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File 133325952772.jpg - (0.99MB , 1630x841 , 0604a8789fffdfc75aa8d77e3f2fa3ea.jpg )
9421 No. 9421 [Edit]
Want to quit something? Start something?

Maybe a drug, or a habit, or something else you want to quit? Maybe you want to form a good habit?

I want to maintain a clean room.
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>> No. 9422 [Edit]
I want to quit breathing.
>> No. 9423 [Edit]
Get into the habit of consistent studying and not procrastinating. not working hard is a source of a lot of my self esteem issues, while procrastinating is a big source of stress for me.
>> No. 9425 [Edit]
I want to start controlling my emotions more.
>> No. 9426 [Edit]
(I was hoping there was a thread on something like this, actually)

>Maybe a drug, or a habit, or something else you want to quit?
Already mentioned this in /ot/, but I'd like to quit stimulants for at least a recognizable amount of time. Possibly 6 months. I've just been feeling depressed (more so than normal), and I think the drug abuse is my central issue. Plus, my waifu definitely wouldn't accept it, and, as mortified as I would be to say this to anyone outside my door, I'm really not okay with doing something that Miya would vehemently disprove of (yeah, that's blatant projection, but I'd say it's well-founded).

>Maybe you want to form a good habit?
As strange as it sounds, I want to write a lot more. All of the writers that I hold to high esteem, they were always writing something or another. They did it out of habit.
Having a regularly clean room would be nice, too. It looks like a wasteland right now.
Also, shaving regularly as well. I can't stand feeling the little hairs above my lip, yet I end up so apathetic, I can't remember to do it when I shower.
And the hardest: normalizing my sleep schedule.
>> No. 9427 [Edit]
>And the hardest: normalizing my sleep schedule.
Yep, definitely a difficult task. I've been trying for years but the best I've managed in recent memory was about five or so days. After that, it quickly reverted back to being all over the place. Maybe one of these days I'll muster the willpower to properly maintain it.
>> No. 9428 [Edit]
File 133328745642.png - (215.78KB , 300x425 , tired.png )

I'd be able to if I had any reason to.
>> No. 9430 [Edit]
I recently deleted all my porn so that I would stop absentmindedly browsing it whenever I get bored and fap for no reason, leaving me lethargic for the rest of the day.
Now I just need to stop absentmindedly browsing everything else.

I know that feeling, and as much as I struggle to keep it one way, it's probably for the best that my sleep cycle is constantly shifting, it's more fun that way.
If it ever settled in and my days started to follow any kind of routine I'd probably lose it.

Post edited on 1st Apr 2012, 11:43am
>> No. 9431 [Edit]
File 133330599538.jpg - (210.61KB , 800x1000 , 40f10f271b48a8ac72692e52983f3966.jpg )
I'm more or less an alcoholic and its been effecting me a lot as of late.

I'm thinking I'll take 30-60 days off and get some shit together. Find another job and get ready to go back to school/ged. I have no intentions of quitting but its getting kind of silly I can go though a 26er in one night. I miss the days of having a 40oz last me two weeks. So this one will probably be my last for a while. After a month or two I can go back to getting shit faced on 5~ shots instead of 12 I've ran out of money till income tax and gst come in anyway

As for picking up habits getting back into music be nice, but oh the fear
>> No. 9432 [Edit]
I wish I could stop getting obsessed with different anime girls (usually the same few at different times). Like I'll see a really cute picture of her and suddenly I'll want my wallpaper to be her, I'll want my avatars in games to be her, I'll comb through pixiv for long stretches of time looking for pics of her, and eventually my interest will fade when I repeat the process with a different girl. It's why I can't really have a waifu, I'm too impressionable
>> No. 9433 [Edit]
That doesn't sound strange at all, I'm sure there are millions of people that want to get into the habit of writing more.

