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File 132928747282.jpg - (27.60KB , 512x288 , overrun.jpg )
8539 No. 8539 [Edit]
So the season is about halfway done and I'd like to know how the rest of /an/ feels about it so far. What have you dropped, what do you like, etc. I won't put my own comments ITT yet, I'll post them a bit later. I think posting them as OP is unfair as my opinions are no more important than anyone else's
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>> No. 8540 [Edit]
I've only watched KMB and I find it pretty cute and entertaining. That's...not much of an analysis I guess...
>> No. 8541 [Edit]
lost interest in Senki Zesshou Symphogear, not sure if I'd call it 'dropped' just yet, but don't care enough to watch the next ep I was on.
Found Black★Rock Shooter disappointing, to say the least.
stopped expecting anything meaningful out of Mirai Nikki, but can't bring myself to laugh at it's stupidity like others do.
Didn't care much for kill me baby at first, but at this point, I look forward to eps of it.
sort of stopped caring about Milky Holmes, which was about the time fffpeeps stopped subbing it, so haven't been following it, I gotta say though, the quality is horrendous, and I don't remember the first season being that bad, MH probably got the short end of the stick when JC decided to do 6 shows at once.
wish Recorder to Randoseru had longer eps, but at least the subbers haven't dropped it yet, they don't seem to usually like short web anime.
Aquarion is better than I thought it would be, since the first season was kind of crap, I wasn't expecting much.
Smile Pretty cure is better than I though it would be, but I think those clown faced monsters are kind of gross.
>> No. 8542 [Edit]
File 132928978714.jpg - (419.71KB , 950x1000 , 1328219301694.jpg )
I've been watching Ano Natsu, Daily Lives of High School Boys, Mouretsu Space Pirates, and Rinne no Lagrange. I've downloaded, but haven't watched Inu x Boku SS, Black Rock Shooter, and Symphogear yet. I've dropped Kill Me Baby.

So far, my favourite is Daily Lives, because it's looking like Anime of the Year material for me. Mostly because it's constantly shooting jokes and character development at you in perfect balance, and the jokes are actually pretty funny, and it really reminds me of Cromartie High. Second favourite is Mouretsu Pirates because Pirates, space ships, the music / Marty Friedman, and all those CGI shots get my dick rock hard. Ano Natsu and Rinne have been pretty meh so far. Not bad enough to drop, but still decent enough to warrant a watch.

As for Kill Me Baby, lets just say that I've never dropped a show before the end of the first episode before, and I watched all of .hack//Roots and Legend of the Twilight Bracelet.
>> No. 8544 [Edit]
Only thing I can really say I'm enjoying is Milky Holmes.
>> No. 8549 [Edit]
I generally try everything each season, so prepare for some mass tl;dr


Ano Natsu - Been pretty decent so far, but I'm not enjoying it as much at this stage as I did with Ano Hana. I know they're not related, but they've got exactly the same staff and general feeling.
Another - Not scary, but still has a good atmosphere. I like Mei.
Danshi Koukousei - Actually pretty funny and generally really entertaining.
Natsume Shi - Just as good as the other seasons.
Chihayafuru - I didn't care about karuta at the beginning of the show, but it's really grown on me.
Amagami SS plus - Not as good as the first season, but still watching
Inu x Boku SS - Really entertaining, with great characters all round. Main girl is really cute. OP and EDs are fantastic.
Kill Me Baby - Cute. First ep was average, but it's since gotten much better.
Recorder to Randoseru - The 'he looks like a molester how hilarious' joke got old on the first episode, and I wish they'd focus on Atsumi. Would have preferred another season of Morita.
Milky Holmes 2 - Best of the season by far. This is the only show I watch as soon as it's available regardless of how I feel or how tired I am.
Black Rock Shooter - Disappointed with the butchered character designs. The OVA's school sections (which I'm watching for) were also much better, in my opinion.
High School DxD - Might drop soon. It's a totally uninteresting fanservice show (which I'm usually fine with), but I don't really like any of the girls, and there's too much terrible plot.
Senhime Zesshou Symphogear - Still quite enjoying this. Would like more development on Hibiki and Miku's relationship, though.
Mouretsu Pirates - Really boring so far. Haven't dropped it yet solely because it's a 2cour, so I have hope that it will get better.
Nisemonogatari - I thought Bakemonogatari was okay when it aired, but I recently rewatched and loved it. I'm loving this all the same.
Papa Kiki - Drama isn't good enough for me to be interested in that, and the character designs are pretty weird (the noses in particular). Watching because it's a 2cour and Miu is cute.
Poyopoyo - It kills 3 minutes with some cat related nonsense.
Rinne no Lagrange - Didn't like it at the beginning, but it's growing on me. I seem to like episodes more when they have less action.
Smile Precure - (*´v`*) It's gonna be a good one.


Area no Kishi - Found it boring, and I give no fucks about football.
Brave10 - Generic shonen with extra BL appeal.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2012, 12:23pm
>> No. 8552 [Edit]
File 132934948230.jpg - (71.78KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Brave 10 - 06 [720p]_mkv_snapshot_1.jpg )
>Brave10 - Generic shonen with extra BL appeal.

But there's no Bl, and MC-kun even has a harem growing.

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