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File 135577679565.jpg - (22.43KB , 335x363 , shirtmockup.jpg )
11237 No. 11237 [Edit]
I'm facing a dilemma.
Last night, I had a dream. Involving waifuism to the extent that I feel the need to post it here.

So, I was walking through my school as usual. There was no one in the hallway but me at the time. So there I was, walking along, when I came upon a line of statues in the middle of the hall for no reason. The first one I came upon was Yui (K-On!). There was no statue of my waifu.

In the dream, I don't know what overtook me or why I did it but I dropped onto my knees, and hugged the statue and started crying. The statue hugged me back and whispered "It's okay" or something to that effect, patting my head all the while. So I sat there, holding Yui in my arms, and crying. Suddenly, everyone in the school rushed out into the hall for some reason, but I didn't even care; I just held onto her. I guess no one saw because no one said anything.

If a statue of my waifu was there, I would have hugged it instead. Why did I hug Yui at all? I mean, she's cute and I love her to death, but not in that way. Yui is, I guess, my Imouto. But why did I hug her? And why am I beating myself up over it?

I'm seriously really disappointed in myself right now.
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>> No. 11240 [Edit]
I don't see the problem with hugging, and with a statue no less. I think you are beating yourself up over nothing. You said yourself you would have gone to your waifu's if it was there.
>> No. 11243 [Edit]
File 135579424782.jpg - (44.53KB , 500x500 , gin044.jpg )
I think that you are mistaking your intentions in your dream.
From what I read, it gave me the impression that you started crying hugging Yui's statue because Minami's wasn't in there. Since your subconcious already recognized the statues as the character they represented it's logical to be sad if your waifu isn't in it.
So hugging Yui, who you yourself admit to feel affection towards, to get emotional support, note how she says "it's okay" as in trying to comfort you. And so you may have felt apretiation towards her in that moment.
I think that you are beating yourself over it because you have high morals about your relation with her and so you are afraid you have done something that could have tarnished your relationship even at a subconcious level.
I think that you should not feel disappointed in yourself, I think that this dream was just an expression of you being sad because you are "missing" her.
>> No. 11244 [Edit]
I love these pictures you post. They're so pretty. I'm sorry I have nothing else to contribute.
>> No. 11245 [Edit]
I couldn't tell you why I was crying to begin with but I'm almost 100% sure that's not the reason. I distinctly remember feeling generally depressed as opposed to sad about missing Minami.

It was less a statue as it went on, and more ended up turning from a statue of Yui into Yui herself as I hugged her.

Yui just ended up giving general emotional support, that of what a close friend would.

(also yes that picture is great~)
>> No. 11249 [Edit]
Dreams sometimes illustrate subconscious feelings but are frequently just nonsense. Don't worry about it too much.
>> No. 11257 [Edit]
File 13558766255.jpg - (83.76KB , 720x960 , 1332976219950.jpg )
Much appreciated. I guess I'm lucky to have such dedicated people drawing pictures of her. I also like most of the pictures that other people post here.
Don't you remember more? Maybe some with this you can realize why you felt that way

Or maybe >>11249 is right and we are all overthinking this.
>> No. 11258 [Edit]
File 135587765036.jpg - (60.30KB , 550x1000 , 31208804.jpg )
I agree. Sometimes you are yourself in dreams, and sometimes you are not. The dreamworld seeks actors for its scenarios, and you just happened to be there and not lucid.
>> No. 11259 [Edit]
I just remember feeling extremely... alone.
"Lonely" was the main emotion that brought on my crying.

Dunno if this has anything to do with the lack of a Minami statue.
>> No. 11261 [Edit]

I dunno, but Yui, in my interpretation, is a symbol for the stereotypical moe character. I mean, she also is, if you look at it.

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