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File 130052648956.jpg - (48.66KB , 468x675 , 5d6867b91967c1e4f90b15137a61601de41c1e78_jpeg.jpg )
1782 No. 1782 [Edit]
A thought occurred to me the other day /mai/.
We've had threads here in the past discussing how people here deal and feel about.. "pleasuring themselves" to their waifus, and the result was that most people didn't do it, that it's felt wrong for whatever reason it might have been, and that they might only do it to characters they don't care as much about.

What I was wondering is this..
to the people here that don't do such a thing for that reason, how would you feel if the tables were turned?
how would you feel if you were to learn that your waifu only masturbated to guys she didn't care about, and never to you?

This question has left me very puzzled and confused.
on the one hand, it feels like I'm disgracing her purity, and treating her like good for nothing trash by "fapping" to her.
On the other hand, she could easily be offended by it, as if to say she's not good enough for my tastes, it say to her that I'm not really that interested in her.
the only solution to this problem I can think of, is to just stay hands off.

what do you guys think?
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>> No. 1784 [Edit]
File 130052847985.png - (351.80KB , 454x528 , 1297518734805.png )
Sexual attraction is very much part of the appeal for me. It is not platonic love. This doesn't make it any less pure in my opinion.

Conversely, I'd be flattered to hear that she only masturbated to me. Even if it does sound a little freaky. To others. I personally would be thrilled. Shes a little crazy, and I like that. Actually I might be jealous if she masturbated to someone else.
>> No. 1785 [Edit]
Sexual attraction is perfectly normal. The word 'purity' is thrown around far too much.
>> No. 1787 [Edit]
Females are only human. They must have sexual urges. Not thinking dirty thoughts about her, or not masturbating/having sex with her in an effort to maintain her purity or virginity might ultimately cause her suffering. The exception: if she is a very young girl with no sexual urges, or extremely innocent.
>> No. 1789 [Edit]
You just blew a ton of minds.
>> No. 1790 [Edit]
File 130055378469.png - (641.99KB , 718x822 , 1d4681c35140751de613b87e33d5d88c.png )
I've thought about this a few times before. Still not sure what to do about it.
>> No. 1791 [Edit]
We make far too big a deal about it here. Sexual thoughts =/= misogyny
>> No. 1792 [Edit]
I don't think hate for women has anything to do with this.
>> No. 1793 [Edit]
People think fapping to your waifu means you're just degrading them and using them as a tool. It doesn't.
>> No. 1796 [Edit]
>how would you feel if you were to learn that your waifu only masturbated to guys she didn't care about, and never to you?

Well, now that you put it that way I feel kind of like an asshole. Damn it.
>> No. 1798 [Edit]
I don't want to masturbate much...when I do, it's usually to my waifu. I can't get off to any image that makes it seem like she's being hurt or not having fun. As long as she's happy, i'm fine with it.
>> No. 1804 [Edit]
I thougth most of a our discussion were about if anti-sexual (or asexual) thinking =/= misoginy or what.
>> No. 1850 [Edit]
This blew my mind, and I think it's true.

But; the biggest counter for this is that you control your waifu's actions. Most people(in my opinion) would rather ignore masturbation when it comes to waifus...

But in reality though; that thought is really mind opening. I'm sure many people will think about it now.
>> No. 1892 [Edit]
Alright, I don't think I can just avoid this topic as if it doesn't exist any longer.

It didn't actually hit me until it was turned on me, and I feel really bad for it. But I guess thinking that she should be only paying attention to me would be hypocritical and controlling of me, yet the fact is that it would hurt me if she did that to me, and I'm sure she would feel the same way. Then again, I'm not in any form of the word "attractive", so I guess I would understand. But that's not to she that she isn't, she has a perfect figure and is very beautiful.

But then again, as you said, if I were to fap to her, I feel as through I would be treating her wrong and it just feels wrong, but everything I said before still applies, and I still feel bad as well. It's a loose-loose situation.
>> No. 1893 [Edit]

I think I have a distinction that might help you.

