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File 133706080310.jpg - (10.58KB , 259x194 , 012.jpg )
10246 No. 10246 [Edit]
How do you deal with the overwhelming loneliness, /so/? I feel horribly alone, and being around other people just makes it worse. When I'm out in public I can't even look people in the eye, it's awful. For mother's day, when some family visited, I stayed up in my room for almost the entire time. I came down for about 20 minutes and stared at my feet the entire time and didn't say anything at all.
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>> No. 10247 [Edit]
I think having a waifu helps a little...
>> No. 10248 [Edit]
The very small handful of sites i post on
>> No. 10249 [Edit]
It does. Other than that, the only solutions I have found are being part of an online community, alcohol and drugs.
None of these work very well.
>> No. 10250 [Edit]
I was always too self-centered to ever feel lonely.
>> No. 10251 [Edit]
I usually find neat, small game communities with similar interests to escape this very feeling.
It's mostly with old outdated online games, but at least the community is tolerable and it's a decent source of escapism.
>> No. 10252 [Edit]
>How do you deal with the overwhelming loneliness, /so/?

I don't. I never feel lonely. Being by myself is much more fun than having to deal with people.
>> No. 10253 [Edit]
Being lonely is good and I actively seek loneliness.
>> No. 10254 [Edit]
Just because you are alone does not mean you have to feel lonely.
>> No. 10255 [Edit]
I guess that I just switch to anger and lash out at everyone and everything around me now instead of feeling lonely. There isn't a single person that I would want around me when I feel lonely. I know because I experienced those two emotions two weeks ago with the feeling of not wanting to see anybody being stronger than the loneliness itself.
>> No. 10256 [Edit]
Pets can help.

I enjoy my cat quite a bit. He is a lot like me. He is just sort of there, quiet, and sucks at empathizing with others. Despite that, he can be very affectionate on occasion.

Just his presence in my room helps me feel better. Even if all he is doing is sleeping.
>> No. 10259 [Edit]
Find something to focus on. Learn a new language or something that requires as much work. When you are focused on a task only completing that task matters. Misanthropy is a great help as well.
>> No. 10260 [Edit]

I'd like a pet but I would probably get sick of it after a few weeks and it would just be a burden
>> No. 10261 [Edit]
Cats are like the perfect NEET pet, they require no maintenance apart from food and water which takes two seconds to put out. You get to cuddle and treat it wonderfully when you feel like it and ignore it when you don't, it'll still love you whatever you do and won't give a shit when you get bored of patting it.
>> No. 10262 [Edit]
File 133711329899.jpg - (81.40KB , 1000x1000 , neko blanket.jpg )
But it's hair will get in my computer!
>> No. 10264 [Edit]
Like someone else said I have a few places I go online with a few close online friends. I feel crushing loneliness all the time but I don't know anyone I even like. Doesn't matter what I do, I always feel it. I hate most people but I want to find someone to love and love me back. It's a hopeless situation. I can't speak to my family much either but mostly because I know they won't like me even if they did know me well. Usually it's not me who feels uncomfortable around people it's them who feel uncomfortable around me. I'm pretty silent in conversation because I don't know what to say most of the time. So I try to avoid contact when I'm out.
>> No. 10266 [Edit]
I once had a cat. It was a horrible experience.
>> No. 10271 [Edit]
I have two cats that keep me company. They are quiet and take it easy all day.
>> No. 10272 [Edit]
Nah it won't, at most you'll get a bit of hair in your lap after it's been sleeping there for a while, but you can just brush that off.

Cats also make really relaxing purring noises, it's lovely to be lying in bed drifting off to sleep with a warm body curled up on top of you making those soft PRRRRR sounds.

Just get a healthy cat from a proper breeder, feed it decent food and you won't have a problem. They're very cheap so long as they don't have health problems and you can avoid those by buying a healthy cat from someone who knows what they're doing.
>> No. 10273 [Edit]

Get out.
Stop reminding me why I wanted a cat.
I can't get a cat because I'd feel bad for leaving it behind when I'll finally decide it's time to kill myself.
>> No. 10274 [Edit]
It won't be a big deal, just arrange a good new owner.

