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File 135526909017.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0001.png )
19159 No. 19159 [Edit]
My internet connection went down yesterday.
Thankfully I had a lot of anime stockpiled, but it was really horrible anyway.
What are you supposed to do when there isn't any internet?
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>> No. 19160 [Edit]
>> No. 19162 [Edit]
Read books, go for a walk, exercise, double-check your supplies, do computing work that doesn't require an internet connection, and developing a contingency plan for future incidents like this.
>> No. 19165 [Edit]
Is that Naru from Love Hina?
>> No. 19166 [Edit]
I also keep anime and ero manga stockpiled for when internet goes out.
Not much else you can do.
>> No. 19167 [Edit]
>> No. 19168 [Edit]
File 135528582027.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0003.png )
It want out again.
I'm posting from a public location, a local bubble tea place that has fiber. There are 3Ds everywhere. Its disgusting, but thankfully none of them are trying to talk to me.
Sorry for even mentioning it. I'm thinking about getting two internet connections at home so I have a backup incase the primary goes out.
Thanks to everyone out there who is seeding.
>> No. 19169 [Edit]
The only thing keeping me from cancelling my apartment's internet is that the public library's wifi isn't fast enough to download anime episodes. Otherwise I would just stop by the library for an hour or two each day to use the internet. I used to do so many more things when I was younger; draw, writing and recording music, reading books, going fishing, building random crap in my father's shed, and constant writing. Now all I do besides sit online is go on bike rides and force myself to work on recording music. I work full time as well, but I also had to work along with going to school as a teen, and still managed to do all of those things that I listed.

I've actually thought about this a lot over this last year, and I think the internet had a lot to do with stalling out my life. I remember moving out and getting a connection that wasn't free Netzero dialup, and there was suddenly so much more of the internet. And then 4chan came along... I doubt that I would've been a wildly successful writer or musician otherwise, but I may have at least continued to be productive and would probably be creating things of decent quality by now.
>> No. 19171 [Edit]
File 135528866677.png - (903.31KB , 640x480 , shot0008.png )
OK I downloaded 3 gigs of stuff to watch, so I guess maybe I'll see you all later.
>> No. 19172 [Edit]
yeah it's best to be prepared.
>> No. 19178 [Edit]
>3 gb

i download more than 20+ gb a day(heavy mkv. preferably)

I would program,read books,games and drinking. And of course read old chan htmls

Post edited on 12th Dec 2012, 3:55am
>> No. 19180 [Edit]
>more than 20+ gb a day

thats because you're watching 3d
>> No. 19181 [Edit]
I usually will just marathon some anime or game from my backlog. I don't know what I would do if the internet went out for longer than a day. I havent had that happen to me since I became dependent on the internet.
>> No. 19182 [Edit]
or maybe he's downloading BD rips and HD releases?
>> No. 19183 [Edit]
I shove things up my bum when the internet is out. It's quite entertaining.
>> No. 19184 [Edit]
Whenever I don't have any internet, I play video games until I get it back. If it's longer than a day, then I just play video games, sleep as much as I can.

There isn't much that I can do.
>> No. 19190 [Edit]
so you guys dont have anything going on in your lives apart from pirating anime?
>> No. 19191 [Edit]
pirating videogames.
>> No. 19192 [Edit]
No, that's ridiculous. I also have reading internet forums and reading about games
>> No. 19193 [Edit]
I have enough stuff accumulated to keep me busy for years. Seriously.

Losing internets would still suck though. Being completely alone would feel odd. I wonder if it might be a good thing though. I love you guys and all, but maybe things would be better without any social connection at all. I could then truly live in my own world. The last gossamer thread to the real world cut and all.
>> No. 19194 [Edit]
lots and lots of it. i wish i could drown myself in my own ejaculate and choke on my own penis its that crazy.
>> No. 19197 [Edit]
And I also masturbate.
>> No. 19198 [Edit]
My shitty DSL box is acting up a lot worse than usual, so I'm going to take that as a sign that I might be without internet for a short while. This really sucks.

I don't really have much of a solid plan of what to do without it and can't make one due to not having enough of anything to make one. I'm really low on HD space, so downloading much of anything is probably a bad idea and I don't have much money.

I don't know what to do.
>> No. 19201 [Edit]

Download a nintendo and super nintendo emulator and a ton of games to play while it's out
>> No. 19211 [Edit]
I do the same, but with DOS games.
>> No. 19214 [Edit]
Mine went down tuesday and just came back now

I spent those days watching the anime i've stockpiled and playing some games I've been neglecting because I'm a lazy fuck. It wasn't that bad
>> No. 19229 [Edit]
Due to my current living situation, I only have internet access for a few hours a day, in the evening. I actually keep a list of stuff I want to download/read/Google during that time. Otherwise, yeah, I just stockpile YouTube videos and shit.
>> No. 19231 [Edit]
The only old game I want to play is Mischief Makers! ;_;

A shake~ shake~
>> No. 19236 [Edit]
I miss that game
>> No. 19246 [Edit]
i have 1-2 tB of shit on my HD, so im good.

also, go plaes/do shit
>> No. 19247 [Edit]
>go plaes

>> No. 19372 [Edit]
Right now I just play my DS or Famitracker. Guess I should start stocking up on videogames.

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