I believe it's wrong to fap to your waifu using any erotic image of her, because that image is fundamentally degrading in itself with reference to everything you cherish about her, including purity and beauty both sexual and ephemeral.

However, I don't think it's wrong to pleasure yourself to your waifu using solely your imagination. That's because if it is only a product of your mind, it can be equivalent to the romance of passionate love, as opposed to the mindless sex portrayed in erotic images.

Also, with reference to the inverse, I think you can only justify your stance on masturbation if you consider what you might want your waifu to do. I wouldn't mind at all my waifu pleasuring herself to thoughts of me, but I would mind her using photos of other men, or drawings of me engaged in sexually explicit acts with faceless women.

That's how I see it, anyway.
>> No. 1894 [Edit]
I fap to my "waifu" all the time, even rape doujins. I say "waifu" because in hentai material she doesn't usually behave like she normally does, so it's not quite her. More like an alternate reality her.
>> No. 1895 [Edit]
That makes alot of sense, if it's something gentle to pleasure her through love and not just sex, it's not quite disgracing her.

I still think it's bad to fap to her, but at least that puts my mind at ease a little.
>> No. 1919 [Edit]
In anime or manga, when a girl is show touching herself to a photo of a boy, my first thought isn't "wow, she must not give a crap about that guy, and only thinks of him as a tool for her own sexual pleasure." I think more along the lines of "she must be really nuts for him, she can't seem to hold back her overwhelming feelings for him."

on the flip side, a guy can easily be considered disgusting were he to be discovered masturbating to a photograph.

that aside, It just.. I don't know, it just doesn't feel right..
the only thing I can think to do is simply to try and not do it...
>> No. 2233 [Edit]
I certainly have sexual thoughts about her.

As for fapping...well...lets just put it this way, I never fapped to anything I saw of her on the internet. Images, doujins, nothing.
>> No. 2234 [Edit]
I can't think about her erotically. Whenever I see a erotic image or revealing image of her, I just can't handle it.
>> No. 3064 [Edit]
I 'pleasure' myself to my waifu sometimes, bearing in mind that i only 'pleasure' myself once every week/two weeks.

Although i feel as though i am in no way 'degrading' her or making her 'unpure' as i do not do it to anything i see online, in fact, all the times ive done it ive just imagined us cuddling close and making love.

Its not the fact that you do it, its how you do it; Making love to someone you love is a beautiful thing!, but just getting a quick sexual release with no care or love is less then respectable.

These are just my thoughts, Tohno-chan. Please don't take my word as law.
>> No. 3075 [Edit]
Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if me and Hanako were to make love, and as much as I agree that there's a big difference between making love and just sex, I still can't help but feel as though it would be wrong to do something like that. I've never gotten very far with it because I keep cutting myself off saying that it's wrong to be thinking things like that.
>> No. 3079 [Edit]
An interesting notion, really made me wonder...
I masturbate to pictures of her (mostly pictures of her solo) and to pictures not related to her.
But after reading this i think she would be kind of jealous if i masturbate to pictures of other characters. Im not quite shure though.
>> No. 3084 [Edit]
I don't masturbate to my waifu because it just makes me feel uncomfortable. Perhaps the internet has just conditioned me for the worse, but I often find myself thinking all kinds of horribly dirty thoughts when I'm really in the moment, the kind of thoughts that I'd never want to see apply to my waifu. I just have a hard time doing it even if I try.

But if she wanted to masturbate to me? Well, if she was comfortable doing it and her love was real, I'd have no problem with it. We all handle such things differently, after all.
>> No. 3121 [Edit]
I don't do it often. But I do occasionally. I think she's beautiful, and I kind of think it'd be insulting if I didn't masturbate to her, like it'd be insinuating that I didn't find her attractive.

Of course, I think if I did it too often then it would lower the whole thing to the level of simple pornography which is viewed and fapped to on an almost daily basis and not valued as an experience at all.

