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File 136536752199.jpg - (145.71KB , 540x622 , 1362768286982.jpg )
21425 No. 21425 [Edit]
I know there were threads on here in the past (i.e. Shinden's discussion on moving out with some posters mentioning sleeping in alleys etc) & do you have some experiences on that? There's a bunch of homeless blogs and stuff but here is one (err several) link(s)


I am just wondering what you think of it. Actually I am asking for tips on living homeless as well & a general discussion.

Also do you consider being voluntarily homeless or as a wanderer inherently NEET & hikikiomori-like? I personally say yes, given the people who often go out into the forest for a period of time alone thinking of things etc.
>> No. 21426 [Edit]
You know what NEET stands for, right? It itself explains what a NEET is. As long as you fit the requirements, you're a failure and a NEET.

Also, great shitty meme image, OP.
>> No. 21428 [Edit]
A guy here on tohno chan went homeless for a while: http://tohno-chan.com/ot/arch/res/1519.html
>> No. 21459 [Edit]
he also mentioned hikikiomori too
>> No. 21461 [Edit]
I've always wondered what happened to him. I remember being kinda sad when the posts stopped.
>> No. 21469 [Edit]
Homeless in a car is the best, Do it.
>> No. 21507 [Edit]
I was a homeless NEET for a while. As long as you have a smartphone and/or laptop to entertain yourself and enough money for food, transportation and the occasional stay at a hostel, it's not a bad life.
No idea how one would go about doing this for a prolonged amount of time though, I eventually ran out of money and had to start working again.
>> No. 21552 [Edit]
wht exactly were you doing?

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