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File 132616832692.jpg - (195.35KB , 1440x810 , 1326127223460.jpg )
8076 No. 8076 [Edit]
Ano Natsu de Matteru. Seems very interesting and well animated, despite the art being essentially the same thing as Ano Hana.
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>> No. 8077 [Edit]
I thought it looked closer to toradora personally.
>> No. 8081 [Edit]
Ano Natsu, Ano Hana and Toradora all have the same character designer.

I'm worried that this show will have any animation by the end. JCStaff are currently animating six shows at the same time.
>> No. 8082 [Edit]
its ok they'll just hire more koreans
>> No. 8166 [Edit]
File 132675980311.jpg - (116.95KB , 821x682 , 54754648.jpg )
Kanna is still the best character despite her cockblocking attitude.
>> No. 8186 [Edit]
I was indifferent to her in the first episode, but goddamn, she was a bitch in the second episode.
>> No. 8277 [Edit]
File 132740928072.jpg - (157.72KB , 901x859 , 987979879.jpg )
Why would you ever think that?
>> No. 8295 [Edit]
Because it's obvious she has had a crush on the MC for a while, but he's been oblivious, and instead of trying to let him know that she had a crush on him, she did nothing. Now Ichika has shown up, and the MC is falling for Ichika instead of her. Instead of taking it like a normal human being and moving on, she's just cockblocking and being an insufferable bitch, even though it's all her fault for not trying to make a move before it was too late. Yes I'm mad.
>> No. 8298 [Edit]

Well... she could always just kill Ichika.
>> No. 8449 [Edit]
I'm enjoying it so far. Although, I am waiting for the damn dramabomb to hit, full force.
>> No. 8450 [Edit]
Two males, and three females, all involved in something that can only be called a Love Flux Capacitor. This isn't ending well for one of the main characters, and all my bets are on Kanna ending up alone.
>> No. 8451 [Edit]
File 132874147167.jpg - (95.87KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Ano Natsu de Matteru - 05 [F0271DA2]_mkv_.jpg )

She was making moves on him.
The same moves the other guy was pulling on her.
Oh, the irony.

When the alien leaves at the end of summer vacation, MC-kun is going to need a kind heart to help him heal, and kanna just happens to be there.

I'm still waiting for the best girl to do something other than watch her blue haired friends futilely struggle with their one-sided loves on the sidelines.
>> No. 8522 [Edit]
File 132918248243.jpg - (87.72KB , 811x716 , over a thousand tourists are raped every year.jpg )
>> No. 8523 [Edit]
I can hear the whistle of it falling through the air right now.

Just a little more, now.
>> No. 8615 [Edit]
File 132978536529.jpg - (107.27KB , 1063x965 , shes just so sad.jpg )
>> No. 8658 [Edit]
File 133014871496.jpg - (117.42KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Ano Natsu de Matteru - 07 [E6BC906E]_mkv_.jpg )

meanwhile just as two throw-away characters are introduced one episode, and then forgotten at the end of the next, we get a ver.2 of that exact same shit with a character(s) related to Ichika for the next arc.

I knew I'd regret getting my hopes up for a J.C. Staff original series. At least the best girl makes it mostly worth watching.
>> No. 8659 [Edit]
I just cant bring myself to like this bitch, and then she goes and cockblocks them. AGAIN.

Fuck her.

Dramabomb averted for one episode. Maybe it wont be a full on bomb with this series, but a series of small dramaC4. Well, whatever. We'll see what happens soon enough. Here's hoping J.C. pulls a good ending out of the hat.
>> No. 8661 [Edit]
>she goes and cockblocks them. AGAIN.
You mean Lemon, right? because the childhood friend wasn't there by chance that time either; it was all Lemon being an insidious bitch while toying with them the whole time.

>Dramabomb averted

The dramabomb diffused itself this episode, if you weren't watching.
Mio's exploded, but without Kana there to hear it and make the dude actually have to do something, it might as well have never happened at all.

And then MC-kun's boldness out of nowhere followed by returning to his spineless self just as fast was rather annoying.

And even then, it was executed terribly and the "LET'S PRETEND NOTHING HAPPENED AND AWKWARDLY LAUGH AND THEN JUMP 5 HOURS TO THE NEXT SCENE" thing is being overused much, much too often.

>Here's hoping J.C. pulls a good ending out of the hat.
Define good. It's going to be an asspull "happy" ending with some sort of bittersweet "I'll wait for your return" or some shit, with the road leading up to it giving me an aneurysm.
>> No. 8662 [Edit]
Whoa whoa whoa, bro, calm the fuck down.

If you don't like something, don't watch it.

>You mean Lemon, right?
No, I mean the childhood friend. It is on her how she responds to what she sees, not Lemon. She is just being easily manipulated, and the alcohol surely didn't help. Still, I dislike Lemon as much as the childhood friend, for the reason you listed.

>The dramabomb diffused itself this episode, if you weren't watching.
>If you weren't watching
Oh boy, there are those hostilities again. Such a shame.

Yes, I was watching, but I don't think it was pointless, it just didn't have the immediate effect that you were looking for, hence the C4 thing. Little explosions here and there will eventually cause the shit to go down, if you will.

You are right about the end, though, which is why I am hoping for something better. I'm sick of those types myself.

>with the road leading up to it giving me an aneurysm.
As I started this reply with, you can simply stop watching, rather than making yourself rage and cause said aneurysm, brother man.

I know my post that you are replying to may have implied that I was raging, but really I've been pretty damn amused with this series so far, flaws and all, so I'll continue either way. Its only a back-up anime for me, after all, Danshi and Another are the only ones I'm really following this season.
>> No. 8711 [Edit]
File 133039286344.jpg - (181.67KB , 1070x685 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

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