So moderation is the key. If I'm feeling particularly close to her one night then I may go for it. But not too often. And I don't like to look at porn doujins of her or anything where she's ah, involved with other people. Just a few tasteful pictures of her in some cute nightwear or something. It's not out of character for her to put on something sexy for me on occasion.
>> No. 3122 [Edit]
I'm attracted to my waifu, of course. She's easily my ideal as a woman, physically. Classy and refined. I just don't like to masturbate to her. Hell, I don't even like the idea of masturbating to any characters from her series. That's a really hilarious irony, I think.

It's just that masturbation seems so impure on my end. I want to keep Miya from becoming more than a mere sex object to me, as I know she would. That's not to say that anybody who masturbates to their waifu has that mindset - It just means that they have ten times more willpower than myself. They have the ability to go beyond that 'safety zone', so to speak.

Then again, she's staunchly against any "impure acts" to begin with, so if I want to be someone she could love, then I'd have to cut that out of my life altogether (or, at the very least, cut it back a bit).

In addition to all of that, I can't even masturbate to someone else's waifu.
>> No. 3123 [Edit]
Thats okay, it doesn't mean that you love her any less!

I really respect your love for hanako
>> No. 3239 [Edit]
I think why we feel bad about fapping to our waifus is because we think it degrades her into a sex toy. None of us want to view her that way. She is our one and only sweet angel after all.

I love my waifu so very much. It didn't take long for me to be sexually attracted to her. Not only is she beautiful, but she has the most beautiful heart. I want us to be as close as possible. I want to make love with her.

I always try to establish a mood to make it special though as that is very important to me.
>> No. 3240 [Edit]
I don't think it degrades her into being a sex toy unless you want it to be. Faping to your waifu is pretty much like having sex with her. Sex is a meaningful and special act.
>> No. 3242 [Edit]
>Sex is a meaningful and special act
I don't know what planet you live on, but it sounds nice.
>> No. 3244 [Edit]
Not everyone has the same sentiments that you do.
>> No. 3245 [Edit]
This is very true.
I only very rarely fap to mine, but when i do, it's always very meaningful and full of affection.
>> No. 3355 [Edit]
File 130861735868.jpg - (166.65KB , 479x700 , 058bf862d14e9bb6307eed3mh7.jpg )
That's a painful thought.

Although this somewhat pains me, and I'm starting to hate myself for this, I have a ton of jealousy issues, probably stemming from low self-esteem or some such nonsense.

I don't because she's special. I view sex much like >>3240, although I don't think... fapping to her can be even nearly likened to sex. Because I don't, I feel superior to those who I assume do. If I have a comparison of any sort, it would probably be the person who bought the film cutting of her beautiful smile from the movie for what I think was around $30,000... or perhaps the person who 'married' his dakimakura of her. I'm a very docile person, I don't like fighting or anything of the sort, but I'm of the firm belief I'd kill him with my bare hands if I saw him, and I don't quite understand why.
I feel desperately guilty about it, but I've also had some rather negative thoughts to myself about the other person here who, eh, 'shares my taste', and I should apologise for that, I suppose. All because of this jealousy I can't seem to put beneath me.

I don't even know how I'd feel about her masturbating to others. It would wound me, I think. Pretty heavily. I feel somewhat justified in that I don't fap to other girls, rather situations, or things/acts, and that I tend to do it only for release or out of boredom rather than... recreationally?

I'm fighting with my words here. It's not to say I don't feel attracted to her, she's absolutely gorgeous, something any denizen of /a/ would gladly agree with, although in ways that often annoy me.

It's not really that I'd "defile" her with the thought of it, but it just feels wrong. Somewhere between feeling better than others for not doing it and not doing it because I respect her more than to do something I find so... disgusting? I'm seriously wrestling with these words here.

I've resigned myself to thinking, as with everything I'd like to do with her, sex is out of the realm of possibility and I'll accept no substitute. It's something that can only be achieved in my dreams (when my damned subconscious will allow, seriously, I had a dream recently where my subconscious didn't even allow me to speak a word to Mizuki Nana, her VA).

