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File 134081734185.jpg - (4.71MB , 4337x2591 , list-of-worthwhile-dos-gamesA.jpg )
6899 No. 6899 [Edit]
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>> No. 6900 [Edit]
File 13408213544.jpg - (4.21MB , 4332x2178 , list-of-worthwhile-dos-gamesB.jpg )
>> No. 6901 [Edit]
That's quite an impressive list of games, I have only played a few of them though.
Which ones would you hand select?
>> No. 6902 [Edit]

I haven't played many of them but UFO (the sequels were decent, too) and Crusader (the sequel is more of the same if memory serves) were amazing. Of course, what I'm saying is 'they were amazing ~15 years ago (a little more but it's hard to say when I played them exactly so...). No idea how they aged.

I bet TIE Fighter is pretty unplayable judging by today's standards but back then it was sensational. I bet there are lots of people who still claim it's the best game ever made. I know there were lots of them in the 90s.
>> No. 6903 [Edit]
I'm not the OP(if it isn't obvious already), but I'd say Ultima VII, Twinsen's, Gabriel Knight, Tyrian and Master of Magic are well worth it, to keep the list short, and limitting it only to the ones I've played myself.
>> No. 6906 [Edit]
I'd suggest (from quickly scanning the image):

Betrayal at Krondor
Beneath A Steal Sky
Death Ralley
Descent 2 if you don't end up sick playing it
System Shock
The Settlers 2
UFO Enemy Unknown

Pretty much all these games in the image are good.
>> No. 6907 [Edit]
I feel Leisure Suit Larry i-iii should be on that list, as well as Jill of the Jungle.

Larry for it's unique puzzles and the 'correct' thinking for quite a few of the solutions, and JoJ for it's very well done 2-d platforming.

I'll admit they aren't quite as good as many of the games on that list, but they are definitely worthwhile games.

Also, there's no goddamn excuse for Zork to not be on that list. It's from the DOS era, and if you have the hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy game on the list, zork had best be right fucking next to it!
>> No. 6908 [Edit]
I agree, Zork should be there.

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