I myself would actually like to use more drugs, but I know absolutely no one to buy them from. I've tried a few research chemicals and other things I could get online, but haven't really taken to any of them, save for MXE.
Echoing the clean room habit; I feel better about myself when I clean my apartment once a week, but it usually ends up being once every couple of months (if that) instead. It's hard to work up the motivation to clean when absolutely no one sees my apartment, though.
>> No. 9434 [Edit]
I want to try an opiate.
>> No. 9439 [Edit]
I want to quit school. No, I will quit school. I don't care about getting a job. Fuck that shit.
>> No. 9441 [Edit]
I want to quit quitting.
Lately it seems like everything I start, be it learning Japanese, working out again, or trying to normalize my sleeping schedule, I always just give up on all of them after not even a month. It's getting to the point where I don't even have the motivation to start them up again in the first place, actually. It's frustrating because I want to do some of these things, but when I get around to actually trying to do them I just lose interest and go back to masturbating until I fall asleep.

Also it might sound a bit strange, but I want to start drinking more. I love whisky and I always feel great when I drink, but I'm not always in the mood to drink and for me that's the same as "not being in the mood to be happy". I've got a full drinks cabinet and it seems like a shame that I'm not actually drinking any of it, even though I want to. Not all the time, just a little more often than I currently do.
>> No. 9442 [Edit]
Once you get into the flow of doing what you wanna do it's not that hard and just becomes part of your life that you never put a thought to, you just do it. Like I'm so used to exercising during the week at a certain time everyday but I'm forced to quit doing that for now because of a foot injury and everything feels so weird now. As for a sleep schedule, I don't have one. I just fall asleep whenever I'm bored of the internet for the night which always happens to be 11-12. I've been feeling so weird lately since I've been all messed up that I just haven't been able to bring myself to masturbate at all. It's almost like my body telling me I'm worthy of that kind of pleasure right now. I feel like shit, well at I least I still have fun on my stimulants over the weekend to make me forget about shit for a while. I can't drink, I call alcohol "depression juice" because that's all I ever get out of it.
>> No. 9443 [Edit]
Honestly, to quit being such a ass, not so easily pissed off and annoyed by everything, to have more control over my online Tourette like urges and argumentative behavior.
also I guess my problems with paranoia, depression, memory problems, and maybe talking to myself.

Post edited on 2nd Apr 2012, 8:22pm
>> No. 9450 [Edit]
I want to control my schedules better. Usually I just end up wasting most of my free time instead doing things I really want to do.
>> No. 9451 [Edit]
I want to stop doing kratom.

...So it's more fun when I start again.

I don't trust myself to maintain control with pods or synthetics, so I'm very hesitant to "upgrade".
>> No. 9456 [Edit]
Do you do tea, FST, or what?
>> No. 9466 [Edit]
To stop talking to people. All I ever do is hurt or get hurt. It's not worth it.
>> No. 9468 [Edit]
I want to start smoking weed. Just... something to help me not wish I were never born.

This sounds nice too.
>> No. 9470 [Edit]
I mix 12-15 grams of ground powder (assuming I'm using bali strain, which is usually the case) with a little bit of lemon juice and warm water. I don't filter the ground powder out, I just gulp it down. I don't boil the water because the alkaloids are destroyed by heat.

Sometimes I'll use cocoa powder instead of lemon juice for flavor. Makes the over-steeped green tea taste less intense and the kratom powder doesn't seem to cling to the throat as much with cocoa powder mixed in.
>> No. 9481 [Edit]
I want to quit college. I haven't learned much at all about things related to my major, it just feels like I'm some sort of court jester juggling a lot of stupid bullshit to get a magical piece of paper that will slightly improve my chances at getting a job. The classes I'm being required to take aren't useful to me in general or for my major, at least in the way their formatted so I have no motivation to do anything in them. I'd quit it if I knew what else I'd do with my life from there but I have no idea besides trying to get SSI or something and I'd have a hell of a time trying to get my parents to give me the shit I'd need to apply for it.
>> No. 9483 [Edit]
The sleep schedule thing that others have mentioned is definitely a concern right now. As it is right now, I'm going to bed at 4 AM in the morning and waking around 1:30 PM. It was around 2 AM to noon half a year ago, but it keeps getting pushed further, and I can't seem to stop it. My body absolutely refuses to sleep "successfully" unless I'm exhausted; if I manage to force myself to sleep early (a difficult task), I always wake up 3-4 hours afterwards and can't go back to sleep.