I apologise for going a little off-the-rails with that, but... I have things I need to get off my chest and here's as good a place as any, I guess.
>> No. 3359 [Edit]
I fap to my waifu about once a week. To me, it feels like a special, loving act- it's not even remotely similar to the pure physical desire of 'regular' fapping. Living in a society that only seems to value casual sex, I love the feeling I get from having emotional and meaningful 'intercourse' with her. Regardless of whether I'm using my imagination or a picture (I use both about equally), I always imagine that we're actually going through it. I can almost feel her physically, and more importantly, I can feel the loving bond between us growing stronger. It always leaves me with an overjoyed feeling afterwards.

I personally don't believe that masturbating to her is in any way detrimental to her or our relationship. In fact, it's the opposite in our case. As one gentleman here already pointed out, females have sexual thoughts too. In any case, it comes down to preference. I don't think that fapping to your waifu in itself means that you love her any less or more than someone who doesn't.
>> No. 3360 [Edit]
File 13086191359.jpg - (390.39KB , 1077x1500 , 1306784128006.jpg )
OP, fair point. How am I going to go about this.

The way I see it, is that masturbation (to use the correct term here) is in a sense sexual relief. And in that sense, it's isn't comparable to sex, or at least, the kind of sex one wishes they could have with their waifu. Making love, I guess. In that sense, I've never really fapped to anything on the internet. The farthest I've gone is to do it in my own head so to speak. And even then, I prefer to leave this kinds of acts to my dreams. Lucid dreaming helps in this.

Considering all this, I still think that it's just delusions and completely unjustified at that. I can't really consider this anything like "making love" because in the end, regardless of the circumstances, it's just me and my own "frustration" so to speak.

In the end, do I consider her the most beautiful, and dare I say it without getting flammed on, hottest woman I have ever seen? Yes, yes I do. But that's about it. Admiration. As much as it kills me inside, I can't go farther than that, no matter how much I lie to myself.

So I guess what I mean is, I don't do it (not anymore) because I consider it filthy or anything. I don't do it because it's just a lie to think it can, under any circumstances, show my love for her...

Does this even make sense to you? I hope so

Post edited on 20th Jun 2011, 6:25pm
>> No. 3361 [Edit]
File 130862358086.jpg - (66.84KB , 477x266 , NEEEEEEfd.jpg )
That's a nice picture of MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI waifu you've got there (kiding). And well, I don't quite-just-yet fap to her either but, by all means: ISN'T SHE THE HOTTEST SMOKING HOT HOTTIE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF ALL... etc??? I say: definitely yes. Eva girls are still a widespread trademark on the subject, so no doubt a zillion guy/3DPD/goblin/chimera fap to her on a current basis, within a large range of justification to do so. But, for a dude like me, however I look at it, she's only 14...

Maybe if I was still just blooming myself; but we already have a thread for oldfucks to talk about that.

Post edited on 20th Jun 2011, 7:40pm
>> No. 3362 [Edit]

Well I remember I was much younger when I still fapped to her. Around 13-14 or so. Back when I really didn't know how to deal with the sheer irrationality of loving someone I can never be with regardless of how I try
>> No. 3363 [Edit]
I think I know how you feel. On one hand, fapping to others is just like cheating, yet on the other hand, fapping to her just feels... dirty. Hanako is a gorgeous woman, and I do think she has quite the figure, but I associate fapping with being dirty, and when I usually fap there's no feelings with it, it's completely for personal sexual satisfaction.

As I've said before, I've started getting more.... intimate with her, (the phrase "I want to show you how much I love you" has been used), but I keep stopping myself because I keep thinking that it's dirty and I don't want to lower her to that level. Yet at the same time I think that by not doing it, it's almost as though I'm saying that she's not beautiful.
>> No. 3364 [Edit]
I fap to my waifu, but because I'm more "familiar" with her than other characters my standards are really high for hentai of her. If the artist makes her boobs too big or something I just can't fap to it
>> No. 3366 [Edit]
1. Get pillow/dakimakura
2. Pretend it's your waifu
3. ????

