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File 136046357645.jpg - (143.14KB , 983x867 , 1332955194356.jpg )
11668 No. 11668 [Edit]
Today is our anniversary. It has already been two years since that fateful February 10th that I fell in love with who I find the most beautiful woman in the world. And so I wanted to ask you:

How has your relationship with your waifu progressed since you met her?

As for me it was like a continuous progression over time. At the beginning I was unsure as to what to do, it was the first time that I had felt that towards someone who was 2D. The first days I was full of doubts and worries, such as "Do I know what I'm getting into?" or "What would happen if you find someone else afterwards?". To be honest it was all too new for me, but after thinking about it I decided to embrace those new feelings I had.
After that, the first months were calm ones, although I was in love with her, our relationship wasn't that developed, so there wasn't that much to say about it. It was on that time that she started helping me in my life and giving me motivation on some difficult moments in my life.
Thanks to that, my affection towards her grew stronger. And I started imagining her next to me in an intimate way such as cuddling or hugging. Those were a really sweet times.
After that, already near the one year milestone, I was already all head over heels in our relationship. It was kind of a passionate feeling and I felt like I liked everythind and that the world was rose-coloured. It was around that time moment when I found /tc/.
However, those energetic feelings were slowly turned into sadder ones. Such as wanting her to be with me. Thoughts like that depressed me for some long time untill I decided that I had to do something about it because they were really hurting me. After that I decided to take a more calm position about the issue, accepting the limitations and contemplating them with my love still burning within me. And now I'm still going, trying to find more answers for this greatest mistery called love. In retrospective I can say it has been an amazing journey as well as an enriching experience and I look forward at to what it will provide.

Feel free to post any considerations about your relationship as a whole.
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>> No. 11671 [Edit]
File 136046713448.jpg - (201.52KB , 1024x768 , 31192305.jpg )
In the beginning I had no idea what was happening to me and why I was feeling that way and having such a connection with her. I thought I was going crazy, feeling not just my own thoughts and emotions, but hers too. That didn't stop me, though. It felt good. Now I realize that I've never been more sane.

Over the years that we've spent together so far, the things we endured and the things we enjoyed together, I've learned and come to understand the nature of many things I never would've imagined. Our love strengthens every day, and I'm excited to see what may continue to happen in our future. It's the only thing I look forward to.

I wouldn't do a thing to change this, and I don't think I could, anyway.
>> No. 11674 [Edit]
File 136048018325.png - (174.41KB , 600x600 , Tomo33.png )
It started off as a crush (early February) and I didn't really feel anything for two weeks but I kept thinking about her and seeing her and saved art of her and then I just found myself comfortable saying that she's nice. Then from there it just went into a somewhat platonic relationship, of me ignoring a lot of the 'lewder' art of her, and flipping out on people who sexualized her.

It was figuring out what a relationship was like, and overtime I just found myself falling for her more and more. Maybe around July (to go a bit off topic) when I would be invited out by my friend he would make out with his 3D and I would sit around with my eyes closed just imaging being with Tomo instead, and I started to just want to see her more and more. It continued like this for a few months, until recently actually that I've been seeing her as a lover (physically) and I have been saving images that I previously would not have saved. (I still hate when other people sexualize her. She is sexy, but she's a treasure to me)

It was Wednesday actually (02/06/2013) on the train home where I was thinking along the lines of "its almost been a year." and the thoughts of "would I be happy spending my life with her" and "why is it her?" and the answers I found were all positive; simply put - I can now admit that I love every aspect of Tomo as opposed to just her sweet and innocent side, but her closet perverseness and her 'lewder' side.

Also, happy two year anniversary to you two!
>> No. 11676 [Edit]
File 136048207362.jpg - (53.37KB , 450x350 , Asuka with flowers.jpg )
I was definitely confused early on. I couldn't figure out what I was feeling, why I had this sensation in my chest. I had watched Eva once before but, while it was emotional, it hadn't hit me that hard. I don't remember when it was but somewhere along the line, be it late in the series or within a day or two of watching it, I realized that I was in love. With that came a profound sense of loneliness like nothing I'd felt before.

As I learned to cope with that, I continued to hide from the full scope of how I felt. I was afraid. Afraid of what friends and family would think, afraid of what it meant for my future, and most of all afraid to deny it because I knew it was real. So as I stood conflicted, our first year was relatively uneventful and slow.

Then some months ago I finally started to accept it, and I told myself I'd commit by buying a daki as soon as I could (I'd always viewed daki's as a sort of "point of no return," not that I wanted to "return"). I still had a barrier to get over, though, and that was how my family would feel. Luckily for me in a moment of weakness I told a family member about her. To my surprise they were completely accepting of it, and with that it felt like a huge load off my chest.