Get a cat, they're great
>> No. 10275 [Edit]
You'd probably make for a few decent meals for the cat when you do kill yourself, it would then just leave and find somewhere else to hang around.
>> No. 10280 [Edit]
This, providing the cat has some way out of your house, it would just leave after a few days
>> No. 10281 [Edit]

Doesn't that just mean the cat really isn't a good companion? If he would eat your dead body and leave when he's done.
>> No. 10282 [Edit]
What, is he supposed to stay next to your bones and die of old age there? That's pretty stupid, in my opinion.
>> No. 10283 [Edit]
there's no point in growing attached to people because they will only hurt you
>> No. 10286 [Edit]
It's all human friendships boil down to anyway; an exchange of mutual interest. But with a cat you don't need to pretend otherwise and once you've gotten feeding out of the way it's pretty much a pure companionship. You take care of it, it's there for you and you like being around each other.

Also, cats are really good hunters (which is why ferals are such pests) so you can just kill yourself in a forest and once it moves on it'll be fine.
>> No. 10287 [Edit]
That's something a dog might possibly do, a dumb dog, but not a cat.
>> No. 10288 [Edit]
Cats are for introverts.

Dogs are bad pets for our kind as they NEED you always. Also, they are fucking annoying, and like to mess with you if you are out walking or on bicycle. Or just go outside. I hate my neighbors' dogs so much.

OP, get a part time job. Not because that will make you a Ford Driver, but because you will have some money to buy stuff. I HATE!!!! my retail job so much, but being around people, even those I really despise, makes me feel a little better. I don't know why.

Get a dakimakura of your waifu. It helps having someone to hold, especially the one you love. I finally got enough money to get a high end love doll, going to do it.
>> No. 10289 [Edit]
I want a pet to love me absolutely and be a slave to me and only look towards me in their devoted love.
That's why I have a dog. Cats never want to cuddle for longer than a minute or two and never I never feel loved or needed. I used to believe that dog/cat thing you're talking about until I actually got a dog.
I've had my dog for almost 3 years now, and she's been great since I had her. It's a Komondor, my grandma had a friend who had a pair, and gave her a puppy, but my grandma couldn't keep her, so gave her to me.
I was worried about care and hair since the internet says this particular breed has trouble with that, but its been no trouble.
Loving dog that you only need to play around with for a while every day, and the rest we laze around using each other as pillows. I never heard of any cats that let you hold them while you sleep.

For the poop thing, you can just buy wee wee pads. Its kind of like a litter box/diaper combination, and not hard to train your dog to use it.
>> No. 10313 [Edit]
File 133736470769.jpg - (265.01KB , 804x1187 , 6714c6e52d6953f1ff6b04f67400537f.jpg )
By collecting drawings of girls, and visiting imageboards.
>> No. 10326 [Edit]
I'm going to be starting a Dungeons & Dragons group with a couple of friends. It's something I've wanted to do for years, but I never knew anyone. I'm just starting to buy some of the reference books and I'm really excited about it. I feel like I have some kind of purpose now, and it's been a long time since I last felt like that.
>> No. 10330 [Edit]
Good luck! The hardest part is getting started. DnD is pretty fun once you get into it. If you can, find a dungeon master with some experience... it's not that hard to figure out the rules, but it can help just a bit.
>> No. 10332 [Edit]
Can I ask you something?
Do you talk with your co-workers? Are you good at making conversation?
>> No. 10334 [Edit]
I can now do small talk. That is a victory for me, yet anything beyond that is still, well, beyond me. I am never the initiator. I need something to start the conversation. Stuff on the break room TV, something I overhear, or the always viable "I hate this fucking job, and the shits that come here."

I have been there for over five years now. Truth is, that after a year or so, no one will really give you a chance if you don't fit in. That year leeway is because you are the new comer and that you fit in that group.

Despite the not fitting in, and the repetitive mindless chit chat, I still like being around others in a limited sense. Large crowds make me incredibly uncomfortable, to the point of freaking the hell out.
>> No. 10361 [Edit]

How do you do small talk anyway? That has always been my problem.
>> No. 10363 [Edit]
I don't know if there is a way to teach someone how, but use points of interest like the ones I mentioned above. Just give your opinion, and hear theirs. With luck, new topics on what something mentioned will pop up and the conversation will continue.

