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No. 6213 [Edit]
Mario with portals! Pretty neat, though the aiming can be a pain sometimes
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>> No. 6214 [Edit]
I have problems with my portals actually forming, but maybe my mouse is stuck.

It's cool
>> No. 6222 [Edit]
File 133086435864.jpg - (11.50KB , 452x102 , 130945309489.jpg )
I was ahead of time.

Post edited on 4th Mar 2012, 4:34am
>> No. 6223 [Edit]
I haven't played the game, or even clicked on the link, but when I read the OP, your banner was the first thing I thought of.
>> No. 6224 [Edit]
It's not just the aiming, it's that there is really no point in using portals in Mario. You need them on Portal because there is no way to advance without them, obviously, but on Mario, simply jumping on the enemies is enough, so the portals end up becoming a hindrance and using them consumes more time than if you just played it normally. As it is, it's nothing more than a novelty. The premise is interesting, but portals were obviously not made with Mario in mind.

I can't think of a game that could benefit from having portals in it, actually. Maybe Worms? Sim City 4?
>> No. 6225 [Edit]
Desert bus?
>> No. 6227 [Edit]
theres also original levels where you need portals

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