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File 135034794444.jpg - (55.19KB , 800x640 , konata face.jpg )
17713 No. 17713 [Edit]
Hey /tc/. I'm writing a paper on moe.

In the paper, I hope to come up with a concise but thorough definition. I have a basic understanding from years of image boards and anime, and also some academic papers to look at, but I thought it would be enlightening to get some of your ideas on what moe is.

Thanks guys. Take it easy
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>> No. 17715 [Edit]
>> No. 17716 [Edit]
>> No. 17720 [Edit]
moe makes a boner in your heart

>> No. 17722 [Edit]
you know something is moe when it gives you a nice warm feeling in your chest.

Post edited on 15th Oct 2012, 7:56pm
>> No. 17763 [Edit]
File 135047406690.jpg - (13.37KB , 240x240 , 5951951nry.jpg )
mercury ignition moé bullets!
>> No. 17765 [Edit]
Moe is "Various traits related to manga and anime characters and defined as desirable by otaku"
>> No. 17766 [Edit]
>and also some academic papers to look at
There's academic papers on moe?

Anyway, even wikipedia has an article on moe. You should be able to work from there https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moe_(slang)
>> No. 17767 [Edit]
Read book "Otaku: Japan's Database Animals". There is very much stuff about moe.
>> No. 17774 [Edit]
You might wanna check this:

>> No. 17776 [Edit]
More than I expected.
>> No. 17788 [Edit]
Oh, I remember that guy!
>> No. 17808 [Edit]
Thanks for the recommendation, this is actually a source I'm already using.

I think you guys misinterpreted, I appreciate the sources, but I was actually just wanting to hear your personal idea, like what YOU think moe is.
>> No. 17822 [Edit]
If you want personal opinions, in my opinion moe is just combination some characteristics and traits which make person feel connection to character. Moe isn't necessary just cute, it can also be traits that make person want to protect character etc. Basically everything can be moe as long someone "feels moe" to particular character because of these traits or characteristics. But what we now think is moe, is moe because otaku community has decided or selected that these things are moe so there are no rules of what moe is. Moe culture keeps changing and evolving, we see various new moe elements and new combinations of moe elements every season.

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