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File 134845696570.jpg - (20.22KB , 221x221 , 1348288171410.jpg )
11382 No. 11382 [Edit]
Do we have an essentials list?
Like, a list of definitive works that are pretty much required viewing to be a "true /tc/er"?
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>> No. 11383 [Edit]
NHK and Yuru Yuri are all that come to mind.
>> No. 11385 [Edit]
Milky Holmes
>> No. 11386 [Edit]
Serial Experiments Lain
>> No. 11388 [Edit]
File 134846868870.jpg - (173.10KB , 900x669 , 5030456f47aea61084ec20ea8cb9077a.jpg )
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

Post edited on 23rd Sep 2012, 11:47pm
>> No. 11389 [Edit]
the [email protected]
>> No. 11390 [Edit]
Anime that I like.
>> No. 11391 [Edit]

I disagree. I think the anime you like isn't good and I will argue with you for several posts about it. I hope you have prepared yourself
>> No. 11393 [Edit]
File 134847865841.jpg - (2.28MB , 3380x3622 , recommendations.jpg )
I'm afraid you'll have to watch them all.
Start here.
>> No. 11394 [Edit]
EVA, Lain, GITS, Utena, Monster, S&W...
-oh! I just saw the /tc/ part. Well, then:
Air, Clannad, Ef, Lucky Star, Ichigo Mashimaro, K-ON... SZS, NHK, Tatami Galaxy... Kaiji.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2012, 2:44am
>> No. 11399 [Edit]
I like how a few of the anime being tossed out here are things that have never once been discussed on this board.
I don't think anyone has ever even mentioned EF before now.
It's like the people posting in this thread don't know anything about tohno-chan.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2012, 12:31pm
>> No. 11404 [Edit]
File 134852209021.jpg - (110.91KB , 631x598 , 1332124396537.jpg )
How come no one mentions pretty cure?
>> No. 11407 [Edit]
It's an axiom.
>> No. 11410 [Edit]
File 134853663619.jpg - (22.75KB , 704x400 , Kuze 0.jpg )
It's more about temathical affinity with the community (failure, guilt, isolation and such), which is what I guess many of us are trying to go for with the selection, instead of just a given series' popularity around here.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2012, 6:37pm
>> No. 11411 [Edit]

op didn't ask for anime that pseudo intellectuals relate to and think they have some kind of connection to, he asked for 'required viewing to be a "true /tc/er"?' and if the anime is something that people haven't seen or talked about on /tc/, as in ef, then it's obliviously not required viewing material.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2012, 6:49pm
>> No. 11414 [Edit]
>Kaiji in Sports
>> No. 11415 [Edit]
I have already failed to be a "true /tc/er".

Op, there is no "required" watching. Just watch whatever you want.
>> No. 11419 [Edit]
Yuru Yuri was utterly bland tripe, just boring and predictable, not a single standout or creative feature of the entire series.
By this time next year nobody will even remember it
>> No. 11420 [Edit]
I will. I think of Akarin every day!
>> No. 11423 [Edit]
How dare you! Just because it doesn't try to offer some stupid message or try to be art does not mean that it is bad. It doesn't even follow a story so it cannot be predictable. Hell, I never would've imagined the time machine episode to turn out the way it did.

Nobody will ever forget Kyouko or Akari or most/some of the other Yurus.
>> No. 11424 [Edit]
damn right
>> No. 11425 [Edit]
behead those who insult yuru
>> No. 11426 [Edit]
I don't remember a thing about Serial Experiments Lain other than the music I downloaded.
>> No. 11427 [Edit]

working man's theme, fuck yeah.
>> No. 11428 [Edit]
Gokujou Seitokai, Railgun
>> No. 11429 [Edit]
yeah, lain was shit
>> No. 11431 [Edit]
File 134861318884.png - (542.87KB , 576x432 , best_student5.png )
hell yeah
>> No. 11434 [Edit]
Which was a good series, in your opinion?
>> No. 11436 [Edit]

Go wash your mouth out with soap.
>> No. 11440 [Edit]
We've been over this several times before and it never ends well.

Also the correct answer is Yumeiro Pâtissière.
>> No. 11445 [Edit]
Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo
>> No. 11504 [Edit]
File 134921315452.jpg - (209.74KB , 1000x377 , soap092612.jpg )
>> No. 14215 [Edit]
File 136213087670.gif - (36.66KB , 855x376 , a7fc2658ee8721481ac15c5b76b2a846.gif )
Street Fighter II: Animated Movie
>> No. 14216 [Edit]
File 136213555699.jpg - (87.33KB , 400x377 , knj-003.jpg )
You're asking in the wrong place, most of TC is pretty noobish about anime.
The majority here are emos who adopted otakudom as an affectation because 4chan made it seem edgy.
Thats why the off topic board and /soc/ and the "look at me, OMG i'm such an otaku" board /mai/ are so popular, but the actual otaku boards are practically abandoned.
>> No. 14217 [Edit]
I got into it for the escapism, and only after that found 4chan. but that's just me.
>> No. 14219 [Edit]

If you hate /tc/ that much feel free to leave, nobody is keeping you here.
>> No. 14222 [Edit]
What's wrong with a little healthy criticism?
>> No. 14223 [Edit]

"these guys are terrible, don't bother talking to them" is not healthy criticism, especially since you say it all the damn time (or maybe not you, but someone who says almost the same shit). Go talk about anime somewhere else if this place is so offensive to you
>> No. 14224 [Edit]
/ot/ was originally named "Off Topic."

