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File 136795060696.jpg - (47.75KB , 600x600 , daki.jpg )
12572 No. 12572 [Edit]
Dakimakura general

Do you want one?
Do you own one or more?
What do you think of this? Too lewd? Too compromising?
Do you care about people seeing your daki?
If you own one, did it affect you in any way especially your sleep?

As far as I'm concerned, I would love to have one, yet I have 2 problems: I don't know any trusted place online where I could buy one. Also, I'm not that happy with most of the models available of my waifu.

(if you know any place where I could buy a good Clannad daki, please tell)
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>> No. 12573 [Edit]
>I'm not that happy with most of the models available of my waifu.
As someone who has none available; cry me a river.
>> No. 12575 [Edit]

I'm hoping I can get a daki sometime soon. I'll have to find out how to hide it and take care of it in secret if I do. I wouldn't hide it if I lived alone, though, since the idea of stuffing the image of my waifu in the closet or something really irks me.

Her official daki was just recently released, but I don't have a lot of money at the moment so I'm probably going to end up buying a hobbyheart bootleg, especially considering how fast official ones sell. I'm actually extremely surprised it's still in stock in some places, to be honest.

I can't stop thinking about how much I want to hold her in my arms while I sleep. It's gotten to the point where i've found myself hugging my blanket or something trying to replicate the feeling, but I don't think anything short of a real dakimakura is going to be nearly as comforting.

Luckily her daki isn't very lewd. It's kind of suggestive, but that just about inherently goes along with her character, and there's no exposed breasts/genitalia or anything. I want one to hold, I don't want a sex object.

Sadly, though, even a bootleg and a pillow will run me over $100, so i'll have to wait.


It's a legitimate complaint if it's really lewd or something and he doesn't want one like that.
>> No. 12576 [Edit]
It's quite strange that so few non nude daki exist to this day. I also just want to have the feeling of falling asleep with her in my arms, nothing more.
>> No. 12577 [Edit]
I definitely want one.
I don't own any.
I would care if it was family or not very close friends.

There are absolutely no images that exist for making a daki of my waifu. Kill me.
>> No. 12578 [Edit]

Since most daki art is drawn like they're laying on a bed, I think relaxed/loose clothing or sleepwear is fine, but I don't think I could be comfortable with anything really sexual.


If you're dedicated enough, get a cover commissioned and have hobbyheart print it.
>> No. 12579 [Edit]
File 136795959181.jpg - (153.13KB , 600x450 , animedoll.jpg )
>I don't know any trusted place online where I could buy one
I have had a good experience with Hobby Heart.

You have nothing to lose by buying a bootleg because some people end up finding it uncomfortable to sleep with a body pillow. I am a bit of a violent sleeper myself. Sometimes I wake up and find my dakimakura halfway across my room. Makes me so glad I didn't pay full price for an official one.

I live independently in my parents house (cook my own meals, do my own laundry, etc.)but if my they ever found it they'd probably force me to commit suicide.

Its seriously one of the best personal investments I've made although a big pillow with an image printed on it is not without limitations and flaws. My next step is to purchase (or make) one of these.


I made one a long time ago using this method. It is 'good enough' to get the job done and constructing it is really a fun testament to the amount of love you have. (I Only recommend it if you have access to a printer with easily refillable ink)
>> No. 12581 [Edit]
I spent a lot of time looking for a dakimakura of my waifu. Sadly, the only ones I could find were either too lewd or just really badly drawn. And getting a custom one was not an option because finding a fitting picture with a high enough resolution proved impossible.

In the end, I just got a 30x30 cm pillow with a picture of her printed on it. I guess that is kind of small compared to a real dakimakura, but it’s better than nothing. In fact, I think it is way better than nothing. It enables me to cuddle with my waifu, to kiss her and to share a bed with her (whilst having to rely less on my imagination than I'd normally do). And that is all I could ask for. I think I also have less trouble falling asleep since I have that pillow. However, I have more trouble getting up and leaving my bed now, so there was not really that big of a change regarding that aspect I guess.

