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File 136803013326.jpg - (55.27KB , 500x721 , 1365536981493.jpg )
14704 No. 14704 [Edit]
Are you more NEET by choice or circumstance?
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>> No. 14706 [Edit]
Mostly circumstance, although admittedly I'd hate having a 9 to 5 job.
>> No. 14710 [Edit]
I wish I could get a job and live on my own and stop being a sore on my parents' asses but there's no way I could handle the pressure and social interaction. I'm 23 and I can't even drive a car
>> No. 14714 [Edit]
Money is nice but going out and working day in day out... fuck that.
>> No. 14718 [Edit]
I'd say by choice, but as humans are largely products of their environment and heritage, I'm not sure how much of a choice I had in the matter.
>> No. 14719 [Edit]
Funny enough, it's all by circumstance.
>> No. 14722 [Edit]
File 136804262951.png - (15.98KB , 300x300 , YIN-YANG.png )
A little bit of both.
>> No. 14726 [Edit]
Little detail would be nice. Why exactly do you choose to be a NEET? Or what kinds of circumstances made you one?

True. It's not for stringent scientific study though so go with whatever your intuition tells you. Some 'feel' they had a choice and others that they never did.
>> No. 14728 [Edit]
Both. This is where I went naturally, but I haven't broken out of the cycle even though I have a choice to do so now.
>> No. 14729 [Edit]
largely circumstance
>> No. 14738 [Edit]
Where does circumstance end? I didn't choose to be bullied in school or to be ostracized by everyone I know.
>> No. 14742 [Edit]
I used to be NEET but had to get a part time job

All out of circumstance. I am functionally blind.

I hate being a burden on others. I wanna live by myself off in my own little world.
>> No. 14747 [Edit]

Moved back to living with my parents after graduating last summer and I have been looking for a job since then. Being a NEET has its perks but I hate to think that I am taking advantage of my parent's generosity just because the job market is so crap right now.
>> No. 14748 [Edit]

Most likely this. I think it's more by choice but there are some factors that are outside of my control which made me the useless piece of shit I am nowadays. Mostly my fault, though.
>> No. 14749 [Edit]
I'm no longer a NEET, just an extreme recluse/loser who goes to college and has a job.

I don't mind responsibility, I just hate having to be around people. I wish I could do everything from home and not have to interact with anyone except through e-mails, and even then, only when absolutely necessary. This current situation is really uncomfortable for me.
>> No. 14750 [Edit]
No job, only ever had one. I really don't want to go back to employed life. I have the potential to avoid working (for anyone else) ever again through investing my inheritance. That may easily result in me failing and losing my money, but I have no desire to work for someone else in a minimum wage job.
>> No. 14768 [Edit]
Disregard what ignorant normals think. If you are a NEET by circumstance and don't want to be, how much effort do you personally feel you are making to improve your prospects? Otherwise what kind of a situation do you feel gives you no real choice to change anymore?
>> No. 14774 [Edit]
All these people saying circumstance then explaining things away when it's very much their fault from what they've typed. Pretty typical for NEETs who are generally okay with things.

I'm a NEET because I'm too lazy to live in the world. I've applied for jobs, gone to university twice, and tried fixing my life. In the end I'm just too lazy to do anything to the best of my ability and so fail at all of them.

Never followed through on job applications, I never tried in classes, and I never kept a workout routine, a healthy diet, or even a positive mindset. If something bad comes of all this then I know where to point my finger.
>> No. 14792 [Edit]
Any of you actually live in a place where you get more NEET benefits than working a low level dead end job? If so where do you live?
>> No. 14827 [Edit]
Both, I guess. My last try at stopping being a NEET was to become a firefighter. I almost made it. Almost.
>> No. 14897 [Edit]
Circumstance. I'm rather ill, have been for a few years now. Maybe I'll be dead in another year or two? I don't think long term anymore. Even a week ahead is too much. I can no longer fake any sort of meaning or direction in my life and I stay indoors all the time. I have trouble falling asleep because when I wake up I feel too apathetic to do anything and just end up sleeping that entire day.

Uh, so... circumstance, I think. Mostly.

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