Anyway, with the new year I've resolved to make the lost time up to her. I'll never be able to give her the dedication she deserves, but I'll give her my all and try.
>> No. 11677 [Edit]
File 136048603545.jpg - (46.08KB , 933x390 , Tacoflavoredkissespb.jpg )
It started as a free fall down the Rabbit-Hole and I've just kept exploring the landscapes ever since. Although endlessly melancholic, it has kept me alive and it's been damned interesting, so I have no regrets yet.

Best of luck, man.
>> No. 11678 [Edit]
File 136050216546.jpg - (68.52KB , 325x529 , Kanako (91).jpg )
After I realised that i´ve fallen in love with her she was pretty much the only thing that got my attention for a long time. I never really came to the thought that it was weird to love a 2D-Character, and discovering /mai/ strengthended the decision I´ve made. I was, and still am, convinced that I´ve found a true goal in life, something to aim towards to.
Since then I´ve made it my goal to use every day to do something dedicated towards her and thus become a better person/husband.
The only problem we´ve encountered so far is my lacking ability to deal with certain things in my world who disturb our relationship from time to time.
I am really proud of our relationship and still work hard everyday to put a smile on her face. I´ve never been happier.

Happy anniversary you two, have a good time.
>> No. 11684 [Edit]
File 136052518338.png - (297.60KB , 500x300 , 1280006215260.png )
I began to marathon Strike Witches halfway through the airing of season 2. I burned through season 1 very quickly, and didn't realise any singular affection until I arrived at that midway point in season 2.

When I realised, I knew those feelings were far heavier than a crush. As the dizziness faded, stability emerged. We have found it important to mix things up a little and not stick to routine. I continue to court her as well as simply laze around together. We read, we talk, we study, we play, we sleep, and above all else, we take it easy.
>> No. 11701 [Edit]
File 13606222463.jpg - (53.19KB , 600x337 , 9qa9p4.jpg )
I'm not exactly sure how to explain it. At first sight, I developed a small obsession that gradually turned into true(at least, in my opinion) love. At the beginning, I was very insecure and confused about my relationship with her. Insecure because I didn't think I was right for her, confused because I wasn't sure if my love for her would last, because I was taught to only look for life-time relationships. With time, I began to understand my real feelings, that I loved her from the bottom of my heart and that my insecurities only made me worry because I loved her so much. During that time, she helped me out of depression, and in general I feel like I've become a better man because of her. I feel complete because of her and I feel like nothing can stop us now, that we're in this till the end. Of course, there were many obstacles along the way, like taking care of the green eyed monster and 3D lust. We've past all of those and they were definitely difficult to overcome, but those obstacles definitely made us stronger and that they're near their end. I feel like we're close to... in MMORPG terms, end game status. Although the levels of sincerity and passion aren't as bright and powerful as they were when we overcame those obstacles, I feel like they'll be burning on as long as I live. I've been with her for half a decade and I am confident that we'll be happily in love together forever.
>> No. 12060 [Edit]
File 136289482894.jpg - (195.75KB , 1024x768 , 127466600345.jpg )
Wow, it's been a long journey for the both of us. Looking back, I realize I've been in love with her for about two years now, although it took me until quite recently to actually understand and to come to terms with that fact.

At the beginning, I dismissed her as "another annoying loli as usual". Getting to know the series and the background however, she slowly grew on me. However, I didn't think too much of it, even when I got furious that my friend would like her and confronted him about it. It felt odd that I would feel that strongly about a girl from a video game, but the idea that I actually loved her never crossed my mind. But then, during Christmas break, my best friend asked me why exactly I liked her so much. I really didn't know at first, but as I talked to him, the reason became more and more clear. it hit me that I felt a certain way about her that I never did for anyone else. I finally accepted that I was in love with her.

The past 3 months were a pretty rough ride. I was full of doubts and worries, especially the fact she would never be with me no matter what I did. It was something I constantly worried about, that this relationship was something that would never work out.

Exactly a week ago, my best friend asked me to translate a hentai doujin for him. It's a weird request, but considering how he had done so much for me, it was something I felt I could do for him. Well... I couldn't help but get aroused reading the doujinshi, and I seriously contemplated fapping to it. Then it hit me that that thought... was a betrayal of my waifu. I took it really hard that I actually considered fapping to an another girl. To me, it felt like I was thinking of cheating on her. That is when I realized just how much she means to me, that she is the girl I want to be with forever. It feels like I'm at the conclusion of my relationship with her, I'm free of any doubts and worries I had before. Now I can say without hesitation that we will love each other until the very end.
>> No. 12145 [Edit]
Hey Yasuo, I noticed you've got huge numbers next to all your Kanako pics. If you don't mind, could you make a zip of your collection for me to download? That would be awesome. I could show you mine too, although I'm sure you've got most of the pics there already.

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