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File 137875087892.jpg - (14.87KB , 279x252 , Interrogante-duda-pregunta2.jpg )
13302 No. 13302 [Edit]
I just have a question for you prople, since I dont want to keep being corrected, If I am in love whit a non anime fictional character is she still called a waifu? because waifu as a terms seems absolutely japanese, if so I will start to call her " prettend girlfriend" or " thin air kissable"
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>> No. 13303 [Edit]
It's not like there is any universally accepted definition of the word waifu, so I suggest simply calling her whatever you want and ignoring the people trying to "correct" you.
>> No. 13305 [Edit]
There are people here with waifus from western fiction. I haven't seen them run into any issues with the term.
>> No. 13306 [Edit]
You were kind of vague about what you meant by non-anime fictional character, so I'd personally break it down like this in terms of examples.

Katara - Perfectly fine.
Starfire - Perfectly fine.
Wonder Woman - Some people might find you weird but she fits the 2D mold so I wouldn't worry as long as you don't post stills from live action movies.
Hermoine Granger - Never bring up or post pictures of Emma Watson, otherwise you're fine imo but people may argue with you.
Dana Scully - It'd probably be wise if you don't mention who your "waifu" is and definitely don't post pictures of her.

Despite what I said I think it's fine to refer to her however you wish in your head.
>> No. 13307 [Edit]
Love who you want love is love but /mai/ itself is more for anime characters really, I guess there could be exceptions I dunno but it's going to get too complicated if we start doing that in my opinion.
>> No. 13537 [Edit]
I don't know who the first two are, but what about a character from a 3D CG movie?
>> No. 13540 [Edit]
You mean like Disney or Dreamworks stuff? That'd be very, very atypical but I guess I could live with it. As long as it's a fully fictional character that exists sololy in art/media, I'd say is in the spirit of 2D love.
>> No. 13541 [Edit]
File 138190204175.jpg - (90.44KB , 819x614 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I meant a character from a movie with japanese origin, such as Final Fantasy VII:AC or The Spirits Within.
>> No. 13542 [Edit]
I see no problem with it.
>> No. 13543 [Edit]
Go for it, I have no issues either.
>> No. 13549 [Edit]
there used to be a guy here a year or two ago who's waifu was Raven from Teen Titans. I don't see a problem with it.
>> No. 13609 [Edit]
>thin air kissable

This sounds like a cute term to use

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