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File 136463679348.jpg - (34.02KB , 500x375 , 11220090414.jpg )
13805 No. 13805 [Edit]
japanese bird cooking spaghetti alone.
just like me cooking spaghetti, except with feathers.
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>> No. 13806 [Edit]
File 136464396772.jpg - (80.97KB , 800x600 , cooking.jpg )
I love cooking. Lately I feel like I've really perfected a few dishes, recipes, and techniques. I just wish I had a real-life friend to share the deliciousness with, but they would probably think I am a fag.
So ronery ;_;
>> No. 13807 [Edit]
Cooking is just waste of time.
>> No. 13808 [Edit]
I just horribly screwed up a pot of coffee. Super watery, I can't do anything right.
>> No. 13810 [Edit]
Actually that bird has a room full of friends off-screen, waiting for their meal
>> No. 13811 [Edit]
I like to make rice. I eat it with mayo, olive, meat, veggies, tuna, chimi, anything.
>> No. 13813 [Edit]
My brother could teach you how to make coffee like a pro.

Just do it enough that you can do it in your sleep.
>> No. 13823 [Edit]
If you lived near me I would eat your delicious food.
>> No. 13841 [Edit]
I haven't eaten spaghetti for almost half a year now. I used to eat it all the time.
>> No. 13844 [Edit]
I can't remember the last time I had any Italian pasta at all but I think the last thing I had was some penne in vodka sauce from a restaurant sometime last year or the year before that. It was so good, I still remember exactly how it tasted. Can't replicate it at home. I also love lasagna but haven't had that in forever either.
>> No. 13863 [Edit]
File 136513246433.jpg - (89.25KB , 500x335 , 4429962819.jpg )
I'd make my famous baked alaska flambe and awesome homemade boba tea. We could sit in our sleeping bags snuggled up to a cute dakimakura and crack jokes while watching some cheesy anime together.

Just thinking about it makes me feel all happy and depressed at the same time... ;_;
>> No. 13870 [Edit]
That does sound very nice, I'd enjoy that very much. I'm guessing you live nowhere near Ohio though. Nobody on the internet lives near Ohio ;_;
>> No. 13874 [Edit]
File 136516326095.jpg - (46.48KB , 650x652 , Ohayou Gozaimasu!.jpg )
Sorry, nowhere near.
Maybe next lifetime we'll be neighbors.
>> No. 13883 [Edit]
File 136518891242.jpg - (22.89KB , 582x582 , oh hai yoh.jpg )
>> No. 13895 [Edit]
That picture isn't a joke past a certain point in the average Ohioan's life. I'm surrounded by older people and young children.

In our next lives you will cook a delicious meal and we will eat and have fun even.

I associate it with Japanese more than the actual state too.
>> No. 13946 [Edit]
File 136566928262.png - (168.07KB , 400x400 , 1362553275417.png )
So are there /jp/sies here or what?
>> No. 13948 [Edit]
Well there are plenty of us who used to regular /jp/
>> No. 13949 [Edit]

*ex /jp/spies

And yes, there are plenty from what I gather.
>> No. 13953 [Edit]
I go there and here. I've been on /jp/ for years and found this place sometime in 2012 from there.
>> No. 13954 [Edit]
>sometime in 2012

please go back to 4chan and forget about this site.
>> No. 13956 [Edit]
That elitism is sure to make /jp/spies feel welcomed, keep it up!
>> No. 13957 [Edit]
File 136571696529.jpg - (275.73KB , 902x1274 , 1365400177559.jpg )
For those who don't know NEET threads have been banned on /jp/. They tried setting up shop on other boards but none of them want the NEET 'blogshit'. So it shouldn't be a surprise to see more emigrants here.
>> No. 13958 [Edit]
Just hope the spurdo, fakeNEET and obnoxious truNEET-crap-on-floor shitposters don't take up permanent residence here.
>> No. 13959 [Edit]
Well this 'is' pretty much a NEET board, so I see no reason not to welcome them.
>> No. 13960 [Edit]
No wonder I've been seeing a bit more 4shit related garbage pop up recently.

I know what it's like to lose a "home", though. But still, that doesn't give them the right to try to force the things they like/liked on the new communities that they visit.

