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File 142129242943.jpg - (37.00KB , 281x368 , Kanako (85).jpg )
25934 No. 25934 [Edit]
Whats the best *booru for finding fap material and pictures of your favourite character?

Usually I go to the Sankaku complex booru. The order opular function is quite useful.

Danbooru only accepts 'high quality' images.

Gelbooru often has duplicates and bad Western fanart/horribly drawn fetish crap.
>> No. 25935 [Edit]
Use filters maybe?
>> No. 25937 [Edit]
Danbooru. Better tagging and organization, less crappy pictures, no 3D.
>> No. 25938 [Edit]
I've seen 3D on danbooru
>> No. 25940 [Edit]
As have I.

Anyway, I just go straight to Gelbooru since it seems to get slightly more content than Danbooru, and I disable cookies so that I don't have to see any of the shitty ads.

I'd post a link to the Overbooru, but it seems like it might be dead.
>> No. 25941 [Edit]
l don't know why people bother with those sites, l find everything l need on sadpanda
>> No. 25942 [Edit]
I really need to get a vertical monitor to improve my fapping experience.
>> No. 25945 [Edit]
Just turn your monitor on its side.
>> No. 25946 [Edit]
It doesn't swivel and isn't compatible with standard mounts. Sometimes I turn my laptop on its side but that's kind of a pain.

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