to the grave...

Please, please don't kill yourself. Isn't there anything, anyone in your life worth living for? Things will get better ;_;

Post edited on 23rd May 2012, 12:25am
>> No. 14892 [Edit]
Happy Birthday! If we were in TH we'd buy you a cake or steal one or something.
>> No. 14893 [Edit]
File 133778451332.jpg - (368.41KB , 1440x1719 , 1238441164771.jpg )

Happy birthday, 14888-san!
>> No. 14896 [Edit]
File 133779366538.jpg - (192.59KB , 700x525 , meadow2.jpg )
Today I got a bunch of flower seeds from someone on the street who was handing little packets of it out. It was weird at first until I realized it was some promotional item, so I accepted them. There are about 8 types, 2 of them blends of random seeds.

I have nowhere to grow them due to where I live, so I stopped on the way home and bought some foam cups and a little bit of soil (what a heavy thing to haul around). I labelled the cups, put drainage holes, and planted the seeds. If they manage to sprout I have no idea what I'll do with them. Maybe I can get some kind of window cell garden thing so I can see them without having to go out.

Flowers are really nice. I'd love to have a huge pile of land to grow them (and vegetables). But then I worry about bees.
>> No. 14897 [Edit]
I was offered a help-desk job today. It's the kind where people think they deleted the Internet because the IE shortcut is gone. I don't think I'll be able to take it.
>> No. 14902 [Edit]
File 133784650583.jpg - (292.09KB , 1127x1214 , 008.jpg )
Same guy as >>14875 here.

Yesterday I had more hallucinations and generally bad mental health. It was very unpleasant. It felt like I was seeing reality through someone else's eyes and I watched as my body did things, and with another part of my mind (the part that daydreams?) I saw all kinds of strange things. Colorful little squiggles and static. It felt like my surroundings were moving, beating with their own pulses and warping in strange ways. When I'd try to sleep it off, I'd hear very loud pops that were really scary. My heart felt like it was beating very slowly and my brain felt like it was getting zapped by electricity. I was shaking very very dizzy. My dad asked me why I was in bed all day and I told him that I had a bad headache and left it at that. He told me that I was a fucking liar. I've had some experiences kind of like this before, but never with the loud cracks and pops or the zaps, or this bad. I'm afraid to talk about this with anyone in real life, but it's kind of scary. Even if I know they're not real, the delusions I have still bring awful feelings--mostly shame, guilt, fear, and sadness. It's all away for now, though...

Does anyone know what this kind of condition is called? How do you deal with it? I've been stressed out lately, worrying because I'm an anxious person, and I think it's related to that. I don't think it's schizophrenia because I haven't been hearing voices, but I don't really know much about psychology. I'm not going to kill myself or anything, but I wish I had something like drugs to distract myself from it. I described this to someone else who said that they would cut themselves when it happened but I feel sick when I see my blood.
>> No. 14905 [Edit]

Perhaps it is some form of psychosis? I know when people are really depressed or anxious, psychotic symptoms can begin to manifest themselves. Delusions, strange hallucinations and so on. It's hard to say. They call it psychotic depression (go figure), so maybe check that out.

Today I have not done any activities. Tried to read, but I'm too distracted. Maybe I'll go pick some flowers and brighten up my desk.
>> No. 14906 [Edit]
Today I realized social contact is too much for me, even if it's only online.
>> No. 14907 [Edit]
Same. I can post on anonymous imageboards fine but whenever a name is attached to me I freeze up most of the time. And that's only with text, using voice communication is entirely out of the question even if I had a mic.
>> No. 14909 [Edit]
>>14906 >>14907
It can't be social contact you're afraid of or you wouldn't come here at all, anonymously or not.
>> No. 14910 [Edit]

You're right, it's people knowing who I am and attaching things to me and judging me that scares me.
>> No. 14911 [Edit]
>> No. 14912 [Edit]
Today I took care of some things.

Some books came in the post today, which was nice. I've been reading a few of them but I haven't decided which one to start with and give a proper reading. Maybe I'll flip a coin.

I also finally did some laundry today. I hope it doesn't rain out, since I hung them outside. I bleached a bunch of dresses by accident too, which sucked.


So true.
>> No. 14915 [Edit]
Although mine have never been as bad as what you're describing, I have experienced mild visual and auditory hallucinations accompanying particularly bad bouts of depression. I have also experienced the "colorful squiggles and static" that you described, and have seen insects such as wasps and flies that turn out to not be real. Aural ones that I experienced were mainly voices, but could be random noises as well. My parents made me see a psychiatrist when I was younger, and I was diagnosed with "major depression with psychotic features". Apparently, the hallucinations are a response to the severe depression. I was prescribed Zoloft and Zyprexa (an antipsychotic), both of which I took for maybe two months before I decided that the cure in this case was worse than the disease. But while I hated them, if you can see a psychiatrist and get a script it's worth a try at least.
I regret to say that I've little practical advice to give you regarding how I deal with it, as I'm not really sure myself.

Post edited on 24th May 2012, 5:23pm
>> No. 14918 [Edit]
Today I thought about things and walked around outside. No hallucinations, mostly clear thought. I saw a boy at my college playing Touhou on his computer. It's nice to know that there's at least one other otaku in my area. We talked for a little while, which was nice. I was tempted to ask if he went to any imageboards, but settled on not saying anything. My father also took me out and bought me some pop. He's going out of town for five days and told me he'd buy whatever food I wanted but we already have food... he's worried that I'll be lonely, but I'm secretly relieved.