It isn't easy. I was and still am socially retarded. Repetition and watching others helps. Most people don't remember such conversations, so you may end up repeating them a few times with the same person.
>> No. 10374 [Edit]
I'm horrible at starting conversations but when people start small talk with me even though it never goes anywhere. It makes me feel a little less lonely no matter who it is.
>> No. 11380 [Edit]
All I want in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away
>> No. 11383 [Edit]
>> No. 11385 [Edit]
I can give you that, Brohno~
>> No. 11386 [Edit]
Getting strong today

A giant step each day
>> No. 11409 [Edit]
I can't look into people's eyes either, OP. Its so painful. I can't look in my own eyes in the mirror. I can't even look at anime character's eyes from behind my computer screen.
>> No. 11411 [Edit]
I get lonely sometimes and like to pretend I'm sleeping next to someone whenever I go to bed. But besides that I'm not all that lonely. I'm mostly just pleasure starved in life and nothing normal can satisfy me so I'm never filling the hole unless my mind goes so far over the edge at one point in my life I can make myself hallucinate whatever I want but that's probably not going to happen to that extent. So I try to make myself as emotionally numb and disconnected from the real world as possible, it's what gets me through the year. Especially at the end of Summer when my depression and anxiety is at an all time high making me extremely irritable. The littlest annoying thing could set me off right now. And also this time of the year is usually when I see my family the most because of birthday parties, graduation parties, and other special days. Being with them is like an endurance contest, everything about them pisses me off to put it simply. They also know how easy it is to fuck with me because of how many things cause an unavoidable mental knee jerk reaction that I can't control with me so they continually push my buttons till I explode on them and I'm either yelled at like a small child or laughed at even more. I really wish they would all get some horrible brain disease that makes them just like me and watch them try and fail to live a normal life.
>> No. 11436 [Edit]
By being as delusional as possible. I've pretty much mastered the path of self-delusion. The other day I was on the train for two hours and before I even noticed the ride was already over. I spent the entire time daydreaming about my imouto delusions, onee-chan delusions and having friends delusions. It was a lot of fun, really.

One day I'll forget I have no imouto and when asked 'what have you done yesterday' I'll just answer 'oh, you know, I was hanging out with my imouto' before I'll manage to remember than all I have is a shitty older sister.
>> No. 11439 [Edit]
I don't 'deal' with it.

I endure it. I do this by not dying.
>> No. 11440 [Edit]
I sleep as much as I can so that I don't have to deal with things like this.
>> No. 11441 [Edit]
Sometimes I do wish there was a way to just sleep through entire weeks whenever I want to pass time by without having any affect on my body. I can go sleep on one day and wake up a couple weeks later on the same day.
>> No. 11442 [Edit]
I daydream about having a gay NEET lover that I play games with and can experience life with.
>> No. 11443 [Edit]
where do you live we could live happily ever after
>> No. 11444 [Edit]
>> No. 11445 [Edit]
That sucks.
>> No. 11459 [Edit]
I like to pretend that I do. The best thing about my invisible boyfriend is that he goes with me everywhere and we do everything together. It's really pathetic but it keeps the depression away sometimes.
>> No. 11460 [Edit]
I know just what you mean, I do the same thing.
It always cheers me up.
>> No. 11474 [Edit]
Depends on the tpe of cat. There were cats which were amazingly skittish and stayed away from me.....and there were cats which stayed close to me and would let me hold them for minutes or longer while I rubbed the,
>> No. 11475 [Edit]
I can understand that feeling, even if I am not a homosexual.
>> No. 11565 [Edit]
I watch anime and daydream about cute 2D girls. I'm also trying to create a tulpa which I hope will increase my life quality. But it's hard when you're depressed and apathetic
>> No. 11566 [Edit]
Honestly? I don't. I don't deal with it, because there is no way to deal with it short of giving yourself brain damage like >>11565
here. I totally understand why you'd want a tulpa, though, even if it isn't a fake thing.
>> No. 11567 [Edit]
I don't remember if I actually contributed to this thread.

Anyway, video games, porn, anime, manga, my imagination (I like to daydream about stupid things), and the internet.
>> No. 11598 [Edit]
I don't deal it. I've tried being social in the past and I simply found I just don't care for human contact.
If anything over the years I felt the need to isolate myself from people more and more. I can't stand living in this city. It stinks, its loud and its full of people. Man wasn't mean to live in such a cramped surrounding. Its unnatural. I would rather live as a hermit in some cottage deep in the woods, as far away from civilization as possible. Peace, quiet & nature is what I need.
I think I would even accept giving up all my internet, computer & games if I could do this.

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