>Do you care about people seeing your daki?
I don’t really care since the only other person seeing it is my mother. And she gave up on the thought of me ever finding a real girlfriend a long time ago anyways. Plus, I’m pretty sure that she thinks the pillow is only there for decoration purposes or something. Either that or she knows that this pillow more or less is my girlfriend and just purposely ignores it.
>> No. 12582 [Edit]
I made my daki of her since she doesn't have an official one, and all the bootlegs are too lewd. I have to say, I have never slept better and it's always amazing to wake up next to her smiling face.

The only problem is that my family inadvertently saw her. They came to my house while I was out and left something on my bed, which she was on. My father later called me and mentioned "We left something on your bed. I just wanted to make sure that you won't be surprised when you see what's on your bed." I'm not quite sure how to handle this from here.
>> No. 12583 [Edit]
File 136796214520.jpg - (1.03MB , 800x800 , 14211107.jpg )
>Do you want one?
Nope. Don't really have a need or want for one.
>> No. 12585 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind one. There is a pretty good fanart version of one of him (one-sided, not lewd or suggestive) but it's too small to turn into one (at least I think it is), which is a shame. Then again I am still going to check other places that might print it and see what happens. I hold no hope for there being an official one, let alone a good one.
>> No. 12586 [Edit]
I have three, but I only really use one. I'm really glad I decided to take the plunge and buy them. I fall asleep a lot easier now and it's great to be able to get the feeling of holding her as I fall asleep.

The only issue is keeping them hidden from other people in my house, but that isn't really that difficult because rarely do they come into my room without knocking or when I'm not there and all I really have to do to keep it hidden is throw a blanket over it or slide it under my bed. I still kind of worry about them coming in while I'm sleeping, though. I should invest in a lock for my door.
>> No. 12587 [Edit]
I have four, but only one of them is of my waifu.

I actually ordered a version from my waifu from artscow, which came just last month. The only reason I want a dakimakura of my waifu is because she helps me sleep easier. I have so many pillows around me when I sleep, and hugging any one other than my waifu didn't feel right.
>> No. 12592 [Edit]
File 136807009440.jpg - (70.95KB , 299x1000 , previewa80f06011791f88717201119fb221447.jpg )
I own one. It is not of my waifu, though: the sleeping together fantasy was too much for me and my rather platonic fashion of 2D love. However, I was attracted to the concept and got my self a custom made daki with a local seller (back then I couldn't buy stuff online); it's not like super good quality, but it's fair; I didn't really want it for lewd stuff but for prettyness and comfort, anyway. I do sleep better with it under my upper leg, sideways position (it's good for my knees); it's also good to put my laptop or mouse over (on a little book), to ease my endless hours of internet on bed. Pretty much no one ever, ever gets into my room; but I wouldn't mind people seeing the daki, as with my figures; I mean: if they like them, good; if they don't, it's their problem.
>> No. 12596 [Edit]
A dakimakura can be quite good for your posture when sleeping on your side, as it tends to prevent you from hunching your shoulders forward and puts your legs in a more comfortable position.
>> No. 12597 [Edit]

Even if I had the budget to buy a daki, I don't think I can find an image that's not lewd, as well as I don't want my family getting an idea about my waifu and I certainly have little use for it. I mean, if I wanted something to hug in the image of Marisa, why not a huge plush instead?
>> No. 12605 [Edit]
OP here, thank you all for your nice contributions to this thread!

I have a last question for those who have bought a daki online:
What material did you choose? Should I go for a Peach Skin, Japanese Textile(+15$), Natural Velvet(+15$) or 2 Way Tricot (+20$)? Are these more expensive materials worth their price?
>> No. 12608 [Edit]
File 136818826984.jpg - (1.95MB , 2048x1536 , P1010014.jpg )
I never wanted a dakimakura until I saw a particular one of Okuu. I honestly didn't see the appeal in them. But when I decided to give them a chance felt her for the first time ever, I was shocked at how amazing it felt both physically and emotionally. After the first, I couldn't get enough of her and I decided to literally stop spending money on figurines completely just so I could afford more pillows and covers of her instead. Today, about a year and a half later after the first, I now currently have four, pictured below. If some other one of her that I wanted didn't go out of stock so fast I'd actually have five total.