Depression? Maybe... I took Zoloft a while back and hated it, though. It made me feel like complete shit.
>> No. 14921 [Edit]

You should spend those 5 days and get wasted.
>> No. 14922 [Edit]

Thanks for the birthday messages~

Today I slept more than usual and played dota all day. About to have a bath and go back to sleep. No more school other than to go in for exams and don't have to go in again until next wednesday. Feels pretty good.
>> No. 14926 [Edit]
Huge chunks of the last two days gone over mindlessly reading TVTropes.
>> No. 14927 [Edit]
I do that with every wiki. I stopped that with TVtropes though after I realized how awful it is
>> No. 14929 [Edit]
I spent most of this day outside buying stuff with my mom. I got some things out of it, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Although I didn't enjoy being around so many people, I did somewhat enjoy spending time with my mom.

I don't want to leave my room any more.
>> No. 14930 [Edit]
File 133799102082.png - (1.92MB , 1440x810 , DSC00494.png )
I picked all these books up today for just 2 dollars. I have read a couple of them already, but I figured I would get them just for my library.
>> No. 14931 [Edit]
Two dollars? Amazing! I wish I could find deals like that.
>> No. 14932 [Edit]
With old books like that it's very easy to find good deals. Someone I know found the whole Great Books of the Western World set for around seventy-five cents a pop. Near mint condition too. You just have to look around anywhere books are sold.
>> No. 14935 [Edit]
I had a bad headache today, so I didn't do much... I mostly spent time lying down and feeling dizzy. I spent some time with an acquaintance today and we drank a bit and talked about ethics on a walk. That was kind of fun, but right now, I just feel numb. Dizzy and numb and sick.

You'll have to review those so we know what's good! You got a great deal on a great deal of books.
>> No. 14939 [Edit]
I am very jealous of those books, bro. I wanted to read The Age of Reason ever since this girl mentioned it to me Freshman year. And Camus is one of my favorite authors. I only own two books by him, though - The Myth of Sisyphus (a collection of essays and letters that I love) and The Plague (but that's in there). I wanted to read The Fall since forever ago.

I'm genuinely worried about my ceiling fan. I need it to be at the highest setting for it to be comfortable in my room, but it shakes and wobbles somethin' fierce each time I put it on that setting. It makes me scared that it's going to pitch off and fly at me while I'm at the computer.

Fuck summer, man! It just crept up on me this year, and before I knew it, it was time for the heat to come in and suffocate me. Such a pain in the ass. I want an air conditioner...
>> No. 14942 [Edit]
Gosh, almost 700 posts soon. Perhaps we should split the thread, though it's not image heavy and doesn't take too long to load.

Today I went to meet some deaf people that my physicians wanted me to meet. I was scared of them and being outside and eventually got bored, so I took my leave and went to read one of the books I got in >>14930 (I settled on The Age of Reason since it's one of the last from Sartre I have to read).

Now I am ironing clothes and drinking vodka.
>> No. 14943 [Edit]
This morning, there was a spider running around the outside of my window at quite a speed. I'd say it was around 4-5cm, so pretty big by UK standards. I paid no attention to it, because it was outside. Whilst searching for something in my room, I've just discovered it sitting in a mould covered corner. I don't know what to do. I'm too scared to go to bed knowing that such a big and fast spider is about two metres away. I also don't want to sacrifice a shoe, as disturbing that mould would probably make this room uninhabitable. I don't want to inform a braver family member (my mum), because then she'd discover the terrible state of my mouldy room, and probably complain about me sleeping through yet another jobless month.

I'm genuinely considering jumping ship into my sister's old room. Because of a spider.

Update: I took my eyes off it for an hour and it's fucking gone. Now I really don't know what to do.

Post edited on 26th May 2012, 7:51pm
>> No. 14945 [Edit]

Little trick I use when dealing with spiders: vacuum. Works best if you have a tube/nozzle you can suck them up with.

I imagine it's painful, but fuck spiders.
>> No. 14946 [Edit]
I was very frustrated today (I very rarely am) so I went for a run, thinking it'd get my mind away from those feelings. After about 10 miles my feet started bleeding and most of the cuts on my legs had opened up. I was feeling very dizzy so I came home to disinfect and bandage my feet. Now I'm feeling worse and barfing. I'm a failure.
>> No. 14947 [Edit]
Yesterday my father was telling me about a big spider in the bathroom he saw and was too slow to kill it. Now I'm afraid to shit
>> No. 14948 [Edit]
10 miles? I'm assuming you're not a marathon runner, so you probably did that stupid 'crab jog' with bad form. If you run, run properly and don't overdo it.
>> No. 14949 [Edit]
I've been spending this entire weekend alone while my mom takes my sister to one of her basketball tournaments. I haven't done anything different, but it sure feels nice to have a weekend to myself, without anyone to interrupt me.
>> No. 14950 [Edit]
What is "crab jogging?"
>> No. 14951 [Edit]
If it's anything like crab soccer, you get on your hands and feet with your front facing up and jog like that?
>> No. 14952 [Edit]
I'm presuming he meant crab as in a grumpy person. But that would be pretty fucking incredible if someone did ten miles of the crab walk that you mentioned, Shinden.
>> No. 14953 [Edit]
Some calluses on my feet opened up, so I'm guessing it was more overdoing it than poor form. When I was younger, I used to run as a team sport and I did pretty decently with it. My medical condition factors into it; in addition to problems with my feet, I need to bring snacks when I go out so that there's no chance I pass out and fall into a coma from just using my body. It'd be awful for some person to come across my body and bring it in to the hospital.
>> No. 14964 [Edit]
I am so fucking stupid, it's hilarious.