Anyway, it took me 1-3 years to find a place I could call "home" and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anybody ruin this place.
>> No. 13961 [Edit]
File 136572179967.png - (133.55KB , 367x222 , 1353668605960.png )
Oh dear. Customs and immigration. Good day sir. How do I go about applying for and renewing my shitposting permits?

Seriously though. Not all of us are the crazy autists you hear about. We'll behave so please grant us asylum immigration officer-san. Onegai!
>> No. 13962 [Edit]
whstever you may bitch about, they STILL are felow NEETs and this site does not have laws bannign their existence.
>> No. 13963 [Edit]
>For those who don't know NEET threads have been banned on /jp/.

Jesus how low can 4chan fall?
>> No. 13964 [Edit]
But that decision is good. Being neet has nothing to do with otaku culture.
>> No. 13965 [Edit]
I have now officially been told to get off almost every place I frequent on the internet. I'm the ultimate reject! I don't even care, fuck you too. I'm hated everywhere I go.

Do they actually think just taking it off the official rules is gonna stop them? It's been part of the board too long to stop now. Most people don't even care about the rules but a bunch of whining babies anyways, the one's that feel a need to derail every thread for the dumbest shit ever. They're probably the one's that got them taken away too so it doesn't say much that they have been banned.
>> No. 13967 [Edit]
If you've been haven't noticed in case your blind, /jp/ is one of those boards that's mostly defined by it's current users. It's otaku culture centered which can mean a lot in the first place is all. It's more like otaku culture/random than anything. It's not purely random but it isn't just a small handful of things either. Hard to explain really what belongs there and what doesn't since it can change with it's users and last time I checked most people are fine with those threads. They can be pretty fun threads too but of course you can't please everyone so along comes the "super serious" users and the trolls to shit up the thread. It's not like there's a million of them spammed all over the board either, you can easily just go to another thread if you don't want to post in it.
>> No. 13968 [Edit]
File 136577101213.jpg - (24.87KB , 600x450 , 2352.jpg )
>I'm hated everywhere I go.

I know that feeling all too well.. ;_;
It's disappointing that even on the internet (where there is no physical or personal knowledge of who you are as an individual) People can still be so quick to be critical and unnecessarily negative toward one another.

Don't we encounter enough terrible stresses and bad attitudes in real life?
We should take off our shoes and leave behind all these corrupted interactive traits that we are so used to enduring and strive become something this world appears to be lacking in: Nice and friendly people.
>> No. 13969 [Edit]
ive been here since thi site was imageboard4free & i postes on anonib's /hikkikiomori/ board and I dont hate you....
>> No. 13972 [Edit]
/jp/ isn't 2D/random anymore. There are multiple janitors patrolling the board now and they're pretty obsessive. You can only start threads about the subjects that are explicitly listed in the rules, otherwise you get deleted and muted in a matter of minutes. It's sad because back in 2008-2010 it was a big retirement home for depressed weeaboos to post about anything they wanted and have fun.
I don't get the people who lobbied for this change, if they want a place with strict rules, tagged threads, never ending general threads and instant moderation, why couldn't they just go to a normal forum? Why ruin other people's fun?
>> No. 13973 [Edit]
Irony is that /jp/ was intended as a containment board - a sacrificial board - for 2hu junk and other shitposters that stank up /a/. Having really strict rules defeats the point of that. Now lots of 2hu and /jp/ sewage have retreated back to /a/.
>> No. 13974 [Edit]
/a/ is crap anyway. I can usually only see decent discussion in obscure manga threads and Sad Panda threads. If anything /a/ is the containment board for /jp/.
>> No. 13975 [Edit]
Just from the language the last 10 or so posters in this thread have used I can tell this is not going to be a good experience.

Chances are you people are the very reason most of us fled here in the first place, and now you expect us to accept you with open arms? I genuinely don't understand how anyone could regularly browse /jp/ after late 2010, and so I doubt this community will gain any good new posters from this. That said, I am but a simple user and if the mods and community are willing to give you a chance, then so am I.

However, could you please tone it down with the 4chan vocabulary? Not only is it ear-grating, it also makes you instantly recognizable.


