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15205 No. 15205 [Edit]
I just want to lie in bed all day, drugged out of my mind while nice music plays, until I die. There's nothing here for me. I'm sure most of you have hobbies, yes? Even if all you do is F5 imageboards all day, a will can be observed. I qualify that as an interest. Even if you hate it, you were still driven to come here and read this post.

I lie in bed 22-23 hours a day, listening to music, trying to turn off my brain (or doing so effortlessly if substances are at my disposal) and derive only sensual pleasure from getting lost in feeling.

What is there in the real world? What is there in the virtual world? As far as I can see, there's nothing left but to leave this world as much as possible in your mind without actually dying. Because few people are brave enough to finish life - I commend them.
>> No. 15208 [Edit]
Didn't know that they'd make that picture as stupid and shitty as they did there. 4shit really is nothing but shit, huh?
>> No. 15209 [Edit]

I don't know. I tend to mostly listen to music all day as well. But, I find while drugs can be interesting I get more out of music the more active I allow my mind to be. I find it preferable to try and be absorbed and lost in good music, to dissociate myself from reality that way. Drugs are in many ways just an impediment to critical listening. They often tend to make things sound better, but just think about how well you remember music when you were on drugs compared to when you didn't take any. It really just tricks your cognitive mind into thinking things are better than they really are. I used to smoke pot for months on end grams a day, but after a while even drugs get boring. Just look at Balance and Sleazy of Coil, they have said as much.

When you have done drugs so much that it becomes your new normal the only way to challenge your perceptions and become engaged again is to go sober for a while.

I'm not anti-drug at all, just advising caution and moderation; I've been left with some permanent side-effects such as a minor muscle tremor in my hands that makes using a camera almost impossible.
>> No. 15211 [Edit]
I can't wait until virtual reality becomes a reality (like, something that interfaces with your brain and makes you sense things within the world). I give it about 15 to 20 more years.

That way I can spend a lot of my time as a middle-aged woman with small saggy breasts who gets enslaved and knocked up by dogs.
>> No. 15277 [Edit]
You need to get out of that room. Your colleague below has the good idea.....too much of one thing needs a break. Pick a sunny day & sit outside & stare at people...put some dark glasses on & stare at the girls!...or boys!!). You have more than a lot of others....you can afford to listen to music & get high while some don't have enough to feed their kids....don't waste it mate. As Bruce Willis said, "You need to cowboy-the-fuck-up!!"
>> No. 15278 [Edit]
One of the best feelings is waking up, taking a shower, spending time outside on a nice day, and coming back inside to relax and watch anime or browse the internet.
>> No. 15299 [Edit]
I took a walk down my road a month or two ago around noon, and it was really relaxing, if rather hot. I was only out for about 15 minutes, and when driving, it doesn't seem like there's much there, but you see a lot more when walking. For some reason the cow field+pond on one side, the large wooded area on the other, and then the small storage warehouse + trailer park near the end of the road really popped alive to me, especially with all the sounds and summer-smells.

The trailer park didn't seem like a collection of America's trash, it seemed like a small village. As I walked, I overheard two or three men talking on a front porch. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it looked like they all had a beer. They didn't notice me, but something about it seemed really natural and pleasant. Just a few dudes relaxing on a sunny day and talking.

Maybe if I quit my job I'll start doing walks at sunrise. I think doing that during the summer months would be rather pleasant, but I'm afraid it would get old and stale after a while.

Fucking anime, making summer seem all romantic. Especially how all anime summer scenes play the sound of that insect (cicadas? I dunno) all the time in outdoor scenes.
>> No. 15345 [Edit]
>I give it about 15 to 20 more years.

On what basis?
People though we would be living in Space by this year too.
>> No. 15417 [Edit]
Futurists/transhumanists always have very skewed optimistic projections. No surprise really.

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