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File 13242396355.jpg - (199.85KB , 850x1219 , sample-350d96d681fbe1c1917a6089a03a4413.jpg )
7786 No. 7786 [Edit]
I can't believe I waited this long to watch Moetan. This show is a joy to watch (for the plot, of course). Just finished episode 1. Makes me want a moe magical loli to fall from the sky and help me learn a foreign language. So how about a Moetan thread?
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>> No. 7788 [Edit]
File 132424382278.png - (819.67KB , 1280x800 , Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 4_17_26 PM.png )
Look at this guy. I like this guy. A shame he won't show up again. He made episode 2 good, made up for the lack of Ink.
>> No. 7790 [Edit]
Watched the first 2 episodes. I like it.
>> No. 7793 [Edit]
I love Moetan. Dandy is an excellent character and he shows up all the time. Her friend is also excellent and the idol loli magical girl that shows up is also great.
>> No. 7795 [Edit]
Yes it is great.
>> No. 7796 [Edit]
i've never watched this either, but I think I'll add it to my watch list now.
>> No. 7895 [Edit]
>Episode 3
>Doushio, Sumi-chan!?
>Nutbladder-damaging flashbacks
This show just keeps getting better. To everyone else that just started watching it, are you enjoying this otaku pandering show as much as I am?
>> No. 7898 [Edit]
Dandy and his "pretty girl[s]" always makes me smile. I haven't seen the idol yet.
>> No. 7926 [Edit]
made from moetan I learn the English
>> No. 7975 [Edit]
File 132551919091.jpg - (46.11KB , 704x480 , [DmonHiro]_Moetan_03_[DVD_h264_AAC][1106DF9E]_mkv_.jpg )
It's been on my backlog for a while but since somebody actually bothered to start a thread for it I though 'heck, why not watch it now, it's not like I have anything else to do'.

Great show, really. Typical Japanese weirdness is how I'd like to sum it up but lately there haven't been many shows like this one. The only one somewhat recent one I can actually recall would have to be Milky Holmes.

Overall: great voice cast, good production values, funny at times, good watch.

Ippen... shinde miru?
>> No. 7988 [Edit]
File 132562951028.jpg - (57.99KB , 510x290 , moetan-corner-73.jpg )
>> No. 7990 [Edit]
Darn kanji always thwarting my attempts to reverse the language to be learned.
>> No. 7993 [Edit]
Ahh, Moetan. This thread makes me want to rewatch it now.
>> No. 8289 [Edit]
I've more or less dropped this show temporarily to try and catch up on the metric ton of other shows I have waiting. It'll be a spell before I take Ink's lessons again. English not one language my. Sorry bad post.
>> No. 8321 [Edit]
File 132776795514.jpg - (48.12KB , 704x480 , SupChar.jpg )
>> No. 8601 [Edit]
File 132974401410.jpg - (51.92KB , 848x480 , [mbt]_Moetan_-_13_[DVD_h264_AAC][88616209]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Probably the only show in history of anime where the last episode was (by far) the best episode.

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