It never fucking was 2D/Random, and the changing userbase required stricter moderation because their conception of 'having fun' was so fucked up. I wasn't there to know how it turned out, but no matter what rules you decide on, if the userbase is utter shit it's not going to change anything.

I really don't want to debate this though, and /so/ is not the place to discuss the state of 4chan boards. Maybe someone should move this thread to /ot/ or /fb/, or just delete it.
>> No. 13980 [Edit]

>I really don't want to debate this though, and /so/ is not the place to discuss the state
of 4chan boards.

This. If you want to bitch about 4chan meta you now have a board for that specific purpose on 4chan itself.

I honestly couldn't care less whether you guys are from /a/, /jp/, sankaku or gaia but don't bring that up because nobody gives a shit and this isn't the place to discuss that. As long as you follow the rules and keep your ironic shitposting out of /tc/ you can be Stormfront regulars for all I care.
>> No. 13983 [Edit]
It's more like /a/ becoming the containment board when /jp/ was created. All the creative posters went to /jp/, resulting in /a/'s demise. That board sucked ASS after 2007.
>> No. 13986 [Edit]
This is what we get when we listen to dumb asses like you: http://tohno-chan.com/ot/res/21508.html .
>> No. 13987 [Edit]
it takes time for people to adjust to new things, and I doubt the people making those stupid threads are really /jp/sies anyway.
>> No. 13988 [Edit]
Yeah I know right? I've never been to /a/ before and don't intend to go there since it's not like /jp/ but whatever the mods all sleep at some point and since it will probably remain the way it is despite stricter rules since no one cares they'll probably get sick of trying to stop it all and give up besides just deleting spam attacks. Strictly trying to patrol /jp/ never goes over too well.
>> No. 13989 [Edit]
I stop by /a/ every now and then just because of the satisfaction of having someone instantly reply to your post. But this is definitely where the term quantity < quality comes in. /a/ is full of normals these days the ironic part of it is that /a/ loves insulting any normal that comes onto the site. A lot of people on there like to use the argument ''It doesn't matter if normals are on the site as long as they don't show it because the only reason we don't like normals is because they ruin the quality and board culture of the site!'' I could never get into /jp/ because of the fact that they don't seem to like the mentality of 2D > 3D, which is the reason I started going on /a/ in the first place, but then again I never really gave /jp/ a chance especially since I already know of Tohno-chan which is pretty much perfect for me. But even the 3DPD hating mentality is starting to die on /a/ and become more of a ''board culture'' thing instead of something everyone agrees on.
>> No. 13990 [Edit]
Kind of the sad thing of that site. The demographics change at a rapid pace and so does the rhetoric. You can only expect sadness and rage if you hope that the board will still value X after a year or two. 4chan will always be an eternal disappointment.
>> No. 13991 [Edit]
>''It doesn't matter if normals are on the site as long as they don't show it because the only reason we don't like normals is because they ruin the quality and board culture of the site!''
People here say that a lot around here as well for other topics. bronies, narutards, women, gore fetishists, ect.
>> No. 13992 [Edit]
Well they shouldn't:

>Tohno-chan is an anime-themed image board for NEETs, hikikomori, otaku, and other social outcasts. Please take this into consideration when posting.

Take that and the fact that boards like /so/ and /mai/ exist and I would say the posters on Tohno-chan aren't just doing it because of board culture or something stupid like wanting to have quality. I mean come on one of the first things you see when you google Tohno-chan is that ''brief expose'' video with the guy making fun of us.
>> No. 13996 [Edit]
You get a 404 thread? SO listening to 'dumb asses' like me gets you a 404? You're a fucking faggot
>> No. 13998 [Edit]
It was a caterday thread started with a motivational image which was deleted by the staff here. I think that poster knew it was going to be deleted soon, but that wouldn't change the point that outsiders are bringing this kind of content with them, regardless of what the staff is doing about it. but as I stated in a previous post, I don't believe people from /jp/ would want to make such threads here.

