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File 13322266336.jpg - (146.16KB , 1280x720 , endou.jpg )
8845 No. 8845 [Edit]
What is it in the human brain that makes me think about things I'd rather not think about? I know for sure I love the girl I call my waifu, and I keep her in my head pure as purest can get. The only problem is, I'm getting shit imagination where if I try to picture her in my mind, the scene goes horribly wrong and something really bad happens to her. Whether it be NTR or ahegao, my mind just thinks it automatically and I feel horrible for letting such a thing happen in my mind. Does this happen with anyone else? I am disgusted with these thoughts and the only shred of idea I have as to why I'm having these thoughts is because I generally think negative, as in I plan way ahead into the future because everything will go wrong-- type of mindset. Is that it? How can I cure this, because it hurts not being able to picture her without hating myself right afterwards. I have to refrain from thinking about her for too long.
>> No. 8849 [Edit]
Unless something similar to what you're imagining happens in her sauce, power through the sauce. I'm sure if you watch enough of the sauce, your imagined thoughts will be more similar to the sauce than anything else.
>> No. 8851 [Edit]
hey it happens to me also man, i though i was the only one !
it only happens when i imagine real life people or situations, never when i think of my wife
i have a small theory: those kind of thoughts only come when you overthink stuff or when you feel pressured or when theres something abnormal or something
>> No. 8852 [Edit]
All comes with experience, try develop your Imagination.
for example listen Audiobooks
>> No. 8853 [Edit]
Or read visual novels.
>> No. 8857 [Edit]
For me, I have another problem. My thoughts get mixed too often than what I wanted, and my waifu isn't an exception. It might be a side-effect to thinking too deep.
>> No. 8858 [Edit]
The problem is, I've been with my waifu for quite a few years already. I've seen plenty of her source material. It's just my stupid brain mixing her with the worst of the worst. Let's just say I'm walking down the street and some ugly hobo walks past me. I look at him once and then the extremely vivid scene of my waifu getting raped plays until I pinch or hurt myself to stop thinking. I have another theory, is that I'm a masochist. It's possible, but even if I'm a masochist, I'm certainly against anything negative regarding my waifu. How do I stop this?
>> No. 8863 [Edit]
I think it's feature of mind (or bug actually) and anyone can face this problem, I had that too. The solution is in your willpower and simple technique to remodel "corrupted" scenes.
But sometimes this bug just stucks in head, and any retake fails. In these cases I just temporarily break the, err, waifu connection, just let her out for a time.
first post here. sorry if my english isn't good enough
>> No. 8866 [Edit]

Or even regular novels.

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