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File 130483761062.jpg - (57.24KB , 481x533 , DiabloSplash.jpg )
2740 No. 2740 [Edit]
Diablo III beta details this Monday oh shit
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>> No. 2741 [Edit]
It's only been three years of waiting!
>> No. 2742 [Edit]
After they fucked up Starcraft 2 I don't trust Bliztivision to not fuck up my favorite games series.

Torchlight 2 on the other hand, looks fucking awesome.
>> No. 2743 [Edit]
What did you not like about starcraft2?
>> No. 2751 [Edit]
>"If Blizzard doesn't ship a major title this year, you can expect a minimum of two titles to be released next year."

No source that I can link to, but the info comes from Activision-Blizzard's investor conference call that's happening right now.

Post edited on 9th May 2011, 1:54pm
>> No. 2752 [Edit]
File 130497508934.png - (199.03KB , 841x420 , Lnr7l.png )
And here we go, Q3 beta. That's between July and September, by the way.

Post edited on 9th May 2011, 2:08pm
>> No. 4074 [Edit]
File 131156390243.png - (32.20KB , 242x288 , BLijl.png )
This picture was apparently just uploaded to Also, supposedly more beta details are going out next Monday, August 1st, since an embargo for some press event for the beta being held (or already held) in July lifts then.
>> No. 4078 [Edit]
I am more excited for Torchlight 2, I don't really think Blizzard has the ability to make a good Diablo game but they are welcome to prove me wrong.
>> No. 4080 [Edit]
You mean "A good diablo game for a third time"?
Cause, you know, blizzard made the first two.
>> No. 4082 [Edit]
blizzard north
>> No. 4083 [Edit]
Blizzard North made Diablo I and II, and the majority of those guys left ages ago, not to mention the studio's been closed for a while, too. See Hellgate and Torchlight for the two most notable examples ex-North people have been responsible for.

I think Blizzard will be fine, but I can understand why others aren't as hopeful.
>> No. 4084 [Edit]
File 131162958662.jpg - (143.61KB , 460x345 , diablo3fan3.jpg )

It's funny because I myself was an avid Blizzard fan back in the day and after Ropper and co. left to (as Ropper himself said) 'continue pursuing their ideals' (when I read it I thought it's horseshit and it's all about money like it always is but I'm not too sure anymore) Blizzard's products took a drastic dive in quality (it might be just me of course). So yeah that's definitely something worth considering. Pic somewhat related.
>> No. 4085 [Edit]
Am I the only one who actually think what they have now looks too bland and boring? I really don't want it to get darker.

I mean, have you seen the monk videos? They are all brown and depressing and boring, granted they are in a desert but hell even Act 2 in Diablo 2 looked nicer than what I've seen.
>> No. 4093 [Edit]

>They are all brown and depressing and boring

Sorry but if there's one game where complaining about 'grimdark' is stupid it's Diablo (well, that or Doom maybe). Honestly, when I played the first two games I raised the gamma setting by quite a bit to be able to see what the hell is going on.

Diablo is no Warcraft. The colorfull, sugar-pastel-y presentation might work for Warcraft but I don't want to see it in Diablo. Starcraft II was also too bright in my opinion (but not as bad as in couple of first few leaked screenshots).

But like I said, I don't have high expectations, either. I've gotta agree that out of these two Torchlight 2 is something I look forward to more. What is already pissing me off is the fact that Diablo III will get 9/10 scores everywhere no matter if it'll turn out to be good or bad. That's how 'game journalism' works nowadays and it's sickening. On top of that reviewers are getting bribed left and right and it's so widespread that everyone is aware of it now. Ugh.
>> No. 4100 [Edit]
Oh I'm sorry if you misunderstood, I'm not saying a grimdark atmosphere is not what I think Diablo needs, I think that the game just looks visually uninteresting.

People say it is too colourful and bright but I think that it is way too brown for that and that there are hardly any interesting aesthetic objects in the environment. Diablo II has random graves and houses, with bright red demons casting bright flames that cast light wonderfully on the dark surfaces of dungeons. I don't really care if D3 is happy or not, but it seems to think that colour = happy which is fucking ridiculous.