It might just be speculation but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the doing of someone who just wanted to give them a bad reputation and reinforce hate for them and other outsiders. a false flag operation of sorts. This actually has happened on /jp/ a few years back when residents there 'advertized' Tohno-chan by pretending to be representatives of this site and spamming/shitposting /jp/. For the most part people there were smart enough to not be tricked by this however.
>> No. 13999 [Edit]
I always thought it was funny how far people go out of their way to try to ruin peoples enjoyment day or even life.
>> No. 14000 [Edit]
File 136590896855.jpg - (35.99KB , 269x227 , 122345.jpg )
I wish this thread would go away. ;_;

It's full of bad attitudes, name calling, and negativity. I dont come to Tohno-chan to see people argue and fight, I see enough of that in real life.
>> No. 14001 [Edit]
Agreed. That kind of thing really sickens me. Glad there are some people who can see through it and don't immediately judge. Thanks.

Please stop. Flaming and generally trying to outdick each other (ironic or not) doesn't seem to be a deeply entrenched culture here unlike /jp/. Which is great. I hope one of the reasons you came was to get away form those people as well.
>> No. 14005 [Edit]
If you knew anything about history of the board, you would understand it is supposed to be centred around very limited amount of topics (VN, Touhou and other otaku interests excluding anime/manga). It's is not 2D random. It is not Japanese general. And it is definitely not blogging about unemployment life. It is otaku culture which has the clear definition. End of story. Damn I dislike people who are trying to force their own thing on board which have nothing to do with the subject.

>I could never get into /jp/ because of the fact that they don't seem to like the mentality of 2D > 3D
You are so wrong.
>> No. 14006 [Edit]
Not the guy you're replying to, but what I didn't like much was how much they seem to hate anime, unless it's related to type moon.
>> No. 14007 [Edit]

Except the 'people' in this case refers to Tohno himself. He said it countless times, he doesn't mind normals on /tc/ as long as they keep their normality out of the site.
>> No. 14008 [Edit]
One of the posts you just replayed to was made by Tohno himself.
>> No. 14009 [Edit]
That doesn't mean I can't disagree with him on this matter. The more lenient you become the more normals come on thinking as long as they hide it they can post, the thing is more normals exist than non normals so eventually normals will talk about this website with their anime buddies and the site will over flood with them and they will force their mentality onto the site. It's happened with almost every other chan website out there. This site is safe for the time being though because it is known as ''that freakish website where losers without lives are in love with fictional characters'' thanks to the /mai/ and /so/ boards, also the fact that every normal goes to more popular chan websites like 4chan or 7chan anyways, how unknown it is and also the mentality shown in the rules and f&q etc.

I mean come on, this is THE website for people without lives who are obsessed with anime and 2D, why do people with different mentalities and views feel the need to come here? There are thousands of other websites out there.
>> No. 14010 [Edit]
i am not a new migrator here, but I did that because I was attacked. Responding to the aggressor.
>> No. 14011 [Edit]
>why do people with different mentalities and views feel the need to come here? There are thousands of other websites out there.

Colonialism I guess
>> No. 14013 [Edit]
I hate how some people think the internet is some sort of game or something, this is the reason /b/ became one of the most cancerous websites on the internet, because every edgy teen thought it was ''the final boss'' ''darkest corner'' of the internet or something stupid like that. Casuals and normals come on here and think because certain sites hold different views then the people they see in their every day lives that the internet is some sort of adventure game world to explore, while it is another world in a way, it is not something to be conquered either. That would be like some kid thinking real life is that kind of game and going into a ghetto alley full of criminals treating it as a boss fight or something. This also reminds me how deepweb went from being pedocentral to the deep scary mysterious underworld of the internet.

Post edited on 14th Apr 2013, 10:04am
>> No. 14014 [Edit]
This is pretty much why I am against rejected 4chan users coming here. I've seen multiple times in the past that they have no desire to integrate themselves with the current ongoings of the site and try to change it into what they're used to. That shitty caturday thread yesterday should've been proof enough by itself, even if it wasn't one of them, it should serve as a warning of what to expect.

