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File 138086426638.jpg - (290.72KB , 1794x1059 , StormwindWIP6.jpg )
13490 No. 13490 [Edit]
Hey /mai/, have you ever thought about taking your waifu shopping? What sort of stores do you think your waifu would like to go to? Pic semi-related.
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>> No. 13492 [Edit]
She's an idol, so I could see her shopping for outfits or accessories related to that or to get ideas, but shopping is never really touched on in the anime.
>> No. 13493 [Edit]
File 138114971931.png - (705.79KB , 1050x1066 , bd91d9390e2cbc433fa60dc0c49502b7.png )
Any of her trips in the outside world will eventually end up lots of money being spent and/or lots of items being stolen/bought.
>> No. 13494 [Edit]
File 138117996338.jpg - (209.20KB , 626x537 , restaurant.jpg )
Sure, if it's food related. Better than shopping would be taking her to a restaurant, I love to think about that.
>> No. 13522 [Edit]
File 138175802840.jpg - (126.04KB , 570x797 , image.jpg )
Probably some high-end clothing store where I would have to spend a lot of money on her.
>> No. 13523 [Edit]
File 138179595736.png - (358.38KB , 600x800 , 13989483.png )
She's quite fashionable and stylish on top of being a model, so it's really easy to imagine she'd have fun shopping around for clothing and such.
>> No. 14318 [Edit]
"SHOT Show" in Las Vegas would have been like a dream for her i bet, i can imagine how excited she would be, i could do some shopping too since we both share that interest. it would be a blast for both of us.
>> No. 14321 [Edit]
She's not materialistic so I think we'd just go out for the experience of looking at stuff and browsing. Maybe she would rather buy clothes for Madoka.
>> No. 14323 [Edit]
File 139065988946.jpg - (252.37KB , 920x1000 , いちこ - いおりん - 35558118.jpg )
If ever, she would be dragging my ass and force me to shop with her, since shopping is her hobby after all. And she would go to every clothing store out there, she is a fashion fanatic after all.
>> No. 14324 [Edit]
She would want me to shop for clothes and would be eager to try on new clothes. She might even want to dress me up.
>> No. 14326 [Edit]
File 139066976954.jpg - (106.82KB , 500x700 , 090829__.jpg )
Have you seen the way he dresses? He literally wears his oil-stained work clothes 24/7. I don't care too much about fashion but I know that's the sign of somebody who doesn't pay attention to how he looks or have the means to dress well. I honestly find that extremely endearing, though, strangely enough, and the times that I've seen fanart of him wearing something else, it's very strange. I might try to convince him to buy one nice outfit, though. I imagine he'd be easily impressed by things so I might have to be the voice of reason.

If we went to a mall, we'd probably either go to a bookstore or a small cafe. Maybe a tea shop. "Shopping" isn't really our ideal way to spend time, though. If you're asking for ways to go out and spend money, we'd probably rather go to a nature reserve, a zoo, a hiking trail, something outdoors that you can aimlessly walk around in.
>> No. 14327 [Edit]
File 139072449819.jpg - (746.57KB , 1426x1200 , 39549674_p0.jpg )
Music stores, I suppose.

Maybe some kind of food market and bakeries, too. That'd be nice.
>> No. 14328 [Edit]
Oh wait gun and firearm stores for her magical fights if we can move to America, haha... Guess I'd be the one doing the buying and such though.
>> No. 14329 [Edit]

Stockpile some ammunition instead. At least BATFE might not question you on that.
>> No. 14354 [Edit]
File 139089435775.jpg - (140.44KB , 650x900 , 8da220ab049f527d53ea5ddda9a2f960.jpg )
She would probably enjoy going to a record store, if that record store had a lot Jazz albums she hasn't listened too. She would also probably enjoy going to a guitar store too look for new amplifiers, new effect pedals, etc.
>> No. 14360 [Edit]
I can't really picture my waifu wanting to go shopping. She's not materialistic in the slightest.

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