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17719 No. 17719 [Edit]
I have a question, /mai.

Recently I moved to another town, far away from my friends. I still maintain a good contact with some, and one of them, whom I consider to be my only bff, wants to visit me some time in the future. It happened that topics of our talks have become very personal in last few years. He has a real girlfriend and sometimes discuses his relationships with me. He is quite an open-minded person, who always accepted my craziness. So, the question is: is there a point in sort of coming out to have a waifu when we meet? I can't explain it, but recently I have a certain itch to tell somebody about my relationships. Can someone relate to/explain what is happening with me?
>> No. 17720 [Edit]
Well if he's as good of a friend and as open minded as you say, then go for it.
>> No. 17723 [Edit]
I've told my closest friends that I have a waifu, partly because they knew about waifuism beforehand, but also because I didn't want to feel as though I was hiding anything from them.

I've felt better about my relationship with her, and myself, since I told them. They were quite accepting of it. I've since felt more comfortable displaying my merch of her and having wallpapers/screensavers of her. I probably wouldn't have bought the daki I now own if it weren't for that, as well.

It sounds as if your friend will be happy for you as well. Good luck if you do decide to tell him, from my experience it felt like a weight off my shoulders.
>> No. 17739 [Edit]
If you have an accepting friend who's willing to listen it can be a relief to vent your feelings to them. I imagine that's why we all make posts on here, anyway.

Good luck!

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