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File 138916562044.png - (552.62KB , 678x718 , 1389155140167.png )
23506 No. 23506 [Edit]
apparently a much greater fraction of SA is now pay-to-read.
i used to read some of their boards, but i'd never pay to post.
i wonder if its worth $10 to read them again.
>> No. 23507 [Edit]
>i wonder if its worth $10 to read them again.
>> No. 23533 [Edit]
For me, it's not a matter of 10bux, but I wouldn't trust goons with my payment info. $10 means nothing to me, but privacy is everything.

It's hard to be even pseudonymous when the admins know your CC info that is linked to your real identity. A lot of people on SA are creeps who like to "dox" people because they have nothing better to do.

Someone with an SA account should make a script to scrape all old archived/paywalled threads and host them elsewhere for free. It's not that hard to use wget or curl to automatically download bulk threads.

Unrelated to paywalls, but related to SA, that site seems very similar to a lot of anime/tech/"nerd" message boards except for the fact that they pretend to be normal and not losers. At least people on *chan sites admit they're dorks. The community of SA is in denial about their social stature. How can goons can watch anime "ironically"? No one who actually dislikes anime does that... at least not to the extent that they do.

>Wow anime sucks here's a deconstruction of the last 80 full anime shows I watched in the past year! I only watched them to insult them, I swear!
>> No. 23534 [Edit]
Yeah seriously the only stuff worth it in my opinion is the Let's Play forum because there are a few really awesome LPs of obscure games that don't really get played, but all of the good LPs get on the LP archive anyway (if they aren't youtube... in which case... they're on youtube already) so you aren't missing much.
>> No. 23546 [Edit]
I wasted three years of my young life on a forum dedicated to a extinct game creation system that basically acted as if it was a clone of the SA forums.

I don't regret it per se (since it taught me many things about people and the internet) but I would never bother with a place like that again.
>> No. 23554 [Edit]
dont know too much about SA but I've heard the would ban you for mentioning oreimo since it had incest undertones.
>> No. 23555 [Edit]
That sounds likely. I've definitely seen people get probated for saying "loli" and "moe".
>> No. 23556 [Edit]
Never bothered with SA, never will.
>> No. 23575 [Edit]

No, thank you!!!

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