I learned a while ago that signs shouldn't be taken too lightly, as ignoring them can lead to disastrous results that nobody will like. I'm not sure if the *chan boom ended or is still going, but there should definitely be a place for them somewhere on another *chan that supports their views and opinions. Maybe Uboachan or Desuchan.
>> No. 14015 [Edit]
i think the chan boom died out now/shit has switched to reddit now. We aren't the empire we once were

Also, going all Stalinist Purge will not solve the problem. Remember the virgin imageboard (wizardchan) is in the stages of purging and they're probably hitting 'legit' virgins there from their overzealousness. Remember when tohno-chan was like that? Anything REMOTELY not hardcore trueNEET posted on /so/ especially go you permab&

do you want to return to that?
>> No. 14016 [Edit]
Yes, I think many of us would like that.

Also, can someone delete this fucking thread already?
>> No. 14019 [Edit]
Well there is a difference between rejected and simply choosing to leave and/or come here instead. I came here because the main reason I would go to /a/ is to get away from normals and talk with fellow minded 3D haters who love/are in love with 2D. In that sense this site is perfect for me

Seriously though the fact that this site is so slow is annoying, otherwise it really would be internet paradise for me. But I would take quality over quantity any day.
>> No. 14020 [Edit]
It's usually fairly easy to tell if someone is a ''legit'' Ford Driver or not. If not then great, one normal got away with posting. If he is seriously a Ford Driver and decides to keep posting he will eventually show his true colors. I'm not really talking about purging either but instead making it extremely clear that we hate those kinds of people, that is why the stuff in f&q and rules is great. Most honest to Haruhi normals will not want to come here if they realize the way this site is, the people who originally act like that on sites like these where it is clear that we hate those kinds of people normally tend to be trolls trying to trick people into thinking they are Ford Drivers. Eventually newfags come on and take the trolls seriously and it all builds up from there. Take /a/ and moe as an example, this whole ''we hate moe'' thing was obviously just people trying to start shit or crossboarders until retards started taking it seriously.

But as that one guy proved in this thread (I think it was this one) by asking what Ford Drivers are he showed that a lot of idiots probably ignore the f&q/rules and just ''jump right in'', as Moot likes to say on the 4chan homepage. But once again I think normals on Tohno are something we don't need to worry about for a while. If /mai/ didn't already scare them off all the other stuff will. Not to mention the unpopularity of this site.

Post edited on 14th Apr 2013, 12:24pm
>> No. 14023 [Edit]
Yeah, I do
>> No. 14027 [Edit]

>That doesn't mean I can't disagree with him on this matter.

Sure, it just means your opinion holds pretty much no wieght either way so you might as well keep it to yourself. 'Tohno said so, I believe it, that settles it.'


Whoa, now that I look at it you're right, pretty surprised I missed it myself, my Tohnodar is usually in top notch condition. I just didn't expect to meet Tohno on /so/ so I let my guard down.
>> No. 14028 [Edit]
>you might as well keep it to yourself.

Why? Also, why do you seem to want to defend normals so much?
>> No. 14031 [Edit]

No, I just don't care about them. As long as they make contribute good content they are welcome as far as I'm concerned. Same goes for everybody else.

As for why it should be obvious, meta shit. At least post your metashit where it belongs.
>> No. 14040 [Edit]
>At least post your metashit where it belongs.

I'm not going to start a whole new thread just to reply to one person who brought the topic up anyways. I will say one last thing though, I go to this site to escape from normalcy, and that is indeed one of the biggest purposes of this site. So knowing that those kinds of people that I despise are going to make up almost half of the user base eventually just because they like to pretend they are like us is sickening.
>> No. 14041 [Edit]
>As long as they make contribute good content

Why do you think we don't want them here? Sure there are many reasons, but it seems that you don't put much thought in this when there's a reason for why the site is like this.
>> No. 14046 [Edit]
>I go to this site to escape from normalcy

people such as yourself are quite commonplace
>> No. 14049 [Edit]

>I go to this site to escape from normalcy

So do I.

>and that is indeed one of the biggest purposes of this site.

I agree.

>So knowing that those kinds of people that I despise are going to make up almost half of the user base eventually just because they like to pretend they are like us is sickening.

This I couldn't care less about, though.


>Why do you think we don't want them here?

