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File 14256831916.jpg - (115.47KB , 480x432 , 13588831_480mw.jpg )
17705 No. 17705 [Edit]
It's Friday here, and my sweet, sweet Rei of hope and I are going out for a long hike, followed by a long, steamy shower together and cooking a healthy meal together and watching our favourite movie.

What are you doing with your other half, /mai/?

>Rei of hope
(she hates it when I call her that. ♡)
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>> No. 17706 [Edit]
File 142569295521.jpg - (307.87KB , 603x1013 , 0b537079e1b3fcbe3caf250cd73902a9.jpg )
We're just going to cuddle and take it easy like always. Friday nights are one of the rare nights, along with Saturday where I'm not dreading waking up the next day, so we make the most of it by just enjoy each other's company.
>> No. 17714 [Edit]
I should really do a date night of some sort with Hanako. Maybe we'll go to the mountains, that would be fun.

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