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File 132822609338.jpg - (174.54KB , 639x476 , fs_shot4.jpg )
6009 No. 6009 [Edit]
Who else is playing Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone? Either I've become just plain awful at RPGs or this really is a hard game. I'm playing on normal and have to devour herbs like I'm a cow. Button mashing won't get you very far... and that's what I usually do. Makes the game more fun, however.

Here's the link to the torrent for all interested:
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>> No. 6010 [Edit]
I hate bats. I died one too many times at the hands of just two of them in the cave outside school. I'm slowly getting a hold on the combos. It's so satisfying to swing your mighty sword down upon the foolish slimes and snakes and watch, eyes tinted with bloodlust, as they give up the ghost along with copper coins!
>> No. 6015 [Edit]
I played the demo and thought it was cool, I'll pick it up this weekend probably and give it a shot.

Apparently they censored some loli in it, but I would rather they do that then become unable to sell their games on any western place because of a perception that the game is porn. (see: JastUSA and Aselia the Eternal)
>> No. 6019 [Edit]
The only thing that was "censored" was a bath scene where you couldn't even see anything anyway. People are blowing that way out of proportion.
>> No. 6020 [Edit]
>you couldn't even see anything anyway

Why was it censored then?
>> No. 6021 [Edit]
So people wouldn't yell about child porn. The upper half of the chest is all you see, the censor is a towel that covers the rest of the chest that wasn't hidden by the water.
>> No. 6023 [Edit]
File 132831117735.png - (621.12KB , 1280x800 , Screen shot 2012-02-03 at 4_59_46 PM.png )
Sana's cuteness matches her magical abilities. There's no way I could have beaten that wretched boss without her. Block and keep on blocking until Sana can fire ice at him, there's a tip for you.

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