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File 141496886322.jpg - (126.62KB , 500x600 , b6440a65a39981eb59cf2e769d7a1e78.jpg )
18980 No. 18980 [Edit]
Everyone doubts things in the world around them, but do you doubt yourself? does self-doubt cause you many problems? have you ever experienced profound self-doubt?
>> No. 18981 [Edit]
I doubt everything and everyone because nothing can be relied on and they're shit, and I can't do anything right.
>> No. 18996 [Edit]
Pretty much this. Kinda sucks I can't accurately model the aggregate vibrations of an imperceptible, non-interacting physical space with words and hormones.
>> No. 19001 [Edit]
I experience profound self-doubt. So much that I am in a constant state of anxiety and the only way for me to fall sleep or relax is by taking drugs, mostly prescription pain killers or alcohol
>> No. 19003 [Edit]
I have had this off and on as well. The best thing to do is just accept it.
>> No. 19011 [Edit]
I dont know what you mean when you say accept it but I will try. Actually today for the first time I experienced depersonalization due to anxiety in the middle of a lecture
>> No. 19013 [Edit]
I have no confidence in myself. I hate myself. Thinking lowly of yourself can be the start of social anxiety. When you go out you can't help but think about what others think of you. Since you have profound self-doubt you obviously think people think negatively of you. When you are alone you just ruminate about stupid things you have done and about doing them again.

If I had confidence in myself, I would of just finished my second year of university. Instead I've been NEET for a year and a half.
>> No. 19014 [Edit]
I get depersonalized and derealized a lot. People talk about k-hole (ketamine high, a dissociative) and that has literally happened to me more times than I can remember.
What I mean by accept it is just try not to think about anxiety. Think of it as a physical state, instead of a mental one. If you feel it coming on, just roll with it and wait for it to pass instead of forcing yourself to keep working or dwelling on it.
>> No. 19016 [Edit]
Most people would be absolutely delighted to take a shit right into your mouth with little regard for your or their own perceived identities. There has to come a point where you determine why it is you seek continuous approval from the other garbage caked animals in the societal pen.

>When you go out you can't help but think about what others think of you
It's cute you think this a mental preoccupation unique to you or something. Long story short, information is interpreted uniquely across different people. You are unable to impose an interpretation upon anything you present and do not posses the means to regulate how others interpret their surroundings. If anything this semiotic freedom should empower, but I guess it holds the capacity to frighten more passive minds.
>> No. 19019 [Edit]
Rejection is inherently painful. IIRC rejection literally causes pain pathways in your brain to become active. Asking why someone would avoid rejection is equivalent to asking why someone would avoid pain. True, as you get older the opinions of others tend to bother you less, except from people you care about, a problem easily solved by not caring about anybody. That is my own experience and what I have read seems to suggest that most people are like that.

Have you done ketamine?
>> No. 19020 [Edit]
Are you the Phil 101 guy? You've become better at simplifying your answers.
>> No. 19023 [Edit]
I have, but only once and I had dissociation just as much before that.
>> No. 19027 [Edit]
I never said mental preoccupation was unique to me. I know most, if not all people think about how they are perceived by other people. But when it gets to the point were you have panic attacks, constantly on edge and end up avoiding going out, you have social anxiety.

Yes, I know I can't read people's minds. But sometimes your mind is stupid. I could read every philosophical text in history, and still be extremely conscious of what people think of me.

I'd say I didn't even have severe social anxiety. I just made the link between self-doubt and anxiety. People on this site look down on Ford Drivers but at the some time are afraid of what they think of them. See, sometimes things just don't make sense.

I have never studied philosophy so I can't make a response concerning semiotic freedom, I'm sorry. But what you're saying is right.

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