Ah...well anyways today I got stitches in my arm. I think the doctor was prejudice toward those who self harm, because it seemed like he was hurting me. I've experienced that before, so it could be the case.

Now, I've just been sleeping, trying to keep my mind away from drugs.
>> No. 14965 [Edit]
Today I dressed up nicely and went to church because I thought it'd be interesting to watch, having not grown up in a religious home. Even though I am not religious, I sometimes enjoy reading about religious philosophy, and I've also been feeling very lonely. "Maybe I'll feel better if I'm around people who are happy, maybe they'll talk about interesting things," I thought. So I called my grandmother and she picked me up on her way.

There were a lot of friendly and kind people there, which made me happy. It also felt good to dress up nicely and a lot of people who were friends with my grandmother said many nice things to me. But I did not like the singing (it made me very, very uncomfortable), and even more of an issue to me, the pastor was teaching things that weren't part of the Bible and using rhetoric in the place of logic. But everyone there was very happy and they were donating money to charity, so I guess the ends justify the means. After the service, my grandmother introduced me to to the man in charge of things and he asked me if I had any questions about their kind of Christianity. I only asked, "if Christianity is supposed to be the answer to all of our problems in life, why does it still have so many questions and uncertainties 2000 years later?" The man just looked at me very, very carefully and we were quiet for a while. Then he kind of steered away from answering. It was an interesting experience, all in all, and it made me feel a bit happy, but it just wasn't for me. It didn't satisfy me on a deeper level. At least it made my grandmother happy that I went. I'm glad to be home because it was very tiring. My anxiety was starting to get to me and my feet were a little sore.
>> No. 14969 [Edit]
Today I applied at a few places.
One of which was Dunkin Doughnuts.
There was a timed test thing where you had to do basic arithmetic and vocabulary stuff.
I didn't know some of the words and I didn't finish the entire thing. I think I might actually be retarded.
>> No. 14979 [Edit]
File 133821329962.jpg - (87.99KB , 850x549 , down.jpg )
Made dinner for me and mai waifu.
>> No. 14986 [Edit]
Went to the cemetery today. It's always awkward to me that my mom's parents being dead is treated as very sad but my father's being dead is more "eh", even to himself.
>> No. 14992 [Edit]
File 133825593527.png - (1.01MB , 1103x591 , containers.png )
Today I caught up on a lot of this seasons anime, after neglecting them for the past month. There were a lot of good shows, though I dropped a few for now. I'll probably watch them in the future.

I cleaned up a bit today as well. Found these little containers I thought were nice.
>> No. 14994 [Edit]
the man in the corner seems less than satisfied with them
>> No. 14995 [Edit]
File 133826010444.jpg - (410.96KB , 1600x1200 , DSCN9125.jpg )
With lack of imagination for a better way to express my love for Konata on her birthday, I sort of temporarily enshrined her at my kamidana. Not sure what I was thinking or what I should do from now.
>> No. 14996 [Edit]
Today I introduced a guy on IRC to a drug I enjoy using. Then I went and got some Chinese food for dinner, some chicken and rice (wasn't too hungry). It was alright, but I'm reminded now why I don't go out to eat.

Very nice!
>> No. 14997 [Edit]
Looks nice. However, if you come with this sort of things you could always post them on /mai/ (v.g. here: >>/mai/8705)
>> No. 14999 [Edit]
I went to a Memorial Day thing with my step-dad's family. They're all really nice people. I feel like a shitty NEET like myself doesn't deserve that kind of affection from those folks.
>> No. 15005 [Edit]
Posting here because /tc/ is my blog.

Does anyone here get absolutely frustrated when other people in the house won't leave the room you're in? Every Haruhi damn fucking time I'm trying to make some food they decide they all want to be in the kitchen having a conversation making loads of noise and trying to involve me.
Just please fuck off.
I've dropped toast I've made three times now because I'm trying to get out as fast as possible and everytime they all moan at me for doing it then moan even more for giving up and returning to my room.

I wish I had the money to go live alone.
>> No. 15007 [Edit]
Woke up in a puddle of sweat because our air conditioner broke again.

>> No. 15008 [Edit]
Oh I thought I was the only person who doesn't like to eat around others or hate it when other people watch me in the same room I'm in. I just want to eat in peace without people watching me or making noise when I'm eating. Even worse is when people speak to me when I'm eating or I actually have to eat with someone else in the house at the same table. Another annoying thing people in my house do in the kitchen is even if it is still light outside they feel the need to turn all the lights on in the kitchen making the lighting yellow, ugly, and unnatural which ruins my meal. Other times people bother me is when I'm in my room and they just come in and sit on bed watching me. When they do that I don't do anything on my pc because no matter what it is they'll have a stupid reaction to it like they do to everything I do. I don't know why anything I do even surprises them anymore.
>> No. 15009 [Edit]
I always eat every meal in my room whale watching anime...
>> No. 15010 [Edit]

This is the correct way to enjoy your meals.
>> No. 15011 [Edit]
I wish I had an air conditioner. It's been too hot for the last week. I want to play games but I fear for the life of my rattly CPU fan if it runs at such a speed for so long.
>> No. 15013 [Edit]
I, too, prefer to eat alone.