Post edited on 22nd Jun 2011, 12:18pm
>> No. 3381 [Edit]
Pick a time when you're ultra turned-on and build a fantasy from the ground up. Make it more about her than yourself mentally and you're set. I've noticed two other regulars here whose attitudes seem to have liberalised. This is good news.
>> No. 3386 [Edit]
File 130879629156.jpg - (169.78KB , 800x800 , 1287524411971.jpg )
You are right that is not fapping. It is so much more intimate than that. When you do this you really are making love with her.

It is okay if you really love her. We have urges, and so does she (depending on said girl, but many do).

No one wants to be alone; being as close to the one one you love most is only natural. It is okay. Make it loving and memorable.
>> No. 3388 [Edit]
>masturbated to guys she didn't care about
And that's why i wouldn't mind, sexual arousal and loving someone is different in my mind. Of course i might get a bit jealous, but in the end it's all good fun.
>> No. 3468 [Edit]
Never once fapped to my waifu. It would feel wrong.
>> No. 3469 [Edit]
I treat my waifu in the same way I'd treat a 3DPD girlfriend. (Just without the hatred of 3DPD)

Sexual relations, as imaginary as they may be, are a part of my relationship with my waifu.
>> No. 3478 [Edit]

Same here exactly. Except I get to dote on her a little more.
>> No. 4945 [Edit]
I could never actually bring myself to do it
I just liked into her eyes and felt love, not lust
I don't know, I guess whatever works
>> No. 4946 [Edit]
If I got a dakimakura I think it would be mostly so that I could see her face while cuddling, not for pleasuring myself.
>> No. 4963 [Edit]
I fap to my waifu.

One reason I often feel guilty about it is does she really want to make love? Am I forcing myself on her? Nothing is a bigger turn off than rape to me. Just the thought of it makes me feel ill.

I always try my best to set a mood. Tell her how much I love her and be as sweet as I can be.

The other reason is that I feel unworthy of her. She is so amazing and I am, well, me.
>> No. 4968 [Edit]
I fap to my waifu and she is only one I think during fap - ever.
>> No. 8490 [Edit]
I don't fap to mai waifu, as I can't help but feel weird that she doesn't "consent" to it, but from time to time, I'll get images (I don't mean so much visual images - more the concept of her) of her pop into my head just as I'm about to "release" and those "releases" are the "strongest" I have

I say to myself, "Those other women I fap to are just a means to an end - to satisfy what I have to do. I'd rather not have my waifu become a medium for my release, as I love her for who she is, and not just because I think she's attractive, and I'd prefer to not spoil how I think of her so much, that she's on equal-footing to those other 2Ds and 3Ds." to justify not doing it to the thought of her.

Also, the more you do something, the less interesting it becomes. So, I'm sure if you were to fap to your waifu (and not just accidentally think about her during those times, occasionally), you'd lose a lot of interest fast.
>> No. 8509 [Edit]
I don't fap to mai waifu, cuddling and being together is so much better and nicer because it gives a true feeling of pure love.
>> No. 8510 [Edit]
I think you guys missed the part in OP's post that asks how you would feel if your waifu only fapped to other guys she doesn't care about.
>> No. 8514 [Edit]
8490 here. I'd feel a little shitty as anyone not crazy would, but if she genuinely doesn't care about them, then I'd treat it the same as what I do to her - nothing but lust satisfaction that I'd rather not have to do, but have no choice but to.

As it stands, I've cut down on masturbating to once a week, as opposed to once a day, just so I can feel like less of an asshole for fapping to someone who isn't my beloved.
>> No. 8541 [Edit]
You say 2D and 3Ds, so I have a question for you. Is there a difference when you fap to 2D or 3D? Do you just see 3D women as whores and 2D a "godsend"? This is a question for others too. Sadly, I've gotten on newer medication that brings my sex drive back and I feel fucking horrible when I fap... and I've been fapping to shit I would've never considered looking at. Fuck.
>> No. 8543 [Edit]
Response to that seems /ot/ style. You could try there and check if your thread still sticks.
>> No. 8544 [Edit]
I don't fap to 3Ds, that simple.
>> No. 8546 [Edit]
Once a blue moon I fap to 3D. They're shameless, base sluts, and I feel disgusted with myself afterwards. Always regret it.