No idea. As long as the content is good I'll take it from anyone, regardless of their sex, age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion and the amount of peope they fuck a week. I honestly couldn't care any less about their lives and as long as they don't bring them up I have no objections whatsoever.
>> No. 14064 [Edit]
Well said. I personally think that's a pretty mature perspective. The ones who are obnoxious and try to impose their previous community culture deserve no sympathy and shouldn't be allowed to stink up the board. However, I don't think it's particularly admirable to be a hateful bigot towards ALL newcomers either. Everyone at one time was a newcomer. I just want to take it easy.
>> No. 14071 [Edit]
There is a difference between Ford Drivers and newcomers. Ford Drivers are already too deep into society and other social things and it is honestly retarded that they want to come here out of all places when this is THE website for NEETs Hikis and other outcasts i.e non normals. I'll use /a/ on 4fag as an example, one of the reasons the whole site there is ruined because normals tried to push the fact that they should be allowed to have social lives i.e thousands of friends and/or something like shitbook as long as they are not in your face about it. Well you can see the results.

I don't really have anything against newcomers as long as they actually belong on the site. If you don't belong here simply go to another one, that would be like if I where to go to Reddit or something.

Post edited on 19th Apr 2013, 5:03am
>> No. 14083 [Edit]
you've never made a single amusing or interesting post on this site. not one. this fact indicates that you don't have the ability to judge what good content is, so how about you just don't post and you can enjoy the site by reading what other people post instead of constantly hassling the rest of us with your complaints about content you don't like?
if you can't add good content to the board you shouldn't be posting.
>> No. 14085 [Edit]
How can you say for sure he has never made any good posts?
>> No. 14089 [Edit]
I see all his posts, future and past.
>> No. 14097 [Edit]
>you've never made a single amusing or interesting post on this site.

In my opinion that's not true but then again I don't know how the fuck you would know that. Well OK maybe not very many amusing posts but I'm not a comedian either. You're really coming across as a close minded asshole right now and considering the ''I can see all posts'' comment I'm starting to not be able to take you seriously. I love this site and it is the one place I can escape to and I simply don't want it to become the next chan site that gets infested with Ford Drivers. It is kind of sad that wherever I go I get insulted somehow, even when I am on a site made for like minded people and posting anonymously.
>> No. 14098 [Edit]
its a basic fact of the internet that if a website is good then it will eventually be ruined by ford drivers. usually pretty quickly, too. once you've been on the internet for a while you'll pick up the pattern. the only way to avoid having ford drivers ruin your favorite sites is to avoid sites that are good, so please continue to make bad posts because if you ever do manage to make a good one (not likely) you'll just end up attracting ford drivers here.
>> No. 14099 [Edit]
Still wondering how you know all his posts are bad.
>> No. 14100 [Edit]
You seem to be some elitist really obsessed with ''good content'' if that is the case you need to learn to capitalize when needed and stop insulting people and claiming to know every one of my posts, considering I just moved recently to another country that is literally impossible. I don't know what your definition of ''good content'' is but what we are doing right now is not ''good content'' and the fact that you seem to not give a shit if the site becomes normal just because it happens with a lot of other sites makes me mad and shows just how little you care.

Post edited on 20th Apr 2013, 3:18am
>> No. 14104 [Edit]
Have you considered the possibility that someone trolled you (i.e, that someone actually went out of their way to annoy and waste the time of some random person on the internet)
>> No. 14105 [Edit]
No really? That's what I meant when I said I'm starting to not be able to take what he is saying seriously. But if I say ''fuck off troll'' he will just say something like ''oh now you think I am a troll just because you don't agree?'' in short either way he will act like an idiot might as well reply seriously considering there is a chance he is not a troll.

Post edited on 20th Apr 2013, 4:33am
>> No. 14112 [Edit]
I laughed pretty hard at this.
>> No. 14124 [Edit]
I wish you guys would just call them Ford Drivers. I drive a ford focus. It's a great car and so are their sales leading f-series trucks. Contact your friendly local ford dealership today!
>> No. 14125 [Edit]
Woops. Forgot '------'fag is censored. Why was it in the first place anyways?
>> No. 14126 [Edit]
i dunno. maybe tge admins considered it too related to the fourth chan perhaps? doubt it
>> No. 14134 [Edit]
bitch please
>> No. 14153 [Edit]
I drive a Toyota. They're cheap and reliable.

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