I've gotten a little self-conscious about it, though.
>> No. 15015 [Edit]
I always eat alone too. I think it's just personal preference and shyness.
>> No. 15017 [Edit]
now i had a power outage while on the computer and it reorganized my desktop icons for some reason. My OCD!
>> No. 15018 [Edit]
I had a very nice nap in the woods.
>> No. 15019 [Edit]
I wish I still lived around the woods.
>> No. 15020 [Edit]
Drank cheap wine and listened to depressing music.
>> No. 15021 [Edit]
Wasted the entire day flipping between IRC and re-reating Sartre's "Nausea". It's an amazing little book (quite honestly, read it if you have not), though I don't know why I'd read it again. Just to pass time I guess.

Now I am on drugs and a little drunk, passively reading "Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker".
>> No. 15024 [Edit]
Was forced to go to some stupid ass festival, put in $1 for a raffle and won $200. So I guess today was pretty good.

I bet those people would feel like idiots for putting into the raffle if they knew I was probably going to buy videogames and figures.
>> No. 15044 [Edit]
I spent 90% of my working hours today cleaning and I didn't get any paint on myself. Very proud.
>> No. 15047 [Edit]
Today I did nothing but sit around playing games, screwing around on a computer...

I also think I've learned to say fuck off.
>> No. 15051 [Edit]
Today is my birthday. I'm 21 years old.
>> No. 15052 [Edit]
File 133843832230.jpg - (552.87KB , 800x1231 , 5cf7389cdfcf5c3fee845eb28445165b.jpg )

Happy Birthday, although I know just as well how little it means coming from some random.

If you're american I do say congratulations for the fact you can now buy booze, but if not then it means nothing to you. My birthdays haven't been relevant since 2009
>> No. 15053 [Edit]
>> No. 15057 [Edit]
I got drunk around 10am today, practiced DOTA 2, and spent the rest of my day chatting in IRC, napping, and worrying. Everything will work themselves out well in the end as long as you don't do anything you'll regret, I'm convinced of that.

Good job!
>> No. 15058 [Edit]
Thank you. I'm sorry for messing that up...

Oddly enough, I don't consider you to be just any kind of "random". I like this place and I like the people in it, so it means way more than from just any stranger. Sorry if it sounds weird.

Post edited on 31st May 2012, 3:07pm
>> No. 15059 [Edit]
I'm downloading max payne 3, and it's only gonna take 6 hours!
>> No. 15060 [Edit]

Happy birthday dude.
>> No. 15063 [Edit]
Two nights ago, I took 888mg of DXM Polistirex (5oz of Delsym). I just felt slightly tired at first, but after about 1 hour and 20 minutes I started to feel sick, and then started tripping. I'll do my best to describe it, but it's hard to accurately remember what I saw, so it will mostly be just about the experience in general. Sorry if this is too bloggy.

For me, the experience could best be described as dream-like. I sort of related it to the times right after waking up when you're still sort of dreaming, but much more so. When I was lucid enough to try to do something, i could shape objects and stuff, or say "I want to fantasize about X." And it would happen. Usually, the interface to these fantasies was these 4 book icons in the lower right of my vision, and I would choose the fourth one, which was the book unlocked by the DXM, to tell me a story.

Also, when I was lucid enough to test stuff, I would try to open my eyes to see if I would have open eye hallucinations, but I don't recall ever having any. I would hallucinate generic room stuff when my eyes were closed, so I couldn't even tell if my eyes were closed until I tried opening them and then the room became much brighter (by this time the sun was starting to come up, or maybe it was just ambient light from the street) and I recognized it as the room I was actually in.

The rest of the time was pretty much just a bunch of dreams, and almost as hard to remember. It didn't seem like an alcohol blackout, where you just time skip, it was more that it was too disorienting and events too unrelated to form coherent memories. I remember thinking at one point that there's no way I'm gonna remember all this stuff. For some reason, I felt I could only have 4 discrete "tasks" active at a time and visualized slots for the tasks in the middle of my vision. I'm not really sure what a "task" was. I think a memory or thought would be one. And maybe moving a limb would be another. Very simple things.

The only sequences I have a decent memory of were one where I asked Lain for salvation (I don't think I used that specific word though, I think it was more asking if I could stay with her), and she said no. I said "that's what I thought." And then I was in a future orb thing going down a tunnel. And at the bottom, it was an infinite expanse of blackness with red lights floating in the distance, presumably the eyes of giant robots. The other sequence I sort of remember was one where I was like "I could make a game out of this stuff!" and then I was playing a Yume Nikki style game, and I was like, damn, this is just a ripoff of Yume Nikki.

After 4 hours, I realized that yes, my computer is a thing, and is usable. And so I crawled over there and turned it on and got on IRC. I had double vision like a motherfucker, so I had to use a hand to cover up an eye. Then I got nauseous from the movement and the light and crawled to the bathroom to throw up, and sat there for about 10 minutes. And stopped halfway back and cold-sweated from the nausea. Shortly afterwards, I turned my computer off and went to sleep.

Woke up the next afternoon, still under the effects a little. I still had a lot of trouble with coordination and balance and speech. Everything felt too compartmentalized still to do any of those things effectively. I was worried until I looked in a mirror and noticed my eyes were still dilated. I slept for most of the day, and by the end had mostly recovered except for a minor headache. And then I had a minor headache all yesterday and my jaw and neck were a little sore from being tense often. And today I'm fine!

And happy birthday!