I'd like to find some financial stability as well, but I know as well as anyone that I could never realistically hold down a job.

Post edited on 7th Apr 2012, 11:48pm
>> No. 9485 [Edit]
wow, that sounds exactly like my sleeping patterns.
>> No. 9486 [Edit]
That has been called the ``4chan Sleep Schedule" for quite a while. I guess it's more otaku than 4channer... I have that same problem, but I'm taking mostly night classes this term, so things work out nicely. I feel that I'm most productive at night, even if I get nothing done.
>> No. 9492 [Edit]
I can push my nadir several hours every day. It's non-stop chaos at its worst. Having a normal sleep rythme really is bliss. I've just learnt how to stop it, as the techniques are extremely dependant on the subject's specific case, and identifying your own can be a hassle. It's still hard, though. I'll need to make a lot of sacrifices, but at least I now have a concrete goal to work towards.

I'm inclined to know what you mean by "fear" in this context. Music pretty much saves my everyday life, though I suppose you talk about creating music?
>> No. 11569 [Edit]
The internet. Maybe the computer altogether. Not to quit entirely, just get some discipline over it.
The info addiction is really bad. Whenever I'm not feeding on some easily digestible, diluted information I get anxious and distracted. Days just go away refreshing sites, reading shitty forum threads, reading wikipedia or even checking websites when I know the author won't publish anything new any time soon.
I'm trying to get some time everyday to sit away from the computer and do something, even if it's something I could do it more efficiently on the computer. Most of the time I find some easy excuse or the day just flashes by and I only realize it when I'm getting sleepy though.
>> No. 11573 [Edit]
I want to quit looking at porn, moderate my internet use and possibly stop talking to people on internet, stop procrastinating and stop being a stupid asshole.

I want to start meditating, learn japanese, mountain climbing, get back into writing, reading and playing music, and find a way to never ever meet someone new.
>> No. 11574 [Edit]
I wish I could stop being cynical towards nearly everything and cease being anti-social.

I'd like to get back into drawing since I've been doing it from childhood but it's been a good while since I've practiced or even found inspiration. Maybe it's my perfectionism that keeps me from doing it since I'm never satisfied with whatever I finish and I very seldom show my work to others. I haven't even uploaded them onto the internet and probably never will.

Post edited on 31st Aug 2012, 3:32pm
>> No. 11580 [Edit]
I've started to play the piano again. I don't know why I ever stopped; it's one of the only things in the world that makes me happy. Women disgust me, work tires me and my family gets on my nerves (although I do care about them.) But playing music, that's just the best. You can forget the rest of the shitty cursed world exists.

I'd love to be able to draw. A lot of it would be quite perverted, though, so I'm not sure I would upload it. At the very least I'd do it anonymously as possible.

>I wish I could stop being cynical towards nearly everything and cease being anti-social.

This, however, I have no hope of achieving. Good luck.
>> No. 11585 [Edit]
>I wish I could stop being cynical towards nearly everything and cease being anti-social.

Don't stop this. It helps more than you realize since you don't let yourself fall for any stupid traps that only make your life a bigger pain in the ass than you'd like.

Post edited on 1st Sep 2012, 3:56am
>> No. 11587 [Edit]
The only thing I want to stop is myself from going into very long phases of depression resulting in over eating and physical energy draining. That's what really kills me sometimes and I'm currently trying to find ways to comfort myself enough through those times so it doesn't effect me as much when it does unavoidably happen. As for starting anything, there is nothing I want to start besides getting back into on and off fasting and meditation which has been put to a stop for many months now due to this waterfall of bad luck I've had this year, one bad thing lead to another. I hope this Fall I can reset my mind and get back on track, it's such a mess right now.
>> No. 11686 [Edit]
I wish I could stop being such a dick to people.
I just know everyone hates me, but they wont let me leave, not that I've got anywhere else to go...
I find myself making fun of people, getting into stupid random arguments, and acting really judgmental all the time, and I'd ask myself why I'm doing these things.

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