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File 147566023635.jpg - (55.86KB , 600x315 , nyanbo-kv.jpg )
27047 No. 27047 [Edit]
I don't even know why I'm posting it on this site, but the new "anime" from the creator of yotsuba is actually 3d trash, don't even watch it. If you have legit crunchyroll that you actually paid for please complain about 3dpd in ur animes.
Kiyhoko Azuma, the talentless & unproductive creator of Yotsuba has been milking his tenuous connection to 4chan for western otaku bucks for over a decade, during which time he has produced some 40 "chapters" (some as short as 6 pages) of manga. He has two assistants that do the artwork for him. Actual working mangakas produce 40 full chapters in less than 4 years without help.
During that same decade he has been arrested 3 times for driving under the influence and once for involvement with a 12 year old prostitute. Azuma is also known for spending a large amount of his time in Southeast Asia.

Hopefully Ryushika Ryushika will get a decent anime.
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>> No. 27050 [Edit]
File 147570482214.jpg - (51.09KB , 1147x645 , 3dpd.jpg )
This really shouldn't be classified as an anime. realistic looking 3d render characters in a real world environment is the basses of practically every live action movie made these days but no one would call them cartoons. Disney for example has been making live action adaptations of their old animated movies a lot recently, one of which was the recent jungle book that was almost completely computer generated imagery aside from the main character yet like so many others it was still officially live action and no one would question that in their right mind. Those horrible starwars prequels, and 2009's avatar also come to mind as being mostly computer generated but still get considered live action. so shouldn't the same apply here?
>> No. 27061 [Edit]
Probably why Hiroyuki wanted to distance himself from it a little on 4chan. Thanks to the author, Yotsuba will always be known as "that pedo manga by that pedo author".
>> No. 27064 [Edit]
I never had any intention of watching it, even if I do like the design of Danbo.

I didn't know that there were plans for a Ryushika Ryushika anime. I brought up the manga a while back in /ma/. It should be good since the manga wasn't too bad.
>> No. 27075 [Edit]
It won't be for a while, ABe is currently working on Despera.
>> No. 27087 [Edit]
b-but, you know who is in gensokyo.

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