Post edited on 31st May 2012, 3:09pm
>> No. 15065 [Edit]

That sounds like quite the experience. I hope you enjoyed or at least benefited in a way from it, despite being sick. That part sure sucks.

Today I had a horrible hangover, and slept/sat around until at least 1PM. I was so hot and my head hurt, so falling or staying asleep was impossible. I stared at the roof for the most part while occasionally falling asleep. I've been drained of energy all day and can't be bothered to do anything. Even typing is more effort than I want to do, so I've been watching Strawberry Panic and bad 80s sci-fi OVAs all afternoon.
>> No. 15066 [Edit]
Today I woke up in a lot of pain so I took a shower, but that didn't help. So I took pain pills and slept for a really long time and they still haven't worn off. I forgot to eat today, too. I woke up and people started talking at me and I don't really remember who they are.
>> No. 15069 [Edit]
Shit dude, what happened?
>> No. 15070 [Edit]
I moved into what was previously my sister's room. It's got really horrible black paint over wallpaper, but it's much nicer than my old mould covered spider nest of a room. I also took the time to clear my computer of dust and replace my CPU cooler. Dust filters do a hell of a job.
>> No. 15071 [Edit]

Get ready to be grossed out.


I've got at least 2 of these under my arm, one is really big and painful, too.
>> No. 15072 [Edit]
Today I discovered a new music artist called Madlib that's fantastic. I don't listen to hiphop much but it's very smooth and calming, his stuff.

I think it's really great that you tried it, even if it wasn't the BEST experience it could have been. Drugs change the way you understand reality to be, and I think that's good... mixing things up a little bit from time to time doesn't hurt, and it might even make us better. Just please please don't become an addict! DXM is very easy to get addicted to. I recommend doing a bit more research on it if you plan on taking it again sometime. At lower dosages where the trip isn't as extreme, it can be a fun way to relax... just as long as you don't grow hooked on it.
>> No. 15074 [Edit]
I've always wanted to give DXM a try along with DPH but I live with other people here and shit might happen. I also find it odd how that person had such a good experience, usually deliriant trips are filled with bugs and many other nightmarish things from the trip reports I read lately.

Anyways today was an average fat ass Friday, woke up made a pot of coffee, drank it all. And then just played games and surfed the internet the rest of the day as I felt strangely depressed because I was just too focused on my fantasies I will never feel. Later I'm tagging along with someone else in the house to get some pizza, makes me feel like more of a fat ass than usual on Friday but don't have a choice. I got kicked in the balls by my own mind again for thinking too much and it ruined my day.
>> No. 15077 [Edit]
My mother returned from the store today with a gigantic thing of cheeseballs for me, easily one of the biggest food containers to ever enter this house. I have no idea why she bought it since I haven't snacked on junk food regularly in like 2 years
>> No. 15081 [Edit]
Yeah, I'll try to be careful. I've read that you really should wait a minimum of a week between trips, but I plan to wait longer.

I hear DXM hydrobromide (which is the standard, non-timerelease stuff) trips are more intense.
>> No. 15092 [Edit]
Yesterday I talked with my co-workers. They said how it is problematic how they have loan from bank. I said I will never take a loan if I just have steady job. They reacted "wait few years when you have partner, family and you need to buy car and house".

Man wtf? Why normals are expecting that everyone wants to start family and buy a house? I plan to live paying rent rest of my life in some very little apartment. My parents have big house and maintaining it is huge pain in the ass. I will never want have such money and time sink.
>> No. 15093 [Edit]
That's because normals want you to suffer just like they do.

The good thing about this is that you don't have to suffer. Just do what you want and pay them no attention since you know what is best for you.

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>> No. 15094 [Edit]
My neighbor was talking to my dad and said that a few nights ago another neighbor almost had his door kicked in in the middle of the night, and the cops told him that he should just shoot the guy through the door and drag the body inside. What the fuck happened to this place. Actually that's a silly question because I know: the cops said the number of burglaries in this neighborhood has gone up significantly since our neighbors started renting the house next door. Hopefully the won't be dumb enough to try to rob the house right next to them, or if they do then they don't take my computer
>> No. 15097 [Edit]

I'm sure that the only reason the cops said that was because they really don't want anything bad to happen to the honest people that live in that neighborhood. At this point I'm sure that they're tired of letting criminals go and watching them get away with even more crimes when them being dead could give everybody the peace that they want.

It's cruel, but it's likely that it's true.
>> No. 15102 [Edit]
Today I talked with some people online. Went for a nice walk, too. Cleaned my room and just broke out some vodka. It was a fairly good day, but it ended in kind of a confusing way. I have a hard time understanding people, but I wish I could make everyone happy. I guess I can only try my best.
>> No. 15107 [Edit]
Today so far has been an average Sunday. Woke up, made a loaf of beer bread and ate a bunch of it. Then I was back into my room all day on the internet with average Sunday soul crushing depression as my mother pestered me to apply for jobs I'll never be able to get but will apply for anyways just to shut her up.
>> No. 15108 [Edit]
File 133874401113.png - (92.10KB , 843x653 , c43f4bd0f8ee7dba59b1a15675b8f3fc.png )
My mom decided that today was fine to throw a party for my birthday from a couple of days ago or whenever it was.

I hope that I can get through this day with the most minimal of contact. She also took main fan that kept my room cool and have to use the tiny back up to keep my room from becoming a sauna.

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>> No. 15110 [Edit]
File 133875983347.jpg - (429.05KB , 1600x1200 , 12718937183719.jpg )
Played some games, did a stupid, stupid thing that resulted in one of my hours long self-loathing sessions, then went for a walk at dusk.

