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File 134079714694.jpg - (784.20KB , 1204x803 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
9506 No. 9506 [Edit]
I feel bad seeing pictures of my waifu in her school uniform or similar and imagining her, like trying to see her walking/sitting next to me. It's like I force her to be in this world. But this world is utter shit. I want her to be happy. So she might want to have fun in the rest of the world, not just in my room. She lived her whole life in solitude. But that's not possible unless she becomes like the rest of the world, slutty, and so on. This world is not worth her. So pictures of her in her school uniform or her being integrated in this world would never happen, anyways. So by imagining her in this world I force her to be with me (although I'm disgusting, too...). By imagining her I destroy her future. How could I be happy ahout that? I can not imagine dating her. Dating her in this 3D world? I don't even want her to see this world. Dating her in the 2D world? That's not even possible. It feels so unreachable I would feel depressed.
In the 2D world she could be happy. In this world where I imagine her? Impossible.

Can anyone point out why my thought process is stupid, what I am overlooking? Or has anyone similar thoughts?
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>> No. 9509 [Edit]
You're saying that she can only be happy as 2D, whereas even if you were 2D, you would still not be happy.

So.. you're just denying yourself?
>> No. 9510 [Edit]
No, the problem is that I'm not 2D, so it feels wrong imagining myself in the 2D world. I'm living here, in this 3D world.
>> No. 9512 [Edit]
Can't you imagine yourself as 2D?
>> No. 9517 [Edit]
Why did you use that image?
>> No. 9524 [Edit]
It just feels wrong.

Because I thought it shows how abominable we are.
>> No. 9540 [Edit]
"But that's not possible unless she becomes like the rest of the world, slutty, and so on."

No. The world, although it has some terribly shit people, an awful society for the most part, the world itself isn't inherently bad. It's not a corrupting force.

If she were real, she could be in this world, assuming she's a person, that is. You and her would realistically go out and do stuff. You'd figure something out, you'd both be out doing awesome stuff with each other.

If you were 2D... dimensions don't matter. Your question is would she be with you in your existence, or would you be with her in hers. I don't like having to say this, but either way it doesn't matter, since both happenings are near impossible. If by some improbability you end up together, no matter where it is, you have to have faith in yourself you'd pull through. If you don't have that, you've nothing but despair.

I admit I get what you mean though. If she were to go to you, you'd strip her of her friends, her family, everything she knows and cares for. I know precisely that feeling. The only answer to that is for you to be with her in her world, I suppose. Still have to believe that you'd do the right thing and sort everything out.
>> No. 9607 [Edit]
File 134115090214.jpg - (108.14KB , 800x600 , KanakoMutsumiSarah.jpg )
I love seeing my waifu in school uniform. Because, well, I like school uniforms.

She was about 17 in the manga if I remember correctly, so why didn't I ever see her in school? I wonder if she dropped out or something.

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