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14452 No. 14452 [Edit]
This thread is never popular, but I'm going to post it anyway.

What did you check out this season? What was did you like, what did you drop?
How about stuff you didn't pick-up up but plan the check out at a later date?
I like to see other people's opinions about this kind of stuff so that I can denigrate it later in thread and make them feel bad.
>> No. 14454 [Edit]
Probably would do better if not for the similar thread from not long ago >>13769, but whatever.
anyways... nothing dropped here, it's all been pretty decent, but nothing excellent.

Kinda bitter sweet. I'm not really digging drama lately, but the mellow drama in this show can be so over the top at times it's almost comical the way they ham it up. Once you get passed the drama it's really nice I think.

Love Live! School Idol Project
production values seemed to slip up a bit latter into the show, at times the 3DCG looks god awful. still, I like the fact that it's one of the few idol anime in this flood we're currently in, that has a reason for the girls to become idols and it's pretty simple, no saving the galaxy, just saving their school.

Minami-ke Tadaima
Not bad, even if there were some things that struck me as odd here and there. like introducing a new character who everyone was already well acquainted with, but eventually disappeared from the show two ep latter, or the oddly large amount of cosplay including hanging out in swimsuits. the guys doing this season also like to spam those stylized backgrounds to emphasize a character's emotions but I quickly got used to it.
I'd say it's better than the previous two seasons for sure.

Puchimas!: Petit iDOLM@STER
wtf Takane? even most pedos don't target babys, which is practically what those Petit-idols are, Smarter than average babys. I'm a bit of a fan of hers, but in Puchimas she comes off kinda creepy...
Besides the other stuff I complained about before in the previous thread, the animation seems pretty weak over all. The show almost looks like it was made in Flash at times.

Yama no Susume
would really like to see this get a full anime. being as short as it is there's not much to say about it. but it's pretty nice.

Tamako Market
Kinda nice, I don't mind the bird as much as others might, maybe a bit at first but I might have just been going with the flow on that. I might go as far as to say he spices up the show a bit, gives it some flavor you know? If anything I'd say I'm not fond the islander stuff, feels kinda out of place and intrusive.
Not sure which one gathered more hate from people around here, the bird or kyoani.

Vividred Operation
the anime about magic asses...
Enjoyable, but I have sort of mixed feelings about it. I think maybe I was expecting to much, but I don't think it's bad. At times I'm puzzled by how ridiculous it is, but then remember it's probably not meant to be taken to seriously. I get the feeling I'd probably enjoy it more if I was an ass man, but I'm not so the fan service is lost on me. to be honest I don't even like the uniforms that much, but I do try to like the anime. If nothing else I enjoy poking fun at it.
>> No. 14457 [Edit]
Somehow I picked up next to no shows this season, I'm still following tons of shows from Autumn (JoJo's, R;N, DT, SSY, Aikatsu, Psychopass, Gintama, I think I'm still missing some) so the list will be really short:

‣ Haganai S2
So not worth it. I'm pretty sure S1 was funny (not all the time, sure, but sometimes), S2 was endlessly dull. Dropped.
‣ Love Live
Disappointing. 9 eps in I still can't say I care about any of the characters. I will follow it till the end but if it was 2 cours I'd drop it.
‣ Sasami-san
Disappointment of the season. Shaft for the sake of Shaft. The only good thing about the show are the next ep previews. Still following it but I have no idea why.
Been ages since I last enjoyed a Shaft show and I used to like them so much... How the mighty have fallen.
‣ Vividass
Pretty good. Well, maybe 'good' isn't the word but it sure is entertaining. They are overdoing it with the fanservice a little but aside from that it's a great show. Would watch S2.

Will marathon as soon as batch appears: Imouto Osaka edition, Puchimas, Yama no Susume - I don't have enough patience to follow 2-5min eps on regular basis.

Worth watching: Vividred
I'd like my time back please: everything else
>> No. 14458 [Edit]
Mondaijitachi, Tamako Market and Kotoura-san are the shows I didn't drop.

Mondaijitachi has massive pacing issues, but it's entertaining enough. The last episode or two have probably been the best so far.

Kotoura-san started out strong but declined fast and never managed to come back. It remains watchable, but it's been very mediocre as a whole.

Tamako Market had a weak start, but didn't decline at any point like some other shows and even improved a bit. At this point in time it's looking to be show of the season, as unlikely as that seemed at the start. The last two episodes have been the strongest of the bunch so far.
>> No. 14460 [Edit]
best show of the season, by far. Seriously, watch this show if you aren't already. It's a fucking masterpiece.

Mondaitachi & Roman
Both shows tie at 2nd. They have their flaws, but are quite enjoyable overall. Roman rarely takes itself seriously, the characters are quite likable, entertaining, and there isn't a single character who isn't a complete moron. It's great, though the premise shifts significantly after the first couple of episodes and two filler eps in a one-cour show is something I'd expect from a trashy fanservice and not a plot-focused shonen. Mondaitachi just screams "READ THE NOVELS BECAUSE SO MUCH STUFF IS OBVIOUSLY CUT OUT THAT THINGS JUST BARELY MAKE SENSE".

Senran Kagura
it turns out this show actually has a plot -- which was significantly more than what I was expecting from it. It's not exactly better than the shows of the lower tier, but it impressively exceeded my expectations of what it would be.

Love Live, Vividred, and Sasami
Not as great as I was hoping they would be, but they aren't terrible shows. There's a very noticeable quality drop after the first chunk of eps in all of them, and I'm just left with the feeling that these shows really could've been something much more, much better, if just they just put in a bit more effort. Also, I'm still bitter about how the lovelive CG combined with the quick pans make for a terribly artefacted sceen that won't be remedied until the DVD. That and the complete lack of A-rise girls showing up outside the first ep.

Ore no Kotoura to Tamako ga NEXT
I'm still behind on these, with oreshura most likely the first to be dropped, followed by kotoura, then NEXt, then Tamako, but I'll most likely get around to watching the 3 latter ones. probably.

Probably my guilty pleasure of the season. The unlikable, doormat piece of fujoshi self-insert shit is either murdered or commits suicide every other episode. She really deserves it every time. And then there's glorious Waka.
>> No. 14462 [Edit]
I've kept up with all of the shorts, they're all good. Osaka is my favorite and mountain climbing girls my least, as I find it somewhat boring. If it were longer I probably wouldn't watch it. Asakura seems like it doesn't fit properly in the short format, it reminds me Cromartie High which worked because it had time to develop the humor in an episode, which you can't do in 3 minutes. The short format is good for a manzai style show like Osaka Okan.
>> No. 14464 [Edit]
Even though I love asses, I've yet to watch Vividasses. I'm ashamed, but not as much as I am lazy.
>> No. 14533 [Edit]
Shows I watched and didn't drop: GJ-bu, Minami-ke, Chihayafuru, Oreshura

Shows I dropped: Senran Kagura, Sasami, Egg Market, Pet no whatever, Kotura-san
>> No. 14543 [Edit]
The only ones I'm following weekly are gdgd Fairies and Kotoura.
I love gdgd, I wouldn't have expected to like this anime as much as I do, and it's easilly my favourite show from the season.
I agree that Kotoura started really good but then it went downhill fast. Only the last episode was okay.
I really want to watch GJ-bu, yama and osaka okan when the season ends.

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