My city is ugly and boring, but today the full moon was pretty so I snapped some pics(courtesy of my shitty cellphone camera)
>> No. 15112 [Edit]
Today I thought about killing myself. I didn't.
>> No. 15113 [Edit]
I wish I could take pictures of the moon too on a clear night too but my older digital camera can never take a clear shot. I need a better one, night shots always come out terrible.
>> No. 15114 [Edit]
Today I broke a few things. Haven't done anything else now...I just want to sleep and feel nothing.
>> No. 15116 [Edit]
I bought somer ram for my upcoming computer that I'm building. 16g for maximum!
>> No. 15117 [Edit]
Visited local university library (quite small) today. They were selling old books 1€ per book because university is closing down soon. I bought nine books, mostly philosophy and psychology.
>> No. 15119 [Edit]
Mine isn't clear either, and night shots in particular suck.
I wish I had the money to buy a proper camera.
>> No. 15120 [Edit]
DPH is just a kind of...bad drug that people shouldn't do. Like, ever.
I can not recommend it with a clean conscience - If you want to do it, you're in for a hellish time. Honestly, the best way to sum it up is "Silent Hill". You're scared, you don't know what's going on, all of the hallucinations are manifestations of your inner demons, and you have no clue what is real or if you're crazy or what.
DXM is a good kind of drug that people should do as often as possible, without getting too addicted, anyway, haha. It's when you start binging on it that you have to worry; Nobody likes DXM enough to binge on it, and so if that's happening, you have a problem, and should get away from the stuff for a while. Anyway, I'd recommend both, together; Namely because of what DPH does to DXM (it potentates it like a motherfucker - turns even the lowest of the low doses into something worthwhile; 300mg DPH + 300mg DXM is usually a fun time for me, but I've grown to hate DPH enough to completely cut it out of the equation - last time I did it, I think it was April...10th? I don't know, haha...anyway, it sucks, don't do DPH, even with DXM). It's just not worth it, what you get for your money, y'know? You're way better off buying some DXM and apple juice with your money - DXM is much more fun on it's own, I'd say. In my personal experience, I have had much more better results just forcing the syrup down my throat, and being sick a little later, than just doing the DPH/DXM combo. Shit is not fun. Apple juice is just generally good, and good for you, too~!

Anyway, today was fun. I dosed the rest of my Concerta, and spent the rest of the night writing about my dreams, and this one day at the beach with these people I barely knew came to mind, so I started writing about that. I feel like I've gotten something tangible there, but that was probably just the Concerta, haha. Oh, well...I'm all out, now. The dream is dead. It's not even like I loved it to begin with, but I couldn't help but feel a certain wistfulness as I dosed that one last dose, y'know? It was certainly a fun time, that's for sure. Now, my neck hurts, and I'm so spun I can't think straight. My eyes also hurt from staring at a screen all day, but I'm not going to stop. Why would I stop? I've got the crash coming soon, man, if it's not already here (which it definitely is), and I need to stay up for that, at least.

I was writing this since 8, haha~ Haha, oh, man, that's so strange, y'know? I was writing this since at least 8 AM (it's 12:40PM now). Haruhi damn, that's strange...
>> No. 15121 [Edit]
Don't do fucking DPH anyone. That's what homeless people do when they go rob pharmacies for something. It's awful awful awful awful awful stuff. If you want to hallucinate and see things, there are better drugs.
>> No. 15124 [Edit]
File 133884660197.png - (1.97MB , 1440x810 , fuckyeahfreebooks.png )

My sister surprised me with more free books. I've read some, but I'm looking forward to reading what I have not.

I'll have enough to read for months now.
>> No. 15125 [Edit]
Some good stuff there man, enjoy. Wish I had family like your bringing me stuff I enjoy.
>> No. 15126 [Edit]
Today, I wrote a letter to an online friend of mine. I'll have to mail that tomorrow. I've been having a lot of bad feels lately; there must be some kind of bad feels ecosystem.
>> No. 15127 [Edit]
I read chirei-de and loved it, one the best Touhou doujin around.

Then I wandered in the rain for a few hours. The city feels empty when it's raining, I like it.
>> No. 15128 [Edit]
Blew the whole day away watching anime for the first time in months.
>> No. 15129 [Edit]
today i slept a lot and was sick
>> No. 15131 [Edit]
Go a text from my friend (who probably still goes here) telling me the catering company for the themepark he works at is hiring Japanese workers (students maybe?) and I should apply there so I can help break down language barriers/ give me incentive and practice to learn more Japanese. The work would be simpler than the coffee chain and I wouldn't have to be customer servicey, since most of the workers probably aren't expected to speak a lot of English.
>> No. 15132 [Edit]
Slept until 3 in the afternoon, played some video games, then watched the nintendo 3ds E3 thing despite not planning on ever owning one
>> No. 15137 [Edit]
Ooh, if you haven't yet be sure to read Voltaire's Candide. Its a masterwork of 18th century satire. Its also worth noting that many of the concepts it satirizes still exist today.
>> No. 15138 [Edit]

Ah yeah, I read that one a long time ago. It's one of my favourites.
>> No. 15140 [Edit]
My ISP is being a bunch of dicks again, so there's a good chance I'll be without internet for a while soon. Stocking up on anime to watch during that time as I post.