I mean hell, look at Act 5 in Diablo II. That shit was white as hell and had fucking purple enemies yet was still dark in atmosphere. Not to mention Hell which was bright and red and stuff.

Anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding.
>> No. 4160 [Edit]
File 131215121761.jpg - (172.92KB , 800x500 , va0Sd.jpg )
Going to guess this is legit, and if not, we'll find out tomorrow. Supposed beta leaks:

>Beta will start in waves. North America first, Europe later.
>"Real Money" Auction House. You can sell and buy Items for Real Money. You have to pay fee to Blizzard for it. You >can also use an Ingame-Gold Acution House.
>Blizzard will not sell Gold or Items. It is just Player to Player Trading.
>Every Class has its own introductionvideo.
>The Auction House has an amazing search system it sorts the items by the best stats for your charakter.

>Beta contains all five classes and ends with Leoric.
>Hardcore Modus is in (No more Infos)
>Match-Making-System for Random Groups and PvP-Arena.
>Sharing-Stash confirmed.
>Banner-System: You have a Virtual-Banner for your Achievements. It contains all Achievements from your account (not Character).
>> No. 4161 [Edit]
Some images of the real money auction house.
>> No. 4162 [Edit]
God I hate the direction video gaming is going
>> No. 4163 [Edit]

>> No. 4164 [Edit]
  Some previews:
>> No. 4165 [Edit]
Out of the cash shop auction house, the Ubisoft DRM, the lack of single-player, the lack of LAN, and all other ridiculous problems seem to be finding with the game; Which decisions were Activision's money grubbing and which were Blizzard trying to promote its e-sport that it seems so fond of now.
>> No. 4169 [Edit]
Because of recent Diablo III deveolpments, I've decided to go with Torchlight 2.
>> No. 4170 [Edit]
File 131225882820.png - (11.89KB , 555x198 , runic.png )
>> No. 4171 [Edit]
So, Blizzard thought it would be nice to shit up all over Diablo's gameplay by giving a necessary internet play togheter with a physical money Auction House. Get ready to see the efforts you would normally put to get a decent gear gone to waste as cashers, now approved by Blizzard, going all over the place. It is amazing to see this initiative from a company that witch hunted the gold sellers back in the days of World of Warcraft.

Though I do see a good thing about this. I see this as the beginning to a possible future of games' economies directly co-interacting with the real world's. I remenber being amazed by how well the auction houses of World of Warcraft could mimic the basics of a real stock market and, even though this idea of Blizzard will be shitting up Diablo 3's gameplay, I believe it is the first step towards an interesting advance in gaming.
>> No. 4290 [Edit]
>Blizzard "serious" about consoles

>"Today, we're trying to build the best console team at Blizzard. We're looking for programmers, designers, artists who think their dream job would be to bring Diablo to the console. Trust me, it is a dream job."
>> No. 4292 [Edit]
  Inferno mode presentation at Gamescom.
>> No. 4512 [Edit]
Fuck Blizzard.
I used to play Diablo 2 back in 03-04. I have sort of dropped games since then so I don't really know what most people think about this, but one thing I loved in diablo 2 was that there -was- a maximum. You'd hit level 99 quickly in 1.08 or 1.09, or stop somewhere in the 90s post-1.10, but once you had enough good gear it was up to you and your fellow players to find ways to entertain yourselves. The community was pretty damn creative and I remember all sorts of goofy challenges, like having team battles in Diablo's lair, or people who tried to optimize their characters to be as good as possible at level 9/18/29 for low level fighting, or people who'd try all kinds of silly builds and spend a lot of time doing maths to calculate what was viable or wasn't, how the game's mechanics really worked, etc etc. I didn't really mind the repetitiveness of mf-runs or whatever, either.
I also liked how the community was left to manage itself. It was very violent and harsh, much harsher than anything I've experienced since (although, like I said, I'm not much of a gamer anymore), and basically unless you made a character called NIGGERHITLER88 there was absolutely no chance of you getting banned. On the other hand, it was much more fun to organize ourselves, have our own rankings and what else without the overarching rankings and other shitty """community features""" offered and forced in other games.
Anyway, yeah. I really don't like what Blizzard is doing with Diablo III.

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