I don't know why it changed, but I don't lose much sleep over it.
>> No. 14225 [Edit]
I agree that TC generally seems to have very little knowledge about anime and otaku culture. Still community is good and that's why I use this place.
>> No. 14226 [Edit]

>The majority here are emos who adopted otakudom as an affectation because 4chan made it seem edgy.

Doesn't sound like a 'healthy dose of criticism'. It's either something you said because you thought it's super witty or you're simply delusional. I don't care either way, if all you've got to say are random insults directed towards other /tc/ers you should just leave and look for another place to wave your e-peen.
>> No. 14228 [Edit]
I'm not the person who made that post.
>> No. 14229 [Edit]
I've yet to make a post in this thread, but I want to ask: Then why stand up for >>14216? Although there is a bit of truth in his statement, that doesn't stop him from being an annoying jackass making a big deal out of nothing.

Being an "otaku" doesn't mean conforming to the idea of what an "otaku" is. It means doing whatever you want with the things you like.
>> No. 14230 [Edit]
Semi-related, someone saw me finishing up Azumanga Daioh (reading) and started talking to me about anime. He started naming a bunch of stuff with the word "Vampire" in the title, Naruto, Bleach, and Highschool of the Dead.

Needless to say, Naruto, Bleach, and HotD are shit, but is there anything actually good about vampires? I'm not particularly interested but I figure that it wouldn't hurt to try, even though I mainly like cuter things.

This guy also didn't know:
-Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei
-Welcome to the NHK

So I don't know if I should trust any of his tastes. But I'm more worried that he's going to try talking to me again.

Post edited on 1st Mar 2013, 2:57pm
>> No. 14231 [Edit]
Strike Witches, LotGH and Ika Musume.

The common theme is fucking bitches.
>> No. 14232 [Edit]
vampires are pretty gay. I've seen my fair share of vampire anime, and the only decent vampire anime I can recommend is hellsing (OVAs), JoJo's bizarre adventure, and maybe Vampire Hunter D 1&2.
moonphase, the blood series, Trinity Blood, Fortune Arterial, Rosario + Vampire, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, blade ect. they all sucked (no pun intended)

Post edited on 1st Mar 2013, 4:07pm
>> No. 14234 [Edit]
The Hellsing OVAs suck, the TV is good. Vampire Hunter D is excellent, but not cute, Moonphase is massively cute, but boring (watch it, but drop it after a few eps), Rosario + Vampire is top tier haremecchi (or is is ecchiarem?). Blood: The Last Vampire is quality and bakemonogatari, etc. aren't really vampire shows, they're SHAFTSHIT - they're boring, but you can jerk off to them at least and this http://tohno-chan.com/an/src/135770232880.png is Seras Victoria's panties (from the OVA)
>> No. 14235 [Edit]
>The Hellsing OVAs suck, the TV is good.
Most people would disagree completely. Besides being more faithful to the source material, they animation and overall appearance/style was greatly improved.
>> No. 14237 [Edit]

Yeah. I'm really surprised to see someone with that opinion.

And I couldn't finish Rosario + Vampire. Got so bored with it.
>> No. 14238 [Edit]
The OVA was a lot more like a cartoonish superhero show while the TV was a lot more like something that belongs to the actual vampire genre. I'm a snob, I tend to have better taste than and look down my nose at "most people".
Shiki deserves a mention as well, it had some good true to the genre moments
>> No. 14240 [Edit]
Because I believe in freedom of speach, even if I don't agree with what the person is saying. for that matter, a little back and forth about why the subject is good and bad might leave the person with a better understanding of the site and possible interest, we in turn might learn a bit about how outsiders perceive us and in turn possibly improve our little community or at least the image of it. I don't however think the correct response to negative criticism weather it be based on something solid or not, is to outright dismiss it and the individual. I think the best approach to such situations is to educate the individual by letting him know he is mistaken and why, just telling him to fuck off and never come back will only lead to resentment. Which could spread to his friends as he reports back, all of whom might be potential productive members of our community, but aren't becuase they are misinformed about us and have the wrong impression.
>> No. 14244 [Edit]
sora no woto
clannad AS
>> No. 14245 [Edit]
lol, Good one.
>> No. 14258 [Edit]
>> No. 14261 [Edit]

>I don't however think the correct response to negative criticism weather it be based on something solid or not, is to outright dismiss it and the individual.

Again, that wasn't criticism. That was an insult, a rather baseless one on top of that. I don't mind being resented by a person like that, nor do I plan to lose any sleep over the fact that pople who are willing to be friends with someone who throws around insults because he's such an 'epik trol XD' won't bother with /tc/.
>> No. 14272 [Edit]
File 136226867888.gif - (14.22KB , 100x100 , KE2SBSAXXVMYV3JJIYLWDTD.gif )
Don't you know? The only good vampire is a DEAD one.
>> No. 14277 [Edit]
Fair enough.

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