I think it's time I switched providers anyway.
>> No. 15141 [Edit]
There were like 5 cop cars outside my house today. Later I found out they were here for someone in my neighborhood, because he hit someones car and ran and they followed him home. I was really hoping they were here for my burglar neighbors
>> No. 15142 [Edit]
I wish you luck, Rostran. I know what it's like to go through the pain of being without internet for a long while.

Try to stock up on more than you think that you'll need. If something goes wrong, you'll be glad that you did.
>> No. 15143 [Edit]
Today I was up real early, but couldn't manage to fall back asleep. I stayed up reading instead. Ever have a book so old, bugs are living in it? I was reading some real old edition of some Louis-Ferdinand Céline collection (that guy really hated Jews) and some little orange bugs came out. Suffice to say I threw it out. Now I'm just getting drunk like a loser.
>> No. 15147 [Edit]
Woke up early, napped, played DOTA. Decided to reread Crime and Punishment. Tried to reassure a friend.

I once bought a book with a bug in it
>> No. 15149 [Edit]
Went to my grandmother's funeral
>> No. 15160 [Edit]
I've been getting calls for me the last few days. I know nobody so I figured it was army recruiters or something, but they are being pretty persistent so I'm not so sure. I guess I'll talk to them next time
>> No. 15161 [Edit]
I unplug the phone when that happens.
>> No. 15162 [Edit]
turns out they wanted me to answer survey questions or some dumb crap, which i refused. thanks for stalking me for 2 days, weird survey people
>> No. 15163 [Edit]
Well damn, about 10 minutes ago I heard sirens and a car screeching and I look out my window and some cops had one of those neighbors on the ground at taserpoint outside their house. I guess it's garbage week!
>> No. 15168 [Edit]
I keep having awful thoughts, awful hallucinations. My room feels like it's closing in on me, it feels like things are alive and they hate me. I'm convinced that they're out doing it again, I keep seeing all kinds of awful sceneries in my mind. I'm having intense daydreams that are more like nightmares, memories of things which haven't happened that are strongly felt enough to overwhelm my senses... it'll all end soon enough, I know, but it's awful. I keep barfing and shaking and crying and all kinds of unpleasant thoughts keep coming into my mind, and I can't keep them out. They're so terrible that I can't sleep, I can't concentrate. I just want it to all go away. This is anxiety like I've never felt it before. I just wish that everyone that's close to me would leave me and run away. We're all slime but I'm slime without a cast. Just let the rain wash me out.
>> No. 15178 [Edit]
I'm going to the hospital for a few days, the awful thoughts aren't going away and I don't want to die yet.
>> No. 15180 [Edit]

Good luck, keep safe.
>> No. 15181 [Edit]
Drank a fuckload, passed out, then woke up covered in vomit.

Now I'm feeling like utter shit.

I have to stop doing these things
>> No. 15183 [Edit]
Today I remembered why I hate myself, though I think I've stopped caring about anything.
>> No. 15185 [Edit]
I told my dad that I was feeling suicidal and that I wanted to go to the hospital, but he just called me a weakling and a liar. After he left, I cut myself some and passed out in the bathtub. As terrible and slimy and shitty as some people in this world are, I'm no better... I feel I'm even worse. ; ;

Haha, let's go drinking buddy
>> No. 15193 [Edit]
Today I woke up in a pool of dry blood without remembering how or why. Apparently you can cut yourself so bad you pass out from blood loss for a day. As a result, I went to the hospital to get stitched up. They tried to get me to stay in the psychiatric ward, but I hate it there and refused.

Instead I met a doctor who, from my countenance alone, seemed to notice how low I've sunk. I mentioned how desperate I am for help but lack the means or will to attain it, and he got me back on some anti-psychotics and anti-depressants for free (they became too much money) as well as an appointment with a doctor who treats the mental illness I have. I've been off my medicine and such for years and have become a pathetic, awful, terrible excuse for a person as a result. Well, let's hope that can change.
>> No. 15194 [Edit]
My internet should've been shut off yesterday but it's still on. I don't know what happened, but I lucked out for once.

The most interesting thing I did today was crash into the moon while playing Kerbal Space Program for the first time in months.
>> No. 15196 [Edit]
I had to go to a wedding out of town yesterday and today my legs ache from being cooped up in a car for hours and my feet have blisters from my shitty shoes

>> No. 15197 [Edit]
I've had a mostly wonderful day so far. I woke up this morning, full of energy and nothing to do, so I walked down to the local swimming pool and did some laps. Relaxed a bit in the hot tub and then went to the weight room (which, thankfully, was empty). It felt nice to use my body. After that, I took a bus to the store and bought a cheap new cell phone as well as some clothing. I walked around downtown for a few hours and enjoyed the nice weather and talked to some strangers to try to get past my anxiety.

My sister had a graduation party today and she rented out a room downtown. About sixty people or so came, mostly her friends and their families. Some of my family came as well and I was required to attend with them. My grandfather surprised me with a very healthy collection of very old Wittgenstein books, mostly books written by him but also some written about him. My family surprised me with about $600 of money. Like myself, my grandfather is very passionate about philosophy and religion and literature and all of those sorts of fields of interest, so we just sat in the corner and talked about our passions while ignoring everyone else. We talked about happiness and stress and anxiety some (he spent several years in in the field of psychotherapy) as well as the topic of worth. More than anything else, my grandfather is a con artist in my eyes. He seems to only care about himself and his own possessions, but he's very happy in the way he lives, which I find interesting. He gave me a lot of advice for finding jobs. "Haruhi helps he who helps himself," he tells me, himself being a devout atheist. "Other people don't matter. They have their problems, we have ours. Stress is purely internal, and things will only bother you if you let them." As someone who grew up as a beatnik, I think that he would understand and agree with the term Ford Driver if he heard it.