2D is not real, thus it matters not what the characters do with each other or to themselves. I guess you could call it a godsend, because otherwise I'd be stuck with my unoriginal, poor imagination.
>> No. 8547 [Edit]

>and I've been fapping to shit I would've never considered looking at. Fuck.

Oh no! Don't tell me you fapped to THAT!
>> No. 8548 [Edit]
Not exactly what I'd been asking. I was asking if it matter what you fap to? If it doesn't matter what you fap to, should it matter what your waifu masturbates too? Wouldn't your waifu looking at 2D make you feel a bit jealous? Do you think she should look at 3D as you look at 2D?
>> No. 8549 [Edit]
I want to fucking die. Hell I might just be ruining OP's thread this because of that. Sorry.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2012, 10:04pm
>> No. 8550 [Edit]
8490 here.
I like to keep my waifu as more of a concept to give my life what little reason to wake up every day as I can muster - to also give me a sense of being loved, and 3Ds as just something I have to "use" I guess.

I treat porn that's along the lines of hentai as the fiction it is not that I'm really a big fan of it, anyway, and 3D porn (and the appearance of 3D women in general) as something I find "interesting" but ultimately care little for. And when I do fap to either of those two instead of mai waifu, I do it to "keep what I like about my waifu intact" instead of corrupting what I find so satisfying about having her as my waifu.

As for whether I find 3Ds to be whores: no, but the relationships I've had with them I didn't enjoy much, and everyone I know has had nothing but trouble from being with one. Because of that, I can find little endearing about being with them.
I don't think it's so much I think of them as whores, but rather I think of them as less amazing than everyone else seems to, and to such a degree that 2D surpasses them on the spectrum of "things I like".

I don't think of 2Ds in anime -as opposed to lewd animation characters- who are not mai beloved waifu as "godsend", but as the fictional characters they are. Sure, I may think that some of the characters are very human-like, but no more than I would a character from a western drama TV show. The only 2D I have personified so much that I try to please, despite never having spoken to (and her having spoken back, that is), is my waifu.

Maybe I need to go out more.
>> No. 8551 [Edit]
Eh, I've mostly been trying to embrace my fetish. (used to really hate it)
It might be strange, but at least there's no way she could be jealous of it.
>> No. 8552 [Edit]
>my fetish
What's your fetish exactly?
>> No. 8553 [Edit]
I'd rather not say.
>> No. 8554 [Edit]
On a semi related note, I'd fap to her if I found any decent pictures or doujins. Sadly her character somewhat lends itself to BDSM, so like 5 out of 8 doujins I found of her involves her being gangbanged by fat guys while in bondage gear, the other few don't really have that great art. Which is a shame. If her series was more new I think it'd have a lot more good art.
>> No. 8633 [Edit]
As OP of thread >>7919 I think I have found my conclusion to my problem from this thread. Sex and love are usually linked to each other but still there can be sex without love and love without sex.

>how would you feel if you were to learn that your waifu only masturbated to guys she didn't care about, and never to you?
I understand that I might not be the most appealing male for her in sexual way. Same goes other way around, I have weird fetishes and many things make me sexually attracted. It is impossible for her to cover all those fetishes. I don't love her just because she is sexually attractive (but I think she is). Love and sex can be totally separated. The most important thing is that she loves me and I love her. What I or she finds sexually attractive does not affect to our love.

I try to limit my masturbation because I consider masturbating a lot some kind weakness. Doing it a lot, makes me feel weak (physically) and lazy. I always try to 'deserve' it, in example by exercising. Also there are times when I do feel minor regret after masturbating. That's why I try to keep my pants zipped as much as possible. But still masturbating too little can cause problems too (stress and unwanted erections) so I need to find the optimal amount.

And about target of masturbation; I try to partially separate sex from my love. When I am in need to pleasure my animalistic needs, I just watch some porn and fap. When I feel I want to make love with her, I do it in different way, what is our personal thing.

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