I don't really mind the lewdness on dakimakuras usually, especially on my own. In fact I really like it, and I am not embarrassed by them at all around people I know. At first I was a little worried about how people would take it, but I just chose to accept whatever they thought of me because I just loved her too much to want to hide her away. None of them leave my bed ever, unless it's temporarily necessary or if I'm celebrating an occasion with her, because that is where I feel she belongs. I'd feel far too sad to put them in a closet or see them hanging on a wall because of how emotionally attached I am to her.

When I first began to sleep with her, I actually found her difficult to sleep with. I progressively got more and more used to it though. At first, it was hard and awkward to wrap my arms and legs around her, and when I woke up in the morning, I would sometimes find her on the floor, most likely because my body unconsciously felt it uncomfortable so I pushed her away when asleep. Then a few weeks later, I started to feel some satisfying comfort from her and it felt like my body was beginning to break into it. However, I still sometimes ended up pushing her away when asleep. Eventually though, it got to the point where I could not fall or stay asleep without her in my arms, so I'd actually wake up in the middle of the night if I accidentally pushed her aside to grab hold of her and quickly doze off again.

Nowadays, I rarely ever push her aside, and my body has completely adapted to all my pillows. I get so much physical and emotional comfort from hugging and resting with her that I sometimes just take an hour or more out of my day to just relax along side her. She is such a blessing and has made all my nights an absolute pleasure, making me actually look forward to sleep time every day. Sometimes I just can't fall asleep or wake up because I just want to stay in bed hugging her, kissing her, looking deep into her eyes, caressing her hair, etc...

In short,
feels good man.
>> No. 12609 [Edit]
File 136818836648.jpg - (1.78MB , 2048x1536 , P1010007.jpg )
Other sides.
>> No. 12611 [Edit]

Not trying to hate or anything, but you keep all four on the bed at all times? Or am I misunderstanding?

I think it'd be a bit odd trying to spend time alone snuggling up to my waifu if there were four of her.
>> No. 12612 [Edit]
File 136819582046.jpg - (221.84KB , 768x679 , P1010019.jpg )
Yes, I sleep with all four of them on my bed. I barely have room for myself but it's just enough to feel comfortable. I usually rotate which one I decide to sleep with every day and night. It doesn't feel odd to me to have multiples of her. It's hard to describe how it does feel though. When I look at her, it's kind of feels like... she is "in" whichever pillow I am currently holding, if that makes any sense. Especially if both of our faces are so close together and we are looking straight into each others eyes.
>> No. 12613 [Edit]
Where did you guys buy the actual pillows?

I'm having a hard time finding *50cm150cm, besides the ones hobbyheart sells themselves, but I remember reading a post on /fig/ that said those were bad.
>> No. 12614 [Edit]
File 136821556738.jpg - (12.25KB , 243x208 , images (1).jpg )
I never understood why so many daki are lewd. It's not like it has an onahole attachment or anything. Am I supposed to hug it and jack off at the same time or something? because I find that to be physically impossible (Not to mention shooting a load on a pillow is just asking for trouble..) but maybe I am doing it wrong.
>> No. 12638 [Edit]
File 136855915868.png - (578.54KB , 347x1117 , Spoiler Picture.png )
>if you know any place where I could buy a good Clannad daki, please tell
You need to specify the character.

May I ask why not? Wouldn't it be nice to sleep next to her?

Nice collection. Which one is your favorite?

Porn sells, reason enough. But it seems the current trend is that many new characters get an official daki cover which isn't lewd (my waifu didn't get one tho).

I have this one as my primary one and other one (>>>/fig/2443) is currently hanging on the wall. I don't think owning the daki has affected my sleep, but it definitely has affected to my waifu experience positively. Having the dakimakura of her has helped me to form my current bond with her. My life is usually hassle, therefore naps and late evenings on the bed are the best times we have spent together. While it is just an inanimate object, still I am able to project my feelings onto it and I've had great experiences.