But my day was fairly good. I had a lot of good discussion and got a lot of money and good books. I tried looking for jobs but most of the businesses were closed today, so I'll try tomorrow. I really think that once you can be comfortable with who you are and once you can determine what it is you want in life, your life will get better. No one will ever love me, no one can ever love me, but maybe I can. I'm filled with a burning passion to improve my life. I can do it! Maybe that will get my mind away from that two month old distraction... all kinds of awful feelings like love and disgust and fear and regret and hope have been destroying my mind, I wish I could just shut off my irrational longings for other humans! It's awful! As much as I hate having to deal with other people and doing actual work, I really think a job would be a good way to stabilize myself and my future. Ah... I'm sorry for making such long and boring posts, it's just that my mind is full of many powerful thoughts and they're all running around and making me excited. I'm going to finish off my day by watching "Mysterious 3DPD X" and catching up on Fate/Zero, Korean Desk Car Zombie, Nyaruko, and Upotte! If you haven't seen Mysterious 3DPD X, you should check it out. There's a terribly cute girl in it...

If you can cut yourself so damn badly that you wake up in pools of blood and forget how it happened, maybe you should go to the psych ward for a while! What if you do it again, what if you do it worse? Your life can never reach a point so low that you can never recover. I've self-harmed myself before too, it's awful, you can't honestly say that you enjoy that kind of thing, can you? What are you trying to escape from in your life? Even if you feel that you're a disgusting waste of a human being, you have to convince yourself that there are worse people out there! If you're a hikikomori, it's virtually impossible to be a bad person! Compared to the drug dealers and soldiers and politicians and bankers and everyone else in our world whose greed seriously makes others suffer on needlessly, the most your actions can hurt are yourself. People can do disgusting things, but as long as you can leave the past in the past, you can become better! We all have our differences in how we live and how we came to be who we are, and that's what makes we humans so beautiful, who we are in our ideal states and how we change. What's been bothering you in life, Anonymous? It sounds like you're in a very bad position at the present, I'm sure there's an interesting story of how that came to be.
>> No. 15200 [Edit]
Usually they treat self-harmers like shit in the hospitals, I think you got lucky for getting such a nice doctor.

Good luck to you anyway
>> No. 15202 [Edit]
Oh, also at the wedding I got the typical "what have you been doing" question from a family member and she went stonefaced and looked at me like shit when I told her (nothing).
>> No. 15204 [Edit]

True, they usually do. I wonder why that is. I suppose I was quite lucky with that. I haven't slept or ate much in weeks, so I probably looked terribly pitiful in any case.

I spent much of the remainder of this day outside in some green space, thinking and writing of my existence. I've been piecing together why I believe I'm so unhappy and why it leads to so much self destruction, ambiguity and lying. I can thus far attribute it to one thing: varying degrees of brutality during my child hood, of which have left a cicatrice. Withdrawal, dishonesty and submissiveness became my only known tools of survival during these times and so I carried these concepts along with me to the present, never exonerating them nor ever taking a moment to think whether they were valid methods of dealing with things. Consequently this desire to isolate and obliterate all feelings progresses into more harmful acts, such as self-harm or drug use none of which is at all beneficial. Suffering becomes a tolerable and pleasurable experience when it has so much familiarity. It's flawless escapism.

Arriving at this minor understanding, I've become beset with a feeling of contentment. I still despise life and people and much of it I will never understand, but suddenly things don't seem so hopeless. Though unrealistic, there is a seething desire to rectify everything negative I've ever done or to anyone I've ever wronged. The best I can do is accept and learn from what I've done and hope I don't repeat the mistakes I've committed.

Alas, I don't know where to go from here but fueled with such positivism I feel a sliver of ambition growing inside me. I haven't felt like this in a long long time, it's actually damn scary. Ah, well, tomorrow is another day for more thought and experience, let's hope they're positive for each one of us out there.
>> No. 15214 [Edit]
Just came back from a job interview. A store. 

Walk into the room after a long time of waiting for the customer service person to figure out how to contact his boss that I was there. He confides that I was the only person to apply for the position in a month. I finally am directed to a storage room. Guy walks in with a woman. They ask me questions. Then they ask me if I can work nights and weekends. 

I say I am uncomfortable with it because their nights and weekends are 11 PM to 4 AM. They both chuckle and say "well, it's not about your comfort." I say I was mislead by the sign and noted it was the only position posted that didn't ask for nights and weekends. He said it didn't matter. 

I stood up and said "if neither of us want to maintain a level of professional conduct from the beginning of our discourse I feel this position is not within either of our interests for me to fill. If you will excuse me it will appear my interests in employment here have changed." I left. 

Seriously, fuck them. This is why I can't stand normals. They act so superior while letting people shit on them. Nobody respects anybody. I ask for a job fixing problems in a building (something I have the qualifications to do) and get offered shitty customer service retail hours. And? I am interviewed by an assistant manager in the department I am not applying for, not the manager or the assistant manager of the maintenance department. 

Why does every prospective job I look for have the stupidest management? This is almost as bad as being under a pregnant latina cunt and the registered sex offender flip that knocked her up in the break room, being told to work on days I have said time and time again that I cannot work because I have had plans on that day for a year and a half.