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File 132851022352.jpg - (170.53KB , 725x580 , 72d690244a2ef1795264e48a0d2bbc01.jpg )
8310 No. 8310 [Edit]
How would you feel about using a perfume or cologne to represent your waifu? How would you go about choosing a particular scent? Would you use it on particular paraphernalia?
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>> No. 8311 [Edit]
I have a really bad sense of smell, but this is a pretty nice idea.

makes me wonder what if any effect perfume would have on figures...
>> No. 8312 [Edit]
Don't really care. This is sort of taking waifuism to ridiculous levels.
>> No. 8313 [Edit]
After reading through some of the other experiences on here, I don't think this is an incredible stretch.
>> No. 8314 [Edit]
I don't think I get the idea.
>> No. 8315 [Edit]
I've never considered such. Only similar thing was I washed my dakimakura sheet and it smelled "fresh". You know, like a shower fresh. I really liked that.
>> No. 8316 [Edit]
Might not be the same as OP's idea, but I would think for the purpose of assigning a specific sent to her and familiarizing yourself with it.
It could possibly bring you a step closer to her (or him), since a sent is not something that can be represented in current media, only sight and sound for the time being.

also so that latter when you come across it, you might think to yourself 'ah, this smells just like my waifu'
>> No. 8319 [Edit]
File 132852396670.jpg - (185.38KB , 600x600 , f0aec72e22cb8417a96744a772a7f3b8.jpg )
If I'm going to associate a scent or smell for Marisa, it wouldn't be a perfume.

Instead, I associate the smell of burning gunpowder to her. Why?

1. It is my favorite compound.
2. It's ignition echoed her beliefs regarding danmaku: It's supposed to be flashy and powerful.
3. Gunpowder was discovered by Chinese alchemists. Marisa also deals with alchemy.
4. This country, the Republic of the Philippines, celebrates it's New Year's Eves with lots of fireworks. A good smell to start my year right.

There, burning gunpowder reminds me of Marisa.
>> No. 8321 [Edit]
File 132852961085.jpg - (344.54KB , 750x822 , 9251496.jpg )
book smell?
>> No. 8323 [Edit]
File 132853581122.png - (104.52KB , 500x500 , 3_20110507223001.png )
Probably a perfume of the sea, for obvious reason.
>> No. 8324 [Edit]
Essentially what I was thinking. Although I care about smell more than most people; it may be a niche idea.

"You know I got a great idea for a cologne. The Beach. You spray it on and you smell like you just came home from the beach."

"Hum, a cologne that smells like the beach. I can't believe I'm saying this, "That's not a bad idea.""

>> No. 8325 [Edit]
File 132854540044.jpg - (298.72KB , 600x928 , 1468716.jpg )
>"Hum, a cologne that smells like the beach. I can't believe I'm saying this, "That's not a bad idea.""
Wow, that's exactly what I thought, word by word...
>> No. 8327 [Edit]
File 132856281953.jpg - (679.94KB , 750x1060 , 4b503c3b5242277dd3618053085358fd.jpg )
I don't feel the need to go that far to feel close to my waifu but that is a good idea. Maybe the smell of cherry blossoms or green tea? I don't know, what would ancient Japan smell like? Maybe cinnabar to be ironic...
>> No. 8374 [Edit]
I honestly wish I knew what she smelled like so I could indulge in it be almost one with her
>> No. 8413 [Edit]
File 132894933539.jpg - (659.22KB , 1027x1024 , 24273361.jpg )
I can imagine what Makoto smells like, but I can't exactly describe it. It's just sort of a natural smell, I'd put it in to words: a lively cold and windy day, she'd smell like the fresh breeze.
>> No. 9371 [Edit]
File 133983491597.jpg - (86.32KB , 450x600 , 11862301.jpg )
In my case, I surround myself with things that smell like peaches to remind me of her. It doesn't hurt that peaches are also my favorite fruit. I would love a Febreze-esque spray that smells like peaches too, if that existed.
>> No. 9776 [Edit]
File 134283518169.jpg - (139.55KB , 650x1000 , 12709970559588860.jpg )
I think, Miku has scent of electric devices.
>> No. 9777 [Edit]
File 134283706015.jpg - (232.66KB , 1024x768 , 27025630 - いおりんおめでとう!!.jpg )
I have a bad sense of smell, but if I could choose I would probably choose citrus flavors, since it really fits her.
>> No. 9789 [Edit]
File 134289999267.jpg - (140.75KB , 400x563 , Yuyuko 140.jpg )
I suppose she'd probably smell of corpses strawberries.
>> No. 9807 [Edit]
File 134297499937.jpg - (39.85KB , 490x518 , 1331257625020.jpg )
I am quite out there with what smells I find attractive, so as such I like to fantasize about smellingOsaka's body odor or her farts.

Each person smells different, and has unique smells, and Osaka's smells are very special to me and remind me of her.
>> No. 9810 [Edit]
File 134298832031.jpg - (115.42KB , 339x1000 , 1720166.jpg )
My mother, realizing that my place smelled of cat pretty much 24/7, gave me this little thing that heats up scented wax, and the smell is released as it melts. Also got a giant bag of different scents, so I've been trying a bunch, and one day, I grabbed one and let it melt, and as the scent filled the air, the first thing I thought of was her, and now I pretty much associate that scent with her.

It doesn't help that the fragrance is supposedly called "French Kiss".

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