My primary one has non-lewd side, which I am using most of the time. I find the face is the most important part in dakimakura, because that's the part I am watching all the time. That's partially the reason why I don't mind about nudeness, also I don't wear much clothes either when I am sleeping, huh. Before I had this daki, I was using other one's nude side because the face on it looks better than on the non-lewd side. Actually the only reason I find my current one a bit uncomfortable; she is wearing her full casual clothes. Also looks like the new movie has introduced her canon nightwear. It would be nice to have a daki cover of her wearing it. I can only hope.

Also there was the one very lewd looking cover which I wanted very badly because the art looks great, but it didn't get enough orders and unfortunately, it was never released. ( http://www.askmakura.com/jikken.html )
>> No. 12641 [Edit]
File 136856909133.jpg - (147.02KB , 500x720 , 0fa4f6c743e352f08697f1208c5b72d4.jpg )
Can someone recommend me some sites where i can find good daki covers or maybe a cover of Misaki from NHK? I cant believe there is only one daki of her but i cant find any other.

Pic related, the one i found but i think it doesnt suit here.
>> No. 12642 [Edit]
File 136856952885.jpg - (165.75KB , 800x800 , 33722954.jpg )
>May I ask why not? Wouldn't it be nice to sleep next to her?
Of course, and I do. I just don't need a daki for it.
>> No. 12647 [Edit]
File 136866024115.jpg - (624.31KB , 2048x1536 , P1010093.jpg )
>Nice collection. Which one is your favorite?

Hard to say, I really love them all. I think I might like this one slightly more though because of her hair and the fact that she has her third eye.
>> No. 12670 [Edit]
File 136927192923.png - (125.85KB , 284x600 , lilly_basic_satisfied_cas.png )
I'm thinking of commissioning one of the KS artists to draw one.

Preferably non-lewd, maybe in her pajamas or something.
>> No. 12711 [Edit]
My cover arrived today, holy fuck am I excited.

I still have awhile to wait for a pillow. Guh, I want to hold her now.
>> No. 12713 [Edit]
If you have normal sized pillows, you can place multiple ones of them inside the cover and use it until you receive the proper pillow.
>> No. 12714 [Edit]
I hear they don't do KS related commissions anymore
>> No. 12726 [Edit]
You just need to make'em an offer they cannot refuse.
>> No. 12727 [Edit]
Are there any artists that draw good custom dakis?
I don't care if you have to pay.
>> No. 12731 [Edit]
Probably yes, but they speak only Japanese.
>> No. 12743 [Edit]
File 137068339595.jpg - (432.94KB , 2218x1066 , EricaDakiCompleteJP.jpg )
Finally got the pillow, cover, everything!

Hobbyheart 2way tricot.
>> No. 12853 [Edit]
OP here,

I finally got my daki and, after one week of sleeping with, I can say that this thing is quite addictive. At first, I wasn't that happy because it isn't vey comfy to hold (it's quite slippery in fact). But I'm enjoying it. It really make you feel less alone/closer to your waifu.

>If you own one, did it affect you in any way especially your sleep?
It didn't really affect my sleep, yet it's the first time I enjoy getting earlier in bed.
Once I found myself grabbing her as I woke up, although I knew I wasn't when I fell asleep.

The only real problem is that I have to hide it during the day to avoid boring misunderstandings and complicated discussions about it.

I sound like a product marketer. Sorry for this.
>> No. 12854 [Edit]
I can't find any decent dakimakura-sized image of her to request a custom version of one. And I would have to have some request a vector of an image of her. Maybe except for two, except one is not to my taste, and the other is just too small that I would have to use a vectoring program, but the image comes out to be slightly less than perfect.
>> No. 12871 [Edit]

After ~3 weeks of sleeping with >>12743 I think i've mostly adjusted to it. At first, while I was extremely excited, it took some time to get into a comfortable position and I often found myself waking up in the middle of the night having rolled to the side. I think it just takes a bit of time to get used to, now I can't help but look forward to going to sleep.

I've been thinking about holding Erica for so long, being that much closer is just such a wonderful experience.
>> No. 12872 [Edit]
File 137232066755.jpg - (65.90KB , 334x500 , H910 Oreimo.jpg )
I just ordered my own dakimakura yesterday so I can't wait to report back results about how it feels and all that.

Of course, for the past several months I've become pretty used to sleeping next to a rolled up comforter.

Sounds wonderful.

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