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File 133297830155.jpg - (128.87KB , 380x215 , Class_of_Heroes_Screenshot.jpg )
6408 No. 6408 [Edit]

I'm a fan of this style of game, but I really doubt this will pull through with its current pricing options.

I emailed them and they said they are adding digital options and other stuff, but they better do it quickly if they want to succeed.

I guess if it doesn't turn out I still have Etrian Odyssey to look forward to.
>> No. 6409 [Edit]
Haven't played the first game, but I'm kind of excited for this just because Working Designs (Gaijinworks) are going to be involved. I loved what they did with Lunar 1 and 2 (both the game and packaging). I'll pitch in for a Deluxe Edition if they start getting close to the goal.
>> No. 6410 [Edit]
On a vaguely related manner it's surprising how many PSP games one can still look forward to considering the drought it was experiencing... Since like literally 2009. Growlanser IV, Gungnir, Type 0, Grand Knights History... Granted, these are all late translations but it's still surprising. Can't wait for Gungnir (I was pretty excited for GKH for a long while but after the endless tide of delays I kinda lost interest).
>> No. 6414 [Edit]
500k seems like a lot, but I hope they reach their goal.

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