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File 133850824846.jpg - (215.33KB , 1280x720 , db2bbbd8bad592d4f4f22146ab4f9a7ff8b57c10.jpg )
10585 No. 10585 [Edit]
Lets say you're getting kicked out of your home.

what do you take with you? (you can only really take what you can) and what do you do from then on?
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>> No. 10586 [Edit]
I'd take my possessions and computers, and then desperately try to find money or work or help no matter what.

You really don't want to be without a home, it's terrible.
>> No. 10587 [Edit]
A bunch of clothes, my harmonica, some books and my pendrives.

Then I'd probably apply for a place in the student quarters at my university and ask to stay at a friend's apartment while I wait for the decision. My family really lives in a tight cluster, so there's no way to live with some other family member and not seeing my mother's face ever again.
>> No. 10588 [Edit]
for those who say they'd take their computer, are you gonna be pushing it in a cart or lugging it around in a pack?
>> No. 10590 [Edit]
I guess that I'd leave everything here, with the exception of my knives, phone, and money and ask my uncle to move the most important things to his place or something, then I'd try to stay at a homeless shelter, or walk around until I find a nice area where I can rest for a short while.

I have no friends and I have very few people I can depend on. I'd probably be taken by my uncle to his trailer and stay with him for some time. After that, I have no idea. I don't know what to do after that. My uncle would probably try to get me to work at the tireshop he works in.

I want to die.
>> No. 10591 [Edit]

I'd it apart, keep it in a backpack maybe, and leave the case. I could use a laptop and flash drives in the mean time.
>> No. 10592 [Edit]
Guitar. notebook, coat and a phone. Even if the service is cut it can still go on wifi
>> No. 10594 [Edit]
File 133851334657.jpg - (185.26KB , 1024x576 , sola2_epizd-e719sola2102.jpg )
I was kicked out of my house once. It was really late at night, so I just took my acoustic guitar and the backpack with all my drawings (I was pretty romantic/naive); I took what I absolutely didn't want my mom to break or burn out when she entered into a rage. Back then, I had friends; so I went to the house of one who lived alone (or rather, he picked me up) and whom I knew I could stay with; but my mother also left the house soon after that (not without breaking some stuff, indeed) and so, advised by my aunt, I could come back home quickly.

Now: if such a thing happened once again... well, since now my room it's pretty much my entire world and I can't possibly take all that stuff with me (and where to?), I guess I'd just give it all up and take with me my laptop, my most beloved zippo lighter (I'm still romantic/naive) and my debit card, on wich I'm still monthly paid a sort of scholarship for at least one more year. I'd try to contact that old friend; if I'm not able to stay with him or anyone anymore (I neither want to impose on others), I'd be homeless and so try to duel, hide and survive inside the university campus (food, shelter, toilets, free net...) for as long as I could, until figuring out what to do.

Post edited on 31st May 2012, 6:18pm
>> No. 10595 [Edit]
Notebook and cellphone with their chargers, pocket knife, flashlight, some books, backpack, money, maybe some food like nuts and canned tuna.

First, I would wander around seeking shelter, thinking what the fuck I am going to do. What comes next I don't really know.
>> No. 10598 [Edit]
Since I own a rather large car, I'd take my pc, ps3, game collection(if need be, they can be sold at a gamestop or somewhere better for a few quick bucks) figs. then whatever else I can fit into the car.
I'd probably try to remove the passenger and back seat for space.I think it would be best to take whatever would be hard to reacquire latter,or that which can be sold easily.
I could also leach off wifi singles using my laptop to sell things online for some cash.

I've still got a few bucks stashed away though, which I could probably use to pay for a cheap storage locker, if I was to try and hold onto more of my stuff.
Of course the smart thing to do would be to try and get a job as soon as possible, since it could take time to find one.
if I managed to find one, who knows, a place to live I guess.
Rent is a bitch to pay when you're alone, but I guess it's that or sleeping in my car.
>> No. 10601 [Edit]
As much money as I can, and whatever small things I can sell. Forms of personal identification. My cell phone. Maybe a favorite book or two and a notebook with important phone numbers and such written down. You don't really need much to survive or be happy... all you need is eyes that let you see the beauty in this world. Laptop? No, I really wouldn't bring one. It'd just give me something more to worry about protecting, worry about charging, worry about breaking... if I were to take it to the streets, I'd be doing it to get away from my vices, not lose myself in them. Ah, but even so, I hope that day doesn't come for quite a while.
>> No. 10603 [Edit]
Somehow get to Paris and join the French Foreign Legion and start a new life with a new identity, it's always been a dream of mine.

But I know a few days in I'll would probably just kill myself once I realized what I got myself into.
>> No. 10607 [Edit]
Surprised nobody would off themselves, because I would do that without a second thought.
>> No. 10608 [Edit]
I'd explore, THEN off myself. Either find a pleasant place to hang myself in, or a radio tower to jump from.
>> No. 10609 [Edit]
My figures, laptop, phone, and money. I'll try to find a place to stay and a job. On the unlikely chance that plan falls through, I acquire enough money to take me to a Buddhist monastery (I know of one in California, not the Pure Land one) and become a monk. There I will have peace and all the necessities of life.
>> No. 10610 [Edit]
I was gonna say that but I figured it would be too obvious
>> No. 10611 [Edit]
I might as well do that since I don't want to get a job and work for the rest of my life for nothing.
>> No. 10658 [Edit]
I would take my little money, a pack with clothes, water etc, and then I'd walk to the ocean (like, 500 km from here).
If I make it there, I'd ask for work on a ship if they let me go to the other side.

I don't know. Adventures, I guess.
>> No. 10659 [Edit]
Laptop, my external HDD and my phones. My other PC is really old so it isn't really worth of it (but I need to delete all lolis obviously). Also some clothes, most precious figures, dakimakura and some books maybe.
>> No. 10665 [Edit]
My wallet and laptop.

Maybe I will apply for apprentinceship to a local homless guy, but he'd probably feel like he is being mocked.
>> No. 10667 [Edit]
>what do you take with you? (you can only really take what you can) and what do you do from then on?

My Mp3 player and all of my favorite albums on a USB flash drive / Some blankets (namely the one I'm sitting on now, and the one in the closet) / Some food, and a few things of tupperware along with some aluminium foil. All of this should fit properly in my old school bag if I arrange it carefully enough.

I'd probably just be a hobo, wandering from town to town, getting into trouble. I might even pick up a traveling companion or two along the way; Namely fellow, pathetic NEET's who are on hard-times. We'd ride the rails and go down in history as America's lost generation.
>> No. 11384 [Edit]
My radio

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