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File 140740728582.jpg - (365.61KB , 988x1400 , 1350942683495.jpg )
18375 No. 18375 [Edit]
If you had the chance to suddenly turn into a cute girl and have the people who know you minds adjustd so you were always a girl would you take it? What things would you do?
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>> No. 18376 [Edit]
I imagine living in the 2D world would be nice (no matter what gender), but being a woman in real life? No thanks. Yuck.
>> No. 18377 [Edit]
>being a woman in real life? No thanks. Yuck.
>> No. 18378 [Edit]
Other than being able to masturbate in front of a mirror I really don't see any advantage in being a woman.
>> No. 18379 [Edit]
You're already a man in real life though
>> No. 18381 [Edit]
I don't understand what you're trying to say
>> No. 18382 [Edit]
I would take it if I could turn into and stay a little girl forever.
I would wear frilly dresses and pleated skirts and stockings and go to dance lessons and play with dollhouses and have sleepovers with my other little 3DPDs and have tea parties and sing and sleep in a canopy bed with my stuffed animals.
>> No. 18384 [Edit]
File 140742580171.jpg - (1.66MB , 1200x2560 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I'd obviously become massively narcissist.
>> No. 18385 [Edit]
Definitely. It's not that I want to be a girl for sexual reasons or the "to wear cute things". For me it'd make my life a lot easier. People like to act like one sex is way easier than the other but they're both wrong. It depends on what type of person you are.

Even with everything up until now staying the same it'd be easier to crawl out of the hole I'm in. It's okay to be emotional and have issues if you're a girl. If you're a guy you just get told to "man up pussy". Nobody wants to listen to men when they're down. It'd also be nice being looked at as responsible and understandable for not wanting to have kids (at my age at least). As a guy uninterested in 3D my parents seem really disappointed in me for not having kids, they think I'm gay and they keep trying to get me to be fine with coming out.

If I was a girl I think people around me would actually listen when I try to talk about my problems. It'd also be really nice if when I mentioned I'm uninterested in sex they'd take it to actually mean that instead of "lol u r gay and dont want to come out yet.".

As for things I'd do I'd get myself the sort of medication and help I need. After that try and find a job somewhere thats easy and pays enough. If I'm a cute enough girl to attract enough audience I wouldn't be against doing webcam shows or something like that for money. Maybe as a girl I'd feel like it'd be degrading/embarassing to me but at current it seems like a decent gig. Maybe it's like doing a podcast. It seems easy as hell to do until you actually attempt to try and then you realize how shy and bad at talking you are so you stop within minutes because of how uncomfortable it made you. Other than that I'd live my life mostly the same. I'd probably take more pride in clothing than I do now, not many clothes for guys strike me as being really nice so I just get a blank t shirt and denim jeans so I don't stand out. Girls have plenty of nice clothes to choose from though.
>> No. 18387 [Edit]
File 140743808770.jpg - (36.53KB , 431x383 , 1300323247744.jpg )
If being a 2D one wasn't an option, I'd definitely be a real one.
>> No. 18388 [Edit]
I never actually wanted to be cute 2d girl, i imagine myself to be handsome 2d guy. And i'd never ever want to turn myself into fucking 3d woman.
>> No. 18389 [Edit]
How many times has this thread been made already?
>> No. 18390 [Edit]
at least 3
>> No. 18392 [Edit]
>I would wear frilly [clothes]... and go to dance lessons and play with dollhouses and have sleepovers with [...] 3DPDs

I've done all that as a man and didn't even have to be gay (or shave). It's not as sweet as it sounds, though; like everything, it only works in fiction.
>> No. 18393 [Edit]
>I've done all that as a man
I think I found your problem.
>> No. 18394 [Edit]
File 140746791467.png - (188.43KB , 518x320 , 140740700633.png )
>> No. 18396 [Edit]
But I don't want to be a woman neither look like one, no fucking way. I'm just a guy that likes dance, dolls and such stuff (point being, you can do many of those things you want too).
>> No. 18397 [Edit]
>wear frilly [clothes]
simply not the same when you're a grown man. It's like slapping auto part logos on a junker of a car like all the race cars have. It wont make the car go faster, wont be more valuable, and wont be any less beat up. It'll just be an old rust bucket with some stickers on it that's all.

>have sleepovers
Nice way to get arrested if they wake up before you leave.

>likes dance, dolls and such stuff
Sure, No reason that I can see why you need to be a women to partake in those things.
>> No. 18405 [Edit]
File 140752018975.jpg - (170.83KB , 1001x451 , 03.jpg )
>> No. 18406 [Edit]
Your values are not the only ones in the world.
And they're probably not even the sole valid and approved by Haruhi ones.
There seriously is no reason why anyone needs to be a woman to do any of that, no matter what you or your extremist compatriots from the 12th century say.

I for one do usually end up in jail after any sleepovers though.
>> No. 18413 [Edit]
>would you take it?
What things would you do?
Tie a ponytail and masturbate.
>> No. 18415 [Edit]
A tad off topic, but what did you think of Change! ?
I thought it was not as good as Maybe-Soft's Henshin, but easily the best erotic VN of the year so far.

Anyway, being an actual girl would break nearly every perfection of that is created in the 2D idealization. Besides, how can you objectify the purity of something when the object is yourself?

The Perfect 2D Girl, the Waifu, is made as an unattainable standard. We feel safe and content in yearning in it, idolizing it, because we know that delusion can only bring us closer to it and its reality, and in doing so, farther away from our own. To become this would instantly corrupt and normalize its existence, and the character would die with our shift in perspective.

Only the greatest of narcissists could ignore it all and still gain satisfaction from this scenario.
>> No. 18653 [Edit]
hmm, maybe. also id do the same thing i always did i wont change (much?)

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