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File 141677453161.jpg - (203.95KB , 1024x1280 , 0e28de2317d9465d08cce3e5a169c52b.jpg )
25518 No. 25518 [Edit]
So like, some dudes from the irc channel wanted to play pictionary and stuff.

This here is the site we're using.
It's not great but we'll try and find something better latter I guess.

Join us around 18:00 utc give or take.
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>> No. 25519 [Edit]

It's not like I want to play or anything.
>> No. 25520 [Edit]
[12:31] <EliteToaster> tohno_, you forgot to mention which day of the week
[12:32] <EliteToaster> and that we're doing it with anime titles
[12:41] <NoNickname> Saturday or Sunday

and yeah also this.
>> No. 25521 [Edit]

Let's just make it Saturday.

Saturday, 18 UTC, link in the OP. Anime themed pictionary. We did a test run today and it was fun. Join us next weekend!
>> No. 25558 [Edit]
Dude in charge wants to make it Sunday instead, says the same time.
>> No. 25596 [Edit]
Reminder that we're playing today in roughly half an hour! Feel free to join us. Link is in the OP. That particular site is a tad clunky as you have to click 'say' to send messages but overall it gets the job done.

Don't worry if you'll arrive a bit late, you can join us midway through the game, too.
>> No. 25601 [Edit]
File 141738028587.jpg - (59.94KB , 705x407 , Take a guess!.jpg )
We're done for today. We had 7 players total and we went through almost 50 riddles. It was fun - thanks for playing!
>> No. 25602 [Edit]
Ok, so we found a new drawing site that works better than the old one which was giving errors for a few people and preventing them from playing. Here it is:

>> No. 25605 [Edit]
It really was fun. I'd definitely be up for playing again with you guys sometime.
>> No. 27371 [Edit]
File 14385388427.png - (115.16KB , 372x518 , thread_necromancer.png )
Bumpity bump!

We decided to host another pictionary next week. Saturday the 8th of August 2015, 18:00 UTC. As always feel free to join midway through the game, it doesn't really matter either way. Everybody is welcome.

We'll use the site linked in this post >>25602. Hope to see you there!
>> No. 27395 [Edit]
Aaand we're done. As you can tell we moved it from Saturday to Sunday because lots of people couldn't join us yesterday.

We went through barely 34 riddles even though the game took longer than the last time around. We had 7 players again, although some latecomers joined by the time we were pretty much done.

It was fun so let's do it again sometime!

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